Will Down Syndrome Children One Day Be Come Extinct?

september october 2008 082
What a beautiful little girl!
 Did you know yesterday was World Down Syndrome Day? If you are like me and were not aware of this group special day, then you can read about it here! In my early years of life   children that was born with Down Syndrome were called Mongoloids and, parents of these kids were told to put them in institutions.

Another question: Did you know despite all of man  huge advances in improving the quality of life, that those with Down syndrome are the only group headed toward extinction? I remember a couple of months ago reading  about the couple in Oregon who received a $2.9 million settlement because their doctor failed to diagnose Down syndrome during pregnancy. The parents, through their lawyer, told the media that while they loved their little girl, they would have terminated the pregnancy had they known her diagnosis. Check out: African American Down Syndrome Awareness Face Book Page.