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Is The Mega Church Literally Becoming A Gold Mine For The Pastor?

I believe so! and it's disturbing...there is an entire segment of the travel industry today focused strictly on Christian overseas religious travel.....most of these  trips  are to the "Holy Land"...."Holy Land" travel agencies offer special trips just for pastors to train them on how to lead their own trip. There are 8-day trips, 10-day trips, 11-day trips. You can select trips where you "follow Jesus", or "footsteps of Paul." Some are land-based, some are cruises. Some focus on trips for Catholics, others for Methodists, even some for Mormons...Some highlight history, like Danube River trips, sometimes including stops in Rome. These "pastor only" trips, called "familiarization tours"  are offered at a greatly reduced price, and some agencies offer to refund the cost of the entire trip if the pastor commits to getting  15 or more to return to the Holy Land in the next 18 months....just how many of  these pastors …

Reborn Dolls Are Creepy!!

BuzzFeed Slideshow:LOLOMGWTFCuteTrashyGeeky× Exit NEXT  This is about the strangest mess I have ever seen in my life....growing up I had many dolls too select  from and to play with...but these dolls will cause a child to have nightmares. Article here!!

The Water Proof Bible.

The floating Bible is published by Bardin & Marsee....and it's being advertise as an old school book...the kind with pages that must be turned manually....The Water Proof Bible! is suitable for missionaries preaching in the rain, soldiers on foreign battlefields, pastors baptizing new Christians and duck hunters....The Waterproof Bible's pages are impermeable....but verses can be underlined with a ballpoint pen or marked with a dry ink highlighter....It’s durable and in case of a flood it  floats...Nov. 1, it will be available in all the popular translations: English Standard Version, New Living Translation, King James Version and New International Version.

Young People There's Nothing Wrong With Meditation.

Why do most Christians cringed at the very word meditation? I had an opportunity Sunday to explain meditation  to my Sunday School their young minds, they automatically connect this discipline to yoga Eastern religions or some other type of mystical activity....I explain to them...along with prayer meditation is one of the most powerful discipline  a Christian can possible develop in this, when  trials come hit, you don't fall apart....instead you  begin to meditate on God's goodness and not  the fact, you will have pondered His promises so deeply, that they will become more real to you than any situation you are experiencing.
According to Webster's Dictionary, meditation is "to engage in contemplation or reflection; to focus one's thoughts on: reflect on or ponder over."
I explain that  we all meditate on different things every day ,bills how we're going to pay them,a negative diagnosis the doctor gave us  etc…

"How Can Christians Celebrate Halloween Without Feeling Guilty?"

Whether it’s a harvestfestival, or a fall carnival, or a Haunted House or Judgement House, or something else entirely.....Many churches are making alternative Halloween activities available to their communities.

My question is what about you? Does your church provide a Halloween alternative? Why must (we) provide alternatives? I don’t believe there is any sound Biblical basis for Halloween… so why would there be any such basis for an ‘alternative?’ Why not, simply, “No?”

"Princess Boy"

First thing first, I’m all for any one expressing themselves.....but this particular  story caught my eye...this parent is doing this little boy a huge disservice by not only allowing this but celebrating's  wrong for parents  to specifically coach their child from a young age to live outside of societal  norms.... it's unfair and it's unwise...I know adults are responsible for the choices they make but when it’s a child who's responsible for their choices? is it wrong for parents to expect their son/daughter to stick to traditional gender roles? if a parent doesn't approve of gender role switching   do it mean the parent  is somehow suppressing their child  creativity? I don’t think so, but that seems to be the message I personal got from the clip of the  show...the audience applauds this little boy  for seemingly being completely confused about his gender.

The boy’s mother says her “Princess Boy” was attracted to shiny things before the age of tw…

Is The Black Church To Blame For Tonex Falling Away From The Faith?

I found the following quote on a message board:  
"If the "Black Church" wanted Tonex to stick with Gospel music and the church they should’ve embraced him and love him for his honesty instead of casting stones...I was hurt by the "Black Church" and know how he feels....I can see why he would start believing other doctrines because he’s hurt by the Black Church".
For those who don't know who Tonex is, he's an ex-gospel artist and pastor. Why are so many trying to blame the "Black Church" for every thing that's not right?  Clearly Tonex is the one who made the  choice to remove him self from the faith....according to  1 Corinthians 5:9-13 when those who sin do so willingly without the desire to stop, then they are removed from the this case Tonex applied this  Scripture to him self.
People don't like to here this but the Word of God is the guideline all Christians must learn to live by...God gave us the model when He s…

There's Yoke Breaking Power In The Whoop!

