Bin Laden's Sea Burial Criticize!

There are many reasons that this burial at sea was done....but there's one reason in particular; America did not want to tick off the entire Muslim world....there would have been  nothing for us to gain  by doing  that.....we claim to be a Christian country, then  we  must act like it.....any time as a  nation we can take  the high ground, we have to do it.....there's some in and out of  the Islamic world who  have a problem with the handling of Bin Laden body after his death. I don't!.....I applaud our government for acting  in a very dignified and civilized  manner in the way this operation was carried out from beginning to end...we can't for get after  911 Bin Laden became America's number one enemy..........I believe the sea burial  in this case was the perfect solution for a enemy.....I also believe our government  gave bin Laden more respect and dignity than he gave the 9/11 victims and others he ordered murdered....what do you think?
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