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Why Are Some Christians Testimonies Acceptable and Some Not?

Janet Boynes is on the cover of Charisma Magazine for the month of July. I'm finding out in my research a lot of folks in the Gay Community have issues with Ex-lesbian Janet Boynes Ministries and message.  It look  like many in the gay community don't believe a person who is (Janet says she was not born gay) born gay can be cured nor delivered from gayness. Some say that absolute deliverance from homosexuality is impossible, while others say that same-sex attraction may continue throughout a person's life."Janet was not, is not, and never will be a homosexual.  she only thought she was for a short period of time. Homosexuals do not borne fatal and Unchangeable illness. Homosexuals who are uneducated in their sexuality and take the wrong path (as many heterosexuals do) can borne fatal illnesses such as alcoholism, aids, or Bulimia. and (as i hope you may agree) who would walk into a a room (which she has no idea what it is about) say "hello, my name is Janet. I am…

Should The Catholic Church Be Force To Report Child Abuse?

There's  currently a ‘Protect the Seal’ blog campaign going on  and Catholic bloggers are being urged to feature this ribbon on their blogs in support.  It look like the Irish government has  propose  to introduce legislation that would make itmandatory for priests to reveal details of child abuse.....Especially  if it became known during and  in the confessional.

A group of Irish priests has announced that the country’s Catholic clergy will refuse to comply with any law requiring them to break the seal of the confession. The statement of defiance comes in response to proposed legislation announced by the government late last week, under which priests could face up to five years in prison for failure to disclose sexual crimes against minors admitted by penitents.There is also a proposed bill in Australia to force priests to break the seal of silence.  Some say this is nothing but an attack on Catholicism. 
 Most priests are aware  that if they reveal anything they have learned du…

Should Parents Be Allowed To Name Their Kids Anything They Want?

New Zealand  registrar of births, deaths and marriages  are cracking down on parents who want to give their bundle of joy gifts from God  names like: Lucifer, Baron, Bishop, Duke, General, Judge, Justice, King, Knight and Mr.     Hold up! I know a young man  name  Mister Brown.  No lie!! He's a friend of my son.  The name Messiah has also been turned down, as have requests to name kids 89, C, D, I and T. As well, the agency has refused to give a pass to full stops, asterisks, virgules and other punctuation marks.  Source Here!
Question?!? Should parents be allowed to name their kids anything they want?

Is It Possible To Be Christian And Feminist At The Same Time?

I have a hard time embracing the idea and notion of a Christian Feminists. For me the two words just don't jive well together and plus it leave a bad feeling in my spirit.   In my head feminism mean a woman who is desiring  to be "the same" as a man in every area of her life.   Please don't get it wrong.  I believe in the equal rights of male and females but not equal roles. Some roles were never design for women.   

The Washington Post have a very interesting  article up talking about how some Conservative are trying to apply  the "Christian feminist" label to Plain and Bachmann. There's no way these two Christian  Women  can hold up the banner of Christ and Feminists at the same time. I read a definition that stated: Christian feminists believe women should have rights, opportunities and choices equal to men in all areas of life -- including the life of the church. As a Christian and born again believer we're call to be a servant to Jesus Christ. I…

Should A Church Question A Person Sexual Identity?

At one time,a person sexual identity was not an issue in the black church. The black church  was the home of unity, love, and acceptance.  It was that same black church that served as the home of the civil rights movement. It was the same church that gave the black community it strength.   But then one day something happen.  The church began  to pick apart it members and became preoccupied with who a person slept with.  

 We know “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” was introduced while  President Bill Clinton was in office.  The policy was a answer in the debate over whether openly gay men and women  should be allowed to serve openly in the armed services. Well that same debate is now moving  into the church house.  Some churches are asking if  a openly gay person should be allowed to serve  in any role in  the church.   A friend inform me yesterday that her church was talking and  thinking about implementing  something similar to"Don't Ask, Don't Tell."

But  instead of not askin…

So What's Wrong With Foxy Brown Being A Saved Woman?

Look folks we must be very careful not to be too quick to judge when it comes to ones salvation. It's a very serious thing to say that someone is or is not saved. "Being saved" means that a person have accepted the free gift of salvation offered by Jesus Christ to all persons. Also being saved is a knowing  for sure that you have eternal life when you exit this earth. Being saved has nothing to do with how one feel or one  emotions. So when I saw this headline over at Essence I'm thinking so what's the big deal?  Why throw shade at the young lady for saying she's born again?  We do not have the power to look into the heart of anyone and determine if they are saved or not. If the comment below is true I think she is headed in the right way.
“I go to church every Sunday. I go to Bible study every Friday night. I’m saved. The mooning thing bothered me more than anything else in the past — because I’m a lady. All my friends were in the park smoking weed and gettin…

Are The Programs Lower-income People Use Deliberately Made More Obvious And Degrading?

