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Is Herman Cain Being Used By The GOP?

Last week Morgan Freeman caught flap about a comment he made on Piers Morgan show  about the tea party being a bunch of racist. Well on Wednesday night  comedian Janeane Garofalo showed up on Keith Olbermann's program to inform us "brainwashed" folks of a little secret about GOP Presidential candidate Herman Cain.

Ms. Garofalo seems to think that Herman  Cain is in the race, “because he deflects the racism that is inherent in the republican , conservative and tea party movement.  She explains that  “the Republican Party has been moving more and more to the right, but also race-baiting, gay-baiting and religion-baiting more.” WOW those are some strong words. 

 This I will say  when Herman Cain first appeared on the scene as a GOP presidential hopeful his anti-Muslim remarks really didn't sit pretty with me. This week Cain made yet another comment that is not sitting well with me.   That comment leaves me to think Ms. Garofalo might be on to something concerning Cain. Ca…

Gov. Chris Christie Is To Fat (Obese) To Be President!

The ladies on the view caught hell on many blogs yesterday  for their comment about Gov. Christie weight. I just happen to agree with them.    I'm going to be very honest here and give my opinion since it is my blog.  Gov.Christie is not only fat he is morbidly obese which is not a good look for anyone in a leadership position.

 So why are people pushing for this big man to be our next  president?  I'm not a fan of Michelle Bachmann nor Sara Palin  for that matter. But I believe if these two women were burden down in weight of over 200 pound and was running for the same office as Christie they would not be taken serious.  In my opinion a person who lack self control in any area of their own life should not be in a leadership role.

Can A Parent Discipline A Child In Anger And Godly Love At The Same Time?

HIGH school pupils in Gauteng's third biggest region have come out overwhelmingly in support of the reinstatement of corporal punishment in their school.  Do you believe in corporal punishment? Can children who are not properly disciplined be raise to be proper citizens? Can a parent honestly discipline a child in anger and Godly love at the same time? 

What Is Egocentric Gospel?

Two seminary professors have a new book "Health, Wealth and Happiness."   The new book addresses the notion and idea of a Gospel without Christ. The professors say the "egocentric gospel" omits Jesus, neglects the cross and instead promises health and wealth. The prosperity gospel is taught by some well-known preachers that God desires all His children be materially wealthy and physically healthy. 

The prosperity gospel is dangerous, the professors say, because it contains just enough truth to make it appear biblical but more than enough distortions to make it heretical. That, they say, has led Christians to become discouraged in their faith or angry at God, or worse, to walk away from the church for good. After all, if a preacher says that enough faith can make a sick person well, and no healing ensues, then -- according to the preachers -- that person's faith is weak. Both professors say there is very little difference between the Fathers of the “New Thought M…

What A Very Sad Day When The Church Can't Agree On The Same Message!

There really shouldn't be any debate at all among true Christians regarding this issue. The Word of God is clear and it should be able to stand on it own merits. I believe at the foot of the Cross is the answer to it all.

The  ongoing and sometimes contentious debate in churches regarding homosexuality is back in the public eye in oversized print, thanks to 10 Toledo-area billboards proclaiming competing messages. After Toledo's Central United Methodist Church posted a single roadside billboard in late April that said, "Being Gay Is a Gift from God," the Rev. Tony Scott of the Church on Strayer felt compelled to offer an opposing point of view. 

Jessy Dixon, Gospel Singer and Songwriter, Dead at 73!

Jessy Dixon was one of  gospel music greats. Jessy passed away Sept.26 at the age of 73  in his home. Jessy was a very  popular member of The Southern Gospel Gaither Homecoming family. The two clips posted below are two of  my favorites by Jessy.   Jessy music and style were heavily influence by James Cleveland. R.I.P. 

A Pastor Who Name And Claim A 5000,000 Dollar Home In The Name Of Jesus.

According to a local television report here in  Jacksonville Fla.  A nice military family had just purchased a 4440,000 home in neighboring  Clay County.  Which is about 20 miles from the Duval County line which is in Jacksonville Fl.
According to the report  when the new family went to look over their new home purchase.   They found Pastor Marcellous Dunbar inside with furniture moved in and he  wasn't alone. He had other homeless people with him. The pastor says he’s doing everything according to state law.  He says he’s working on reducing Jacksonville’s homelessness and that’s why he took the home and has other people living in there with him.  He says he’s doing it for a good cause.  He says the property is his through adverse possession, a very controversial Florida Statute.Question???? Ain't this stealing?

Vesta Williams Has Enter Time Without End!

