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Soon To Be 1st Lady Meagan Good's Put Some Church Folks In Check!

Last week pictures from soon to be 1st lady Meagan Good's bachelorette party with the Pussy Cat Dolls, in Las Vegas hit the net.....and soon set off a fire storm of negative comments from  the  Christian community....Remind you, Ms. Good's is engaged to a 7th Day Adventist pastor and the couple have promise to remain sex free until marriage.....In fact, a couple months or years ago no one would be paying these photos any mind......But any time you put out articles claiming celibacy and "the good church girl" images and photos like this  get out to the public you can and should expect some kinda  backlash....From what I can tell the rumble and grumble is not so much over the photos but more about the message the photos is sending......Meagan is in the position of soon to be 1st lady....So,some see the bachelorette party photos  as a lack of respect for her future husband position and the church...... Future 1st lady Meagan had to take to her blog to explain her actio…

What Ever Happen To The Days When Toddler's Sang Jesus Loves Me?

I'm go out on a limb here and ask this silly question: Have Churches stop teaching  their little ones "Jesus loves me/this I know/for the Bible tells me so /Little ones to Him belong/They are weak, but He is strong"? What about this one:  I may never march in the infantry/ Ride in the cavalry/ Shoot the artillery/ I may never zoom o'er the enemy/ But I'm in the Lord's army/ Yes, sir!"

What I have posted  below is disturbing  footage of a young child's singing "ain't no homos gonna make it to heaven", after the performance the little guy even get a standing ovation from the pew sitters. The clip of the little man  performance  have gone viral  in the blogosphere and have caused the church pastor to receive death threats. Article Here!

Poll Question of The Day:

In your opinion what's the most accepted sin in today's Church, in any Christian Church, it does not matter the denomination?

God Hates Divorce Thanks Benny Hinn The Christian Community Need To Be Remind!

On Thursday night during a “Miracle Crusade” in New York, Benny  Hinn announced that he is reconciling with his ex-wife, Suzanne.  He announced that they will be remarried in December! Thank God for being the God of a second chance. Article Here!

Kudos To Attorney General Eric Holder For Briefing African American Pastors!!

Kudos to Attorney General Eric Holder,the Congressional Black Caucus and the Conference of National Black Churches for their plan to unite for a faith leaders summit next week detailing strategy on voter registration and voter protection.

 A high five to them for thinking it's necessary to  brief pastors in the African American community on how not to find themselves  and their church in violation of the law during this  presidential election.   "We will have representatives from nine denominations who actually pastor somewhere in the neighborhood of about 10 million people, and we're going to first of all equip them with the information they need to know about what they can say and what they cannot say in the church that would violate their 501c3 status with the IRS," Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, D-Mo., told MSNBC today. Article Here! LOVE IT.

Minister Louis Farrakhan Responds to Obama’s Support for Gay Marriage!

Minister Louis Farrakhan speaks on President Barack Obama openly endorsing gay marriage at the San Diego Convention Center on May 27, 2012.

Lady GaGa Force To Cancel Sold Out Show!

According to reports Lady Gaga tour of South East Asia is not going well. Muslim hard-liners with threats of violence  have forced Lady Gaga to cancel her sold-out show in Indonesia.   The Islamic Defenders said Lady Gaga’s sexy clothes and provocative dance moves would corrupt youth in the world’s most populous Muslim country. The group said supporters had bought tickets to the concert and planned to enter and force it to be stopped and threatened that thousands of protesters would confront the singer on her way from the airport. Police had said they would only issue the required permits for the concert if Lady Gaga agreed to tone things down. Instead, she pulled the plug on the show, which had sold out with more than 50,000 tickets.

 I am not a fan of Gaga, but I'm wondering what was her management team thinking? Indonesia is known to be extremely conservative in it's views.

Did Snoop Dogg Take A Snipe At Christians?

I don't think Rapper Snoop Dogg is known to be a praying man at all.  Any how, Thursday night the rapper,father,husband and little league coach was invited to throw out the first pitch before the Twins-White Sox game in Chicago. Now, instead of doing what others have done  before him who was given the honor of tossing out the first pitch.  Snoop toss the ball across the plate,then decides to strike the Tebow pose in front of a packed audience.

Now,the Tebow pose that Snoop Dogg did was kinda funny to me, while being hated by others. I saw this question on a message board:  Why is it always OK to snipe at Christianity? What do you say readers is it a snipe at Christianity?

Question of the day: Should Pastors Rebuke Each Other In Public?

