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The purpose of today's post is to remind those who feel they must/need to remind me that I have mistakes in my writing....Do I really need to be constantly reminded for the remainder of the Internet age that I'm not a writer?
A weblog comment is a public way of communication within the context of a blog post....Most of the time I don't answer anonymous commenter's....But this time I decided  to put it on front street....An e-mail is a private way of interaction.  A weblog comment that reads:

....."Please Ann...could you please check your posts for spelling, grammar, and proper spacing. Please I mean no disrepect"Anonymous.

 This doesn't belongs in a comment section....It should be an  e-mail message to ME instead....By the way Anonymous check your spelling! 

Did Eddie Long Actions Caused The People Of New Birth Church To Come Under God Judgement?

A young lady e-mailed  that question to me along with the clip....Now it's commonly belief among this generation that God judges people “today” and that He does so by causing good things to happen to “good” people and bad things to happen to “bad” people....I don't believe  that to be true!!!....There's a difference between God judgement and God punishment.....from my understanding of Scriptures God does not judge people in this life, but waits for the Day of Judgment to execute justice....God is not judging the sins of carnal Christians now because He wants all men to be saved..... but that don't mean He's not“punishing” sin today....Sin is a movement of progression....I believe  God gives all us  Eddie  Long ample warnings and time to deal with our sin problem before its to late....I mention this  clip in a blog post back in 2009 and got criticize  for even questioning  Eddie Long  authority.

Is Your Church A Personality Driven Church?

Why are so many churches recognized by the name of the senior pastor rather than by the name of the church? Do today's generation need a superstar pastor in order to be effective in church ministry? What about Christian maturity and growth? Why are so many churches built on the personality of a leader rather than the needs of the community in which it stand? Do the First Baptist churches with history don't matter any more?
 Now it wouldn't take me long to create a list of over a hundred  well known church leaders through out America....And I probably wouldn't be able to name the churches  that are link to that leader..... Every church is like an individual with a distinct personality that differs remarkably from any other....But in the end every church body should have the same DNA that guides its members thinking and style of ministry.
 Take the 7 churches in the book of Revelation....I believe John's  purpose for writing  these letters were to describe the seven ty…

"I Will Be Your Dad"

The Associated Press has reported  a fourth young man have come out saying Bishop Eddie Long coerced him into a sexual relationship....According to Bossip  Attorney B.J. Bernstein  have filed a lawsuit  on behalf of Spencer LeGrande, a member of New Birth Charlotte, which is a satellite church run by Long.
I just won't to remind and caution believers that scripture teaches the Body of Christ to reserve judgement and allow God to bring forth His judgement whatever that may be...God is all seeing and all knowing....I'm not saying the bishop didn't do these things....but for me I will wait  for those who witness this take place to step forward....I refuse to take the word of a accuser against a brethren.
But I do have a couple of questions for the black man who's got a rock in his hand and ready to stone Eddie Long...Why wasn't you the mentor in YOUR own sons life? Why wasn't YOU guarding YOUR own house? Why was YOUR son looking for YOU in someone else?Why was YOUR …

The Black Church Is A Peculiar Place!

The Root have  a very interesting piece about Harlem’s churches and the New York tourism industry.....I'm really floored by this.....How can  a church leader allow hundreds of visitors to "just gawk" at its  worship services? At least 60 of Harlem's 338 churches take part in the gospel sightseeing trade....I know we love to say the Church of Christ should be hospitable and welcoming to all who attend....I wholehearted agree the church should be a welcoming place.....Especially when visitors  come  in the spirit of worship.....How do you handle  tourists who are loud, disrespectful or wearing inappropriate clothing? Do you priorities seating for members?Do you  set a dress code? Do you designate a “visitor section”?It looks like Abyssinian Baptist Church  goes  far as to warn visitors waiting outside, this is a service and not a gospel concert. If you  won't a gospel concert then there are other churches that can accommodate you.

The War Cry!!

