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Help Latter Rain Christian Fellowship Tear Down The Enemy Kingdom!!


Can Any Thing Good Come Out Of Chicago?

Apparently from the appearances of things it can.  And  according to "Chicago’s Urban Prep Academy" an all black male prep school it's clearly possible.   For the third year in a row the academy is sending all it graduating seniors to college......All the young men have been  accepted into four-year colleges! Kudos and a handshake of praise to these young men for a job well done. Article Here!

$5 Million Lawsuit Filed Against Bishop Joseph Walker III, Destroying Newlywed's Marriage?

Have you read the article about  Bishop Joseph Walker being sued by an ex church member? If not you can read it here.   Now it  look like the pastor of one of Nashville's largest churches is facing  a second lawsuit alleging sexual misconduct involving a church member. Corey Corbin, a former member of Mt. Zion Baptist Church, filed a $5 million lawsuit on Thursday, claiming that Bishop Joseph Walker III ruined Corbin's marriage by sleeping with Corbin's former wife. You can read the rest of that here. 

 I'm sorry but this mess is beginning  to smell kinda of fishy to me and I don't believe it at all. This whole mess is looking more like a smear job against this man's wife and church. There's something about this story that's not adding up about this story. Therefore,  I'm not buying it. I read a couple of comments on different messages board  that kinda of shed some light on this for me. I'm beginning to see their point. Hate, jealous and anger…

Herman Cain New Book 9-9-9 An Army of Davids!

Businessman and former presidential front runner Herman Cain have a new book slated to hit   book store shelves in May.  9-9-9 An Army of Davids is a book that  offers fresh and unique solutions to our current economic crisis. It goes beyond the first steps- un-electing President Obama and repealing his dangerous laws and executive orders- and focuses on fundamental reforms that will make our economy soar as it did in the 80s and 90s. 9-9-9 An Army of Davids shows why the country needs Herman Cain s signature 9-9-9 tax plan and the elimination of a tax code that holds us back, robs us of our initiative, discourages jobs, and swamps our economy with imports. You can pre- order the book at 

Side Eye Post Of The Day: The Levitical Armor Bearer Suit???

Once again I am total  surprise at what church folks will sell other church folks.  This  is pure foolishness if I have to say so, the concept and idea of a church armor-bearer today is not   biblical-based.  The fact that the New Testament nowhere mentions armor-bearers and nowhere describes any of the apostles/prophets/elders having a person in that role.

  Today's Armor Bearer is traditionally the person in the church who assists the pastor in everything from adjusting the temperature in the sanctuary to picking up visitors at the airport to running interference for the minister. Article Here!

Rick Santorum Calls Barack Obama an "Anti-War Government N*gga!

This is no surprise, I'm  surprise it took so long before it happen. I truly believe he's been saying it behind closed doors for a long time  and he finally let it slip out in public.  The silly  racists are going to love it and Fox News will do what they always do and try and spin it to say something else. In the end Rick Santorum called the president the n-word. Article Here!

Question For The Christian Community,Do You Find This Picture Disturbing???

This particular pic has been circulating  the internet for over a year now portraying Jesus and Satan arm wrestling.  This particular  pic has been chosen by some as their Facebook avatar and cover page.   I believe a pic like this can do a lot of  brain,head,mind psyche damage to new converts to the faith.  If a new believer believe Jesus had to fight satan to defeat him, then they will think they have to fight also.  I find three thing very disturbing about the pic (1) Satan is able to challenge Jesus. (2)  Satan and Jesus are equal (3) Satan has power! Which are all untruths. Satan is a defeated foe with limited and allowed power.

Coming Soon A Sitcom About African-American Family In The White House!

Byron Allen's Entertainment Studios will launch "The First Family" - a sit-com about an African-American Family living in the White House - this fall. Article Here!

Should Pictures Like These Be Posted On Face Book????