I find this survey very fascinating and interesting. I pray that God continue to uncover the hypocritically manner of most American.  Suzanne Mettler a  professor in the Department of Government at Cornell did a survey.  First she asked survey participants whether they had ever used a federal U.S. government program. Then later in the survey she specifically asked respondents whether they had ever benefited from or participated in specific welfare food stamp federal programs. As it turns out, large number of people who have benefited from various federal programs or policies do not recognize themselves as having done so. the table below  shows what percent of people who said they had participated in or used these 19 federal programs had earlier in the surveys said they had never used any social program:

  The professor argues that recipients are less likely to recognize themselves as benefiting from programs that are part of what she calls the “submerged state” — programs and p…

Seven Reason Memorizing Scripture Is Important For The Christian.

Have you ever met folks  who can quote Scriptures from Genesis to Revelation without missing a beat?  Have you every tried memorizing Scripture before and gave up? Did you know that when a person becomes a Christian, they instantly become part of a constant warfare with Satan? Do you know that Satan knows Scripture also?  Nothing pays greater spiritual dividends than memorizing Scripture here's why: 
1). Your prayer life will be strengthened. 2). Your witnessing will be more effective. 3). Your counseling will be in demand. 4). Your outlook will change. 5). Your mind will become more alert.6). Your confidence will be enhanced.7). Your faith will be solidified.My pastor at home once taught us  the purpose of Scripture memorization and how  very important it was for the believer. That was one of his most  powerful teaching.  He also said  that Christians  should know more than Jesus Wept!! So my question to any who's reading this  are you good at Scripture memorization?

I Wonder How Many Liquor Forms Ms. Fotusky Sign?

Laura Fotusky a municipal clerk have submitted a letter of resignation to the town board in Barker on Monday. Ms. Fotusky claims her religious beliefs prevent her from signing a marriage certificate for any gay couple. That is what she’d be required to do as a municipal clerk. The letter was published on the website of the Christian lobbying group New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms.

My thoughts is this if you can't serve the public, then you don't belong in a public service position. Especially if you can't accept the fact that every body deserve the same rights. And if I'm  not making a  mistake don't some municipal clerks sign other forms that could be deem questionable by some Christians?  I wonder did Ms. Fotsky  have a problem signing any other form?

"The Real Housewives of the Bible"

Get out of here okay!  I’m sure it’s a reality show that  I will probably not watch.  Reality shows  do not normally inspire me.  However, I'm going to give Ty  Adam prop for producing and making it.  I believe she consulted  with God about where the advertiser are putting their money these days  and what people are watching. God answer her with reality television.

These reality shows are very popular but  I’m wondering how she  is going to achieve her“helping women juxtapose real-life issues with Christian teaching,”  stated objective?
 On a very  serious note from  my glancing at reality shows during the years. The appeal  to these shows seem to be  in watching people deal with real-life issues by being catty,  fighting,  disagreeable and manipulative.   I love what My friend Terry over at Breathing Grace  said:
Did Abraham had an “adulterous affair?” This implies that Sarah was in the dark and the “baby mama drama” was forced on her unawares.  Was Abigail in a “sexless marri…

I'm Coming Up On The Rough Side Of The Mountain!

Gospel Icon Bishop F.C. Barnes passed away July 11, 2011  he was 82 years young.
Bishop F.C.   Barnes began singing in quartets when he was 14 years old. He would later record eight albums with Rev. Janice Brown and “Rough Side of the Mountain” became the most popular album remaining #1 on the gospel charts for more than a year, selling over 500,000 copies.  Every black church choir in the South sang and rock  Rough Side of the Mountain. 

 Bishop Barnes spent his entire recording career on Atlanta International Records, (Air Gospel) a subsidiary of The Malaco Music Group. He recorded 15 albums, not including appearances on several LP's with his son, Gospel Legend Luther Barnes and the widely successful direct marketing campaign infomercial entitled, Gospel Legends. Bishop Barnes has received numerous Stellar Award nominations as well as a Dove Award nomination. When you deliver the real gospel in song it never gets old. Years later, it's still relevant and have meaning.   Rest …

Is Celibacy For Today's Christian?

