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Jesus Take The Wheel:Is This The Image That's Becoming The Acceptable Behavior For Black Men????

I came across a rather startling debate on Facebook today that basically stated that the look in the pic above is becoming the norm for the black man.  Personally, I don't believe that statement to be true at all.
 Although there were an article written last week by"experts" in the field of LGBT studies that claim the percentage of people who identified as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender depends on their race.  Especially for men. Now, I'm shaking my head at this nonsense!(You can read it here).

When Christian Ministries Promote Personal Bigotry and Racism!!!

On election night,Kenneth Copeland Ministries are planning to sponsor a live election night coverage. "America Stands 2012, Election Coverage in the Spirit of Faith" via live stream.

The Black Church Big Turn Out Sunday For Souls To The Polls !!

Kudos and big shout-out to the black church community in their effort yesterday by showing Republican Gov. Rick Scott and the Republican controlled Florida Legislature that trying to suppress the minority vote won't work. I am so proud of my community for taking an interest in voting. Source Here!

Did Pastor Creflo Dollar Asks Congregation for a Quarter-Million Dollars To Support Family of Shooting Victim ?

Pastor Creflo Dollar is challenging his pew sitters to raise extra  money  to wipe out the debt of the family of the victim who was gunned down last week at the church.     The pastor is asking everyone who's a part of "The World Changers" congregation to give. Members of the church told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that Dollar’s reaction was both expected and acceptable.
 “The goal is $234,000,” Dollar said. “We want to completely eradicate all debts in their lives … house, cars, everything. Let’s now show the world the power of a megachurch.” source here!

Pastor Killed In Shooting At Pastor Creflo Dollar Church!


Do Tim Tebow Now Owns “Tebowing”?!?!?!?


"Jesus Ain't No Gangsta"


Pastor Debra Morton And Gucci!

Pastor Debra Morton have teamed  up Gucci "PURSES WITH A PURPOSE." In which  Gucci  have promise to donate proceeds from every purse purchased to the American Cancer Society on behalf of DBM and Power Woman! If you're not into handbags,  she also have some off the chain t shirts that will be gifted to you for a $20 donation. Visit

T.D.Jakes "America's Best Preacher" Will Headline A Inspirational Concert Series.

For the first time ever, T.D. Jakes, "America's Best Preacher"* and one of the most recognized voices behind the pulpit today, will headline an inspirational concert series with the "Voice of Gospel Music,"** Grammy and Dove Award winning recording artist, Sandi Patty.Press release here!

American Atheists Release Billboards Calling Mormonism A Shame!


Is Today's Christian Outdated?

Growing up the holiness church I attended had what they call “standards.” They taught that "Standards" were practical applications of the biblical principles of holiness, modesty and separation from worldliness.  "Standards" as  relating to clothing and entertainment were the most common standard that was taught back then. For example no pants, jewelry,makeup,card playing,worldly dancing,dating etc..Holiness, modesty and separation from worldliness were required back then according to the Bible and some.

Buffalo, NY native, Alexis Spight has skyrocketed in the past few months after being crowned the 1st runner up in BET’s highly successful reality television series, Sunday Best. The 19 year old “preacher’s kid” has wowed audiences nationwide with her vocal ability, distinctive style, signature red hair and transparent
  sincerity.Download the free single "Steady" here.

The Jeffress-Graham Switch and The Black Vote!

" Billy Graham does not have the right to declassify Mormonism as a cult without the larger evangelical community throwing the “red flag.” If evangelicalism does not throw the “red flag” before the election, that is even a greater sign of our political and racial divide. We ought to be able to come together in unity and make it clear that Mormonism is a cult even if Black Christians and White Christians vote for different candidates. The unity of the faith is at stake here (John 17:21)!"

Chicago Author Activist and Pastor Says: "Outdated Religious Traditions May Be Keeping Black Christian Women Single"

Over the past few years, several major media outlets have featured news stories about the crisis in Black marriage. One of the most staggering statistics those stories revealed is that a whopping 42% of Black women have never been married.

So why are Black women having such a difficult time finding a mate and why does this problem seem to be as bad or worse among women in the church? "For the unmarried Christian woman, much of the problem has to do with what they've been taught in the church," says Pastor Ira J. Acree the author of In Pursuit of Mr. Right.

Flipping Halloween Into The Kingdom of God!?!?!?

