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Is Kandi Burruss Striding The Fence With Her Up Coming Project?

The unusually noticeable quite humble and meek  Kandi Burruss has come under some serious  fire via her Facebook fan page  for her shocking  announcement.  Kandi  announced on her fan page that she'll be recording an inspirational song (Stay Prayed Up)  with none other than Marvin Sapp.....While at the same time the announcement was being made the below flyer was being uploaded to the fan page as well and caused quite an uproar among her fans. Some fans are livid at the announcement  accusing her of selling cheap sex toys  at the expense and cost  of the Gospel.The comments below are from  Kandi Facebook page:

"That's Right Kandi's new special one time song is a gospel song "Stay Prayed up" No matter who you are, what you do, you still need God and to be Prayed up!"  " I have gotten a lot of response about the new one time Gospel song "Stay Prayed Up"! Many say they are excited some say it shouldn't be done, but I think it relates to…

Question of The Day: Is Pastor Paula White Showing To Much Skin At The Trumpet Awards ?

Pastor Paula White was seen wearing a “daring” red dress on the red carpet  of the 2013 Trumpet Awards, and raised the question about it if was too much for a Christian minister. What are your thoughts? Article Here!

Question of The Day: Why The Super Bowl Gospel Celebration Paying Tribute To Ray Lewis?

Lord if the church folks won't make some stuff up: This year’s Super Bowl Gospel Celebration will pay tribute to Ray Lewis for his faith-filled determination to overcome trials and tribulations on and off the field, while recognizing him for his remarkable football career. “His accomplishments and triumphs have inspired football fans, teammates and colleagues – a true representation of what the essence of the convergence of faith and football is all about,” says Melanie Few-Harrison, Creator and  Producer of Super Bowl Gospel Celebration.

Bishop TD Jakes and DeVon Franklin Show Off Ebony Magazine Covers!

Bishop T.D. Jakes of The Potter’s House in Dallas Texas and Seven Day Adventist Minister DeVon Franklin  showed off each other’s cover shot  for the February issue of Ebony magazine. Article Here!

Pastor Marvin Sapp To Promote School Choice For Black Families!

According toBooker Rising "The Black Alliance for Educational Options" is partnering with Grand Rapids, Michigan pastor and Grammy nominated, Dove, Stellar and BET award winning gospel artist Dr. Marvin L. Sapp for a multi-city tour to promote educational opportunities for Black families. Visiting six cities, the tour will launch on January 30 in Louisville, KY and culminate in the historic Birmingham Alabama on February 6." Read about it here!

Good News: For All Le'Andria Johnson Fans!

Tonight the Grammy, Stellar and Billboard Magazine's Number one female Gospel Album Artist of 2012. Will be appearing on TBN's "Praise The Lord" where the artist   reportedly will be performing music from her current CD project.

Is Chris Brown Being Crucified By The Public And The Press?

How do you react to suffering? Do you take to your "Twitter, Facebook or Instagram" page? Do you pray? Do you fall apart? Do you become bitter? Do you question God?

 Chris Brown has boldly chosen to speak out about the  present suffering he's facing from the public and the press  via his social media. And some  in the Christian Community, are not too happy with him  for comparing his current suffering and problems he's facing to Jesus. Chris Brown took  to Twitter yesterday, to speak out about recent reports of an LA brawl with Frank Ocean. Chris Brown  compared the reaction to the incident from the public and the press to the persecution of Jesus in the Bible, revealing he feels crucified by the press.

First married Catholic Priest Ordained In Buffalo NY!

The Catholic church has always seemed strange to me. Yesterday a married man took a rite of ordination in New York, becoming the state's first married Catholic priest. You can read about it here!

Tye Tribbett Get's A New Deal That's Not Shared With Others!

According to  the press release EMI Gospel today has signed an exclusive recording partnership agreement with GRAMMY® nominated and multiple Stellar award-winning gospel artist Tye Tribbett and Tribbett’s Kingdom Music. You can read all about it here!

Question Of The Day: Should The Pentagon Allow Women in Combat?

