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Charles Jenkins and Fellowship Chicago Scheduled to Perform at Jay-Z’s Made In America Music Festival During the Labor Day Weekend in Philadelphia!

Inspired People/EMI Gospel recording artists Charles Jenkins and Fellowship Chicago are scheduled to perform at Jay-Z’s Made in America Music Festival during the Labor Day Weekend on Sunday, September 2, in the heart of downtown Philadelphia, on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway on the Park Stage. Jenkins and Fellowship Chicago will perform for an hour, from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Jay-Z and his management team personally requested Jenkins and Fellowship Chicago. Jay-Z wanted to open Sunday’s festival with gospel music. Jenkins and Fellowship are the only gospel artists scheduled on the line-up.

Tonight Mitt Romney's Mormon God Will Be Honored and Saluted At The RNC.

It's sad to report that the "God of Ancient Days" have been abandoned and kick to the curb  by most "White Evangelicals," He will not even get an acknowledgment  nor a mention tonight at the RNC.   I guess we can credit the president for causing folks to abandon and fall away from the true God. This man Mitt Romney is a high priest in this Church ,shouldn't that tad bit of info frighten the Christians?

Reports have been confirmed that tonight’s acceptance speech from Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, a former Mormon “bishop” and stake president, will be preceded by prayer from a prominent Mormon leader. Deseret News, a Mormon-owned newspaper in Salt Lake City Utah, spoke with 71-year-old Kenneth Hutchins, former stake president in Massachusetts, who advised that he had received an invitation from Romney’s son Tagg to offer the invocation at the Republican National Convention. Tagg had stated that his father specifically wanted Hutchins to offic…

Why Do Bishop Paul Morton Think Someone Is Trying To Destroy His Name??

Honestly, why in the world would Bishop Paul Morton think someone was out to destroy his name? The bishop address the scandal on "Twitter" surrounding the allegation against a former member of his organization, (NOT CHURCH).  And, for the bishop to attack the woman in this, case is a doggone shame. Shame on you bishop Morton for tweeting that the lady complaining had an should have kept that tweet...for God sake man you suppose to be a bishop. Were was your discernment when you tweeted that comment? It leads me to believe you were well aware and inform of what was going on.

Pastor Accused Of Stealing From Medicaid Program.

A couple of months ago when this story was being reported, about the pastor and his city zoning board issue first broke, Fox News and others were claiming the pastor was just another persecuted Christian.....But the way things are looking now,  Pastor Michael Salman and his wife are accused of defrauding AHCCCS -- the state's Medicaid program -- to the tune of $73,000. Salman -- the one-time party headliner for Sheriff Joe Arpaio -- was indicted by a grand jury on several felony charges related to lying about his household income to receive AHCCCS benefits. This is the same pastor who didn't wont to following the zoning law of his city, now look at the mess he has made for his family.

Chaka Khan Going Gospel!

Torrence Glenn over at Bet Gospel is reporting that R&B/Funk legend and diva Chaka Khan is working on a Gospel EP to be released in January.

An Ex-Pastor’s Journey to Atheism”!

This is a great read about a 35 years old "Christian" who walked away from her vocational career as a minister and from the central idea of Christianity, that Jesus was the savior or all humankind. That idea she no longer embrace. (P.S) I'm the one who have selected  to use the word Christian here, and it's because of the false belief and  myth in the black church,that one in a position of leadership must be saved.

Jesus Take The Wheel: Fake Prophets Lying On You Again!

How many reading this post have heard someone say if God does not judge America he would have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah? I have, and I have also heard the a men's and that's right utter after a comment like that, but in reality it's silly and stupid to think the Creator of all man kind will have to apologize to His creation.

Yesterday, Prophet Brain Carn set off a firestorm among his followers on Facebook with the above comment.  Which  I honestly believe that comments like that comment or the many reason that people today have such a misconception and misunderstanding about God almighty.  Let me say this, if  God was still doing what He  was doing back before He sent us Grace He, would have already judged America. He would have already poured out his wrath on every city in America not just on New Orleans.

