Why Should Rev. Billy Graham Get a Statue?

Look  just because one person gets something doesn't mean everyone is deserving of that same exact thing....Now the new statue of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr is the first on the National Mall honoring a non-U.S. president and the first honoring an African American.....There seems to be a lot of chatter on the net with folks asking why can't Billy be honored at the National Mall like Martin?

 I agree both men are great men of God.....both men have change  many people lives  and each one has contributed to our great nation in his own unique  way...Billy Graham as a great  preacher of the Gospel and King was  a great movement leader/Gospel  preacher".....Dr King statue is not because he was a great preacher  of the Gospel....it's because of his ultimate sacrifice in the fight for civil rights for everybody.

 Billy Graham was and is one of the greatest preachers  in America.....and has been  for many decades.....he's respected by many including myself....but I don't think he should have a statue on the National Mall honoring him for preaching. 


  1. I agree with you. Dr. King was honored because of his work concerning civil rights. Graham was a great man of God, and his legacy is an awesome one. But the last thing we need to have are monuments for those who have preached the gospel.


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