The video below is one that has been making the rounds on the net lately,and have sparked quiet a bit of talk among the Christian community.  Based solely on the information available, I believe the visiting  pastor here was completely in the wrong. Yes, I have read his statement explaining his side of what took place, and still believe he was in error.  The approach the visiting pastor took was one of deception.  He should have handled this privately, which he obviously did not, or this would not have occurred. His coming in the manner he did was way too deceptive for me.

Today We Commemorate The Original Day Of Pentecost!

Today Sunday, May 27, 2012, is Pentecost Sunday. It will be "acknowledged" by some and “observed” by many other Christian denominations and groups, Pentecostal and non-Pentecostal.  Today many churches will commemorate the original Day of Pentecost that occurred fifty days after the resurrection of Christ. When the Holy Spirit was pour out upon  a 120 disciples who was (all nations)  present and awaiting the fulfillment of "Jesus Prophecy" in a place call the upper room. "You shall be baptized with the Holy Spirit not many days from now” (Acts 1:5).

What Do It Mean To Let “bygones be bygones”?

It's hard to let "bygones be bygones" when you're the one doing the letting. I hate reading stories like this. It's sad to say but this young man was convicted the moment he walked into that  court room, if you ask me.  After read this story yesterday my heart and  mind went through a lot of emotions.  My motherly thoughts automatic fell on my own son who's behind prison walls.  Mostly, I was angry at the situation, then sad for the young man, then utterly disgusted that this young lady would make up a lie like this.  Then, I came to the conclusion in my mind and heart that our justice system in this country is truly broken. I mean, come on the attorney for this young man, knowing he was innocent, advised him to plead "no contest" and take a chance at a reduced term. That advice just doesn't sit well with me,  I don't even know this young man and my heart break for him!

Question of the Day: Will The Gospel Music Industry One Day Accept Artist Who Are Openly Gay?

Is the unspoken "don't ask don't tell" custom that some say operates in most black churches operating  in today's gospel music industry? If so, why? Why are some in the black church comfortable and okay with their talented musicians and artists being closet homosexuals?  Why are gay gospel music artists force to remain in the closet?(there are some) Why can't a openly gay person  be embraced in gospel music? Why are some lifestyles in gospel music accepted, whores,fornicators, home-wreckers, adulterous, etc   and this lifestyle not?  Why is it that the gospel community and some black churches without question will accept and, do allow a unmarried pregnant gospel singer to usher in “the presence of God” but will at the same time frown upon a gay artist for ushering in the same spirit? WHY?

These are questions that came across my mind after reading a article on Facebook this morning. The article painted a telling picture of the double  standards that exist wit…

Question of the day:Can God Get The Glory When It Comes To Christian Women And Cosmetic Surgery?

believe all  beauty rather external or internal originates in God and is important to God and that evidenced is reflected  in creation it self. Image is king and appearance is everything in today’s world.  I have never had cosmetic surgery and have no plans to do so( can't afford it), but I would never pass judgment on those who would make such a choice; that's between them and God. Other than the Old Testament being against tattoos, the Bible really doesn't say all that much about changing the appearance of one’s body. I'm learning and choosing every day on this journey of life to avoid quick scrutiny of people by assigning my reasons and  motives to their actions without knowing the truth about their stories.

"I Don’t Think Children Should Be Looking Up To Reality TV Stars As Role Models."

Things are not looking  good for our young women of today.  Especially if we are to believe Vibe magazine cover for June (Meet Your New Role Models). This is sad on so many levels, it tell me that today's  pop culture is continuing to drive and guide our youth in the direction of self destruction.  A true role models are those who possess the qualities that we would like to have and those who have affected us in a way that makes us want to be better people. Question, what is Vibe Magazine really trying to say with this particular cover? I don't get it!! I don't believe for one minute (Kandi,Tamar,Evelyn,& Chrissy) are true role models at all.

NAACP President Speaks Out On Equality For Homosexuals!

Kudos to Benjamin Jealous president of the NAACP for showing support for all Americans. The president of the NAACP explains why he felt it was important to show support for the equal treatment of gay American.  The NAACP passed a resolution this weekend endorsing same-sex marriage as a civil right and opposing any efforts to “codify discrimination or hatred into the law.”

There's also a coalition of black churches who has denounced this move by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People to endorse same-sex marriage.

Put Gays And Lesbians In Electrified Pen To Kill Them Off!