Gabrielle Douglas Teach A Thing or Two About "Perseverance", While On The Road To The Olympic.

I honestly believe Gabrielle Douglas has an amazing story to tell, plus it's a wonderful teaching tool that can be used to teach the Bible principle perseverance.
 To persist in or remain constant to a purpose, idea, or task in the face of obstacles or discouragement. I know we have a tendency in our day and time to like every thing to be nice and clean; neat and easy to understand; joyful and upbeat. But in reality that's not always the case. The interview Gabby Douglas gave Oprah was a moving and heartfelt interview for me.  I was surprised when Gabby explained how she was about to quit and throw in the towel on her dream, because of the bullying she ran into on her road to the Olympics. She has an amazing story of perseverance to overcome such obstacles and become such a success at a young age. I see a movie in the making!Article Here!  

How Should The Black Church Address Reckless Behavior Among It Pew Sitters?

How does the black church handle issues like this particular one mention over here, without destroying innocent lives?

Do Mitt Romney See His Black Supporters As A Cruse?

I'm having a hard time understanding why black republican or offend or for that matter upset that Mitt Romney has not included them on his website.  In my opinion Mitt Romney will never ever go against the doctrine teaching of his church, the black man is a curse and Mitt is in lockstep with that teaching. How do any one not believe this man embraces that teaching of his church. He's in a high position in this church, he didn't get to that position by not embracing this hateful racist teaching. 
Romney’s Black “supporters” are upset that Romney has over looked them,please!

Jesus Take The Wheel:Billy Graham Asked to Call for a Christian President

There's some pushing coming from the extreme right for Billy Graham to get up off his sick bed and to step up and to call for a Christian President as the Holy Bible teaches. Pastor Steven Andrew, president of USA Christian Ministries and author of "Making A Strong Christian Nation"seems to think that's what we need. 
"Billy Graham would help the nation turn to God by sharing the Scriptures on voting for a Christian President. God would heal the USA, relent of judgments and give Americans hope," says Full article. So I'm guessing by this article that this person also wont America to be recognize as a Christian nation?

Have The 21st Century Church Open Wide The Door To The Demonic?

Don't any one who's a blood bought born again believer come up in here and say this white face painted on black people don't look scary,demonic and creepy. I for the life of me can't and don't understand why in the world  would the black church in the  21st century allow something like this into the church house, which is truly not biblical, to be use to minister to the people of God?

I read a article that stated the black church have combine pantomime and the Christian message and  that miming is growing in popularity in a lot of  black churches as a form of spiritual expression. And that the mime ministry is an outlet of creative expression that is being used to attract more young people.

New Talent: The Gospel Prince!

Hi, I am Jahbarri and I am a Gospel Singer. I love Gospel music and I am really working hard on the music. I know that God likes for me to sing because when I sing I can feel him tickling me inside. I feel good when I let people know about God. I want to let EVERYONE know how good God is...... JTGP Ministries was developed so that I may have the opportunity to minister in song and also have a platform to reach out to the people on a Global level. My ministry is not just about singing it is also about spreading the WORD of God!!!! Remember to keep God in everything you do!  I found this wonderful young talent guy on "Youtube"!

Should All Christian Denominations Follow The Lead Of The Augusta National And Allow Women Into The Pulpit?

The church is divided and in a large segment of the Christian Church today, there's a lot of resistance among some denominations who are against women being allowed to preach and even pastor churches. There's a number of churches who have developed the practice of ordaining women as ministers and placing them in positions to lead, teach, and preach to both men and women. The ordination of women as prophets and even as apostles are becoming common in lot of denominations.  Yesterday Pastor Jamal Bryant sent the above tweet from his social media account and caused a firestorm to erupt among some of his followers. 

