Is It Wrong To Accept A Gift You Don't Like?

Growing up my wonderful  MOM taught us  “If someone wants to give you something, never tell them, ‘No.’ You take the gift  because you don't no what the next gift might be.  Plus you do not wont to rob a person  of their blessing of being generous givers. If you don't wont a gift take it any way. Then pass it on to someone who can use and appreciated the gift. 
 The blogosphere reacted very strongly last week to Madonna dissing a fan during a press conference for her new film W.E. Madonna let a fan know just how much she hates  hydrangeas..... During the press conference a thoughtful  fan gave her a bunch of hydrangeas..... She responded by dumping them on the ground and telling the panelists “I absolutely loathe hydrangeas he obviously doesn’t know that.” Straight into a microphone that had been left on. Question is receiving a gift harder for you than giving a gift?