A clip of Charles L. Worley pastor of Providence Road Baptist Church in North Carolina, cause  quit a buzz on the net yesterday.   In the clip I have  posted  below the pastor hint at how he would rid the country of the gay community.....they should be placed inside of an electrified pen until they die off.
 “Build a great, big, large fence — 150 or 100 mile long — put all the lesbians in there,” do the same thing for the queers and the homosexuals and have that fence electrified so they can’t get out…and you know what, in a few years, they’ll die out…do you know why? They can’t reproduce!”
 I am deeply disturbed that any man of God, would spew such vile hatred from behind that sacred desk. It does not matter  what so ever your  personal belief is about homosexuality, there is no excuse to recommend death and murder in the name of God. Especially when we sinners  remember that God chose to and keeps choosing to help us all live a life that's pleasing to Him. Article Here!

The Man With 30 Kids Must Reap What He Has Sown!

The story of Desmond Hatchett the 33-year old Tennessee man who have managed to father 30 children ranging in age from toddler to 14 with 11 different women is shocking to say the least.   Mr. Hatchett behavior and action have cause quite a stir among the internet community. In a video clip,  Mr. Hatchett mention  having fathered 4 kids in a year, twice and is now complaining that his minimum wage paycheck can’t cover his child support expenses.

This reminds me of the universal principles that  are found through out the Bible. These are principles that can be applied across the board, for all time, in all places and to all people whether  you're a Christians or not these principles still apply.  I love the steadiness and dependability of Biblical principles. In other words you can bank on receiving a harvest from whatever seeds you sow.

There's  no where in the world we live in, where this kinda of behavior is accepted or embrace by  a society. There's no place I can think o…

Newark Funeral Director Carolyn Whigham Says Her Work Is More Of A Ministry Than A Job!

Remember the Whitney Houston funeral and the little lady who led the funeral? If so, here's a wonderful article explaining  how well Carolyn Whigham arranges and conducts a funeral.  In the article Ms. Whigham says she takes  her work seriously, because the funeral business to her is a ministry, not just a job. This is a great read!

Question Of The Day:Which Is Greater In God’s Eyes, The Institution of Marriage or The Souls That Make Up The Institution of Marriage?

The Black Church realities and  priorities concerning marriage "inmy opinion" have been highly misplaced.  The black church of today is facing one of the hardest decision it ever had to make since it came into existence.  The decision and question at hand for the church is, is  saving the idea of the institution of marriage more important than the souls that make up the institution of marriage? Any time you find a man of God standing in a pulpit making a claim that  he's fighting for the institution of marriage over the souls that make up a marriage, something is wrong with that picture, "in my opinion".

COGIC Issue Statement Regarding Same Sex Marriages and Civil Unions!

The President’s position regarding “same-sex marriage” has set off a “firestorm,” unlike any other debate in our civil society, perhaps, since the civil rights unrest of the mid-20th century. The advocacy for same-sex marriage, while in conflict with our nation’s long-standing moral posture, has indeed, created opportunity for the Church to communicate our unequivocal position about God’s design and foundation for humanity, the biblical mandate for heterosexuality through the bonds of matrimony and, the centuries-old understanding of the only acceptable means of procreation, habitation, and the establishment of the family. Article Here!

Dr. Ben Carson Beliefs In Evolution Stirs Controversy?

Dr. Ben Carson is a man of Godly integrity with outstanding breakthroughs and accomplishments in neurosurgery. Dr. Ben Carson came under fire for his position on evolution,from some professors at Emory University, where he gave the commencement address this month.

 A number of  professors at Emory University  wrote a letter to the school newspaper after learning Carson does not believe in evolution, calling it “deeply concerning . . . That he equates the acceptance of evolution with a lack of ethics and morality.” And that “not only encourages the insertion of unnecessary and destructive wedges between Americans but stands against many of the ideals of this university.” Article here!  A Christian  Ph.D. student at Emory wrote a wonderful response to the professors  letter. It's  a great read.

Big thanks, to Dr. Ben Carson for refusing to believe in the evolution lie that God does not exist. Evolution can't prove  evolution and as  Christians  he and  I don't have to prove…

Florida Children Beg For Help!!

On yesterday the authorities in Florida released a 911 audio call that was placed during an alleged murder-suicide by a mother shooting her four children. This audio is painful to listen to especially after we know how this event ends.