  What's your thoughts about women in the pulpit?

Get Out Of Here: Mary Mary's Hit Reality Show Season 2 Will Include Male Strippers?

According to Dominique over at 1800gospel, season 2 of Mary Mary’s reality show is set to premiere Thursday, December 13th on WE tv and it looks pretty interesting to say the least.  Based on the two clips Dominique has posted on her site, the family is getting ready for their baby sister’s wedding and the bachelorette party is proposing a problem for Tina because of the strippers. Check it out! Shake head in disbelief!!

Jesus Take The Wheel:Usher Granted Full Custody of Sons?

Something is oh so wrong with this picture. Unless there is some Kinda proof that Tameka the mom of these two boys, isn't a good mother, and have abused her children in some way or another I just don't get this ruling.    I think it's sad and such a tragic for this mother.  I'm a Mother of two and back in the day  if my kids were taken by their father for any reason other than a harmful situation my heart would be forever broken. I cant imagine Tameka pain today. God forever grant her strength to fight on!

Don't Piss Off Your Church Members!

I thought one of the most important rules to follow in  case you were ever involved in road rage  was to never ever get out of your vehicle and approach the other person vehicle , unless you know them.    I'm questioning if this incident was road rage,a stupid move by this pastor, or was it someone who knew him?  He should be glad he's still alive to tell this story.

 After doing a little google search some interesting info came up about this pastor and his wife Nicole.  It seems this particular pastor is the head Shepherd of Goodwill Missionary Baptist Church in Seattle, WA.

There were allegation made a couple of years ago against he and  his wife for wrong doing by folks in the church,community and surrounding area. Folks were saying Tyson and his wife had used their position as “church leaders” to victimize unsuspecting individuals into financing their outlandish life style and scorn publicly anyone who does not comply! They have literally high jacked Goodwill Missionary …

Why Is Mathew Knowles Music World Falling Apart?

It’s not a good time for Mathew Knowles’ Music World record label according to Jawn Murry.  He's  reporting that  Le’Andria Johnson, one of Music World’s best-selling artists in recent years, is preparing to leave the label. Johnson, who won the third season of BET’s competition series “Sunday Best,” was signed to Music World as a part of the show’s prize package.  Earlier this week, Johnson took to her official Twitter page @LeAndriaJ to ask fans how they would feel about her leaving Music World. She even retweeted to her fan page’s message about the label not treating their “#1 artist” with “respect.”  

Could The "lack of civility" That Rick Warren Speak Of Be Coming From The Wing Of His Own Party?

Something is really not right and down right odd to me, to tell you the truth about Rick Warren's explanation for why he cancelled a schedule forum,that he was to host this week with the president and Mitt Romney:
 "We created the civil forums to promote civility and personal respect between people with major differences .... The forums are meant to be a place where people of goodwill can seriously disagree on significant issues without being disagreeable or resorting to personal attack and name-calling. But that is not the climate of today's campaign."

All Pastor’s Kids Are Not Bad!!

What a sad but yet beautiful story. They say the worst kids are the preacher’s kids or the pastor’s daughters are the ‘freakiest’ but, this young lady have proved in her short 22 years of life that  that quote is not true.

 Kristen Lartey will be laid to rest tomorrow by her family and friends and those who love her most. Boston Police are still searching for suspects in the shooting of Kristen and three others as they sat in a car on Harlem Street 12 days ago in Dorchester . All four young women were 22 years old and three of them died from their wounds including Kristen.

Question of The Day:Will There Be Gay People In Heaven?

“I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one can snatch them out of My hand.” Some folks are highly upset and others are shock and  asking for the resignation of Exodus International President Alan Chambers for suggesting in an interview that gay people can inherit the kingdom of God.  Dr. Robert A. J. Gagnon, associate professor of New Testament at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, has expressed concern about statements made by Chambers over the last year that assure Christians who persistently engage in homosexual behavior that their salvation is guaranteed. You can read the article here! I strongly believe    one position on this particular issue can dramatically affect ones Christian walk. It definitely has in mine.