On Defense Secretary Leon Panetta way out the retirement doors  he had decided to lift  the longstanding ban on women serving in combat, according to senior defense officials. The services have until this May to come up with a plan to implement the change, according to a Defense Department official. That means the changes could come into effect as early as May, though the services will have until January 2016 to complete the implementation of the changes.

In my humble opinion: Just because a woman can carry and shoot a rifle doesn’t mean that's what is best for our country, and what is best for our country and the military has to ultimately be the main concern for all.  What husband in his right mind would think it's ok for his wife to risk being captured by the enemies ,or to risk becoming a prisoner of war? Does this mean that young women will have to register for Selective Service just like young men do?

Charges Against Pastor Creflo Dollar Jr. Drop!

A simple battery charge lodged last June against mega-church pastor Creflo Dollar Jr. after a scuffle with his daughter has been dismissed, Fayette County State Court Solicitor Jamie K. Inagawa confirmed Thursday. Dollar, one of the best-known adherents of a prosperity gospel, recently completed a three-month, pre-trial intervention program that allowed him to avoid court. He was required to enroll in an anger management program, report to a probation officer and pay $1,072 in court fees, the solicitor said. Article Here!

Question Of The Day: Should Homosexual Be Allowed To Legally Adopt Children?

Bishop Oliver Clyde Allen III, pastor of "The Vision Cathedral" in Atlanta  and First Gentlemen Rashad Burgess have caused some buzz on the net this week with an announcement of the adoption of a new baby. You can read about it here and here! 

Gay adoption is an extremely controversial issue in our world today. Many people believe that it should be banned, and that homosexuals shouldn’t experience the same rights that heterosexuals get. For me personal  I have chosen for me, myself and I to view homosexuality through the Constitution of The United States of America.    I believe that all men should have the same rights. That mean no one should be highly rank nor treated and have more opportunities than others. What are your thoughts?

Shame On Isaac Carree For Channeling R.Kelly On His Latest Project!

RANT: For me personally I like my Gospel music to move me in remembering  that it cost something to follow Christ , which this doesn’t.  Gospel singer Isaac Carree just dropped a new song,"Clean This House" and Lord how  I Hate It. This mess is nothing but secular music thinly veiled, while trying to pose as Gospel Music. And I can’t and won't buy it.  I'm sorry but we Christians need to  get  in touch with our reality. Our reality ( I'm not talking about the world ) is that if we believe that Jesus came to die for our sins  and the suffering it caused then it should be reflected in our work.

 We Christians (I'm not talking about the world) of all people should know better than to try and glorify Jesus with cheap music. If we believe that Jesus came to die for our sins  and the suffering it caused, then we ought to show some kinda sign that we believe.  And if we believe that sin is so serious that God died for it, how dare we cheapen that? How dare Isaac Ca…

Question Of The Day: Is President Obama A Fake Christian?

Pastor Mark Driscoll, pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, Wash did what he does best yesterday, piss off folks.  Right before the inauguration ceremony for President Obama got under way yesterday Pastor Mark Driscoll  tweeted that the president was a fake Christian. Check out  what one of Jesus followers had to say. 

Is Deitrick Haddon And His Management Shopping An Idea For A Reality Show?

Detrick Haddon appears to be seeking revenge with his latest rant. And it's obvious to me that things are not going according to plan for Deitrick and baby mama as evidenced by his latest  announcement, via Facebook.   I believe he's catching a lot of backlash  from that famous announcement he made last month via social media. Or Damita has shut down the possible of a reality TV gig. I really wish Detrick would have   maintained just a little integrity here.

According to his Facebook page the  gospel singer, actor, director and producer, have  made a conscience decision  to try and destroy his ex wife Damita reputation, esteem and honor by calling her an adulteress.  The singer says the cause of the split from his ex wife was adultery on Damita’s behalf along with chart-topping singer(in the middle) Isaac Carree, formerly of the group Men of Standard.

 Deitrick is saying his  reason for trying to hurt  his ex wife's reputation  is because he was tired of being blamed for c…

Pastor Jamal Bryant Have Piss Off Single Mothers Every Where With His Comment!

