Will Centino Kemp Break His Confidentiality Agreement???

Just a quick reminder! This young man has signed and agreed to a non-disclosure and secrecy agreements (also called) a confidentiality agreements.  If I'am not mistaken these types of agreements are important legal tools used by business and lay people who have something or someone to protect.  In this particular case it's name and family.  I believe Bishop Long had this confidentiality agreement put in place to protect him, his family and church from future home.

Last summer Centino Kemp via his social media made a claim that he had dismissed the notion of a a tell-all book about his relationship with Bishop Eddie Long, and that he was moving on.  Well it looks like things have taken a turn for Mr. Centino Kemp.

Mr. Kemp has decided for some reason or another, to move forward with his controversial book, "First Lady" which is slated to hit bookshelves on Valentine's Day. Mr. Kemp claims that he was referred to (not call) as the "First Lady" during his alleged relationship with Bishop Long that supposedly started when he was 16 years old.

After checking and reading  the table of content for the soon to be released tell-all book "First Lady". I honestly believe, there's a little bit of deception and   misleading going on by Mr. Kemp. The confidentiality agreement that was agreed to and signed by Mr. Kemp and the other is in full effect here, and Mr. Kemp knows this. This young man is limited by the law and the agreement he signed, to what he can say and write. The evidence of this is in the book table of content.
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