Now, I really don't  understand why the neighbors did not allow the children into their home. That I don't get! What else, I'm having a hard time understanding is where is our compassion for others? I'm not blaming the neighbors because I don't know if I would have allowed them into my home either. But my point is  more about the why I would not and why the neighbors didn't? I wonder have we become a society that have lost the desire to feel compassion for those out side the womb who are in need? In other words  have we lost our ability to love, protect, and  care for children other than when it comes to abortion? How can we in  society ever excuse or forgive ourselves for turning our  backs on young innocent children who are be…

Vote Jesus For President??

ST PETERSBURG, Fla., May 14, 2012 /Christian News wire/ -- Bill Keller, the world's leading Internet Evangelist and the founder of Live, with over 2.4 million subscribers worldwide. Is encouraging his followers  this November to not vote for President Obama or Mitt Romney, but write in the name of Jesus for President!

 This is a crazy idea on so many levels. So, if enough voters write in Jesus, and He win in November. Do that mean Jesus will once again, leave the throne room of His Father,  and come to earth to become the president for the next 4 years? In my understanding of scripture, the next time Jesus enter the earth realm, will be as judge not as president.

Rev. Dr. Otis Moss III Speaks Out About Marriage Equality

In the  video clip below, Rev. Otis Moss III respond to a brother of the cloth rhetoric concerning  President Obama’s support of Marriage Equity.  I'm beginning to see a lot of negative rhetoric coming from  Black Pastors around the country,  because are the president support of marriage equity. There's quiet a few black pastors  who have chosen and or willing to show support for all our brothers and sisters in  having equal rights.   For me the many pastors who speaking  out against equal rights for everyone are guilty of judging,  that tells me that they really don't understand the fullness of God's Word.  Since the beginning of time , God gave man 'free will'. In that free will is where all our rewards or punishment will come to us  on that great  day when we all will stand before God.    We can make choices some good and some not so good. But it is  God who will be the judge...not man. We are to love our neighbors as ourselves.  Thank you Rev.Dr. Otis Moss…

The Marching 100 Is Off The Field Until 2013 and National Band Fraternity Closes It chapter !

Florida A& M  University’s Marching 100 band has been suspended until 2013. And  the Florida A& M chapter of the national Kappa Kappa Psi band fraternity will be closed for at least five years.

FAMU President James Ammons told the school's board of trustees on Monday that he will keep The Marching 100 off the field for the upcoming school year. Eleven FAMU band members face felony hazing charges stemming from the death of drum major Robert Champion in November. Two others face misdemeanor counts. Ammons suspended the band soon after Champion's death, but his death exposed a culture of hazing within the band. Ammons said he could not allow the band to return until the university has hired a new band director and has adopted new rules regarding how the band will operate including who should be eligible to perform. "I think there is a period we should take that these measures are in place and we have addressed all the institutional issues," Ammons said. Art…

Will Christian Porn Be The Next Hot Item Sold At The Local Christian Book Store?

There's been no shortage of Christian books on the topic of sex in recent months, and Christians across the United States are buying them up in order to spice up their marriages. DeeperCalling Media (DCM), an online Christian bookstore supplier and Christian product retailer, reports "sizzling sex book sales" among Christian bookstores, indicating that Christians are not as "prude" as they are sometimes thought to be. "We have been astounded by the marked increase in the sales of Christian Books on the topics of Sex. It's clear that in tough economic times people are seeking ways to improve their lives through better relationships with those closest to them," said Joe Kerr, marketing manager for DCM, in a statement.
All I can say is if that idea weren't bad enough, just wait. The forces that are behind ideas like this  are somewhere as I type, thinking how to introduce Christians to Christian Porn by no other way other than through the Chri…

When Cleaver Church Marketing Fail!

Did  Apostle Paul or any of the 12 disciples ever talk clever  marketing  with  billboards and signs to get people to come to Christ? If so, I sure must have missed that  in scripture. He did, however, talk about living a Christian life and one that, in itself, attracts people to Christ. Think about this, if churches this big need marketing to bring people in, then something's wrong. Whatever happen to we are to be "the light and salt" of the world? Don't get me wrong  signs and billboard are nice, but  we who call ourselves Christians need to be doing our job to point people to Christ and the church. Article Here!
 A new billboard posted by a Greenville church is signed by Satan. There are two billboards on Haywood Road and Pleasantburg Drive. Both read, "Please do not go to Redemption World Outreach Center this Sunday." "Satan" is scrawled at the bottom of the billboard. Ron Carpenter, pastor at Redemption World Outreach Center, said the messa…

Happy Mother's Day From The Old Black Church!