For me the pic that I have below is what I would call crossing the line. Once upon a time long ago we as a people was known for our moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty and respect of others.  I don't know how this  pic ended up in my timeline but I sure hope this baby family have it removed.

Do Some Pastors Have Groupies?

I ask that question after reading  a comment that Bishop Jake made yesterday.     Bishop Jake's is currently visiting New York City to promote his new book Let It Go: Forgive So You Can Be Forgiven.   He made a stop Tuesday at a local book store where the minister said he saw "lines wrapped around the block before the store even opened and was delighted that so many purchased books for themselves as well as others. Article Here!

Manny “Pacman” Pacquaio Said God Won't Him To Retire From Boxing?

Sorry, Money Mayweather but from the look of things you will not be getting that fight you were wishing for.   According to the Filipino news outlet Minda News,  Manny  "Pacman" Pacquiao, who has reportedly begun Bible study classes, has shut down a restaurant and bar he owned, sold his shares in a casino and nightclub and gotten rid his cockfighting gamecocks.  Boxing champ Manny Pacquiao said he is shedding his vices after an encounter with God that changed him.  The boxer…said he believed he had been chosen by God to use his fame to spread the Christian message. Formerly a heavy gambler who was fond of late-night parties, Pacquiao announced in January that he had become a changed man after his religious vision.  Manny Pacquiao the first eight-division world champion in ring history have announced that God has told him, personally, to stop boxing.

A Church Has 6 Months To Move Out Of An Airplane Crash Zone???

The Rapid City Journal is  reporting  that a city council last week voted to allow a church with 27 members to remain in a area that have high potential for crashes. They have until Sept. 20, to find a new home. Question: Who will be at fault if there's a crash before Sept 20, and there're lives loss?Article Here!

The Smear Campaign Against Trayvon Martin Has Begun!

My mother always said in order to dig a ditch you  got to be in the ditch.....And the ditch you dig today could be your ditch tomorrow.....I believe and feel in my spirit, ole boy Joe Oliver have gotten into the ditch digging business.....Question: Is it true that  George Zimmerman friend Joe Oliver is married to Zimmerman's mother-in-law and he was once  a former media person? If this is true I'm shock and surprise..... I  pray to God Joe don't have any sons. Article Here!

Life Coach Summer Retreat - Hosted By: Dr. Juanita Bynum


I Believe We Have Gone To Far With The Trayvon Martin Disastrous Event.

Come on folks this is crazy.

Side Eye Post Of The Day: The Elvis Presley Holy Land Tour?

Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. and Israel Theme Tours proudly announce The Elvis Presley® Holy Land Tour, taking Elvis fans to Israel, May 12-21, 2013. Elvis fans from around the world will have the chance to explore the Gospel side of Elvis with an Elvis-themed Holy Land tour experience unlike any other.Article Here!

Can God Still Use Someone Who Has Not Earned A Seminary Degree?

There's some mumbling  and grumbling  online concerning the high cost of seminary education.  You got some saying  that seminary education is not necessary for the pastorate. While  others are suggesting that seminary education is superfluous, expensive, and outdated–and therefore, not necessary.
To answer the question yes  God can and will continue to use those who do not have a formal education. History have showed this to be true.  the other hand some are claiming  that God has worked through history and continues to work today when He call and use someone who has not earned a seminary degree. Article Here! 

SC Church Service Disrupted By Man With A Shotgun!

BOILING SPRINGS, S.C (AP) -- South Carolina deputies say a shotgun-toting man kicked in a church door, then was disarmed by congregants who saw the armed man coming.

Spartanburg County Sheriff's deputies no one was hurt Sunday at the Southside Freewill Baptist Church in Boiling Springs.Article Here!

Marvin Gaye Let's Get It On Is The Intro Song For Pastor Ed Young Sexperiment!

I don't believe Marvin Gaye would have approved of the use of his song in such a blasphemous way.