Bishop Kenneth Moales - great Man of God. We are going to truly miss you! We love you and your work for the Kingdom. You have done so much for the Body of Christ and the people of God.
Bishop Kenneth Moales, Sr., the presider of the Pentecostal Churches of Jesus Christ....And the pastor of Cathedral of the Holy Spirit died Monday at the age of 65.
The bishop  had just celebrated his 65th birthday with his church family on September 18th, just two days before he died.....My prayers go out to his family and church....The War Cry was a staple of his....Back in the day you couldn't go up in a pentecostal church and not here "the war cry".Check out the tambourine in the clip.

When Do You Leave A Church?

I got an email from someone asking for advice on how to find a church....They didn't go into any  details...No more that   they think the  time has come for them to find another place of worship.

I'm aware that  some Christians move from one church to another like the wind blowing....They can have a minor or personal disagreement and it can  send them to a new church across town....Then there's the "loyalty at any price" Christian, who clings  to the church of his birth or of his choice even  through bad doctrinal error....I believe today's generation  shop for church like they  shop for a car -- what are the special features, how is the decor, how's the sound and most of all--"what can they do for me?"

Search The Scriptures...Is Jesus Christ preached ?The heart of the Christian faith is Jesus Christ. I believe if what you're hearing from the pulpit is not  lining up with what "you read" in the Bible? You should fellowship else wher…

The Black Church Will Never Turn Against Jesus!

There's  an "entity" among us...who's   trying to use what's going on with the bishop to push an agenda...I'm sorry but "The Black Church" ain't buying it.
Some one emailed  me this question: Now that Bishop Eddie Long have been unwrap for the world to see.....will "The Black Church now change/alter it views of gays? My answer is NO! The Black Church"still  believe and will always believe that homosexuality is a lifestyle choice that is unnatural and unacceptable by the church...."The Black Church" have always believe that homosexual behavior conflicts with the word of God and that judgement for that  sin and all sin is left only for GOD judgement....therefore, "The Black Church" cannot/will not embrace homosexuality within the church....for "The Black Church" to embrace such a lifestyle would mean it's going against the solid teaching of  Jesus...I don't see the church leaving behind  the Solid Fou…

This Is A Set Up!

I notice last night at work that #EddieLong and #Bishop Eddie Long  were trending high topics on "Twitter." So I check to see what all the fuss was about....And I be dog-gone "The Bishop" is being sued for sexual  manipulation  coercion.....From what I gather he's being accused/sued by two men who "claim" he shrewdly  and deviously influence them into having sex with them...I'm sorry!! Personally I don't believe one word of this.... I think it's either a smear tactic or some kind of revenge plot....I may take issue with some of  his teaching.... In which I do....But these charges  I'm having a hard time believing... And if there any  truth to  the allegations  against "The Bishop" it's that they were in a consensual relationship....Which is wrong also but...I don't think an adult man can manipulate force  another adult man into anything.... I could be underestimating the situation, or maybe I overestimate people's…

Death For The Christian Is Turning Off The Light Because The Dawn Has Come!

I was reading on-line how thousands mourned with Bishop Marvin Sapp Thursday....During a four hour memorial service for his dear wife MaLinda Sapp who died of cancer....Death have  always causes me to reflect on my own life.

Did  you know how we live in however many days we’re given matters?Do you ever think of what people might say about you at your funeral? What kind of eulogy might you be given?Have you ever meet people who deny death and refuses to face it?...Why are some people reluctant to attend funerals? Why is it hard for some people to understand that death is part of life?Did you know at funerals we come face-to-face with the meaning of life? Do you know that   funerals  are  a place of  reflects?  Do you know that funerals are a occasion to prepare for the day when we too will depart and stand before God?Do you know that funerals give us all a reality check? Ecclesiastes 7:1-4- 8.Sums it up perfectly:
"A good reputation is more valuable than the most expensive perfume. …

"Spiritual Hoes"

This is a  video of  Pastor  Perry Noble, Senior Pastor of NewSpring Church, calling his pew sitters "non ministry " church members "spiritual hoes" And  to top it off....He makes a  claim if those pew sitters members don't "get involved" in church ministry by December 2010  dead  or not  they  will be purged from the rolls of the church...WOW!! Personal I don't like it when pastors bully and intimidate Gods people from the pulpit....Then use that raggedy old expression  "God told me to do it" If church discipline is/was ever practiced like this in the churches I grew up in .... I would not be a member today....For many years I didn't  participate in church ministry at all.

