Is Celibacy For Today's Christian?

If we’re honest, there are   a large number of “Christian’s” walking  around with this testimony.  They may not walk around and make open statements about their lifestyle like Tyler did in Ebony Magazine.  But  there is evidence all around that sex outside of marriage in the church is alive and well. Tyler Perry, who I have always admired tells Ebony that he has a girlfriend and is engaging in premarital sex. Hold up!something wrong with this picture. I have to  agree with  EEWmagazine this is not like Perry to be discussing his personal life with anyone. He has always been very mum when it came to that part of his life.
"Typically silent about anything substantial pertaining to his love life, this revelation is out of character for Perry. And engaging in sexual relations without putting a ring on it, is out of character for a Christian. That doesn't mean we all are perfect and don't make mistakes. At the same time, it is not advisable to go broadcasting things like this all throughout national media in a seemingly proud manner. Sin brings reproach and is nothing to be proud of. Proverbs 14:3 says, "Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people." 
 Maybe the word "celibacy" is what Tyler Perry  should have been using and throwing around in his interview.  I have always thought celibacy to be a commitment with oneself and God, not a commitment between you and the other person in the relationship. I know celibacy is not really that difficult when you don't have anyone special in your life. But the test of celibacy become real for the Christian when you have someone special in your life that brings about those desires of intimacy. Celibacy for a Christian  is not something they become when they are  not involved with someone, and then break the promise when they meet someone. No celibacy for the Christian is a commitment to God. Question: Should Christians commit fornication and then boost about it? Did Tyler Perry hurt his witness and testimony with this interview?


  1. Terry@ Breathing graceWednesday, 13 July, 2011

    Wow, loved your analysis of this, Ann! Simply wonderful. This hits the nail on the head:

    Celibacy for a Christian is not something they become when they are not involved with someone, and then break the promise when they meet someone. No celibacy for the Christian is a commitment to God.

  2. So in short Tyler Perry said, " Yes I am a Christian, I just no want to live like a Christian.

  3. The entertainment industry is a very social business. There are parties, clubs to be seen at, award shows, and movie premieres. Those in the field are promiscuous. Maybe not sexually promiscuous necessarily, but they are "romantically promiscuous", meaning they are in relationships with significant others more often than not and are typically seen out and about with their current love interests. And there's an unwritten axiom that states "if you NEVER see a celebrity out with a member of the opposite sex that they're not related to, chances are very, very high that they are gay." Now, I'm not going to speculate on Mr. Perry's sexuality because that's his business, but it strikes me as odd that someone of his high visibility, enormous success, and countless opportunities to be seen has never, to my knowledge, been seen with out with someone on a red carpet, at a restaurant, ANYWHERE, with a woman of the opposite sex who is not Oprah Winfrey. Is it just me???

  4. Thanks Tony for the comment. It look like the statement Perry made in the interview is more in line with him trying to shut down rumors about him being gay. It's true I have never seen pictures of him with a woman out on a date.

  5. Cop thanks for the comment. That's what it sound like to me also.

  6. Terry thanks for the comment.

  7. I know many christians who are sexually active. I am always surprised but it may be the world we are living in. standards are slipping

  8. Definetly! The holy ghost is a keeper. Sex outside of marriage is a sin. The holy ghost will not dwell in a unclean temple.

  9. This is an old post but to the person who said they never see Tyler with woman on the carpet, I can make a list back to when he and Tyra Banks were dating. Don't talk about what you DON'T KNOW!


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