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Google Came Under Fire For Not Honoring The Easter Bunny!

Google came under fire today for not honoring the easter bunny nor the pretty color eggs. But instead chose to honor a man who actually some say embodied Christ-like behavior, nonviolent protest and standing up for the less among us. Cesar Chavez spent his life in a "fight against unfair labor conditions."

 Google  decided to honor the late labor leader Cesar Chavez today, on what would have been his 86th birthday. Of course, this  freaked out many conservatives, who couldn't tell the difference between the just recently deceased Venezuelan president.

Deion Sanders New Campaign Feed Me Prime!

Mr. Prime Time Deion Sanders has created a campaign called "Feed Me Prime." The program is designed to help feed low-income kids this summer. They are asking the community for help with this venture.
They are hoping to feed over 100,000 kids per day! Check Out! 

Happy Resurrection Day!


Welcome Back Mr. Detrick Haddon!

For me personal Deitrick Haddon was one of my favorite gospel singers of all time, I won't lie about that.    If you're an artist (secular or gospel) and I like what you're putting out and you're  presenting yourself with respect to me and the world, I'm going to purchase your music bottom line.  I've purchased almost everything Detrick put out and have never been disappointed.  Except for "Church On The Moon". I really wanted to give that purchase back to Itune. It  was a big disappointment for me, I just couldn't relate to it.  But before that I was a fan who was well pleased with his music.

Anyway, the first of the year Detrick Haddon  took to his social media to let us his fans know that he had been naughty.  That news didn't go over well for me and others within the Christian community.  You can see my reaction to the news here (I'm talking about me here).

 But after listening to his interview on the Yolanda Adams morning show the o…

Billboards Are Not A Good Way To Evangelize!

Every idea isn't a God idea. I have a problem with any church who try to use billboards as a tool for evangelism, it doesn't work.  Case and point, this particular billboard by this particular  church is a complete  failure. Let me tell you why! Any time you are your church, have to go back, and try to explain the message that you have paid a billboard good tithe money to say. It's a sure sign that the message was, none accomplished , none achieved , error and a failure.

A church in Birmingham, Ala., has confronted patrons of a gentleman's club in the area with a massive billboard that boldly reads, "Strip for Me," but it's not asking what you think.

 According to Pastor Mike McClure Jr., 29, of The Rock Church that paid to have the billboard placed next door to the Palace Gentleman's Club, the message piggybacks on the advice given to Christians in the New Living Translation of Hebrews 12:1.

Want To Know If You Were Raised In A Black Church? Take The Quiz!

Can you fill in the blanks? Don't cheat!!! "First giving: ______ to God, who is the: _______ of my life, I'd like to say I'm glad to be in the: ________ of the Lord one mo' time. Cause he brought me from a: ___long_____. I coulda been dead, sleeping in my: ________, but God is: _______ all the: ________, and all the: _____, God is: _______. He's a: _______ over troubled waters. He's a mother to the: ________, and a: _________to the: __________, a doctor in a: ________ room, and a: ___________ in the courtroom! (smile) He’s the: _______ of the valley, a brig- ht and: ________star He got up early one: __________ mon'ing, with all” __________ in his: _______. Pray for me that I grow: _________ in the Lord." Also, as you look in your church: _______, under the special: _________ please keep in your prayer: _______ Sista Buela-Mae Jenkins who will be having her: ________ surgery this week. And while you give your tithes and: _______ we humbly ask tha…

Kudos And High Five To Bishop Eddie Long And The New Birth Missionary Baptist Church!

Praise, hats off, pat on the back, congratulations, shout out and a high five to Bishop Eddie Long and the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church family.  According to their Facebook page the church is preparing to baptize close to 400 souls tomorrow morning for the kingdom of God. Job well done!
Update: picture below of candidates ready for baptism. To God be the glory.

Why The Modification Of India Arie?

If God is prefect then why do we want to modify what He has perfectly formed? The photograph of a lighter skinned India Arie is being used to promote her new single Cocoa Butter. The new image and look is not going over too well with many of her fans. To tell the truth, I was surprised and shocked when I came across the above photograph. I didn’t even recognize her at all.

