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Is It Wrong To Sway and Move In The Church?

This is Gospel Artist, JAI (pronounced Jay), of St. Louis Missouri....she's  a third generation minister, a worship Pastor, an entrepreneur, a student, a wife and a mother....Jai was once background vocalist for Donnie McClurkin, Mary Mary and Sheri Jones-Moffet....I don't know when this video was shot but it was at the Potter’s House in Dallas Texas.....I found the video clip on someone's  Facebook page....the friends on the page  were discussing  Jai's music and her personal testimony of abstinence....anyway the conversation quickly shift from Jai's music to worldly dancing in the church....I'm talking literally hard down dancing  no different than they do in some night-clubs I guess...but for some of the commenters it was upsetting to see that people were not capable of controlling their body movement  in a  consecrate,dedicated,inspirational,religious sacred for me I didn't see the worshiper movement as disrespect....I saw it more as spont…

Should Holy- Hip-Hop Music Be Used For Evangelizing The Youth?

I read a comment that Holy- Hip-Hop music should   be avoided when it come to evangelizing of our youth....because it reminds young people of their rebellious past life.

Now I understand from a biblical perspective, music was never used for promoting the Christian faith or as a witnessing tool for the Christian Gospel...I believe God’s proven method of evangelism is the "foolishness of preaching" (1 Cor 1:21) in the Bible music is always presented in the context of worship of where does it state that music was used to attract anyone to the Christian faith.
Anyway I receive this link in my mail today and clicked on it and was very surprise at the image that this young man had chosen to used for his album cover....and the way he has chosen to uses his music as celebrations of death as being the only way to true life.....I have always  believed  funerals sent a underlining  message  that we all to must pass this way on our way, my question is can Holy-Hip-Hop m…

When The Preacher Become A Hustler!

Markel Hutchins is suing the estate of the late Kathryn Johnston for a half-million dollars....remember the woman who shoot at   police officers after they kick her door in during a botched drug raid........and police shot back and killed her when no drugs were found? well Ms. Johnston's estate received a $4.9 million settlement.....good Rev. Markel Hutchins says he is due 10 percent -- or $490,000 -- because he served the family as “spokesperson, strategist, advisor  and consultant” and that he and his staff “holistically managed” the public and private efforts that made “the significant settlement possible and yielded Johnston’s heirs millions of dollars.”
A judge denied his request to keep the relatives from spending the settlement funds pending the outcome of the lawsuit Hutchins has filed and which will be heard later....some in the community are calling  the good rev.a hustler who's  looking for cash to finance a run at a city council seat ...Article Here! You can listen …

How Should HIV/Aids Be Address From The Pulpit Of The Black Church?

I keep hearing and reading were people are constantly saying theBlack Churchis not dealing with the HIV/Aids problem  that's plaguing  the black community....I don't agree with that statement and here's why..... I believe the way most black churches are handling this issue.....just  might not be to the liking of a lot of folks in or out of the black community.....but I honestly do believe they are doing something.....I also believe when  a  man call by God to speak to His people..... should speak loud plain and clear what the Bible teaches about our choices and the consequences of those choices.....whatever a man sow that's what  he will reap (Galatians 6:7-8).....the  Bible teaches that  Righteousness brings blessing: “Keep my commands and you will live” (Proverbs 7:2); and sin brings judgment: “He who sows wickedness reaps trouble” (Proverbs 22:8).one  of our problems is that we want total freedom to choose our actions, but we want them consequence not to follow.....…

Should Steve Harvey Christian Faith Be Judge By The Action Of His Wife?

More and more women in our world, both young and old, are wearing less and less.... and, they are wearing  provocative outfits in settings in which previous generations would have been ashamed to be seen in....I  just ran across a article and  photos of Steve Harvey and his wife Marjorie at the 2011 Hoodie the article it state Steve Harvey a born-again Christian can't be taken  serious about his faith if he allow his wife, Marjorie Harvey to walk out of the house in a revealing outfit like this to the Gospel Awards Hoodie Awards.

Someone else  made this comment on another thread: Our clothing always makes a personal statement about why was Steve Harvey wayward wife dressed like a streetwalker? the message of the dress she had selected for the awards was saying loud and clear I may be married, but I’m not moral.

So after reading the article it got me to thinking and asking questions: Can a wife bring dishonor to her husband by the way she dress? Can the way a wi…

Wanted: Facebook Racist!

This have got to be the most hateful thing I have every seen in my life.

This is the Facebook picture that has sparked a police investigation. The police are asking members of the public who can identify the man in this picture - which may have been manipulated - to come forward to assist them in their investigation. We have obscured the child's face to protect his identity, but child advocacy groups are concerned about the youngster's well being.

When The Music/Choir Director Becomes The Show!

Question: is this too much showmanship and enthusiasm coming from the choir director?

Prov. 11:6 - "the treacherous are caught by their own greed"

Wayne Taft Harris, Jr., 36, formerly of Indianapolis, Indiana, was charged on July 7, 2010, with wire fraud following an investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
The indictment alleges that Harris contacted Third World Missions a Christian faithbased organization located in Florida that operates bible schools and orphanages in various locations throughout the world, to obtain a loan with which to construct a church facility in Indianapolis.. Third World Missions loaned Harris $483,000 for the construction of the church facility proposed by Harris. The indictment further alleges Harris used at least $144,584 of the loan proceeds for other purposes, including the purchase of a Mercedes Benz automobile, the purchase of a Christian bookstore and its inventory, and the purchase of a man's mink coat. Greed will get us every time.

Why Can't Bishop Eddie Long Be Allow To Move On With Kingdom Building Without Distraction?

I believe in all fairness the bishop and church have paid the price for the allegation leveled against them....therefore I honestly believe  they  should be allow to move on with saving souls and kingdom building.

Update: I just found out these young men are threatening  now to write  a "tell all" book....this is my personal opinion...if these young men have sign a deal....that does not allow them complete access to their  settlement money; it's their  fault.....they all came to the table and a agreement was reach....if they now realize that the agreement has limits attach to it....again it's their now they have decided to write a book...and of course they will probably make more money on the advance of the book deal than they will be  making on the settlement....if this is the case then they are as sinister and evil as every one seem to think Eddie Long is....I believe it's for the money....I was with them until now....I'm thinking it was always a…

Twitter Gone Get Some Folks In Trouble!

Honestly why do famous folks  go on "Twitter and Facebook" expecting to find nothing but love and admiration from all their followers?.....are famous people on "Twitter and Facebook" expected to take the good comments with the bad and just keep it moving in silence? What if you're a woman or man of God should you then be extra careful in how you respond, react, reply or answer in your Twitter speech? Last week someone following Dr. Juanita Bynum tweeted something that made the prophetess go Dr.Bynum have decided to let them know just how she feel about it...I notice in her latest tweets the prophetess state she will no longer close her social network pages because of the hateful tweets and comments.

To whom it may concern this is not a fake page. I will no longer tolerate abuse nor harassment of any kind on none of my social networks!!August 6, 2011 5:37 pm via Twitter for BlackBerry®ReplyRetweetFavorite @DrBynumJuanita Bynum