Father God, bless every "Mom" in the world on this her special day. I'm asking you  Father  God for a special blessing on today for  our beautiful Black Grandmothers, Mothers, Aunts, Sisters, Nieces and Girlfriends. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY FROM THE OLD BLACK CHURCH!

The POTUS Does Not Owe the Black Church an Apology!

I'm loving the different voices that are coming out after the president announce on March 9  his PERSONAL support for same sex marriage. Check out what Rev. Dr. Renita J. Weems wrote:
The POTUS does not owe all of us in the black church an explanation for changing his mind on gay marriages. The president is a politician and a Christian. And the politician knows that the momentum is on the side of legalizing same sex marriage. Even if it doesn’t happen in this latest round of state votes. Same sex marriages will be legalized in my life time (and I’m a cancer survivor so you know I’m on slippery ground here). Social change has always preceded legal and religious change: women’s suffrage, reproductive rights, interracial marriage, and black civil rights movement.

Have President Obama Betrayed The Black Church?

"President Obama has betrayed the Bible and the Black Church with his endorsement of same-sex marriage. The Bible is crystal clear on this subject, and the Black Church strongly opposes same-sex marriage. His endorsement is an inadvertent attack on the Christian Faith. America is now a candidate for the same judgment received by Sodom and Gomorrah. This was a sad, sad day and a very bad decision, by our beloved President. The moral impact of this day and decision is equal to the military impact of AL-Queda when they attacked the Twin Towers on 911. Today’s announcement is a moral earthquake equivalent to a tsunami or hurricane that will have far more devastating results than Katrina." Rest Here!
Dwight McKissic is a Southern Baptist Convention  pastor in Arlington, Texas.   Pastor McKissic is one of the one's  in 2009 who had called  on the Southern Baptist Convention to adopt a resolution applauding the election of Barack Obama as America’s first African-American presi…

Same Sex Marriage Is Not About Sin!

I to like the president have evolved in my thinking concerning same sex marriage.  I no longer see the issue surrounding same sex marriage as being a religious issue. This is not about sin. It is about civil equality under the law, and the right to marriage and the legal protection that it affords.  Gays and lesbians are not asking to be married in our churches. Nor are they asking to be recognized by God in our churches. They are only asking to be recognized by our secular government.  A government to which they pay taxes like every other citizen and a government that has a responsibility to treat them with fairness.

From The Runway To The Pulpit!

It look like the clerical collar is becoming a thing of the past. I see where, Pastor Ed Young have launched  as a way to set a trend in today's pulpit. With the launch of the new site,the controversial pastor is hoping  to motivate and empower today's church leaders in how to have swagger.  Pastor Young say this is a site where pastors can go to get tips on looking their best.

"Pastors aren't typically known for their fashion.   Most people don’t think of the runway leading up to the pulpit. But why not?! Why can’t the men and women of God set the standard for the rest of the world in fashion as well as faith?"  I don't know about that one Pastor Ed, because Pastor Jamal Bryant is known in the church community as much  for his preaching style as for  his style of dress.

Are Black People More Homophobic?

I honestly believe there are greater needs for greater works in this world to be done, beside driving a bigger and deeper  wedge between the  Christian community and the LGBT community. I'm sorry but for me this is just pure foolishness.

Pastor Ken Hutcherson, of the Antioch Baptist Church in Redmond, Washington, is working with the National Organization for Marriage to repeal his state’s gay marriage law. Hutcherson recently revealed that he is the "gayest man I know" as part of a campaign to “take back the rainbow” from the gay community. Pastor Hutcherson told the Christian Post, it is all part of an effort to retake “hijacked” words:"

My frustration is that some groups have taken words and symbols away from the Church and from society in general. When I say I'm 'gay,' what I mean is that I am happy, that I am joyful and that I love people. That is precisely what a Christian ought to be so in my opinion we just need to be as gay as we can." &…

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson Have Pissed Off Women!

As I watch the clip below , my mouth dropped open in anger and disbelief.  How does a person speak this kinda of foolishness and not be call out on it? This pathetic reverend  say women can't handle power and they shouldn't  ever been allowed to vote.  It look like Jesse Lee  has been very busy actively making himself a reputation for religiously-motivated bigotry.

Do Women Hear God More Than Men Do?

WOW,This is an interesting theory women here God more than men.  I don't know what to say except how do you know it's God talking? The 2008 Pew U.S. Religious Landscape Survey found that two-thirds of all women surveyed pray daily, while less than half of all men surveyed do. The Pew survey was unusually large, accounting for over 35,000 Americans, but gender differences in prayer frequency have been found before (notably by Paloma and Gallup in 1991). In fact, the observation is so common that among evangelicals, we hear it repeated as a cliché. Article Here!

