What's The Motivation For Black Women In a Church Base Weight Loss Program?

According to a article published in The Journal of Black Psychology. If a weight loss program is through a local church it might be more good and beneficial for black women.  Researchers have determined that black  African-American women beginning a new group weight loss program are more successful if they are less experienced with weight management and if the program meets in a church. Article Here!

 I wonder what's the motivating factor with a church based weight loss programs, that's not found  with a regular weight loss program?  Could it have something to do with the idea of doing something for God? Could it be the same motivation that moves black women to get up every Sunday morning and head to the house of God? Is there some kinda of built in support group within the idea of the church? In the clip below  Ernestine Shepherd states that her great mission in life is to motivate other to be fit and healthy. She is being successful in reaching and teaching women in her church to get healthy.