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Should Churches Compete With Each Other?

Competition among churches is something I intensely dislike...If the emphasis is on making disciples, then there really is no need for competition in churches....The Church has too many things in this world to compete with, without competing with each other...Competition between Churches only causes those who are being saved to loose out.... This is a Kingdom issue....We are working for the Kingdom, not for awards on earth.

I understand what Steve was trying to do but I don’t think competition is the most appropriate way to go.... The church should  not be in the business of competing against each other.... This isn’t the same as selling a product.... Aside from anything else, we’re called to ‘serve’ not to ‘sell’ my church is better.
The Hoodie Awards honors local businesses, religious and community leaders, church and high schools for their contributions and excellence in the communities throughout the country...We're  wonder why young people are turning their backs on the church…

What Do You Get When You Blend Christianity With Islam?

Here's a story of a group in Nigeria that is blending Christianity and Islam....They are calling  it Chrislam....They are claiming it could  lead to unity between Christianity and Islam.... I don't know!!But Chrislam,as the name suggests, is a growing movement wherein some Christians are seeking to find common ground with Muslims....It  actually seeks to combine Christianity with Islam. It is a movement that speakabout “spirituality without boundaries” Islam and Christianity are incompatible but  I will agree there are some common  words that  are use by both  Islam and Christianity...Creator, Almighty, Merciful, etc...But in reality there is no common ground between Islam and Christianity...You got to  work hard to believe that these  two faiths are fundamentally the same...I believe there's a huge difference between the two...To the Christian Jesus is God and to deny His  deity is heresy.