Side Eye Post Of The Day: How To Increase Your Territory??

If you're a pastor who's  struggling financial right now this just might be for you.
Stop Relying on Inconsistent Giving And Worrying, If You Will Make Budget Each Week. Now You Can Consistently Fund Your Vision, Impact More Lives, Expand Your Reach, and Grow Your Membership. Intentional Generosity® is The Most Effective Strategy for Funding Your Ministry, Growing Your People, and Realizing the Dream God Gave You for Your Church!
Article Here!

Inspiration Networks Increases Evangelist's Pay to $2.5 million??

What do you think of a church or a non-profit organization  that is staffed only by family members? What if all family members were on the church payroll and getting a fat pay check ? Would you consider it unethical and wrong?

Inspiration Networks, a nonprofit Christian broadcaster based near Charlotte, newly released IRS returns show it paid chief executive David Cerullo nearly $2.5 million in total compensation in 2010. In addition to David Cerullo’s pay package his wife Barbara got $191,000, daughter Becky got $195,000 and son Ben  got $188,000.  His pay increase since 2008: 47 percent.  Operating from a 92-acre campus in Indian Land, S.C, the cable television network has become one of the world's largest Christian broadcasters, bringing religious programming to more than 120 countries. Article Here!

His pay is determined largely by an independent committee that studies executive compensation at “similar organizations” – including cable television networks, media companies and …

Today Is Black Marriage Day!

Today March 25, 2012 is National Black Marriage Day across the country and a lot of local churches are participating in the event. Black Marriage Day was created by Nisa I. Muhammad to strengthen black families. Black Marriage Day has been celebrated every fourth Sunday in March since 2002.

"The House of Hope" Members Will Be Rocking Hoodies Today!!

Worshippers in cities nationwide are wearing hoodies to church services today to honor Trayvon Martin, a Florida teenager shot to death last month by a neighborhood watch volunteer.Article Here! 

Side Eye Post Of The Day:Cathedral Of The Holy Spirit???

I know a lot of folks will not agree with me here, but that's alright by me.  But  I find this particular  house of God to be extremely unethical and wrong.  This is simply wrong for any church to charge it's  members to come into a place that is tax free.

It's No Longer A Sin To Live Together As Man And Wife Before Marriage!

The practice of couples living together before marriage has lost it negative stigma according to   new research. Research  have found that moving in before marriage is no longer a bad omen for  today's couple. There's  about 60 percent of couples living  together before they first marry. The new research, is part of a marriage survey that was taken of 22,000 men and women. Which  suggests times have changed from the days when living together signaled poor chances for a successful marriage later.

So, is rebellion against God still a sin today? The last time I check it was.  Marriage is, was and always will be a GOD idea, meaning it's GOD idea. There's also data out claiming that those who live together before marriage are least likely to marry each other. Something like 40 % of couples who live together will end their relationships before marriage. Article Here!

Can The Hoodie Become The Symbol That Start A Non Violence Movement?

Martin Luther King, Jr. believed that if we don’t have something in our lives worth dying for, life is not worth living.  Before the Miami Heat game last night the Heat sent a political and social message by posing for a photo wearing hoodies, protesting the killing of 17 year old  Florida youth Trayvon Martin. I applaud them for stepping out but, I  also wonder did David Stern give the team permission to look, threatening?

The Gospel According to “The Hunger Games”

I'm more convince than ever before,  the Bible can be use for and in any thing the mind can come up with. Today March 23rd  the Hunger Games movie will premiere in theaters all over the country, and is said to be the most anticipated movie of the year.

Two North Carolina pastors have created a Bible study based on the book series The Hunger Games.  The Rev. Andy Langford and his daughter, the Rev. Ann Duncan, created “The Gospel According to ‘The Hunger Games’ Trilogy” in the hopes of reaching out to youth. I'm guessing the only way we can get our kids to go to Sunday school is to use a series of books instead of the 66 books.