If we’re honest, there are   a large number of “Christian’s” walking  around with this testimony.  They may not walk around and make open statements about their lifestyle like Tyler did in Ebony Magazine.  But  there is evidence all around that sex outside of marriage in the church is alive and well. Tyler Perry, who I have always admired tells Ebony that he has a girlfriend and is engaging in premarital sex. Hold up!something wrong with this picture. I have to  agree with  EEWmagazine this is not like Perry to be discussing his personal life with anyone. He has always been very mum when it came to that part of his life.
"Typically silent about anything substantial pertaining to his love life, this revelation is out of character for Perry. And engaging in sexual relations without putting a ring on it, is out of character for a Christian. That doesn't mean we all are perfect and don't make mistakes. At the same time, it is not advisable to go broadcasting things like t…

Is Satan On The Inside Of Beyonce Camp?

If we Christians don't believe Satan love high places then keep living.....this is another prime example of his handy work.Matthew Knowles who's  a Christian by the way has been accused of stealing from his daughter, and filed court papers defending himself against “false accusations. I tell you what when I read that statement over at  Ms Grapevine  blog  it hurt my heart.
 I have always had this wonderful picture in my mind of Byonce and her father relationship  it was one of beauty and dignity. I believe Matthew Knowles is learning right now; as  if he didn't already know that sin will cost you everything you have and love in this world plus much more.   Matthew Knowles has been often credited for making the moves behind the scenes that propelled Beyonce into super stardom. I have a strong hunch something else is going on behind those scenes now. 
When people are upset they say and do the wrong things. At that point it’s easy for them  to become critical and arrive at the …

Are Big Babies Still Welcome In The Black Community?


Do Greek Organization Go Against The Word Of God?

If you're a Christian who had a bad experience in an elite organization like the AK A's.  Should you just shut up about your experience and not tell anyone or  should you warn other Christian brothers and sisters about the danger of the idolatry embedded in these organization? 

Well in the video below this young lady Simone have a YouTube channel up giving a testimony and warning other Christians and non-Christians  about her personal  experience and involvement in the  AKA.   She now believe that this organization goes against the  word of God. 

  She state that when she joined the  AKA organization she was not a Christian but became one lately on.  Simone  says once she became save that  God reveal His truth to her.  She feels that now  she must warn others about taken oaths and making pledges to these organization.  But every one is not happy with her using YouTube as a platform to do so.   Some Christian are threatening her with legal action because of her YouTube channel.  …

Do You Have An Effeminate Male Worship Leader At Your Church?

If so Pastor  Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church would like to know. If there  is  any stories you would like to share hit him up.   Church bad boy Mark Driscoll has got the Christian blog-sphere up in arm one more time with a recent comment on his face book page.

 I'm  wonder what was the purpose of the post.  Some are saying he is encouraging people to gossip and Bully  ridicule other people.  Any one who have ever follow Driscoll teaching  no his views on male and female relationships.   Driscoll believe men ought to be men and women ought to be women in society, home and the church. What ever that mean.  

What do you think of a pastor who  invites people to make fun of worship leaders because of how they look or act? Isn't leading worship supposedly an act of service to God and a ministry to the congregation? Isn't worship a sacred time of expressing love and reverence for God? So how exactly is it acceptable to “lead” people to mock worship leaders based on external appe…

Can You Raise Your Kid To Be A Homosexual?

For some reason I always thought Toddlers & Tiaras    was a beauty pageant about  little girls but apparently that's not so. The TLC reality  show "Toddlers &  Tiaras" was back on Wednesday  night for its 4th season and not without some rumbling from the social media  world. 

 The reality show caused a ruckus on twitter Wednesday  night when it  featuring Brock Ritter as a pageant prince.  Soon after the episode was aired, people took to Twitter to express that they are against the idea of encouraging a boy to be pageant prince.  

Why exploit your SON on national tv, leaving him to be ridiculed for a good part of his childhood? All that would lead to is him being bullied.  These mothers have  sold their souls and the souls of their children (and robbed them of their childhood) for a few plastic trinkets and a few dollars.For years  people raised their kids with morals and values, teaching them right from wrong, teaching them what boys do and what girls do. What'…

Young, Fly & Saved movement?

Have you heard of The Young Fly & Saved movement? I never heard of it until today.  I Just recently  ran across a interview  with St Louis, Missouri native,Willie "P-Dub" Moore aka Pretty Willie. Who's  a  R & B singer turned Gospel artist who is making a   impact on the world  with his Young, Fly & Saved movement. I don't believe music was ever meant for reaching the lost. 
Will is known by most for his hits like "Lay Your Body Down" and "Roll With Me" but he says his talent is in inspiration. In the interview the  Hip-Hop singer and rapper says he has always been grounded and rooted in the ministry. And through prayer and fasting God gave him the Young, Fly & Saved movement concept and vision. And he has been running with it every since.
Willie says he been call to bridge the gap between the streets and the church and he understand that sometimes you have to appeal to a broad demographic of people differently.    Willie is travelin…

Why Some Black Women Don't Want A Female Pastor!