"I love it"  In my opinion, whooping is a large part of our own African American heritage....and it shouldn't be put down by CNNthose who don't understanding it....there's yoke breaking power in the's heard mostly in our Baptist and Pentecostal which the elites among us have abandon for the hold up your bible type of church.
If whooping wasn’t a part of your faith tradition then of course you can't/don't  understand it....I'm one of the few black folks left who have mad respect for the power of the whoop....and if you're a pastor who's gifted in whooping like Pastor E.Dewey Smith is....then that's what you use what God have gifted you with to incite,move,prompt,propel motivate His people....if Pastor Smith can explain the message of a particular biblical text with whooping then what's the problem? if Pastor Smith is whooping about Jesus is the wheel in the middle of a wheel....I know what he's…

Training In How To Be A Church Snob!

What's a Church Hospitality Expert? now I’ve never been a member of a church that had a huge or large staff....usually in the smaller churches were I come from....people carry out multiple jobs, with varying degrees of effectiveness with a heart to, when I saw  this unique  flier on-line advertising a conference for EXCELLENCE in ministry workers I was some what surprise:

""fine tune the skill set of those that serve "YOU" as Armor Bearers,Ushers/Greeters,Security,Parking and Administrator"" 

Bishop Lester Love who's a well known and never heard of him res pected pastor....will be teaching a workshop on the subject of Armor Bearing....I will admit I didn't know folks were been train in how to serve God tell me men are actually  train in how to wipe the brow of the “man of God” when he sweats? or the proper way to  take his jacket on and off? how to carry his bible, take away his bible or other books when he's done wit…

Is Steve Harvey Trying To Run A Scam On Black Women?

I ask that question because Steve Harvey  is old enough to know  and understand that a diet of this kind  is I don't under stand  why Steve Harvey is doing this,21 pounds in only 21 days except possibly to show people how ill-advised it is...whether that’s his intent or not I don't no.

Steve Harvey told his listeners on his radio show that he was doing the  “Lose 21 Pounds in 21 Days” Martha’s Vineyard Diet Detox...basically, the program consists of a three-part detox program centered around consuming liquid meals (juices/soups) and supplements. By the end of the 21 days, not only are you supposed to have dropped a great deal of weight, but your body should also feel energized and toxin-free. 
The news  has cause Roni DeLuz, the creator of the 21 day diet, to added a special section to the website for fans of Harvey’s that want to follow and take part with him in the program....there's a $213.95  kit you can buy and a Face bookpage which has also been c…

Gone Are The Days When A Youth Day Service Was A Worship Service.

Today was Kingdom Business Youth Sunday at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church....I just read that  Bishop Long had a hip hop concert for the Sunday morning  8 o’clock service....Rumors are when the 8 a.m. service began, all the lights went dim, then hip hop gospel singer Canton Jones took to the stage pulpit with AKA Young Dirty young Edward Long on key board...There's rumors that it's no surprise that New Birth had the concert there because it caters to the “young folks” and Bishop Long believes in the hip hop gospel movement.

Gone are the days when a youth day service was a  worship service designed for and by the youth of the church.....I remember growing up were the youth day service were used to encouraged youth creativity....Youth day was a way to offer the youths the opportunities to use their crafts and gifts in serious leadership roles with in the church and community.

Preacher Bureau Of Investigation.

There's  a new website that is allowing  church members to report a Pastor or Preacher that is ripping off the church, and hustling the members. ""If you have encountered a so-called “Man of God” and the experience was a total embarrassment to the Body of Christ, then it’s time to report them to The Preacher Bureau of Investigations.""The site owner have reported a number of pastor/preachers disapproval of the site. Check it out and tell me what you think.

Are Children Called To Preach?

I rather see a child soldier than a child preacher...WOW! that's a comment I read on a message board.
 Children are amazing imitators of adults they want  love, attention, and I have never bought into the idea of children being preachers....There's something about it that don't jive with me....Take the kids in the video..... Do they understand the serious doctrines and theologies they’re shouting about?Is  it possible to preach with  authority if you haven't  experience anything? Don't those who  preach to others must first preach to themselves?  (Ro. 2:21; 1 Cor. 9:27). I don't believe a child who hasn’t developed critical thinking nor been educated can preach the true word of God.....nowwhat's most recognizable in the video  are the styles of preaching and  the content of what they are me they are saying absolutely nothing..... Do  you think children can teach Bible lessons that don’t conform to the beliefs of their own chu…

Is Willow Smith The Next Illuminati Star?