This is shocking news to here that Vesta Williams has past from time into time without end.   In my b.c days her recording congratulation was a very popular jam in the south! Rest in peace Vesta Williams.

Church's Flyer 'Great Sex God's Way' Causes Controversy!

A flyer from a church sent to 30,000 homes in the Charlotte area was meant to spread the word about the congregation. Instead, it is causing controversy. The front of the mailer, which was sent from the Lake Norman Christian Outreach Church in Mooresville, reads, "Great Sex God's Way." The other side lists the topics of upcoming sermons, including, "Pimping Made Easy - Sex for Sale" and "Is it Really Sex - Self Gratification."

 While teaching about sex in a biblical manner is not a bad thing if done properly. But the manner in which this was promoted was inappropriate, but that's just my humble opinion.What do you think? Was it inappropriate for the church to call attention to it self in this manner? 

Married For 22 Years Been Together For 25 Years.

This is hubby and I on our 1st date back in 1985....On Sept 22 three years after that first date we became one. "HAPPY ANNIVERSARY" Mr. Brock!

Why Don’t Brother’s Go To Church?

I like this young man take on why "Black Men Don't Go To Church?"
"Black men go through life as probably the most saddened and disappointed group of men on the face of the planet. They are disappointed because as a group they grow up without a father in the house on a level that is totally disproportionate to the rest of society, leaving them with no pattern to model after in the pursuit of manhood. In addition to that they are more likely to grow up in poverty that is abject in its nature, more likely to attend poor neighborhood public school’s and are more likely to be targeted by the police in an abstract and at times deceitful war on drugs".More here! 

Does Being A Christian Mean A Person Can't Expand Their Empire?

Does  being a Christian means a person can't think outside of the box?!?!  I don't know exactly why some Christians have problems with other Christians like Vickie Winans  making money  from self-promotional ideas. 

Y'all know how I like to search the internet looking for the latest  happening in the Christians world. Well  I ran across  a couple of comments on a message board that was kinda of crazy to me. The  folks on the board were discussing Christians who will sell anything to make a dollar. Someone on the board couldn't appreciate the approach Vickie Winans has taken to making extra money.
"Vickie put out a fitness video a couple of years ago and now she pushing these "I Love Haters Cause Haters Make Me Greater" t-shirts she needs to sit down." Question?!?!? Is there anything wrong with Christians promoting themselves with new ideas?

Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr. is calling us to Pray!


Pastor Jamal Bryant Says The Republican Party Is Racist And Arrogant.

Pastor Jamal Bryant says  “The Republican party is racist and arrogant." And any black person that is a part of it really makes him question their integrity, consciousnesses, and spiritual life.h/t

It's A Sad Day For The Church When The Government Can Kick The Man Of God Out!

The Rev. Ameal Jones was kicked out of Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church in Alexandria La this week by Judge Mary Lauve Doggett.....The judge have released her ruling on Jones, almost a month after the two-day trial in August that sought to answer who runs the century-old Baptist church. Doggett, a 9th District Court judge, ruled Jones did not have the authority in December 2010 to ordain the deacons who later appointed a pulpit committee that nominated Jones as pastor of Mount Zion.

Free Night Of Celebration!


The Battle Field Of The Mind!


“I Ain’t Nobody’s Lady!”

Spencer Le Grande and Jamal Parris two of the Eddie Long accusers call in to the Ryan Camero Show in Atlanta yesterday  to let folks know they are not gay and they ain't no lady.

"Both men are questioning Centino  Kemp motive behind his book."WOW!   

"Father Hood Begins In The Womb"

Fatherhood begins in the womb is a new billboard/website campaign that focuses on the most missing component of the national abortion debate: FATHERS!

 A collaborative effort between the Issues4Life Foundation and The Radiance Foundation, this campaign details the culture of abandonment that abortion has created by revealing the statistics of FATHERLESSNESS, single-parent poverty, and the deterioration of two-parent married households.

Teen Charged With Indecent Exposure While At Church Should The Police Have Been Call?

A 14-year-old boy was arrested Aug. 28 on charges of indecent exposure and lewd and lascivious behavior while in church. The teenager in question  was seen by a number of church members exposing himself while in the church sanctuary during two different Sunday morning services.
 According to a Niceville Police report.
Officers responded to First United Methodist Church and spoke with the members  who said the boy was seen "masturbating" and others said they saw his "penis outside of his pants." The boy told officers he had exposed himself twice while at church in front of other people. He told the officers he was "playing with it" because he "was bored," the report said.  Now the question and debate surrounding this incident  is  some what interesting. Some members of the church are asking why didn't the church handle the incident more discreetly? Some say the police should not have been call at all  what do you think? Below are some of …

Money Is At The Root Of Evil Doing!

