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Is The Spirit Of Lust To Blame For The Take Down Of Herman Cain?

Why do great and powerful men like Herman Cain who have work so hard for 20, 30 or 40 years to build their career then allow the spirit of  LUST to destroy everything they have work for? I ask that because Ginger White, the Atlanta businesswoman is claiming she had a 13-year affair with GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain. Ms. White was on "Good  Morning American" this morning repeating that it was an affair. Ms. White told George Stephanopoulosthat “I can’t make this stuff up not in a million years could I make this stuff up.” Now for some reason I'm believing Ms. White more than I did the other women.  I'm not saying she's telling the truth but I believe there's more truth to her statement than the others.    I also believe Lust is the number one weapon in Satan arsenal of supplies that he uses to destroy the believer. All students of the Bible are familiar with the fall of Samson and David because of Lust.

Samson was being groom  to be a leader of Israe…

Joel Osteens Reality Show ?!?!??!

Joel Osteen and Lakewood Church are looking to created a reality show for prime time. Joel Osteen announced yesterday  that he has partnered with the producer of  Survivor Mark Burnett to create a reality TV show that would follow him and his wife, Victoria, and Lakewood Church members on mission trips across the country.  The details of the program are still being worked out, so they've yet to secure a deal with a network. The news of their partnership was reported early by TMZ. Article Here!  A reality show without any drama. I wonder how that will go?!?

Is The Black Mega Church Responsible For The Surge In Atheism?!?!?

I wonder what's going on? With the latest poll stating there's a strong belief in God among African American. Then on the other hand you have more African American attending church on a regular. So, just how is it that  the  black atheists of America are one of the fastest growing groups on Facebook and the internet with over 2,793 members? Someone stated in a article I read  that the black church and the mega church are partly to blame for the surge in the lack of belief in the existence of GOD. Now I don't subscribe to nor do I support that statement at all.    I don't believe you can reason with anyone who have embraced the idea there's no GOD. But  to blame the church is a little far fetching to me. People who claim atheism always  remind me of  the old testament  King Nebuchadnezzar i really don't know why that is.

Caption This!?!?

Wrong place at the wrong time?!?!

Is Wyclef Jean A Scapegoat For A Charity Scam?

Singer and former candidate for President of Haiti, Wyclef Jean has been accused by the New York Post of squandering funds intended for Haitian earthquake victims. The Post reports that only one third of the money from Wyclef  Jean’s Yele Haiti charity made it to Haitian emergency relief efforts. Article here!

I'm Not sure if this story is true or not because of the source that's reporting it.  If it is true shame on any one who would take advantage of  people in need.   I have not read or seen any interview of  any  Haitian people accusing Wylcef  Jean of embezzling money.  But I have read and heard  about monies  collected for Haiti by the Red-Cross and others and the money not reaching the people.   Didn't ( we ) the united states send someone over there to insure that the Haitian people were treated  justly and fairly?  What ever happen to those folks?

You're Invited Tonight To Pastor Kenneth Moales, Jr. 40th Birthday Bash!


When The COGIC Folks Go To Far!


Do You Help Those Who Are Hurting?

On a personal level what do you do when you come across,meet,run across, run into, see or encounter a homeless person? Do you frown on them? Do you show compassion for them? or  Do you ignore them?  I believe homelessness is becoming a problem in almost every city in the United States. Riding through the city the other day I saw something that hurt my heart. I saw an entire family holding signs asking for help. I didn't have much money on me but I gave them what I had.
There's a debate that's been on going for a couple of years now of how much responsibility the government should take for helping the homeless. And it has become some what heated. One side of the isle will claim that these people, who are mostly drug addicts and alcoholics, are responsible for themselves. The other side will argue that as a society it is the duty of the people to help others in need. So my question to you my readers are: What side of the debate are you on?

Black Friday How Did We Get Here?!?!

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving which  official kick-off the holiday shopping season. Today's the day when the big retail stores have HUGE sales on most cheap stuff. 
Personal I don't get the black friday thing. There's no way I'm going to be trampled to death while trying to get into a store. Nor stand in line for hours before a store  open in the cold so I can buy Christmas.  Not happening! I wonder how we as a country got sucker and pulled into such craziness? Are you part of the Black Friday madness why/why not?

