Lecrae Boldly Step To The Game About His 'Jesus Piece' Concerns !!!

There's nothing more dear to the heart of God than winning souls for the Kingdom. For some of us the opportunity to personally share the salvation message just never seems to be right, maybe we should consider text messaging  a heartfelt text explaining it.

It can seem very awkward, walking up to a complete stranger, and outright asking them if they're a Christian; but, this is definitely something that every born again believer  should learn to do. I read this article at Rapzilla and thought it to be some what of a  interesting read.

 It look like the Rapper "The Game" have been on all kind of folks minds lately.....he received a text message from Hollywood's up and coming soul winner, Lecrae the other day sharing his thoughts on his new album 'Jesus Piece.'  "The Game" was ask a question  by one of his supporters, if he would embrace getting his Lecrae on for a whole album? You can read the Game response here!

My thoughts: I applaud Lecrae here for his boldness alone with his approach via social media text messaging to explain how he felt about the rapper's work..... For me Lecrae has given this text messaging generation a new and great example to follow.