Jesus Take The Wheel: "Stylish Baptism?"

 How to miss the important point of baptism!

Baptism is at the core of the Christian faith and it's commanded by the Risen Christ at the end of the gospel of Matthew. Symbolically  a candidate for baptism mean one is ready to be buried in Christ, where sins are washed away, and he or she is raised up to walk in newness of life. 

How many remember their baptism? How many reading this article can recall the day of their baptism experience? Posted below is a video that's making the rounds in the Christian Blogosphere with much head shaking and disbelief.

The Style Network’s Big Rich Texas reality show has taken it upon itself to offer up a couple of silly tips on how to transform a once sacred ritual in the believer's life..... Into a  mean(less)  social event. According to today's style experts John the Baptizer would have been called out for dipping Jesus in the dirty Jordan.