 I'm thinking in my mind "what ever happen to the beautiful image of the “Brown Skin, Chocolate High” sister?  From the moment " India Arie " came on the scene I was hooked and was one of her many  fans. She was different!  But the image for her new project “Cocoa Butter” is somewhat disturbing, it's seems to take away from her original message. Love the skin you are  in!

This Is Disturbing The "NIV Bible" Is Now The Number One Bestselling Bible!

For me the KJV is still the Bible of choice when it comes to public occasions and Sunday morning. According to "The Christian Post" the New International Version of the Bible remains the bestselling Bible translation, outranking the King James Version and the New Living Translation in both dollar and unit sales, according to the latest best seller's report from the Association for Christian Retail. Meanwhile, NIV publisher Zondervan reports that more than 11 million digital and print copies of the Bible translation have been sold worldwide.

A Letter To The Christian Church: An Astonishing Message From A Gay Sister in Christ!

I stumble upon this amazing and wonderful well written letter that capture my attention. After, reading the letter I think I have a good  understanding of what the letter writer was trying to say. She is saying she doesn't want the church to water down the Gospel message in an effort to be politically correct.  Even though she has homosexual desires, she knows what the Word says, and she is not willing to water down the Word to justify those desires.
To the churches concerning homosexuals and lesbians:  Many of you believe that we do not exist within your walls, your schools, your neighborhoods. You believe that we are few and easily recognized. I tell you we are many. We are your teachers, doctors, accountants, high school athletes. We are all colors, shapes, sizes. We are single, married, mothers, fathers. We are your sons, your daughters, your nieces, your nephews, your grandchildren. We are in your Sunday School classes, pews, choirs, and pulpits. You choose not to see us out…

Amazing Grace: Drama In The Black Church!

TV One Roland Martin will tackle the themes of power, corruption and redemption in the Black church with its prime time special Amazing Grace: Drama In the Black Church Saturday March 30,2013.

The special includes a one-on -one interview between Martin and the people Bishop T.D. Jake's. The special will explore the depiction of the Black church in secular and pop culture media. Topics that will be  explored during the hour include: the battle between Pastor Joel Peebles, son of the late Bishop Dr. James R. Peebles, Sr. and Apostle Betty Peebles, and the members of Landover's Jericho City of Praise for control over church leadership.; the rise, fall and eventual redemption of Pastor Jamal Bryant and the rejection of the Pastor Ralph Douglas West by his church leading to the successful creation of The Church Without Walls. Article Here! Should be interesting!

Sarah Jakes Moving Into A Leadership Postion!

I see Bishop Jakes has added a "PK" (preacher's kids) session to  his leadership conference in April, that will be hosted by his beautiful daughter Sarah.

According to the website, this session will clue you into the hard-hitting truth that all leaders are human. Sarah Jakes, having lived her entire life in the broad shadows of a great man and graceful woman, will expound on what every leader should know: your honesty and willingness to show others your true self makes ministry so much easier. Transparency, Dropping the Mask Makes It Easier for Others to Share.
 "No more than a dentist can escape having cavities, can a leader (Pastor) escape trouble. Just because you have access to the solution, doesn't mean you escape the problem. The true beauty in ministry is admitting that we still require the same grace we help lead others to." - Sarah Jakes  My Facebook timeline suddenly erupted with the sharing of this message and info.

If God Can Use Any Body Then Why Can't He Use Evangelist Porsha Stewart?

God is God right? And if He be God and no one can stop Him, why can't He use someone like Evanglist Porsha Stewart for His purpose? From the clip I have posted below it look like back in the day, before marrying Kordell Stewart, Evanglist Porsha Williams was spreading the word of God. The clip show Ms. Stewart speaking at a Easter sunrise service, and some of the comments I've seen in regard to this clip is out of this world.

 It amazes the heck out of me how folk  will say God can and will use a whorish preacher-man  that's sleeping with the congregation. Then in the same breath proudly turn around and say God can't and won't use a naive young woman like Porsha Stewart. Why?  I tell you what!  I rather be used by God than used by man, since we all know God use us for our future good and not for His personal agendas, since He does not have one.  So, why can't God use a Porsha Stewart?

The Lesson Noah Ark Taught Us!