JesusWin is a serious global initiative to ensure non-Christians receive educational materials about Jesus. Many people have a wrong opinion of who Jesus is and we continue to encourage and work with churches and thousands of Christians to give out tracts, bibles and other Christian gifts. Since 2002 over a million Christian gifts have been given to neighbours, strangers and friends on October 31st. JesusWin is also known as JesusWeen and continues to get popular in the United States, Canada, UK, Africa and Brazil.Source Here!

Of Course Israel Houghton Should Think His Pastor Is The Real Deal !

I understand why some in the Christian community are up in arms over a comment made by Lakewood worship leader Israel Houghton concerning  his pastor and friend Joel Osteen. Especially when considering the many labels  that have been placed on Pastor Joel Osteen. But in all  honesty  shouldn't  we all not view the man of God who feeds our soul weekly as being the real deal?  There's nothing wrong with seeing your pastor/preacher/teacher as a man of God doing the work God has called him to do.

Awkward Sermon Titles: What Not To Do When You're Horny!!??!?

I know the purpose of preaching is not merely to inform but also to transform lives....In our society today there are very few topics that are not spoken about  from the pulpit of our churches..I wonder if  pastors should not  be a little more caution  when  it comes to their sermon titles? What if I was a unbeliever setting in this pastor church on Sunday morning and heard the above sermon title?..... I would be confused!

 Now I thought Pastor Jamal Bryant had some of  the most controversial sermon titles there was.....and I use to frown upon a lot of them, but not any more....Thanks to Bishop Larry Trotter!

Sisters in Faith Bible.

Thomas Nelson, a world leading Christian publisher, is preparing to release a new Bible that will provide African-American women with an important and inspiring new tool to help bring their Sunday morning experience into their everyday lives. The Sisters in Faith Holy Bible: Encouraging and Empowering African-American Women with God's Truth ($39.99, ISBN 9781401675158) is expected to address the concerns of today's Christian women who are seeking God's wisdom and guidance in every area of their busy and complex lives. The Bible will be available January 1, 2013 in stores and online.

Billy Graham Is A Prime Example of What It Means To Turn Against God.

The dark side of religion is showing it ugly head once again. And to think once upon a time The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association exist solely without a doubt to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, that is no more.   For me the idea and  thought of having a President who belongs to a cult as big as the Mormon church is scary and frightening.

CNN) – Shortly after Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney enjoyed cookies and soft drinks with the Rev. Billy Graham and his son Franklin Graham on Thursday at the elder Graham’s mountaintop retreat, a reference to Mormonism as a cult was scrubbed from the website of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

The Black Church Speaks On Last Night’s Debate On "Twitter"!

Joy 105 have captured and posted on it web site a screen shot of different leaders within the Black Church construct discussing via "twitter" last night debate....Am  I surprise at the above tweets? NO! Am  I  surprise by the latest Lifeway survey? NO!  There's one  tweet in particular  that stands out in my mind and I agree 100% with it  it's the one by Pastor E.Dewey Smith.

 I've ask my self the same thing over and over again. I am not a pastor but I am a Christian who believe in the Trinity and  it is hard  for me to understand how a conservative protestant pastor can  support a man who believes in heretical beliefs (i.e.,polytheism as opposed to true trinitarianism). Mitt belongs to a religious group that most conservative evangelicals have long held to be a cult.

According to a "Pew" survey that was taken last week and published by the Lifeway  group that show most if not all young white protestants will be voting for Mitt Romney this election cyc…

Jesus Take The Wheel:Bishop George Bloomer Is Claming To Be The Warfare General!

I wonder why the first 400 have to register to keep the sessions private?

Lord have mercy,Bishop George Bloomer is selling Spiritual warfare tools to help folks over come against Satan and his host. But,I always though as believers in order for us to overcome evil was/is essential that we realize that in our own strength we are powerless against Satan and his host.

Did Pastor Riva Tims Turn Her Church Sancutary Into A Ball Room?!?!


"New Black Gay Church" The Good Life!

According to Obnoxious there's a new church opening in Cincinnati,Ohio and some folks don't like it.  My only comment about churches like this and others that are similar, to each his own.

Le'Andria Johnson Have Return To Performing In The Church House!

Recording artist Le’Andria Johnson has returned to performing in the church house since giving birth in September. She perform at Bishop Paul Morton Church, Greater St. Stephen Full Gospel Baptist Church in New Orleans this past weekend. I Love the new look!