Is young Willow Smith  being indoctrinated into an industry based on shock-value and things that are way heavier than just a look?  Her look right now is very manufactured and marketed to a very young generation. Article here!

Bishop Eddie Long To Receive A Certified Letter Of Demand To Step Down From The Pulpit.

Reuben Armstrong is drafting a certified letter to Bishop Eddie Long demanding that he step down immediately from the Pulpit. The letter will convey Armstrong’s reasonsfor this demand including “Long’s alleged child predatory behaviors and the sexual abuse of young men in Long’s church", the New Birth Missionary Church. “Long's actions are of the devil and not of God”, says Armstrong. “Bishop Eddie Long is using the word of God to allegedly manipulate young men of his church for his own homosexual use”.

In my opinion Mr. Armstrong is trying to sell more books...he and I both know he has "NO" power to force Eddie  Long out of  New Birth Baptist church....if the members of that body.....don't have a problem with bishop Long.....then who are we to tell him to go? The members have chosen to back him.

Where Did Man Creative Ability Come From?

Where did man  appreciation for art, music, literature and poetry come from? I have always had a love for science....When I was in school science was my favorite subject....I remember science telling  us that we came to be  an accident of nature.
Science also tell us that we evolved from a lower form of life. They say that one-day for no particular reason, life began....We're taught about survival of the fittest, how man basically made it to the top of the food chain.....We are told that though natural selection the traits that we needed evolved and the ones that we did not need died out.

Today I am not here to argue about how we got here per se, but I want you to think about something with me....lets look at one of the Attribute of Our Awesome God....the attribute of CREATIVITY....When you and I look at the animal kingdom, we don't see creativity....Robins sing the same song, Blue Jays sing the same song.... Beavers build the same kind of dam...Spiders of the same type build th…

Solomon Burke!

When your name is trending on Twitter it's not good....The “Wonder Boy Preacher.”  Solomon Burke is dead at the age of 70.

10. 10. 10

Once every hundred years, there is a day you can write out as 10/10/10. in the 21st century, that day falls this Sunday....I found some awesome tens from the Bible that I like:

 1. The Holy Spirit descended on the apostles ten days after the Ascension of Jesus.

2. The ten leprous heal by Jesus. (Lk 17,11)

3. The ten pounds given at ten servants in the parable. (Lk 19,13)

4. The ten horns of the Beast of the Revelation with the ten diadems on each of horns. (RV 13, 1)

5. The ten impotent powers against the love of God. (Rm 8,38)

6. The ten vices that exclude from the kingdom of God. (1 Co 6,10)

7. The ten nations whose hostility towards Israel was constant. (PS 83,7-9)

8. Boaz took ten witnesses to marry Ruth. (Rt 4,2)

9. God move back the shadow on the sundial of Ahaz of ten degrees as a sign that He was going to deliver Hezekiah from his mortal sickness and the city where he was. (Is 38,1-8)

10. The ten plagues of Egypt sent by God by the intermediary of Moses, according to the Bibl…

Speaking Out Against Bullying!

Are there any Christians willing to stand with me and speak out against the bullying of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender students? Few things are as powerful as the right words spoken at the right time...By the same token words withheld when their season of opportunity is gone are a heavy burden to live with...Solomon said there is a time to speak...But it's a limited time and when its over it's done....I believe that we have to step away and examine the fact that God had a purpose for humanity....and  each person is worth the dignity of Creation...I agree with Albert Mohler statement below:
""When gay activists accuse conservative Christians of homophobia, they are wrong. Our concern about the sinfulness of homosexuality is not rooted in fear, but in faithfulness to the Bible — and faithfulness means telling the truth.Yet, when gay activists accuse conservative Christians of homophobia, they are also right. Much of our response to homosexuality is rooted in ig…

The Queen Of Gospel Music Albertina Walker!

Death for the Christian is turning off the light because the dawn has come...Gospel music artist Albertina Walker has passed away at age 81.

Open Letter To The Black Church.