Perry Noble founded the church  over 10 years ago, and it has experienced explosive growth, thousands of members on multiple campuses in South Carolina. Noble have preached at  a number of mega churches. Noble holds conferences where pastors come to learn how …

Have Eastern Thinking Infected Today's Church?

I can’t believe how much Eastern thinking has infected today's pastor /preacher…I received an email from Bishop Eddie  Long inviting me to a conference in which I'm not at all concern with....But this part of the email  really caught my eye:
"The universe has laws. There are a lot of “new age” philosophies these days, but as believers of Jesus Christ, we are given the divine opportunity to co-create (our reality) with God. The things you believe and expect are the things you will attract. That is why it’s important to guard your thoughts and make sure they align with The Word. Ask yourself: What do I believe and expect of myself and others? Do I believe in and expect the promises of God? These answers will dictate what you attract. We all write our own life story. It’s up to you to decide if it will be a horror, drama, mystery, fiction or inspirational book. Your choice."
I love how he even talks about “new age” philosophies, then goes on to promote Christian. Jesus t…

I Want To Be A Billionaire!

This is a perfect example of the effects of reality TV  on our society....People are coming up with all kinda schemes  for a shot at interviews, TV shows, a book deal, etc, etc....Take  the gay flight attendant jumping off the plane! What about the bed intruder? How about the balloon boy parents! And don't forget about  the White House party crashers.

Now Bethany Storro, is the 28-year-old woman who got national attention by saying she was maimed by a black woman stranger who splashed acid in her face...But now have admitted to police in Vancouver, Washington, that her story was a hoax.... She told them she splashed the acid on herself.

I'm  wonder how many black women were stopped, harassed and mistreated by police because of this one lie....The old  "black man did it" goes way back in America....Which many times had  led to innocent blacks being lynched, their homes burned down and a host of other wrongs.... No matter there will always be those who will cont…

This Don't Belong In The Church House!!

Yea! I said it...Performance don't belong in the real  church....To me Mimes performance in churches  are a perfect example of tickling your ears and not giving  a ounce of truth.....This is nothing but  a distraction of what church is really about....What's the purpose for this kinda of entertainment in church.....The Holy Spirit once upon a time long ago was the only interpreter of Scripture....What's going on church?

What's An "Executive Pastor"?

Wow! The average salary for a lead pastor in a megachurch is $147,000, according to a recent survey...Salaries for lead pastors go as high as $400,000 to as low as $40,000, Leadership Network reported in its 2010 Large Church Salary and Benefits Report....While there’s a standard definition or job description for an executive pastor  the role can generally be summed up as the business manager of the church..

Executive pastors at churches that have a weekend attendance of 2,000 or more persons earn, on average, $99,000 a year and worship pastors get paid $75,000.
Meanwhile, high school pastors earn $54,000 and the church technology director earns $58,000....The salary figures do not include the value of benefits....Leadership Network has been tracking salary and benefits in large churches since 2001....It has found that the median salary has largely remained the same over the past few years even as attendance at those churches increased....Religion is big business....I wonder w…

Does Size Matter When It Comes To Worship?

Once again it's time to pass out boasting bragging rights....My church is bigger than yours!!When it comes to worship I don't believe it matter about the size..... "For where two or three come together in my Name, there I am with them" [John 18:20]....I have  always  taken that verse to mean just that 2 or 3.