 I for one believe firmly in the security of the believer, I believe in once saved always saved (eternal salvation).  I don't believe there's any  one thing one can do to lose his or her salvation, if he or she is truly saved.  I also believe …

Side Eye Post of The Day: The Prophet Brian Carn Hooking Up With Lester Love!???

WOW! this event should be very interesting, especially when considering these two.  You got one man of god who won't preach on sin or about sin and you got the other one who believe there's profit to be made in sin.

Kirk Franklin Enter A New Phase Of Life!

“When I first saw a video of The Walls Group, I knew they were something special. I was truly blown away by their vocal abilities at such young ages. And when I flew down to Houston to meet them, I couldn’t believe how down to earth and humble they were. I truly saw something unique in this group and I’m excited to start this new journey with The Walls.” 
The siblings are from Houston, Texas. Their parents, Roger and Alicia, are both musicians. Later this month, The Walls Group will embark on a national tour, stopping in major cities including Lexington, KY, Indianapolis, IN, and Austin, TX.
 Franklin has begun working with The Walls Group on their sophomore album scheduled for release in 2013.

Zoe Saldana as Nina Simone:What Are Your Thoughts?

Actress Zoe Saldana is set to play Nina Simone in the long in-the-works biopic about the beloved singer, according to The Hollywood Reporter. But some folks are saying this casting choice is horrific, disgusting  and insulting to say the lest. What do you think? 

The 12 Most Powerful Christians In Hollywood Prove that The Christian Faith Can Survive–and Thrive–in The Entertainment Capital Of The World.

Beliefnet has a list of the 12 most powerful Hollywood Christians. Most people believe and some  think that  Hollywood is the devils play ground, with a well deserved reputation for being a spiritual wasteland, but faith is hardly absent from Tinseltown. The following 12 Hollywood powerhouses are at the top of their game in movies or TV and are unabashed about proclaiming their Christian beliefs.
Tyler Perry  Patricia Heaton  Denzel Washington  Mel Gibson  Martin Sheen  Ralph Winter  Angela Bassett  Kristin Chenoweth  Martha Williamson  Philip Anschutz  Howard Kazanjian  Scott Derrickson Question: Why wasn't Oprah among the 12?

Side Eye Post Of The Day: For 10 Dollars Bishop I.V.Hilliard Will Teach You How To Here The Voice Of God?!??!


Is The Church Sanctuary A Safe Place To Talk About Sex?

I had a chance to attend the conference and was surprised that it was poorly attended and that it was really an event that should have been held during a Health Fair or in a large tent outside of the church. They could have had booths outside of the church with literature and plenty of giveaways to attract more attendees. This way it would allow the residents of the community to hear, see and feel apart of the event. I agree with the previous comment that Dr. Reid seems out of touch with what's going on in Upton. He fails to realize that this historical church has always been an intrincal part of the community and now it seems like they have closed their doors and it's them and no community.
 It seem like the new catch word in churches these days is SEX, and most churches are shying  away from any  controversy that may surround it. The comment above and the comment below  are comment that I found underneath a article talking  about Pastor Reid "Sex in the City" …

Jesus Take The Wheel: Another Pastor Have Been Dethrone!

A pastor in Shreveport, Louisiana has been arrested for doing things that alleged men of God simply aren’t supposed to do. Andrea Louis is being charged with three counts of molestation of a juvenile. He is the pastor of Act on Faith Ministries, located in Shreveport. A woman has told police that she had a relationship with the pastor when she was just 13-years old. The woman is older now, and is just now telling her story. “I was deceived, you know. He used God and he used music, and those were the two most important things in my life at the time,” she said. Source Here!

Why The Black Church Won't Hold A Prayer Vigil For The Real Problems That Are Affecting The Black Community??