Will Down Syndrome Children One Day Be Come Extinct?

Did you know yesterday was World Down Syndrome Day? If you are like me and were not aware of this group special day, then you can read about it here! In my early years of life   children that was born with Down Syndrome were called Mongoloids and, parents of these kids were told to put them in institutions.

Another question: Did you know despite all of man  huge advances in improving the quality of life, that those with Down syndrome are the only group headed toward extinction? I remember a couple of months ago reading  about the couple in Oregon who received a $2.9 million settlement because their doctor failed to diagnose Down syndrome during pregnancy. The parents, through their lawyer, told the media that while they loved their little girl, they would have terminated the pregnancy had they known her diagnosis. Check out: African American Down Syndrome Awareness Face Book Page.

Please Pray For Me, While I Pray For My Son Safety!

You know what? This article is completely horrifying to me and has cause  me to have anxiety ever since I read it.   That's in part because Ventress  Correctional Facility is were my son is being housed at this moment.   I have followed this case closely every since it happen. So, when I read that FBI agents arrested three former Alabama prison guards on Monday, after a federal grand jury indicted them on charges of beating a handcuffed prisoner to death and lying to investigators about the attack. I'm requesting and asking for all prayers right now.

Michael Smith, 37, Matthew Davidson 43, and Joseph Sanders, 31, former guards at Ventress Correctional Facility in Clayton, Ala., are accused of assaulting Rocrast Mack, a 24-year-old Ventress inmate, and making false statements to state and federal investigators about the attack after his death. Article Here!

What Makes A Great Worship Song?

Okay, in my personal opinion two of the most powerful worship songs in the country right now is  Waiting Here For You by Christy Nockels and  Flow to You by Bishop Paul Morton .  It's amazing  that music has such a powerful and wonderful  effect on us, whether we realize it or not. I am a very sensitive person when it come to music, especially Praise & Worship music, it lifts my spirit so to speak. Some Christians say it helps them to enter into the presence of God. (So please tell me your favorite worship song).

Saints Let Us Send Timber Up For Donald Lawrence.

Joy 105 is reporting that Donald Lawrence have publicly reveals his diagnosis with cancer. Article Here!

The BET Prayer Breakfast Highlights!

One of the keynote speaker for the BET prayer breakfast this past Saturday was Bishop Kenneth Ulmer. His message was simple yet resonate: Maintaining your faith in a world that seeks to strip you of it is important. Be a steward for your God and he will bless you. 

Article Here and Here!

Is There Any Thing Wrong With A Person of Another Faith Representing The United States of America?

World-class fencing champion Ibtihaj Muhammad,who's a  native of New Jersey and graduate of Columbia High School was  interviewed by Michel Martin on NPR radio back in January. While listening to the January interview this morning,  I was surprise to here Ibtihaj Muhammad say she would be the first practicing Muslim to represent the U.S. in women's fencing and the first American to wear Islamic head-covering while competing.

If Trayvon Martin Was Begging For His Life, Why Wasn't He Granted Mercy?

Have you heard the chilling audio tapes released by Florida police  of the 911 calls linked to the tragic death of an unarmed teenager? If not you can listen here!   Trayvon Martin  who was allegedly killed by neighborhood watch captain, George Zimmerman, on February 26.

These tapes reveal shocking audio of a man, presumably 17-year-old Martin, screaming for help and gunshots. That horrific night, neighbors called 911 to report hearing the two men fighting and their phone calls captured the disturbing final moments of the teen's life. Article Here!

Pope Benedict XVI Approved Disturbing Last Supper!