Repost: I was digging through my collection of old post this morning and ran across this little gem and thought I would repost it. How many readings this remember your Sunday School lessons why growing up about Noah Ark? I think we can apply those principles to today living.

One: Don't miss the boat.

Two: Remember that we are all in the same boat.

Three: Plan ahead. It wasn't raining when Noah built the Ark.

Four: Stay fit When you're 600 years old, someone may ask you to do something really big.

Five: Don't listen to critics; just get on with the job that needs to be done.

Six: Build your future on high ground.

Seven: For safety's sake, travel in pairs.

Eight: Speed isn't always an advantage. The snails were on board with the cheetahs.

Nine: When you're stressed, float a while.

Ten: Remember, the Ark was built by amateurs; the Titanic by professionals.

Eleven: No matter the storm, when you are with God, there's always a rainbow waiting

Will “The Undershepherd” Take Down The Black Church?

"The Undershepherd" the new film by radio personality Russ Parr is being perceived by some as controversial because of the way the Black Church was portrayed onscreen.

"The Undershepherd" is being called the film your pastor doesn’t want you to see when it premieres on TV One on Saturday, March 30th at 8 pm EST.

 The question that's being asked  by many on the internet:  Will “The Undershepherd” Take Down The Black Church? I guess we will all have to wait and see how this so call take down go.

Is The Christian Community In Such A Bad State That It Need Special Guests On Resurrection Sunday To Draw A Crowd?

In John chapter 12 verse 32; Jesus said, “And I, if I be lifted up from the earth will draw all men unto me.” I have often wondered why  Jesus would  repeat the word “I” two times here? I think today I have received  my answer!  Could it possibly  have been that Jesus knew many years into the future that men’s eyes would stray from the cross and start looking for something else? Something a little more accepting to their taste?

When I receive the above flyer in my email it didn't gel to well for me. I tell you why!  Without question Easter (Ressurection) Sunday is one of the most sacred days for the Christians there is. But I'm  noticing a trend that seems to be taking place within the black church community. It looks like  more and more big name gospel music stars are being invited to perform/entertained during the preached hour than ever before in the history of the black church.

The church of today would rather lift up some recording artist to draw the crowds than Jesus.  …

Sad Day: One Of C.O.G.I.C Churches Faces Foreclosure!

In case you haven't heard about this church lack of leadership, you can read about it here and here.

 Who pays the bills when a church become divided? Well in this particular case of Mount Olive Church of God in Christ no one. This 60-year-old congregation has been divided since last year.
When the family of the founding pastor and his successor went to war.

What In The World Is A Recovery Seed?

According to "The Christian Post" Pastor Todd Coontz, the founder of RockWealth International Ministries, a nonprofit organization, is coming under fire for telling viewers that if they act obediently toward God and send him a minimum of $273 for a "recovery seed" donation, God will reward them with a "supernatural change in 90 days."

 Coontz told viewers: "Several months ago, God gave me the single greatest miracle of my lifetime in one day, and the numbers two, seven and three were involved." Ironically, the $1.38 million Rosewood high-rise luxury condos where Coontz lives, was purchased in May 2012 by the RockWealth International Church, according to Charlotte's WSOC-TV.

Jesus Take The Wheel: A Fake Prophetess!

"I'm having a very hard time understanding how folks can be so naive, easily tricked, or deceived into believing this kind of mess."
A Washington woman proclaimed to her friend that she was a prophetess, and bilked the friend out of $100,000 in just a little over a month. The alleged scammer told her friend that one of her ancestors had committed a murder and paying the money would help her ‘get right with the Lord,’ according to police.

 Sandra Lee Allen, 54, claimed that Elizabeth Hughes needed to catch up on ten years of back tithes and then pay it forward by tithing ten years into the future. Allen coupled that story with another apocalyptic story about how the Lord told her an earthquake was coming and that Hughes would lose her son in the disaster if she didn’t pay up.

 Allen claimed that she was using $100k to build her ministry, but instead she bought a Jaguar X-Type and spent in excess of $30,000 per month at stores like Nordstrom, Coach, and Best Buy.

Respect The Man: Bishop T.D. Jakes Helps Former Offenders Create For Them Selve A New Life!