Bishop E.W. Jackson Sr. has issued  an Open Letter To The Black Church Community....In keeping with a promise he made  to set the black community free from the "death grip" of the Democratic Party.
Bishop Jackson's Open Letter accuses the Democratic Party of championing abortion, which disproportionately destroys unborn black children....He also   accuses the Democratic Party of advancing the homosexual agenda, which most black Christians oppose.
"Democrats are also pushing homosexuality. Their plan includes re-educating Christians in the military to compromise their commitment to the Biblical view of same sex relationships. How long can we vote for those who support policies which defy God, before we must answer to Him for it?" Jackson left the Democratic Party in 1982 because of what he called "an ungodly agenda inconsistent with Christian values." Article Here!

Is The Black Church Homophobia?

Any (Black, White, Hispanic, or other) CHRISTIAN church  should be against adultery, murder, cheating, stealing, any sex outside of marriage sin....The term phobia is defined as "the fear" of something....Please! stop with the fooliness.....I've  been part of the black church construct all my life and I'm not "afraid" of gay people and I don't believe "The Black Church" is homophobia....I just don't believe that to be true....the church whole purpose is  to denounces sin according to Scriptures....ANY SEX OUTSIDE OF MARRIAGE IS that's not being homophobia that's just  scripture. 
When the Christian Church, says premarital sex is wrong that doesn't mean it's  homophobic...its upholding its God-given belief against something it believe to be wrong.....which is what it should be should be without malice, loving and welcoming....but by the same token the church should stand by what it believes to be tr…

Do CNN Have A Secret Gay Agenda?

Well according to Bishop Harry Jackson he believe they do....Bishop Harry Jackson who's the pastor of Hope Christian Church in calling CNN out...Bishop Jackson have pen an article for Charisma Magazine’s.... in which he claim CNN is using the charges  against Bishop Eddie Long as a way to forward a secret gay agenda....first, I'm not an endorser  of the bishop...I strongly  believe if you pay taxes in America  you should  have the same rights as every one's the quote: I believe there is a radical, gay rights contingent within CNN and several other mainstream media organizations that wants to discredit or remove the “moral microphone” from the hands of black leadership. After all, it was black clergy that unified people in California and Florida to pass marriage amendments, which prevented the redefinition of marriage in both states. Since that time, many black spiritual leaders have been ridiculed and identified as the enemy by gay rights activi…

Mega Church Pastor Resigned During Sunday Service!!

The Pastor of Saint Mark Baptist Church resigned during Sunday morning service....Bishop Steven Arnold who' the pastor of  6,700 members have step down....he  asked the congregation for forgiveness, but didn't fully explain why....members say he did use the word 'indiscretion' as part of the reason he was relinquishing leadership of the church. The announcement stunned the congregation, leading many people to shriek and others to cry.Arnold has been pastor of Saint Mark since 1989 and has helped grow that faith community from the 300 members it had back then.He told the faithful this would be a time for fasting and that the next three days would be tough.This announcement comes just days before Saint Mark is set to host an "Impact conference."

They Done Let Them ----------In Da Cub!!!

Why in the world would a Christian artist use bleeps in a Christian song? Christian Rapper Canton Jones  leaked  his new song "In Da Club" last Friday.....the song have gotten alot of negative buzz from the young Christian crowd...some young people are asking is he saved....some are impying that CaJo should  sit down repent  and realize this was a  mistakes...I really didn’t under standing what all the fuss was about until I listen to the track....Cajo is actually rapping about being in the club.....pulling up in a Bentley, and buying the bar.....Cajo bleeps out certain words just like the secular rappers do when they want a clean versions of a rap to be played on the air....I thought bleeps were created for cencosrship of bad words or politically incorrect words.

The  chorus goes “They done let them ______ in the club! Oh my God! They done let them ______ in the club!” As the song continues, several other words are muted in the same way that TV and radio stations offer “cle…

Why Is Eddie Long Fighting From The Position Of A Ceo?

I believe Bishop Long have  made a huge allowing this matter to be handled in the courts doing so has lead  me to believe that some misconduct did occurred.....Why is Bishop Long positioning  himself as if he's a  CEO of a big company?....rather than as a man of God who's the Shepherd  of God's people....this move Tuesday night  and Sunday morning leave me to believe it's more  about saving his empire and....have nothing what so ever  to do with church....the comment below is one that appears  in The New York Times:

“We’re not just a church, we’re an international corporation,” he told the newspaper in justifying his compensation. “We’re not just a bumbling bunch of preachers who can’t talk and all we’re doing is baptizing babies. I deal with the White House. I deal with Tony Blair. I deal with presidents around this world. I pastor a multimillion-dollar congregation.”I,m  not saying Bishop Long should come out and confess to anything...but, wh…