How Can A Society Embrace Such A Controversy Film As “The Strange Thing About The Johnson's”?!?!

Mankind’s future is slowly winding on down to a point in which every evil known, or unknown, to mankind is being revealed. Soon there will  be no unrestricted evil on earth.  My Bible teacher once made a wonderful and profound statement that I have never for gotten: If you want to know how Satan is moving in the world then watch what people do. This particular  film is one of the most twisted, sick films I've ever seen. If you're looking for shock and awe then this film is it.  

 Some folks call this entertaining and funny  I don't. The writer of the film claim  it supposed to be a dark comedy.What is dark comedy? How can something be dark and funny at the same time?  I guess it's funny if you find sexual abuse and a sexual relationship between a man and his son funny. I am sorry but  I don't see the humor in that. Last time I check in our society  incest and rape was wrong and the last time I check it was unacceptable, disgusting and disturbing.  

Happy Thanksgiving!


Sad Day For FAMU Marching “100”!!

"This band is the most coveted band in the nation and like most black colleges hazing is status quo for entry into the most meaningless organizations"  The above comment is one from a young lady who attended the same university as did Mr. Champion.   I heard about the young man death at FAMU and how the death is supposedly link to hazing.  The university  president announced yesterday that the marching 100 will be suspended indefinitely as both law enforcement and an independent task force investigate the death of it drum major. My condolences to this young man family and friends.   I'm very  surprised that  hazing is still going on since it's an illegal practice in almost every state in the country. From my understanding the hazing law is not a  federal law. I wonder if hazing fell under federal regulation would or could it make a difference?  But what is surprising about the young lady comment is that the young man might  have coveted something so meaningless that …

Chicago Pastor To Live On Hotel Roof Until Help Comes to the Hood!

Pastor Corey Brooks will be living on the roof of a  motel they closed down starting tomorrow until they  can raise the funds to convert the motel  into a community center and also STOP the violence! 

The pastor says he fed up with crime, drugs and prostitution that plagues the South Side Chicago neighborhood in which he lives as well as where he pastors a church, Pastor Corey Brooks of New Beginnings Church plans to camp out for the next 21 days in a tent on the roof of an abandoned motel, which has been the center of most of the illegal activity for years. As part of his Project H.O.O.D. (Helping Others Obtain Destiny) initiative, Pastor Brooks wants to raise $450,000 in donations to purchase the motel.
Article Here!

Mary Mary Are Blowing Up Jesus?!?

Rumors has it that the Mary's has landed  themselves a reality TV show with WE TV. More power to them if that's their way of moving the kingdom forward.  But what struck me as odd and made me scratch my head in a stupid moment was this comment I found on a message board: Mary Mary is so popular that they are blowing  Jesus up. Someone please help me out  here!  just how is the Mary's getting a reality show blowing Jesus up? My GOD! do people not know who the KING of  KING and the LORD of LORD is? Do God only Son need a reality show for the world to know who He is?

The Good Church Girl Get Slapped In The Face By Lisa Raye.

Rumor has it that Bishop Noel Jones and Ms. Lisa Raye are dating and might soon marry.  No doubt about it this news will leave many Christian Women in the church; puzzled and disillusioned with the Lord.  Some now will  see no chance in hell of finding a husband in the kingdom of God. Sadly, many of them just might walk away from the idea of keeping them selves pure while waiting  for a good godly man when in realty the godly man just might not want a well kept godly woman.  All I can say is the church is being fired upon from all fronts.   Any how over at Torrence's place he address this from the angle of the good church girl great read.
"Church girls are taught to be “different.” Although we all “sin and fall short of the glory of God” the goal is clear. You’re to be chaste, a virgin until you’re married if you can hold out (we all know how difficult that is), and if you don’t, at least try because one day a man of God will appreciate your sacrifice. Girls outside of church …

Dr. Cindy Trimm!?!?!

I never heard of Dr. Cindy Trimm before receiving this email. So I'm wondering who's "covering" is  Dr. Cindy Trimm under? 