The people bishop, T.D. Jakes and The Potter’s House of Dallas TX,  celebrate the graduation of 109 ex-offenders on Sunday March 17, 2013 from the Texas Offenders Re-entry Initiative. T.O.R.I. is a year-long program that helps former inmates transition to life outside the penal system thereby dramatically increasing their chances for success while reducing the likelihood of recidivism. The ceremony was held at The Potter’s House in Dallas TX.

Why is Gospel Hip Hop Gaining Popularity?

I find the article by Chaz Spears to be somewhat of an interesting read.  He explains why "Holy Hip-Hop" artists like Lecrae can no longer be ignored.  This year, for the first time hip hop Gospel artist Lecrae won a Grammy for Best Gospel Album – a victory for the genre. You can read the article here!

know for me and others in this present day and age who declares, claim without a doubt, and swear up-on  a stack of "Bibles" that, nowhere in the good book will you find music being used as a  "GOAL/TOOL" for "EVANGELISM" to a lost world.

Others say Gospel music was never ever meant to be a "tool" used by the Holy Spirit to put forth the Good News of Christ through song. But that it's through preaching, teaching and prophesying to the world that the lost can and will be saved.  If that be the case, then  Why is Gospel Hip Hop  gaining popularity?

The Seven Last Words A Tradition Within The Black Church Community!

The last seven words of Christ services, has been a long-standing tradition within  the most black church community.  The Seven Last Words program will be  hosted by "the word network" March 29, 2013 at Empowerment Temple Church in Baltimore MD.

Featuring  preach "Blackman" himself Pastor Jamal Bryant,  Pastor Lisa Weah, Bishop Oscar Brown  , Pastor Howard Wesley , Pastor Joel Tudman, Pastor  HB Charles Jr and  Overseer Ivry Johnson. With special host  Bishop George Bloomer and Derrick and Darell Etienne. The musical guest will be a Charles Butler Jr & Trinity Lorraine Stancil !! Doors open at 6:30pm.. It's Going To Be Epic

Question Of The Day: Is Any One Assigned To Hell Today??

In the last past couple of years there have been numerous of people claiming to have visited heaven and have returned to tell us about it. Now we got the lady in the below clip claiming to have visited not only heaven but hell also. I'm sorry but I  don't believe her! There's no way our just and loving God would sentence anyone to Hell before they have been judged on the day of judgment.

I'm safely going out on a limb here and say that there is no one in Hell today. Nobody is there because Hell is the final place for those who have rejected Christ and is the place to which they are assigned after the Great White Throne Judgment. After the day of final judgment, then Hell receives its population, not before.   (Revelation 20:12-15)

One of the many reasons I have a hard time believing her and others who make these crazy claims. Is the Bible teaches that the final appeal, warning and message to a dying world was through God's only begotten Son.

 Our loving God has f…

What Is: “clergy sexual misconduct and exploitation”?

This man is sick! Calling the woman he stabbed 28 times a “gold-digging nymphomaniac,” Rev. Edward Fairley convicted last month of trying to kill his mistress showed no remorse as a state judge sentenced him to 21 years in prison Friday. The comment posted below is very interesting.
"He has always been a "Master Of Deception". A con-artist, a pervert, a thief. He asked me when I was 17yrs old, "Don't you like money and nice things?" This is how he tries to entice women. His first church and marriage broke up because he was having an affair with a church member, and had a son with her. He used to beat her too, I saw black eyes and bruises on her. She was terrified of him, She also got married to get away from him. I've known this man over thirty years, he's always carried some form of blade with the purpose to be used as a weapon. I'm not understanding why he was allowed to continue to represent himself as a minister in the community after all t…

Jesus Take The Wheel: Woman Says Bishop TD Jake's Helped Hide Deion Sanders’ Money for Prenup Plus Introduced Him to New Girlfriend, Tracey Edmond!?!?

Say it isn't so Bishop Jakes! Internet rumors and allegation are flying concerning my beloved Bishop T.D. Jake's. As if Deion Sanders divorce couldn’t get any messier; the church folk is now involved. Source Here!

Happy Palm Sunday!