Last night in Baltimore Maryland,  a coalition of African-American churches held a prayer vigil to highlight its members' opposition to same-sex marriage and to urge Marylanders to vote against it.  Members of the National Black Church Initiative gathered Wednesday to pray at Israel Baptist Church in east Baltimore. "Basically, what the Christian church is saying is that we love you and we welcome you in our churches, but there's nowhere in the word of God, both in scripture or tradition, where we, as a church community, can validate anything remotely as marriage," said the Rev. Anthony Evans of the National Black Church Initiative.

Sexual Abuse In The Black Church!

While combing through some old tweets on Twitter, I came across a tweet that was link to a trailer for a new film title “Wolf.”  Filmmaker Ya’ke Smith have put together a wonderful new film which deals with black folks,mega church,and a young  boy who gets molested by his preacher,teacher,pastor,bishop. Check it out below!

Jesus Take The Wheel:Tim Tebow Is Trying To Take Your Place!?!?!

There's controversy surrounding GQ Magazine photo featuring Christian QB,Tim Tebow posing as if he's on a cross.  The black and white picture show the devout Christian standing shirtless with his arms outstretched sideways and legs crossed. The “sexy Jesus” shot came out the day Tebow turned 25. The photo is displayed on GQ’s website under an article provocatively titled, “Have You Accepted Tim Tebow as Your QB and Sunday Savior?” Fox News pointed out that the photo was actually digitally altered and that Tebow posed for the GQ shot back when he was under center for the Florida Gators.  Source Here!

Jesus Please Cover Up Rick Ross!

The internet is buzzing over the Rolling Stone September cover. One thing I can say for Rolling Stone magazine they are some what controversial when it comes to their covers, and September cover is no exception. I see that Rick Ross is covering September issue and have given an exclusive interview to the magazine about his past life.   But, for me on a personal note,  I don't find the cover to be as controversial as other covers have been, but what I do find is,this cover is the most disgusting and offenses image of the black man that  I have ever seen. I hate this image with a passion! This particular image can never ever produces anything good for the community or the world.

Sad News: Detrick And Damita Haddon No Longer Together!

Deitrick Haddon announce through social media that he and his wife  of 12 years  are no longer together. Some in the blog world  are saying that Deitrick and Damita Haddon were once the hottest couple in the gospel game. With a 'ride and die' commitment like Jay-Z and Beyoncé, gospel's 'Bonnie and Clyde' having  hip-hop's first family beat by a long shot, having been married more than 12 years.

Side Eye Post Of The Day: A City Wide Violence Awareness Concert?????????

There are some things in this world I will never get or understand, and this is one of them.  I'm   really having a hard time grasping the concept and motive behind a concert like this, I'm sorry I just don't get it.

Bishop Jake's Got Another Message For His Haters: His Church Isn't Making Movies He Is!

Bishop Jake's push back against those who accuse  his church of making secular movies like  “Sparkle. ”  "Sparkle"  is the latest of several feature films to be produced by Bishop T.D. Jakes, but the preaching powerhouse wants to make one thing clear — his church isn't making movies he is.

Let's Stop The Coalition Of Black Pastors From Dividing The Black Community and Splitting The Black Votes.

I honestly believe to a great degree there's a well calculated plot by some in the black community, to deliberately weaken President Obama's support with-in the black community. It have  been proven through documentation  that this supposedly black pastor group is a fake and front for those on the right. There's a petition demanding the Coalition of African American Pastors to stop their attacks on the president over his support of Gay Marriage. You can find the petition  here!

Will Genetic Testing Equals More Abortions?

Future parents can now chose the sex of their offspring, and even screen embryos for some genetic diseases. A team of scientists at the University of Washington have developed a method to predict the entire genetic code of a fetus just by taking a small blood sample from the mother and saliva from the father. They believe that the test will be able to screen for 3,500 genetic disorders, allowing expecting parents to know their babies future appearance, size, health and even future diseases such as Alzheimer’s. While this technology can assist in detecting potentially fatal disorders, it also opens the door for parents to start altering the DNA of their child to obtain the “perfect” baby of their choice. Once again man is falling for Satan’s original deception by attempting to take the place of God and the results could be disastrous Article Here and Here!