 Dr. Cindy Trimm is an empowerment specialist, respected prophetic voice, bestselling author, life coach, Ambassador of Hope, and a twenty-first century world leader who has partnered with heads of state, business moguls, politicians, church, civic, and world leaders for more than 30 years to equip and empower millions to maximize their potential. She founded Cindy Trimm International (CTI) to bring practical solutions to spiritual and social ills and has received multiple honors and awards. She is the author of The Rules of Engagement and Commanding Your Morning, and has been featured on many television, streaming, and radio programs.

First Time In America History The First Lady Of The United States Is Booed!

First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden were shown displeasure  at today’s NASCAR season finale at Homestead-Miami Speedway. They were booed when they were announced.

 They were there as part of their charitable campaign to support military veterans and their families.
Booing the first lady of the United States at any time is pathetic and classless. Question should Nascar and it's drivers make a statement and address this incident? what do you think?

Do Heaven Rejoice When A Gangsta Rapper Get Saved?!?!?

I love to read about your unconventional young person who call themselves Christian. These testimonies or always good to read even if most of their lifestyles don't match their testimonies. I found this article about the Game being saved over at Torrence place very interesting. "(The Game Is Born Again)" 

I find today we are asking some questions that have been ask  for centuries by church denominations and various religions around the world: What does it mean to believe? How do I know I really believe? How do I know I'm saved? Do I have enough faith to believe?

We have complicated a very simple process"believe on the Lord Jesus" by putting demands on such a simply thing.   Belief is a gift that God has made available to everyone it's not something you "try" hard to do. To that everyone is born with a measure of faith and it's up to us if we put that faith in Christ.

Is The "covering" doctrine Man Made?!?!?

I was reading a comment that was left on a message board by a new pastor. Who was asking questions about the covering doctrine. He mention he was told when he first accepted his calling to preach that he could not minister  without protection and he would be curse if he did so with out a covering.  So, where did this idea originate that believers need to be "covered" in order to serve God and minister within the Body of Christ?    Do people really believe  they can't live a Christian life if they are not under some man leadership? Doesn't  the Scripture instruct us to follow no man? Are some Christians under the shadow of  fear that without "covering" they dare not minister, preach, pray or do many other things they are called to do by the Spirit of God, because they will somehow be ministering without protection?  Is there support in Scripture for the "covering" doctrine? Is it a man made doctrine thought up by church leaders for "power and …

The Gospel And Comedy Is A Bad Match!

I'm old school and when I see and here the word Gospel I automatically think about the good news of Jesus. I've heard for many years people say, "God has a sense of humor." I don't  believe that  to be true. What sinful men call a sense of humor is nothing more than foolish talking or jesting--these things are not funny to the Lord.
I can't  think of but ONE thing that God will laugh at--and that is the destruction of the wicked.  How many reading this think the destruction of the wicked is funny?  Probably none! We being sinful men don't consider that funny because some of those wicked people are our love ones.   That is not what we would call a sense of humor. Can you imagine the sound of Almighty God laughing at the fools who have rejected Him and His SON with a booming terrifying sound in their ears? Funny!!! I don't think so. The Gospel is the good news of JESUS. It's not funny! So what do you think does God have a sense of humor?

Encouraging And Strengthening The Man In Our Community!


Have The Benetton Campaign Ad Cross The Invisible Line?

What do you think about the new Benetton ad campaign which is a campaign of photos of big personalities of the world kissing? The titled of the ad campaign is "UNHATE" in which I personal  think the title in it self miss the mark.  Do you think the ad cross the line of respect for others?

Salute To The Black Church Nurses Guild.

In many Black Baptist Churches you have what's called a Nurses Guild. It consists of women who are actually nurses by profession or retired nurses. Their main role is to assist the congregation and pastor by giving first aid and attending to sick members. They also promote health awareness, safety measures, etc.
The video clip below is the annual international nurses and ushers convention grand march.

Why Would God Tell Herman Cain To Run For President?

God is looking for people to work for His Kingdom and not the kingdom of this world. God's desire is that every man be SAVED and those that are saved are to help usher others into the Kingdom of God. 

 I notice Herman Cain have been heading down hill every since he first told that awful lie on God  a couple of months ago....He mention that lie once again today in a speech to a national meeting of young Republicans, Cain said the Lord persuaded him after much prayer to seek office:
"That's when I prayed and prayed and prayed. I'm a man of faith — I had to do a lot of praying for this one, more praying than I've ever done before in my life," Cain said. "And when I finally realized that it was God saying that this is what I needed to do, I was like Moses. 'You've got the wrong man, Lord. Are you sure?"

