Jesus Take The Wheel: Religious TV Show Miracle Hour ‘Risking Lives’!??!

BBC News!

I pray the Lord have mercy on these gullible folks. There's a TV show that's made in London that encourage and brainwashes its viewers into believing  they are cured of life-threatening illnesses by prayer. They have been condemned and have come under fire from the authorities .

This is some alarming stuff here! Telling folks they are healed of disease, when in reality it just might not be there hour or season to be healed.  I know there are faith-healing groups in the U.S. that rejects medical science and rely heavily on Bible scriptures like James 5:13-15, which calls for anointing and prayer.

In an episode of the Miracle Hour show, on Faith World TV, during which a diabetic caller was told he was “set free” from the disease. “It is particularly dangerous and puts his life at risk,” said African Health Policy Network head Francis Kaikumba. UKWET, which produces the show, said it was “reviewing” its “new programs”.
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