Today official ends the "Lent" season and begins "Passion Week."
In my old home church we would celebrate Palm Sunday by laying palm leaves up and down the church aisle..... Palm Sunday celebrations are the Triumphal Entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem...... It's the week before His death and resurrection, some churches call it "Passion Sunday"..... Passion Sunday marks the beginning of Holy Week, which concludes on Easter Sunday.

The Bible reveals that when Jesus entered Jerusalem the crowds greeted him with waving palm branches and by covering His Path with palm branches. Immediately following this great time of celebration in the ministry of Jesus He begins His journey to the Cross..... Is Palm Sunday celebrate in your church? 

I Owe Young Prophet Manasseh Jordan An Apology!

Let me make clear! I will never ever on purpose say a person does not belong to the kingdom of God, especially when they them self recognize, consider, associate, describe, or identify as being one (Christian).  I had mention in a previous post that Young Prophet Manasseh Jordan was not a Christian Preacher I was wrong in that statement.  According to the young prophet Facebook page he's a Christian minister and speaker who have been  involved in ministry all his life,  preaching, teaching, healing and prophesying to many.
"Prophet Manasseh Jordan is a Christian minister, currently based in Boston. He has been involved in Christian Ministry all his life. As a Christian he believes and testifies that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and there is no other way to salvation than through Him. His ministry and his life are based on this belief. Prophet Manasseh appears weekly on BET's Morning Inspiration. Beyond his unprecedented accomplishments at an early age, he is an inspirat…

An All Star Tribute To The Queen Of Gospel Music Sister Shirley Caesar!

Go head Sister Shirley Caesar get your flowers while you yet live. My MOM always told me, “Give me my flowers "NOW" while I can smell and see them".  Don’t wait until the dirt is thrown in my face, do it now while I yet live.”

 All too often, we do not take the time to tell those who mean the most to us exactly how much they mean to us. On April 12, 2013 "Children Sing Productions" will present a well deserved tribute to one of Gospel music best SisterShirley Caesar.

 Some of the Special musical guests will be: Rizen, The Pace Sister,Dorthy Norwood, Le’Andria Johnson, Daryl Coley,  Dorinda Clark-Cole, Dottie Peoples, Kierra Sheard, Chrystal Ruckerand more.  

Same-sex Marriage Is A Civil Rights Issue: The Majority!

In the last couple of years the many polls that have come out  on this particular issue have been turned upside down and now most Americans view same-sex marriage as a ‘civil rights issue.

A majority of Americans view same-sex marriage as a civil rights issue, according to a new poll by LifeWay Research. Most also believe its legalization in the United States are inevitable.

 The findings showed that 58 percent of respondents believe that homosexuality is a civil rights issue like age, race and gender, while 29 percent disagreed with that statement. Sixty-four percent believe same-sex marriage will inevitably become legalized throughout the U.S., while 24 percent disagreed. Article Here!

Kirk Franklin Will Be Adding His Swag To The American Bible Challenge Tonight!

Kirk Franklin, will be adding his "swag" to The American Bible Challenge game show this season with Jeff Foxworthy's. Clip below.

The Ultimate Evangelistic Church Experience Is Taking Place March 24 At The Civic Center In Atlanta Georgia!

The Condrey Evangelistic Association is offering a free concert to the community March 24 at the Civic Center in Atlanta Ga. The concert is a night geared towards Families and the Youth of today. All ages are welcome and it's free!

Jesus Take The Wheel: Pastor Rod Parsley Zip Line Into The Pulpit!

I haven't seen anything yet that can come close to the foolishness that's displayed in the clip below. No respect for the house of God.

Up And Coming Fashion Designer Tawni Haynes Is Dressing Some Of The Biggest Names In The Christian Community!

I'm thankful and blessed beyond measure that I was taught and raised  within the construct of the black church. You will never ever hear me apologizing for that. I love the culture of the black church.

Some pictures of Tawni Haynes work showed up on my Facebook page  and all I can say is WOW!!  This young lady has dressed a lot of high profile black Christian women.   Now, I already know everyone will not be one of her clients and that is all good.  But I do believe beyond a shadow of a doubt she knows just  who her target market is: black church women. Check out some of her work! I LOVE IT!