Pastor Frank E. Ray Is Forced To Live In The Church.

Pastor Frank E. Ray pastor of New Salem baptist Church in Memphis is back in the news again.  This time the man of God is seeking a divorce from his wife of eight years. Pastor Ray is seeking and injunction to keep his wife from coming to church, and from contacting him or acting in any manner against him or the church.  Also in his complaint for divorce Ray claims that the reason he wants out of the marriage because his wife became upset over the fact he removed her as the head of the women's ministry. He states that after her removal she swore that if it was the last thing she did she would destroy him and the church.   Pastor Ray states that he is of high profile in the church community and that his wife's actions has damaged his reputation and ability to work and preach as he has in the past.

 The "Man of God" is asking the court to give him the rights to all the jointly owned property, giving him the title as a form of alimony. The millionaire preacher is also asking that not only does his wife give up claim to the million dollar mansion which he owned prior to the marriage, but also her home which she owned prior to the marriage.  Ray is also seeking rehabilitative alimony,transitional alimony, permanent alimony, attorney's fees and suit expenses.  The "Good preacher" is also asking that a lien be placed on her property and that alimony be deducted from her payroll check.  just in case she dies before he can get all he can from her ,he's asking that she carry a life insurance policy. Thanks Thaddeus Matthews!
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