Karen Clark-Sheard (What Is a First Lady ?)

Question: Has anyone seen the video on YouTube of, Karen Clark-Sheard  trying to explain the role of the First Lady in many churches? Karen, who's a well-known gospel artist and "First Lady" to John Drew Sheard senior pastor at Greater Emmanuel Institutional Church of God in Christ in Detroit.

One comment in particular has caused an uproar among some church goers. In the clip, Karen said that the first lady should be the best dressed.  Now, I totally  understand what Karen meant and what she was saying when she made the comment about dressing up.

 But, I also believe the idea of the best dress among church women is another form of game, contest and competition within the church body. Competition among godly people  breeds pride!! God hates pride and the high look so He condemns it  among His people.

The first lady is a  role of distinction that I believe places one woman above other women in the church. I believe it creates the type of cattiness and animosity in the minds …

"God Said Don't Vote For The Negro"

According to report a group of African-American faith leaders have announced they have launched a $1 million campaign against President Barack Obama because they do not agree with"his"support for marriage equality. The newly created group, called "God Said", wants to take away 25 percent of the black vote that went to Obama in the 2008 presidential election. In 2008 Obama received 98 percent of the black vote. Officials from the nonprofit say they will set their sights on voters in Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina, Wisconsin and Florida by launching television and radio ads as well as a grassroots campaign to urge individuals to vote with the Bible in mind. "The black community is among the most religious in America and we are offended that President Obama has announced "his"support of same-sex marriage, that the NAACP has blindly supported the secular views of the Democratic Party, and that their national platform plainly supports same-sex marriag…

Is It A Slap In The Face Of God To Share A Ultrasound Pic!?!?!?

Is it wrong to take and share a sonogram pic? According to this man of God it is.

 A new phenomenon has captured America—young couples that are expecting children are posting pictures of their soon-to-be born babies online or sharing them with others in their churches and even in public. Each image depicts the baby still in the mother’s womb.    "but is that not sacred? As our home began to be blessed with children, it never even crossed my mind to display such an image to others. Every baby is a gift from God, hidden in the sacredness of a mother’s womb until the day of birth. Do you agree?

Open Forum And Discussion On Pedophilia In The COGIC Community!!

It's not a secret but a fact that sexual abuse in our community and church go unreported for years upon years. An open forum is being convened Tuesday, October 16 (Albany NY COGIC community) by a brother who have purposed in his heart not to bury his head in the sand and act as if young innocence children have not been hurt as a result of sexual from within the church.Source Here!

Good News:Canada Says No To Pastor Terry Jones!!

A spokeswoman for U.S. pastor Terry Jones says Canada has denied entry to the preacher and his co-pastor Wayne Sapp  whose congregation held a Quran burning in March 2011 that triggered deadly protests in Afghanistan. Stephanie Sapp said Thursday that Jones was turned back at the Michigan-Ontario border. She says officials denied him entry because of a fine he got in Germany almost 20 years ago for using the title "doctor" there, as well as a criminal charge of breaching the peace at a planned rally in Detroit last year. Jones was scheduled to participate in a debate about "Innocence of Muslims," the anti-Muslim film that has recently sparked violent protests in the Arab world. Canadian border officials said it is not their practice to confirm whether someone has been denied entry into the country. Article Here!

Do The Act Of One Kappa Alpha Psi Brother Represent The Whole Organization??

The greek-letter organization Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity have been in existence for at least 100 years i'm told  with little to none controversy in it hundred years. But that statement  is no longer true according to this web site . A controversial video have surfaced on the net showing two men getting married in which one of the men is said to be a Kapp. The two men, Robert Brown and Nathaniel Gay, held a crimson-and-cream themed ceremony on Sept. 12 in Lexington,KY. Brown took to Twitter to express his happiness over his marriage and shared video of his wedding ceremony. This tidbit of information have set off a firestorm among the frat brothers.

"I by no means have an issue with anyone getting married and that includes two men or two women. Personal levels of comfort should not be a determination in ones ability to profess their love for another at the highest level (i.e. marriage). My issues comes when you wrap that love in the tradition of Kappa Alpha Psi. Had these two…

Churches Will Not Be Force To Perform Gay Weddings!

Two pastors in the Baltimore area began running two television commercials in the Baltimore market this week in support of equal right for everyone . Each ad features a Baptist minister pointing out that the new Maryland law would not force churches to perform same-sex ceremonies.

