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Should Convicted Felons Have Voting Rights?

I believe after prisoners  have served their sentence and paid their debt to society they should be allow to vote... Why do we continue to punish them? There are some  states that  prohibit convicted felons from voting...My home state of  Alabama Is one of those states...Even after they have served their full sentence they still cannot vote...Now I  agree if convicted  of a felony  you lose your  voting rights...But once you have done your time why can't a person vote?

By denying convicted felons the right to vote, even after they have served their full term is wrong...We are  saying  to them there's  no forgiveness...It's like  punishment without grace or hope...The practice of denying voting rights  is rooted in racism...Our history shows that depriving convicted felons of their voting privileges was & is aimed at preventing black Americans from voting.... And even today, blacks make up  a large percentage of those who have been disenfranchised due to felony convictio…

Maundy Thursday!

Today is “Maundy Thursday which is the story of Jesus washing the disciples’ feet on the eve of Passover and tomorrow is Good Friday followed by Black Saturday and then Easter Sunday.”The name "Maundy Thursday" is derived from Jesus "mandate" to love one another as he loves us... I remember growing up in a church were feet washing was part of the Holy Week Celebration... it is a powerful testimony to us all who are call to serve... in which we find love for others.... feet washing has been a significant act throughout the old black had some churches that wash feet before communion and some who did not... growing up I would ask why are they doing I understand what is behind this practice of feet washing... it help us understand Jesus thinking.... it's not robbery to take the feet of the disciples who would take the Gospel into the world...the idea of living out personal victory with our feet is very powerful...for example...we can wa…