Steven and Roger Ham, Gay Dads, Adopt Twelve Kids And Some Folks Got A Problem With It.

Steven and Roger Ham, both gay men, had been raising twelve children from foster care, but now they have legally adopted the kids, reports the Arizona Republic (video below). The two dads live in Arizona, where gay couples can’t get married or adopt children together. However, a gay man can adopt a child on his own. So Steven adopted ten of the children in Arizona and two more in Washington State, where same-sex couples are allowed to adopt children. Roger had his last name legally changed to 'Ham' in 2007 and the two men had legal papers to transfer guardianship to the other, if either died, but there will still many benefits they lacked because both were not legal parents.

Pat Robertson Challenge Homosexuals To Bring Forth A Baby?

Thursday on the 700 Club, Pat Robertson said that activists who don’t want Chick-fil-A on their college campus due to the company’s anti-gay advocacy should keep quiet:
"I defy these homosexuals to bring forth a baby from that part of the anatomy which they concentrate on, when that happens I will change everything I’m saying; until that happens, I wish those demonstrators would shut their mouth."  Robertson warned that legal abortion and homosexuality are violations of God’s law and are 'the reasons why land will vomit out its inhabitants.'

Jesus Take The Wheel: Some In The Pentecostal Assemblies of The World Don't Have A Problem Ordaining Women As Bishops.

Bishop Charles Ellis, III is pastor of Detroit’s Greater Grace Temple and is the Presiding Bishop of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World (PAW). The presiding bishop has entered his third year as the leader of the organization, spoke with The Christian Post on Monday from the denomination’s 97th annual Summer Convention in New Orleans about unity in the church, helping families in New Orleans and the fight to give women the opportunity to become bishops.

Another Mega Church Is Sinking Under To Much Debt, Family Christian Center Head For Foreclosure!

Pastor Steve Munsey told his congregants Wednesday night that the church owes $750,000 in back payments on its sprawling worship center. The Family Christian Center is the state's largest mega-church and one of the 20 largest in the U.S. is facing foreclosure. During a one-hour emotional appeal at the 7 p.m. service, Munsey told congregants the church pays an onerous 8 percent interest rate on a modified mortgage. He called on his congregation to fast, pray and submit tithes by the end of September to get part of the mortgage paid up and the interest rate reduced. Article Here!

Is Pastor Riva Tim's Using The Death Of Zachery Tim's For Her Advantage?

Today, August 12th mark the first year anniversary of the unexpected death of mega church pastor, Zachary Tims, who was found dead in a New York City hotel room under suspicious circumstances.
"Everyday that goes by we miss that man full of life, determination and resolve to do the impossible. Everyday that goes by we long to see those eyes, that smile and that ZT swag. Everyday that goes by we wish we could hear him laugh, try to sing and say I love you. Today is no different from any other day….We miss Zachery Tims, Jr. with all our heart. Thanks to everyone for your prayers, support and love. Please keep our children lifted during this time. God Bless you. "Ms. Tim's Facebook page!
The comment below is one that I found on a message board. Why in the world is his former wife and mother of his four children, Riva Tims, pastor of the Majestic Life Church in Orlando, FL, "Hewing and Hawing" over a cheating ex husband who did not even give a  care enough to try…

The Perfect GOP Ticket,Two Out Of Touch White Guys!

Poor Mitt Romney must have seen the latest national  polling data that show him behind the president. Right about now Mitt suppose to be out polling the president,especially with the economy  in a mess and high unemployment. So what went wrong?   I love this selection I believe  Ryan will be Romney's Sara Palin. One has the money while the other panders to any who have it.