The Rev. Donte Hickman Sr. of Southern Baptist Church in Baltimore speaks in one ad,
while the other features the Rev. Delman Coates of Mount Ennon Baptist Church in Prince George's County. Both commercials are funded by Marylanders for Marriage Equality. The men offer nearly identical messages. Hickman looks into the camera and says: "I support this law because it does not force any church to perform a same-sex marriage if it's against their beliefs."

WWJD??Stacey Dash Told To Go Shoot Her Self.

I can not believe the ugly attack and  press Stacey Dash have received in the last day because of her support and endorsement of Mitt Romney for president.... It don't matter what anyone thinks about either candidate everyone has every right  to vote for whomever they chooses.

I can't believe this woman was told to go "shoot herself" and "she's a traitor to her race" come on folks it's not that deep. We can all  express our disagreement with her but to suggest she kill herself, is way out there.  Article Here!

Do God Make Mistakes?!?!?!

A  doctor is now claiming he have been to heaven and back. I'm  sorry Doc I don't believe you. Let me start by saying I am extremely skeptical when someone claims they went to Heaven or Hell.  I have a hard time believing it.  Don't get me wrong; I have no doubt, Dr. Eden experienced something. Maybe it was a dream or hallucination, but I doubt he went to heaven .Dr. Eben Alexander has taught at Harvard Medical School and has earned a strong reputation as a neurosurgeon. And while Alexander says he's long called himself a Christian, he never held deeply religious beliefs or a pronounced faith in the afterlife. In order for me to believe any one went to heaven and return is to believe that God make mistakes.....I just don't believe that. Article Here! 

Jesus Take The Wheel:The Best Of Sunday Best Are About To Take Your Name On A National Tour?!!?

Two of "Sunday Best" winners Le'Andria Johnson and Joshua Rogers are hitting the road for a special Jesus National tour. Thanks Tashia!

SPLC Promotes Tolerance Day at Elementary Schools and Some Parents Go Crazy!

Kudos and high five to The Southern Poverty Law Center for coming up with such a splendid idea. That's in my opinion center around love for all. (You can read about it here)  The Southern Poverty Law Center began the mix it up program in 2002 as a way to encourage children to break through racial barriers and accept different lifestyles, including homosexuality. On, Tuesday, October 30, over two thousand schools across the nation will be observing “Mix It Up Day"

 Question why are Christian parents getting upset because children are asked to sit with somebody different and new at lunch? What in the world could possible be so bad about that?

Rick Warren and Joel Osteen Are Part Of Oprah's Latest 'Lifeclass' !!

Oprah Winfrey's Life class program, just taped an episode in Houston that will feature Rick Warren and Joel Osteen.   As part of a six-week series of road stops to visit spiritual leaders and inspiring teachers, Oprah will launch a global discussion about self-worth struggles and dead ends with Pastor Joel Osteen of Houston's Lakewood Church and Pastor Rick Warren of The Purpose Driven Life fame, filming in the Hobby Center's Sarofim Hall.

While there has been no official confirmation that Oprah herself was there and everything has been kept very hush hush, she has made every other road stop in the Life class series. The FAQ information sheet for the Houston taping also asks that ticketed audience members do not bring any gifts for Oprah as they will not be accepted.

Could Bishop Jakes Perhaps Be Grooming His Daughter Sarah Jakes For The Take Over?!?!?

According to Facebook this young lady Sarah Jake's ,AKA the bishop daughter  have taken this year "Woman Thou Art Loose 2012" conference by storm. Check it out!

Sarah Jake's, daughter of Bishop T.D. Jake's announced this past August that she and her husband, former Washington Redskins linebacker Robert Henson were no longer an item and they were getting a divorce.

Jesus Take The Wheel: The Mormons Are Trying To Add To Your Finish Work!

The Mormon church teaches that the 'gospel' consists of Christ's redemptive work plus our obedience to laws, principles, ordinances, and rites. I grew up in a church that taught Christ plus anything else is a false religion. And, any religion that has secrets and want to control  your every move like Mormonism does, is a cult bottom line.

The above quote was told to ABC news Bob Woodruff  from two Mormon missionaries who is serving their church in Louisiana. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints   gave ABC News' Bob Woodruff  very rare access to missionaries who were serving their church in Louisiana. Article Here!

 I wonder why ABC News is doing this feel good piece about this cult?