Pastor Jamal Bryant isn't too happy with the public celebration of sin, even if the sinner is a celebrity. The pastor of Empowerment Temple Church in Baltimore, Md. Says that the new baby being brought into the world by Kim Kardashian and Kanye West is not something to be excited about. Kardashian isn't married to Kanye and she is also still married to her ex-husband, Kris Humphries.

Bishop TD Jakes To Headline Women’s Empowerment 2013!


Question Of The Day: Did Prophet Brain Carn “hit it and quit it” With A Woman Of God?

Dear Lord God have "MERCY" on us (for being so gullible) and Lord Godhave "MERCY"on  Brian Carn (for taking advantage of the gullible). When you live in a society filled with dishonorable males, girls gone wild, angry bitter females and misogynistic men and stuff like this happens with-in the church community, it should not be a surprise at all. What's surprising  for me is the reaction from the church folks'.   On this one particular website for the last couple of days the Prophet Brain Carn have been racked  over the coals with some strong allegations leveled against him, by a young lady and her "Spiritual Mother". To me it looks as if the church folks are talking about two different Prophets.

If you visit the "Prophet" Facebook and Twitter pages he's being called a "Prophet" as he believes himself to be. He's also being  praised and lifted high on those pages as a true man of God as  compared to the comments about …

Picture Of The Day:Swearing in of First Family!


The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan Call The President Out!

Minister Louis Farrakhan has made a heartfelt  appeal to President Obama to come into Chicago the ‘hood to help end the senseless street violence. Minister Farrakhan’s comments were made during Part 2 of his weekly message, ‘The Time and What Must Be Done’ which is available in its entirety here!

Meaningless:The Stellar Awards!

Tune into the GMC channel for tonight's first-ever live broadcast of the 28th Annual Stellar Awards hosted by the same empty,hollow,insignificant, mindless,nonsensical,purposeless,unimportant and meaningless gospel artists Kirk Franklin and  Mary Mary! 7PM EST

Question Of The Day: What Is Considered Honorable In These Last Days??

All I can do is shake my head in awe at the foolishness in the  pic posted above and also at the ask question: Would you be angry if your family buried you this way or is this considered a burial of respect in the Black community?

 The Bible foretells many signs that would culminate in these last days. Jesus indicated these signs would arise together as His return drew near. You can find that in the gospel of Matthew.  Our generation is the first generation  to witness and  see every trend being put into  place as was projected many years ago. As the final years,months,weeks,minutes and seconds of this age tick away, these events  are coming  into even clearer focus.

Thank You Bishop Larry D Trotter For Giving Details About The Picture Of Your Granddaughter.

This morning on iheart radio Bishop Larry Trotter gave a spoken statement  in response to an innocent  photo that was taken of him and his granddaughter early this week. I believe the bishop!  You actually can hear the hurt in the bishop's voice. Question:  How in the world did we become the nation that view  everything through the eyes of evil?

Question: Is The Super Bowl Gospel Celebration Really A Charity Event?

The Super Bowl Gospel Celebration  is a NFL-sanctioned event which is currently in its 14th year and looking to expand even further in the coming years. Now I read a comment that kind of puzzle me. The commenters stated that  this particular event is for charity because the event organizers donates a portion of its proceeds and  tickets sells  to local and national charities. But  does making a donation of a  portion of the proceeds to charity make it a charitable event? I'm just asking! The tickets for this particular event is 40.00 a pop.

In My Opinion Bishop Trotter Did Nothing Wrong, He Used Bad Judgment, That's All!

Now I truly  believe Bishop Trotter should have used discernment when it came to posting the pic of his granddaughter.  Discernment is one of the many gifts of the Spirit. But, by the same token I believe the picture is getting blown way out of proportion.

 There's an ugly and nasty debate brewing and raging online as I type this post over whether a seemingly innocent picture of Bishop Trotter and his beautiful 5 year old granddaughter is unsuitable,wrong,improper and inappropriate to have been posted online.