The Grio  have a wonderful written article posted about black women and the pastoral leadership  role in the black church.  The article seems to be saying that the black woman in the pew  do not care for women as pastors regardless of what  the denomination might be.
 For some like myself  it's hard to accept and embrace the idea God intend for women to pastor a church.

I Rather Go To Hell Than Spend Eternity With God!

Have any one heard of The Blasphemy challenge? It's a  crazy challenge which have been around since 2007. It's  sweeping the net and seem to be very popular with young people. It's a challenge that  targets the  youth by encouraging  them to record themselves  denying The Holy Spirit. The young person record a short message damning their soul  to Hell. Then they upload it to YouTube, and then the Rational Response Squad will send them  afreeThe God Who Wasn’t ThereDVD. 
Now  I am not convinced  that merely speaking words  can send  a soul to hell nor  am I convinced that speaking words can send a soul to heaven. It takes more than that. But I'm convinced that the  spoken word needs to be connected with the state of the "heart" and " mind" in a commitment to either denial or embrace the existence of God.   Only a born-again Christian can commit this sin unto death.He  does this by renouncing what he has experienced and know for a fact is true.

What's The Purpose For Planking?

According to wiki "Planking" is the act of lying face down with arms to the sides of the body, in unusual public spaces and photographing it. The term "planking" was coined in Australia and became a "Fad" in 2011.  Some people  are saying "Planking" has it roots in slavery I'm sorry  personally   I don't believe that  to be true. Nor do I  see a connection in any way to slavery.

I’ve seen a number of pictures all over facebook, and it makes me wonder what is it  about us humans and our culture that makes us craves this kind of silliness and foolishness?  So when I found a pic of Gospel Rapper Lecra  partaking in this foolishness I'm thinking what is it that  make  people act the fool?  There's nothing wrong with it!! Neither is there any redeeming  purpose  for it either.  I don't have anything against it but  I’m just wondering what gives? When you find Christians following the world with this kinda foolishness you have to …

Are Blacks Less Patriotic Than Others?

I don't think so, nor do I believe we as a group love America less than others.I love America, and make no apology for doing so. I enjoy her freedoms, especially in being free to worship the true and living God when and how I won't to.   I believe the United States is the greatest country on the face of the earth in terms of God’s blessing upon it.
Growing up as a  kid the 4th of July and Christmas were two of  my favorite holidays.  I loved the 4th of July because it was a summer holiday, and the whole  neighborhood  would be outside barbecuing and having fun. Today I still have a  love for the 4th of July but  with a better understanding of what it is that I love about it. Now Dr. Boyce Watkins has a post up stating "Why Black People Have Little Right or Reason to Celebrate Independence Day"  What do you think?

<br /> <a href=""&am…

Would You Join A Strict Church That Did Not Allow Bold Hair Colors?

I don't believe the hair color would be a distraction for me but I'm sure I'll notice it. I know  most schools have rules and usually that would include a rule about acceptable hairstyles. So if you join the school you are to abide by the rules or leave.  

Now Millie Foley dyed her hair bright red to look like the pop star Rihanna  and was told by her school to turn around   go back home and  wash it out. Millie refused and her parents were called in for a meeting with the headteacher to discuss the colouring of the 15-year-old's hair.

So let me ask a question! Would you join a strict church, school, club or organization with rules like I have posted below? If not then why do you reckon people join these places  knowing what the rule book states? 
"We wholeheartedly disapprove of our people indulging in any activities which are not conducive to good Christianity and Godly living, such as theaters, dances, mixed bathing, women cutting their hair, make-up, amusement…

Do Don Lemon Have A Dislike For The Black Church?

Don Lemon really needs to back up off  the black church and the black community.  I have seen and read a few of his interviews and he seriously got a problem with both. In almost every interview he manages to slide in how homophobic the black church and community are.  

Is Don Lemon touring the country speaking on the difficulties of being a black gay man on behalf of CNN or what?  If so why? Do CNN have a hidden agenda it's pushing using Lemon as it face? Why and how is the Black community the most homophobic?  Why do Lemon blame the church? 

Granted  there are blacks who are homophobic as there are blacks who are not. I believe black people have the right to not like gay people but they do not have the right not to love gay people. God has given us a command to LOVE everyone not a command to like every one. There's a difference.  We the church and community do not have to accept nor like a lifestyle that we view as wrong but by the same token that don't mean we shouldn&#…