Angel Food Ministries -- which has provided low-cost meals to families throughout the United States for 17 years -- has halted its operation. Officials at Angel Food Ministries confirmed Wednesday that all 90 staff members at the organization's Walton County headquarters had been laid off. 

Is Alzheimer A valid reason For Divorce?

There's a debate raging online surrounding advice Pat Robertson gave on his show the other day.  Pat suggested that a man whose wife is suffering from Alzheimer should be divorce.  Basically Pat just gave out the worst advice I have every heard coming from a man of God.

I'm sitting here thinking what if this was my husband of 25 years Pat was giving this kinda  advice to. It's scary as hell  to think my husband would walk away and leave me because of his own lust is scary. Pat have mange to downgraded the sanctity of life with the comment "she's dead". What ever happen to " For better or worse, in Sickness and in Health, till Death
do us part." 
 Any way, some are saying  Pat  was not telling the guy to divorce her, he was telling the guy to file for divorce if he wanted to see other woman while still being married. Some are saying that Pat should have told the guy to grant his wife a divorce  instead of telling the man to divorce his wife. So, the qu…

Is It Wrong To Accept A Gift You Don't Like?

Growing up my wonderful  MOM taught us  “If someone wants to give you something, never tell them, ‘No.’ You take the gift  because you don't no what the next gift might be.  Plus you do not wont to rob a person  of their blessing of being generous givers. If you don't wont a gift take it any way. Then pass it on to someone who can use and appreciated the gift. 
 The blogosphere reacted very strongly last week to Madonna dissing a fan during a press conference for her new film W.E. Madonna let a fan know just how much she hates  hydrangeas..... During the press conference a thoughtful  fan gave her a bunch of hydrangeas..... She responded by dumping them on the ground and telling the panelists “I absolutely loathe hydrangeas he obviously doesn’t know that.” Straight into a microphone that had been left on. Questionis receiving a gift harder for you than giving a gift?  

Why Is The Gift of Singleness Hard To Accept?

"Why is this called a gift exactly? If being single was such a gift why did God give Adam a mate? I’m really not understanding this concept. If I end up being single for the rest of my life I will not die thinking I had a gift, I will die feeling pretty sad honestly. I just don’t get it."I'm finding it very hard encouraging single young Christians to live a victorious life in Christ.....And to celebrate their singleness with understanding it's a gift for a season....As with most Christians we all know there is no greater Giver that our God Himself.

Every some gift from God is good because He loves to give good gifts to His children.....just like the commenter above there was once upon a time I could not grasp or understand how being single could be consider a gift from God.....I couldn't get it! One day I heard Dr.Creflo Dollar doing a sermon series on singleness...... I bought the series and listen to it....that series open my eyes to a greater and better underst…

Cathedral Of The Holy Spirit Founder Week!!

During Cathedral of the Holy Spirit founder week there also will be the installation of Pastor Kenneth H. Moales Jr.

Quietly Remembering Sept 11!

I’ll be avoiding most of the media hype surrounding September 11 today..... it's becoming to exploit  for my taste.....for me I think it's best to remember it quietly and solemnly in which I plan to makes me sick the way the media have attempted  to profit (via TV ratings and book, magazine and newspaper sales) off that awful day.....God know's  I’ve seen enough photos of those burning towers, debris-covered victims, shocked faces and falling bodies to last more than a lifetime...and to think some politicians are using the devastation of 9/11 for political gain is beyond words.

Who Is Your Favorite Minor Prophet?

All Bible readers know that the last 17 books of the Old Testament are known as The Prophetical Books. With the first 5 being The Major Prophets and the last 12 being The Minor Prophets....They are catalog this way because of size not because of importance.....This is the break down of each one.
Major Prophets:

The Minor Prophets

Now with that said I have a question for my Bible readers.....which one of the minor prophets do you find deep, rich and  insightful? With little doubt for me it's Hosea! Hosea reminds me of  what God have done  for us at the Cross when He paid the price of His Son to redeem us from our sins.....Hosea message was one of repentance and it was to the Jews......God told this righteous man to find a prostitute and marry her....Hosea obeyed and God told him to preach this  message that Israel was like a prostitute when God chose them as His ch…

The Divas Conference!


God Has Spoken!

Obama 2012!

C.O.G.I.C. Nights of Pure Worship.


Woman Thou Art Loosed Lakewood Church - Oct. 20th-22nd


Full Life 11 Conference Hosted By Dr. Marvin Sapp!