 Please don't get me wrong!  I'm well aware of the evil world we are now living in, especially when it comes to children.    I can clearly see  how and  why an innocent picture can be so easily misunderstood by so many.   I really  think and believe on the part of the Bishop, he did nothing wrong in my opinion, it was just poor judgement on his part to put the picture on "Instagram." This should have been kept between him and his family.

Question:Why do some…

World Don't Sleep On Deon Kipping!

Today's "Inspirational Music" have replace the once popular "Gospel Music" in inspiring and encouraging us in our faith. There're a few inspirational artists out today, I'll spend my hard earn money on and Deon Kipping is unequivocally at the top of that list. This young man is awesome! He's an established, prolific, and inspirational songwriter/producer, whose talents have spawned him to Gold  and Platinum Success. Check out his unplugged session here and after the break.

Trinity United Church Of Christ: Teaching Young Men How To Be Fathers!

Kudos to Reverend Dr. Otis Moss lll and Trinity United Church of Christ for this up coming panel discussion on fathers. One thing I've  notice in my many years of Bible reading is the scriptures  never ever address a father as a baby daddy. Whether, a man is a good father or bad father, scriptures  cite,mention,name or spoke of him as a father. In the nucleus of the family, the man is called by God to occupy the roles of husband and father until He return.

Support the Stop the Funeral Movement

Bishop Donald Hilliard Jr is gathering  leaders from around the nation calling for inclusive action on gun violence.

Don't Blame President Obama For Shawty Lo And His Babies Mamas!

I wasn't going to say anything about  the Oxygen channel new show concept and idea but when I read the comment I posted below I change my mind.   Shawty Lo’s All My Babies’ Mamas, is a new reality show for Oxygen, that's causing a lot of backlash on these Internets, with all kinda of comments and petitions signing.  Some folks have gone as far as to blame the president:

"This Rat Low Life Non Father should be put in Jail..I am willing to bet that the Tax payers support all his kids and their so-called mothers..who also should be put in jail for having kids for profit and fame or for a check...which IS the way amongst a very high percentage in the American Black population now and even more so since Obama took office.The media and the Democrats..Marxist Leftists have been making excuses for them for decades to keep their votes..using Political Correctness which is really Cultural Marxism.No God is part of this Show nor this Rat Father..nor these Mothers and their kids wil…

Stop Stealing Content Off My Blog And Lying About It!

This post is to the folks (you know who you are) who love to come to my blog and take my content  in the name of Christ and , then turn around and use it as if it were their own idea, and don't give
me credit for the content they stole.  "THAT'S WRONG"!!! My blog deserves a link back.  If you have been trying to blog for a while like I have, chances are you are some what familiar with folks who steal blog content.  Content takers are  folks that steal and take your content from your blog for their own blogs without giving you credit. Some content takers  will just copy the content off of your blog and  act like it's theirs. I'm finding out most content takers are using  automated software that takes the content from your RSS feed and posts your content to their site like it is a new post. I'm just saying that's a doggone shame to claim to be a Christians and stealing blog content at the same time.! Give credit (updated link)were credit is due. Stop s…

Lance Armstrong Might Need To Rethink That Confessional He's About To Do With Oprah?!??!

Lance Armstrong will sit down with Oprah Winfrey for an interview that will air next week, and if Oprah needs any help coming up with questions, the Sunday Times of London provided plenty in a large advertisement that appears in the sports section of Sunday's Chicago Tribune.

 Armstrong, who was stripped of his seven Tour de France titles when he refused to defend himself against charges brought by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, reportedly will admit to doping throughout his career in the Winfrey interview. That would be of particular interest to the Sunday Times, which was successfully sued for libel by Armstrong in 2004. The paper now is suing Armstrong to recover nearly $1.5 million.

The New Potter's House Fort Worth!

They blew a shofar outside the new Potter's House Church building this morning as the bundled-up masses gathered moments before the doors opened for the 10 am service. The dream of Bishop T.D. Jake's of Dallas to put a dynamic, non-denominational church in Fort Worth has become reality.