Does any one else find this disgusting beside me? Have any one else read about this and reported on it and I missed it for some reason?  If not check it out.....I don't know what to say. This foolishness have the full approval of Benedict XVI.  The Diocese of Würburg, Germany reported on February 29, 2012, that it will permanently display a portrayal of the Last Supper by Henning von Glerken in its Cathedral Museum. In this parody the artist includes six women and two children among the 12 personages. Three adults, as well as the children, are completely naked, and one adult displays a bare torso. This is sick and very close to Blasphemy!!!
The place of Our Lord in the center is empty, but when a visitor sits on a bench in front of the painting, the picture of his face is automatically projected onto the wall to fill the central place of the missing Christ, as shown above.

Zachery Tims Toxicology Report To Remain Sealed Until 2013!

Like the old saying go there's nothing like the love of a mother.  The mother of the late Pastor Zachery Tims has won a temporary court victory Tuesday in her fight to keep New York medical officials from releasing the details of the autopsy findings in the death of her son.
The five-panel New York County Appellate court has granted Madeline Tims' request to keep the city medical examiner's office from revealing what killed Tims, who was found dead in the W Hotel in Times Square on Aug. 12, 2011, pending a rull review of all issues. Article Here!

Rock My Soul: A Gospel Music Celebration Honoring Kirk Franklin!

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum will honor Kirk Franklin in a tribute to rock’s gospel roots. Franklin will perform and various artists including Fred Hammond, Donnie McClurkin and church ensembles from across Cleveland will honor him through music. Special guest Daymond John will emcee. This event is free but a general admission ticket is necessary. Article Here!

Can A Person Be Scared Into Believing In Jesus?!?!?

'Sunday Morning Rapture' is a  new film by Pastor William Sheals and End Touch Movies....which will debuts to the West Coast on Good Friday, at the Love Center Church in Oakland, CA.'Sunday Morning Rapture' will shake you to your core and make  you ask, “If I died today, would I be saved?” End Touch Movies creates, produces and distributes Bible-based films, books and media to the faith-based community and community-at-large. Check the trailer out below.

Pastor Shirley Caesar To Receive One Of Her Many Crowns Why She Yet Live!!

Pastor Shirley Caesar will be crowned the “Queen of Gospel" the last Sunday in  April.  The metaphorical crown was previously worn by the late Albertina Walker, who passed October 2010. Pastor Caesar, an alumna of the famous Caravans, considers Walker as a mentor, friend, and legend on whose shoulders she stands.

The crowning ceremony will take place at Mount Calvary Word of Faith Church (3100 Sanderford Road, Raleigh, NC), at 4 PM, where Caesar pastors. The service will feature six year-old Symone Spencer, performing as Baby Shirley Caesar, Michael Boone, Leniyus Sullivan, Fayetteville State University Choir United Voices of Praise, Mount Calvary Word of Faith Gospel Choir, and the mini-stage play “Hold My Mule.” Article Here! 

America First Mega Church Is Going Out of Business!

I don't know if Chrystal Cathedral was the first mega church in America  or not....But, there's something very wrong when the church is driven by a board and not by God almighty......To me Crystal Cathedral have become a prime example of what can and will happen to any church ran by a board instead of a man call and appoint by God. Article Here!

Why Do Urban/Gospel Music Have More Of A Cross Over Appeal, Than Traditional Black Gospel Music?

I ask that question because once again the black mecca  Atlanta will be the host city for the gospel music association 43rd Dove Awards.  For a second time GMA will be at the Fox Theater on April 19, 2012, this is  following a sold-out show in 2011. Which was  hosted by Sherri Shepherd and aired on the Gospel Music Channel which  garnered 1.5 million viewers.

Tye Tribbett "The Bounce Back."


Pat Robertson Weighs in on Oral Sex!

Pat Robertson is in the news once again. Some one sent in a question to the show asking about oral sex. Pat says that any kind of sex is not sinful, as long as it is within the bounds of marriage. Do you agree or disagree with that statement? I happen to agree with Pat on this one. The only instruction God gave concerning sex was to be married.  I believe oral sex is permitted within marriage if both agree. The marriage bed is bless by God therefore it's free from stain or blemish.