"Outreach" magazine is out with it's annual list of the top ten largest churches in America....Most of  the 100 are non-denominational churches from the South and Midwest....Why is it important that the world no the size of a church congregation? And if so many people are choosing megachurch worship then  why isn't the overall numbers of people attending church growing?
1 Lakewood Church, Houston, Texas, Joel Osteen, (43,500)2. North Point Community Church, Alpharetta, Ga., Andy Stanley (24,325)3. Second Baptist Church, Houston, Texas, Ed Young Sr. (24,041)4. Willow Creek Community Church, South Barrington, Ill., Bill Hybels (24,000)5. Southeast …

Home Going Services And The Black Community!

Some one sent me a email asking what the difference between a "funeral service, memorial service and a home going service"?...I know many people use the phrases "funeral ,memorial and home going " interchangeably, they are actually different services....In order for a "funeral service are a home going service to take place a body must be present...In other words, the body (inside a casket) is present during the ceremony....The casket lid may be open or closed.

On the other hand a "memorial service" can take place without the casket body being present.
Other than this distinction,they are very similar...Each type of service can last almost an hour and are usually accompanied by a eulogy...All three services can be held at a funeral home, church, or any other place the family chooses.

A home going service or home going celebration is what you will most likely find in the black community.....This is were friends and family celebrate the deceased &…

Congratulation To The Old Black Church!!

My blog  was nominated for the 2010 Black Weblog Award in the category of  Best Faith-Based Blog....I would like to thank Black Weblog Award founder Maurice Cherry for the kind consideration....And Congratulation  to The Secular Parent for winning the award.

Popular Vote: The Old Black Church!

Judges’ Vote: The Secular Parent

Do You Believe In Witchcraft?

A recent "Judge Judy" episode featured a  dispute  between two Christian women  over a wedding dress.....The defendant had thrown away a  dress and veil she borrowed from her previous friend and plaintiff because it was "tainted by witchcraft." The defendant claims that she is a "deliverance minister" who deals with demonic activity.  She felt the presence of witchcraft on the dress and instead of returning it, destroyed it.....The plaintiff had worn it at her Moonie wedding ceremony, where 144,000 people were married....Question: Do you believe in witchcraft and demonic activity?

Radio One Refusing To Play Darwin Hobbs Champion!

According to Darwin Hobbs "RADIO ONE" is refusing to play his latest song "Champion" because it's to upbeat...Radio One is  one of the nation's largest radio broadcasting companies who  primarily target audience is   African-American.

When Darwin heard the comment he put "Radio One" on blast via Twitter   The singer took to Twitter to call Radio One out about the comment....So why isn't Champion getting any play  on Radio One? 

WTF Church!

We don’t need more gimmicks to draw people to the church.... And I don’t care what the banner says, WTF doesn’t stand for Worship Teaching and Friends, it stands for What the F*ck....It is what it is.

Seriously we all  have said WTF in our  head at one time or another....But for a  college Christian ministry’s to use it in a  banners as a marketing tool is just wrong....As a Christian I'm wondering why the leaders of this ministry  would even  entertain this idea....This is nothing more than another  gimmick that is not working.
What ever happen to renewing of the mind?What every happen to holding up Christ as the banner?

Bishop Jakes Miracle!

Bishop TD  Jakes speaks on how God saved his life from an enemy trying to bomb him....Security cam shows  footage of the explosion.

Happy Labor Day!

God of the rough-worn hands, as we honor workers this day,
let us not forget those whose work is without honor:

those homemakers who watch over children and homes
but are not recognized as workers because they are not paid;
those who are forced out of jobs by corporate changes,
those forced into early retirement,
those who are denied employment because of their age;
those who live far from home,
struggling to save a bit of money to sent to their loved ones;
those who must work illegally in order to survive;
those who lose jobs because employers use undocumented labor.