A nearly 3-year remodeling of the old Woodhaven Village Shopping Center is complete and a new Potter's House is open. A 30-thousand member congregation in Dallas is growing West. About 2,000 are in the Fort Worth Congregation. Among the crowd, Kenya Morgan who just moved here from Nebraska, is shopping for a new church home. Article Here!

Carmelo Anthony Says His Poor Playing Might Be Due to His Fasting To Get Clarity in His Life!

Kudos to Carmelo Anthony for trying to get some clarity in his life even if it's throwing off his game.  According to these folks over here Carmelo Anthony bad playing lately could be attribute in part to his 21 day fasting..... better known in the Christian community as the Daniel Fast.

Around this time of the year(start of a new year) the Daniel Fast is being practice  by all most every Christian church in  the country.   The Daniel Fast is a powerful spiritual experience that help followers of Jesus Christ to develop a more intimate relationship with their Lord, seek answers to prayer, and grow in the love and knowledge of the Savior.

Tonex : The One Who Go By The Name B. Slade Can Still Move Church Folks To Tears!

A funeral can be very emotional hard at times especially when it come time to say that final goodbye to your love one.  There's something very powerful about a funeral that takes place in a church setting that can and will cause many in attendance emotions to run high. Last week former gospel singer Tonex  took  to the mic to sing at his Uncle’s funeral. The controversial singer performed Donnie McClurkin’s smash hit ‘Stand’, which had everyone in attendance on their feet.....Check it out!

Will You Be Watching The Bible Mini Series??!?!?!

Kudos to the History Channel for this wonderful mini series which, will air in the Spring of the year and, have taken over 3 years to make.  The amazing ten part mini-series documents the entire story of the Bible.This should be very exciting to watch especially when it start trending on Twitter.

Jesus Take The Wheel: A Dress Up Doll In Your Name?!?!?

What will Jesus wear?  You decide. Jesus of Nazareth's Mix n' Match magnetic wardrobe. You can  stick this magnetic Jesus on your fridge and dress him up for Easter Sunday, casual Friday and 5 other mix-and-match looks.

The internet is full of crazy and foolish ideas.

When A Man Made Ritual Goes Wrong!

There's a controversial  video that have  been pull from YouTube of a bishop’s “consecration” service  that took place at Great Faith International Ministries, located in Detroit, Michigan. The action of the  bishop is better explainhere. The bishop in the video is Bishop  Wayne T. Jackson the founder and president of Impact…The New Christian TV Network!

The controversial  video shows “bishop” Wayne T. Jackson (founder of Great Faith International Ministries) instructing   2 men to get on their knees and be prepared for burial. The Bishop say to the men  You gotta be buried. You gotta die. . . so Christ can live in you. Be prepared for burial.” Then with the wave of his hand [motioning them to lay down], they laid down prostrate before Jackson with their faces down. You can read the rest here! I have never seen a consecration like this before.

Congratulation: To Newly Elected Associate Pastor John Gray!

It's official congratulation are in order for Pastor John Gray and his beautiful wife Monique , who I had the privilege of watching grow up in "The First Missionary Baptist Church" in our home town of Dothan Al.

 They have become the newest members of the Lakewood Church team. They have accepted an associate pastor position and  will be moving to Houston Texas. Once again congratulation!

When The Church Choir Engage In Contest Against Another Church Choir Then Who Determines Who The Opponent Will Be?

January 18th during "The Stellar Award Weekend" folks are saying that  there'll be no sleeping in Music City USA....because of all the noise that will be going on in Jesus name.  Back again for the second year, is Bishop Hezekiah Walker "CHOIR FEST 2013" which will, featuring not perform Donald Lawrence, Ricky Dillard, Vashawn Mitchell, Tye Tribbett and JJ Hairston plus others. Anyone who have followed this blog  for any length of time know that I  hate competition among Christians.

Questions: Do you think that Christians should compete in events like this?  Do you think there’s a spiritually good/evil side to competition? Do you think events like this can be a tool to glorify God by exercising, testifying too, and fully realizing the gifts he’s given to us? In events like this one who determines which choir is the opponent? Just asking!

Gospel Artist DeWayne Woods!