Side Eye Post Of The Day:Rapper Mase Regrets Becoming A Pastor??

Mason Betha, a multi-platinum selling rapper from the late 1990s who retired from the industry 13 years ago to become a pastor, is returning to the hip-hop scene once again. Mason  Betha is  pastor and founder of El Elyon International Church and Mason Betha Ministries, said he regretted transition from a rapper to pastor. Article Here!

Have Billy Graham Tarnished His Legacy?

Is any one else surprise by the recent action of  Billy Graham, like I am?  I'm surprise at  Billy Graham because he spent most of his life avoiding politics.  He is known for remaining largely on the sidelines on political issues, at least compared to the likes of Pat Robinson and Jerry Falwell. But not this time. For some reason Billy Graham have taken out a full-page ad in 14 North Carolina newspapers calling on his followers to support Amendment One.
 At 93, I never thought we would have to debate the definition of marriage. The Bible is clear -- God's definition of marriage is between a man and a woman. I want to urge my fellow North Carolinians to vote for the marriage amendment ... Watching the moral decline of our country causes me great concern. I believe the home and marriage is the foundation of our society and must be protected."

The King's Men Tour!

Historic Gospel Tour to Hit Major Venues this Fall . Four of the most successful performers in gospel music history, Kirk Franklin, Marvin Sapp, Donnie McClurkin and Israel Houghton, announce on March 3rd that they will share the same stage for the very first time when they embark on The King’s Men concert tour this fall. The historic U.S. tour will hit major venues in 15 U.S. cities beginning on Sunday, September 16th at Comerica Theatre in Phoenix, AZ, and culminating in Brooklyn, NY at Barclays Center on Sunday, October 14th. Article Here!

James and Cheryl Fortune Are One Of The Gospel Community "It" Couple.

Kudos to Gospel Today for highlighting the struggles and testimony of this wonderful couple. And also check out a wonderful written blog post about the couple. 

James and Cheryl Fortune are on the cover of Gospel Today  May/June 2012 issue. In which the magazine has  affectionately dubbed the “LOVE” issue. They were one of the 2012 “It” Couples profiled for demonstrating a key virtue in a successful marriage.

Is Anglican Church Bishop John Sentamu A Victim Of Racism??

I am  watching the process of the appointment of the next Archbishop of Canterbury and it's some what interesting. The process will take place in January of 2013, when a  new Archbishop of Canterbury will be seated.  The front-runner to replace the out going Archbishop Rowan Williams is this man Dr. John Sentamu.   Dr. John Sentamu is the charismatic Archbishop of York who just happen to be the only black bishop in the mother church of the Anglican Communion.  Dr John Sentamu is Ugandan-born and  if selected will become the head of the world's Anglicans Christian denomination.  It will be interesting to see how this play out.  Considering Dr. Sentamu is in fact a traditionalist who does not hold politically correct views on a number of key issues like homosexuality and women. Article Here!

Is The Word Network Wrong For Selling Bishop Eddie Long A Time Slot On The Network?

Some in the Christian community  are highly  upset that The Word Network would sell  Bishop Eddie L. Long a time slot on Sundays at 6:30pm on the network.  While, on the one hand folks are still angry and upset with the Bishop, saying that the Bishop should not have return to television at all.   While on the other hand folks say they  have moved on and think the Bishop should be on television and they don't have a problem with it.  What's your opinion? I wasn't aware that the Bishop wasn't on television any longer.

‘Winnie’…the movie is an insult to me – Winnie Mandela

South African icon and activist, Winnie Mandela is not to happy nor thrill about an upcoming movie about her life , which stars Jennifer Hudson.  Ms. Mandela  is kinda  upset that Hollywood and the producers of the movie "Winnie"did not contact here nor allow Jennifer Hudson to meet with her. I'm in totally agreement with Winnie here, the producers and Hollywood  could have shown a little dignity and respect to Winnie Mandela.  If the movie  is about "her life" and she is still among the living they could have consulted  her.  Winnie Mandela was the center of the struggle in South Africa along with her husband Nelson Mandela.   I also believe Jennifer could have gotten a much  more accurate idea of who the historic figure is  she would be portraying if, she would have been allowed to meet her.  The movie supposedly is a love story about Winnie and Nelson Mandela life without the struggle.