Should The National Baptist Convention Recognized Zachery Tim's Death?

The National Baptist Convention USA Inc. is one of the largest religious groups among is comprised of over 8.3 million Baptists in over 41,000 Baptist churches...the National Baptist Convention USA, Inc. is the second largest Baptist organization in the world.

It  look like Zachery Tim's death will not be getting a shout out from them this week at their 131st annual session which is being held in Orlando FL, at the Convention Center....the director of media relations for the National Baptist Convention Rev. Morris Tipton....told the Daytona Times, “While we pray for both his (Tims) family and his congregation, there are no plans to formally recognize him.”One of the followers of the late Zachery Tim's ain't  liking this announcement at all:

"Who is the Baptist? They are not the ones God sent to judge the earth. Dr Zach is probably better off not been recognized by them. I have worked with some and gone to school with some and I have experienced t…

Christians Conferences How Can They Survive In These Hard Times?

Every time I open my email there's a flyer promoting some kind of  Gospel event...with today's recession which has hit the black community and church disproportionately hard....and has cause and made hundreds of churches across the country to go into foreclosure...and unemployment in the black community so ungodly high.....just how do these mega/small  conferences expect to survive in these economical hard times when there is no money in the community to support them? believe me it takes plenty of money to attend  these events and conferences..... which aren't I'am wondering when will these conference organizers emphasis shift from individual prosperity back to community uplift? 

Happy Labor Day!

Our work is tied to our worth....when there is no work, then there is  no purpose,when there is no purpose then there is no worth. HAPPY LABOR DAY!

Can A Mega Church Survive Without The Lead Pastor?

I believe a church personality reveals the  most about the path a church is on than any thing else.... if any Christian find himself/herself in a personality driven church they need to make sure that it’s Christ they're  following, and not the pastor....again it's our responsibility to get it right, not the pastor's who got to  answer  for his own with that said.....did Zachery Tims leave any instructions for the congregation  to follow in case of his death?now  the web site HULIQ have up a great thought proving question and article about this....the instructions left by Tims for his church followers, are not easy to complete, as Tims was basically what made up the church and the followers were there because of him.Rest here! 

What Happen When A Church Throw ( Fear) Red Meat To It Congregation!?!?!

Have the church become so low down and  dirty in it's deeds performance  that it can now use fear to sell Jesus? What happen to Jesus is  LOVE? You know what  it's a sad day for Christians every where when fear can become the dominant force within the Body of Christ....Some Southern Baptist churches have began to planned and prepare special sermons for Sunday, Sept.11 which is the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks against the United States.
"Are We Witnessing America’s Last Days?" is a new sermon series from First Baptist Church in Dallas TX......Matthew Paul Turner of Jesus Needs New PR wrote a wonderful  article asking why are America’s churches selling  fear rather than showing  love? Why are America’s churches no longer focusing  on being community gathering places of hope and help but rather have turned into faith factories, holy corporations?  Why do America's churches have  CEOs, COOs, CFOs, mission statements, goals, agendas, growth charts, and pro…

Southern Missionary Baptist Church Throws Gay Men Out!

Should history be taught based on a person sexual preference or achievement? now I'm really having a hard time understanding why this piece of legislation became a law and......why anyone would won't to be recognize for their sexuality instead of their accomplishment.....California public schools are now legally required to include the contributions of the gay community in its social studies curriculum.

Gov. Jerry Brown signed the bill into law in July, making California the first state to ever recognize homosexuals in U.S. history lessons.....Emotions ran high Wednesday night as gay and lesbian supporters were told to leave a meeting of clergy and church members....The meeting took place at the Southern Missionary Baptist Church on W. Adams Boulevard in Los Angeles....The congregation gathered to pray for the repeal of a The Fair Education Act, also known as SB 48.

Why Should Rev. Billy Graham Get a Statue?

Look  just because one person gets something doesn't mean everyone is deserving of that same exact thing....Now the new statue of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr is the first on the National Mall honoring a non-U.S. president and the first honoring an African American.....There seems to be a lot of chatter on the net with folks asking why can't Billy be honored at the National Mall like Martin?

 I agree both men are great men of God.....both men have change  many people lives  and each one has contributed to our great nation in his own unique  way...Billy Graham as a great  preacher of the Gospel and King was  a great movement leader/Gospel  preacher".....Dr King statue is not because he was a great preacher  of the's because of his ultimate sacrifice in the fight for civil rights for everybody.

 Billy Graham was and is one of the greatest preachers  in America.....and has been  for many decades.....he's respected by many including myself....but I don't …