Why Ain't No Blacks In The New Promised Land?

Is there a black Bill Gates, Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg out there somewhere in "Silicon Valley"? I believe there is! And our girl Soledad O'Brien will help in  the flushing of them out in her 4th  installment of CNN's flagship documentary series Black in America Sunday, November 13th at 8pm EST.

Why Is Controversial Author J.L. King Speaking At A Christian Women Conference?!?!?!

We live in the time of great deception and apostasy. It's a time when the Biblical tools for discernment are needed more than ever.
I received the posted flyer in my email today and was surprise to see Mr.J.L King as one of the women conference speakers.
 "I have nothing against Mr.King I'm  just trying to figure out how he fits  into a women conference".   
  I believe Mr. King is the one who gave us the term "The Down Low."  The term refers to black men who have sex with men, and it's a term often used by black men who are sexually active with men, but who don’t consider themselves gay.
I'm wondering to my self  have the impact of the down low culture become so bad that Christian Women need a speaker todebate, argue, dispute, talk over or to discuss the issue? Am I missing something?   I'am well aware of the report that's out that African American women currently represent the majority of new HIV infections and AIDS diagnoses among women (Kais…

Why Won't Today's Christian Hold Gospel Artists To The Same High Standard As Pastor?

The word ministry in our world today has taken on a whole new meaning. It doesn't matter who the heck you are some folks will hang the title ministry around your neck. And expect every one else to buy it. A Personal Christian Ministry should be about placing emphasis on sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with others (unsaved). And the purpose for our sharing our personal ministry is so "THEY" (unsaved) can come to know "HIM"(Jesus) and receive "HIM" (Jesus) as personal Savior. Thengo on to experience Him as Lord of their life and go even further to know Christ as the essence of their Life. That's it in a nut shell.(see John 1:12Colossians 2:6-7Galatians 2:20;Philippians 3:8-10).

What Le'Andria Johnson is during right now with her talent have been label by some as A "Christian Ministry". But I beg to disagree difference! This is not A "Christian Ministry"! Not according to the Bible any way.  Why can't gospel artists …

The T.D. Jake's Relationship Bible!?!

Bishop T.D.Jake's has a new Bible that will hit store shelves November 22,2011 just in time for the gift giving season.

In The Relationship Bible, you will find the following features from Bishop Jakes: • A 32-page Introduction that sets forth “The Greatest Love Story Ever Told” along with helps to understanding the Bible and guides to answering life’s relationship problems. • Reflections of God’s Heart—Over 20 pages of articles that continue to develop God’s love relationship with mankind. • Lessons of the Heart—Over 80 pages of life lesson articles that address a wide range of relationship issues. • Heartbeats—25 articles that demonstrate how to build relationships. • Heartbreakers—25 articles that demonstrate how relationships are damaged. • Heart Murmurs—10 powerful prayers for your personal relationships. • Words of Jesus in Red • Concordance • One-Year Bible Reading Plan! source here!

Honoring Bishop William Lee Bonner!

Bishop William Bonner have been on the battle field for the Lord for over 65 years. 
Apostle Bonner currently pastors churches in Detroit, Michigan, New York City, Washington, D.C., Jackson, Mississippi, and Columbia,South Carolina. He is the Chief Apostle and Senior Prelate of the General Assembly of the Churches of Our Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith, Inc. This is an international body of churches. Under his administration, the assembly has grown from one hundred and fifty-five (155) churches in 1961 to over five hundred (500) churches and missions throughout the world. He has faithfully kept the charge of the founder Bishop Lawson, to "Add Thou to It".

Oprah and Tyler Perry At Lake Wood Church Today!

I Cant Believe A COGIC Sister Would Wear This!?!?


Parents Suing Pastor, First Lady and The Church For The Death Of Their Son!?!

Twenty four year old George Clinkscale III died  Sept. 21 in a fight at a Tulsa church, his family says....Clinkscale had been a linebacker at the University of Tulsa and coached at the city's Central High School....His parents say their son died from fighting in an illegal boxing match, one of a series of fights that a pastor ran in his church, without a ringside physician or a licensed referee, or liability insurance for fighters, or any state license at all. Defendant William Scheer describes himself as pastor of Guts Church on his church's web page.
The question I have is did the young man do this for money and if so why is the family suing the church? If the young man made a choice to take part in a unsanctioned fight. That the church didn't force him to take part in.  I notice that Guts Church had been doing fight night for over six years before this youngman death.

