Question Of The Day:Did Wiley Jackson And His Brother Intent To Defraud The "Pew Sitters" Out Of Their Money ?

According to "Black Blue Dog" Bishop Wiley Jackson of Gospel Tabernacle Church and his brother Rodney Jackson may be spending up to 10 years in prison for scamming some of their "Pew Sitters."

My Thoughts: Pastors need to preach the word and stop trying to get the "Pew Sitters"to invest in things. That's not what they were called to do. They were called to feed the lambs/sheep flock the word of God, encourage them, counsel them, be a help to them and not try to be their investment broker. That's someone else job.

I'm sorry but there's no excuse for the abuse of one's authority when it comes  to the people of God. Once upon a time long ago, the pulpit was considered a sacred place. And no one was supposed to be allowed in it except for those whom God has ordained to preach.

 The pulpit of every true Christian Church carries with it a tremendous amount of responsibility. And when one step into that sacred,worthy place of respect, they have assumed the responsibilities that come with it.  Peoples' lives are impacted and influence because of information receive from that sacred place.