Christ of the aching back, you worked the rough wood,
you walked the long and dusty roads,
you know the bitter thirst of the poor.
Let our thirst become a passion for justice.
Help us to work toward transformation of economic policies
that allow only a few nations to hoard the world's wealth,
policies that pay women as only half a person or less,
policies that do not recognize the worth of labor exactly without p…

The Voice Of "GOD" Don't Actually Believe In God!

Did Morgan Freeman admit to being an Atheist? When interviewed on CNN about his  new series, "Through the Wormhole,"actor Morgan Freeman objects when the co-host refers to him as a "man of god." Freeman agrees with her to being a man of faith — faith in science...Clearly from this interview  he is not a believer in God…he might be agnostic…or a closeted Atheist..maybe he doesn't want to put his job on the line and admit publicly that he is an atheist for fear of not getting another  movie role. Who knows…but obviously he's not a Christian.
Through the Wormhole is a series on The Science Channel that explores the deepest mysteries of existence and the questions that have puzzled mankind for eternity such as:
* What are we made of? * What was there before the beginning? * Are we really alone?
In the CNN interview, Freeman says that the question of faith is "what you believe is." He says that it requires some faith to believe in a theory before it is prov…

Do You Embrace or Oppose Speaking in Tongues?

I'm a  believer who embraces speaking in tongues but I'm total against doing it in public.....I believe tongues is a personal prayer language between  a believer and God.
I don't believe tongues   should  be used openly in a  assembly of believers...ESPECIALLY when there is no interpretation...And I don't like the pressure some  churches put on people  to speak in tongues....My husband and I once attended a Charismatic  church in which the pastor  encourage every one to “speak in tongues” Now I was very uncomfortable with that....I think a number of people  mistake the gifts of the Spirit for evidence of the Spirit's work and filling; but the Spirit's evidence is fruit, not gifts....The devil can fake gifts, but he's not very good at fruit....As a believer what's your thoughts about  "Speaking In Tongues?"

Why We Can't All Just Get Along?

I recently had a conversation with a close friend of mine...We disagreed on several Christian issues....One being all faith should get along and the other we should be careful about calling someone a false teacher...I do agree with being CAREFUL about who we state publicly or privately is a false teacher, heretic or non-Christian.

But a Christian who knows Jesus as the way the truth and the life and that no man comes to the father except through Jesus must never encourage the worship of a false god.Question: Am I wrong??Should Christians be more  tolerant and accepting of all faith? Should the Christian society be more acceptable to talk about the differences and similarities of religions?

Should Churches Compete With Each Other?

Competition among churches is something I intensely dislike...If the emphasis is on making disciples, then there really is no need for competition in churches....The Church has too many things in this world to compete with, without competing with each other...Competition between Churches only causes those who are being saved to loose out.... This is a Kingdom issue....We are working for the Kingdom, not for awards on earth.

I understand what Steve was trying to do but I don’t think competition is the most appropriate way to go.... The church should  not be in the business of competing against each other.... This isn’t the same as selling a product.... Aside from anything else, we’re called to ‘serve’ not to ‘sell’ my church is better.
The Hoodie Awards honors local businesses, religious and community leaders, church and high schools for their contributions and excellence in the communities throughout the country...We're  wonder why young people are turning their backs on the church…

What Do You Get When You Blend Christianity With Islam?

Here's a story of a group in Nigeria that is blending Christianity and Islam....They are calling  it Chrislam....They are claiming it could  lead to unity between Christianity and Islam.... I don't know!!But Chrislam,as the name suggests, is a growing movement wherein some Christians are seeking to find common ground with Muslims....It  actually seeks to combine Christianity with Islam. It is a movement that speakabout “spirituality without boundaries” Islam and Christianity are incompatible but  I will agree there are some common  words that  are use by both  Islam and Christianity...Creator, Almighty, Merciful, etc...But in reality there is no common ground between Islam and Christianity...You got to  work hard to believe that these  two faiths are fundamentally the same...I believe there's a huge difference between the two...To the Christian Jesus is God and to deny His  deity is heresy.