Saved, Single,Satisfied,Sexy,Silly,Successful: The Righteous Movement!?!

Have you ever needed some one to explain Christianity to you in a "NON-JUDGMENTAL"way? If so, Pastor Matthew Jones is your man of God to do just that. Pastor Jones is spear heading a new movement which seem  to be aimed  at today  younger generation. From the look of the flyer Pastor Jones is taking the message away from the church house to the local college campuses.  

Are you one of the many Christians who's always saying if it's not going to send me to hell then:

why shouldn't I go to the club?why shouldn't I have sex?why shouldn't I be homosexual? why shouldn't I drink or smoke?  What should I be doing? How do I please God?How do I have fun?How do I find a mate and know they are for me?

What A Mess When The Church Board Takes Over?!?!

I read a comment a pastor left on a message board about this event occurrence case happening episode  incident   Mess: God anoints and call a pastor to governor and lead  the church not board members....The board members of Jericho City of Praise Church don't agree with that idea. The governing board of Jericho City of Praise Church in Landover  locked its pastor out of the church Tuesday.....Members of Jericho City of Praise said on Tuesday afternoon their pastor Joel Peebles came to the church and was surprised to find the locks on every door - including the door to his office had been changed locking him out.....the mega church is divided, after apparent changes have pitted the pastor against the church leadership.....a large crowd gathered at the church Tuesday night demanding the return of Pastor Joel Peebles....a rift started last year when church founder Betty Peebles passed away an in her will, she reportedly placed the leadership of the church, which has a membership of t…

What's The Purpose For Fasting?

Woman posts videos of herself fasting for spiritual reasons on You-Tube...My question is this kinda of fasting acceptable to God? It's clear that God expects fasting to be a private matter between you and He.
Most importantly, God Himself defines how to fast in the Book of Isaiah.....I believe the most important principle of fasting, is to draw closer to God and to seek His righteousness and His will in our lives....but this is to the extreme...What Do You Think?

"I am fasting for spiritual reasons, the primary motivations being to become the woman G-d wants me to be, to know and do what He wants me to do, and to, in general, become the person He wants me to become. I am NOT doing this for the purposes of weight loss, cleansing, experimentation, record setting, health, or for any other non-religious alterior motive. Nor am I doing this for anyone else, though other individuals have asked me to pray for certain things during this time."

The Soap Opera Version Of The Old Testament Desperate Housewives!?!

I guess everybody won't to cash in on the housewives brand....even Pastor John Hagee has a new Bible series call "Desperate Housewives of the Bible" 

Throughout the Bible there are thrilling stories of how God Almighty used a woman to change the course of human history. There are many great women in the Bible, but this series focuses on four pulse-pounding stories of women who risked their lives, reputations and their futures to do the will of God.
 (1) Ruth: The woman who got her man. (2) Esther: A woman who was crowned in crisis. (3)  Tamar: A sex scandal that shook Israel.(4)  Abigail: The woman who married the wrong man. God delivered her and she married the man of her dreams. Pastor Hagee brings a much needed message to the Body of Christ. It is time to bury your sad and bitter past and anoint yourself with the joy of Lord. When you follow Christ and are fulfilling God’s purpose, He puts prosperity, healing, love, joy, and peace in your path! He binds your enemies and…

Why Won't The Church Of Today Simply Say "NO" To Halloween?!?

Whether it’s a harvestfestival, or a fall carnival, or a Haunted House or Judgement House, or something else entirely.....Many churches are making alternativeHalloween activities available to their communities.
One of the newest Halloween alternative I heard mention was   "Trunk or Treat" which  is a Halloween celebration that was started by churches inwhichthe parking lot is turned into a mini festival with people decorating their cars and handing out candy from their trunks...the idea is to provide a safe, fun way for kids to participate in Halloween.....many churches now make it a community outreach providing free food, games, trail rides and lots of fun.

 Questions,  why won't  the church of today simply say NO to Halloween? why should the church provide alternatives to a pagan holiday?