Congratulation to Gospel music artist DeWayne Woods for becoming the first major gospel artist to be featured as a spokesperson for PETA. Article Here!

Experts Answer The Age Old Question: Why Are Preachers Sleeping Around With The Members In Their Church?!??!?

If your spouse has ever cheated on you, one of the first questions you want answered is " WHY"? Cheating folks  give all kinda of reasons for having affairs. And while none of the reasons that are given are acceptable, you still want to know why. You know the answer won't ease your pain but you hope their answers will help you to make sense of the situation. So, why do Christian-men cheat? Further, why do Christian-women cheat? Why is the Christians so quick to fall into adultery? In today's world, we here way to many stories about the cheating low down dirty pastors I have always wonder why and how preachers/pastors ever get to this point and place, of no return. I read this interesting post the other day discussing the reason most pastors might cheat. So the experts have answer the age old question!

Minister Louis Farrakhan Appreciate The Work Of Tyler Perry !

A lot of folks disagree with the Honorable  Minister Louis Farrakhan for calling filmmaker Tyler Perry one of the most brilliant young entrepreneurs of our time....The  Ministers also stated in the clip below, that he's grateful to and for Mr. Perry for bringing Madea to the forefront of America’s consciousness. Article Here!  I agree with the Minister!

Jesus Take The Wheel: Churches Are Trying To Attract New Members With Club and Coffeehouse Atmospheres!

The New York Times released an article this  week outlining how coffeehouse churches and other non-traditional settings are, becoming the new wave across the nation as many pastors and congregations are attempting to revamp  the church in order to reach a culture that is increasingly turning against God. Article Here!

 Where is the holiness? Where is the line? How far is the church  planning  to go before realizing it has become the world? Are we  to conform  to the world are transformed the world? What is driving this new trend?  Is money, prestige and self elevation driving these desperate pastors  for a bigger crowd?

Christians On The Cover Of "EBONY" Magazine!

Bishop T.D. Jake's and wife Serita Jake's, along with DeVon Franklin and his beautiful wife Meagan Good are on the cover of EBONY magazine February love issue. The pair is sharing what makes their love work in the feature story along with Clifford "T.I" Harris and Tameka "Tiny" Harris.
Kudos to EBONY magazine for highlighting the Christian Marriage.  I believe MARRIAGE should ALWAYS be celebrated because It is God Idea!

Eminem Is Now A Born Again Christian?

Welcome Eminem!! On this blog you will never ever,ever see me question a person salvation.....You might see were I have questioned a person's motive and action (which is my opinion) but you will never ever read were I questioned a person's salvation....I have learned a long time ago, we all can be fleshly and carnal at times....but in the end God is the only one with the big picture that tells it all.

Jesus Take The Wheel: Fantasia Is Throwing Rocks At Other Sinners!

Controversy is swirling around former American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino upon the release of two of her most recent tweets about  homosexuality and the legalization of weed:
“I am a Christian first…person second. I believe in the Bible and have to use my spirit of discernment. Gay is a sin. Sin is a disease.”“I RISE ABOVE IT ALL!!! THE WORLD IS GONE MAD. KIDS, THE GOVERNMENT, The church House…Everybody Trying!!!!!!! Its a lot that going on that the Bible speaks about we should Not be doing. Weed legal in some places, Gay Marriage Legal BUT YET IM JUDGED!!! Im not doing Nothing for you…My Life!!!!”
Facebook and Twitter are going to be the end for a lot of people in 2013, especially folks who live in glass houses. Now, I advocate the legalization of marijuana and I support equal rights for everybody. And I don't care who you are, you should have the right to go to "HELL" if you so chose, and I should have the right to let you go. For me that's what the Cross of Ch…

Question Of The Day: Should Christians Pose Naked?

I found the above question over at Christ Culture News to be some what very interesting. The blog author ask is it ever acceptable for Christians to pose nude in the name of "art"? For me personal it has never cross my mind that born again believers would even think about  posing in the nude.    Does the Bible say anything for or against nudity? Does nudity overlap with sexuality, or can the two be mutually exclusive? What do you think? Share your thoughts over there!