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Auto-Tune And Gospel Music Don't Go Together!

So what happens when a person is operating out of their God-given season of life? There are very specific seasons in the year, and the Bible is very clear  letting  us know  that there's  seasons of life.... I know they are not  clear as we would like them to be.... But they're there...While listening to  Shirley Caesar new  release with J Moss I was reminded of this: For everything there is a season this means that there will be times when we are not supposed to do certain things....I am not saying Shirley can't or shouldn't  try any thing new...But what  I am saying is  I don't care for Shirley Caesar the rapper! I just don't like to see season saints trying to rap.

It seems that Shirley Caesar is once again trying to   updated her sound. She tried it once before  with  Tonex...It appears that Shirley is  trying to put some new energy into her sound with elements of rock and hip-hop.... Again  I don't care for Shirley's new approach to delivering the…

"Little Rance Allen-the Boy Preacher"

Rance Allen  is one  of God's greatest influences in The Gospel Music World. He set the music world on fire between 1971 and 1974 with his electrifying recordings for the Stax-owned Gospel Truth and Truth labels. Hits like "Just My Salvation," "There's Gonna Be a Showdown," and "Ain't No Need of Crying" broke down stylistic barriers between gospel, rock, and soul musical styles as they never had before. One of 12 children, Rance has been performing since he was five. As "Little Rance Allen-the Boy Preacher" he preached and sang throughout Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania until he was 14. Coming out of the COGIC Rance says he had a very strict up bringing by his grandparents. He didn't have a life like most kids had. He  wasn't allowed to go out and play and do the things a kid does.

 Rance began playing piano when he was seven and picked up the guitar two years later. He credits gospel giant James Cleveland as his main influe…

Most Young People Don't Pray, Don't Worship and Don't Read The Bible.

According to  a major survey by a Christian research firm it shows that most young people don't have a personal relationship with Christ. COME ON! As a growing  Christians I am not  surprise at these finding.  At least the ones they survey  are honest about it.  This article in no way surprises me. When you look at most youth ministry  all you see is entertainment. What did Jesus say " If I am lifted up I will draw all men to myself". I believe the church need to preach Jesus and Jesus alone. Lifting  up the name of Jesus. Regardless of their ages. The church is for believers and to spread the Gospel of Jesus! I don't care for Youth Ministries! There's too much focus on entertaining in Youth Ministries. The church need to  stop placing all  hope in once a year conferences for youth groups. Jesus instructions  to Peter  was to feed my lambs, tend my sheep and  feed my sheep. In other words  teach , feed  and shepherd. Does not the Lord say that he knows his sheep …

Stop Class-ism In The Church!

I was chit-chatting  with  a lady at work the other day an some kinda way we got on the subject of church. I  ask  her about her church family. Her whole demeanor  and attitude change.  She began to  inform  me she no longer attended any  church. I asked  why not! Her answer  I don't  feel welcome and the people seems to look down on her  family. She said she once attended one of the largest non-denominational churches in the area but she no longer did.

Classism is prejudice  and/or discrimination on the basis of social class. It includes individual attitudes and behaviors, systems of policies and practices that are set up to benefit the upper classes at the expense of the lower classes.

The culture of money ,power ,fashion and social groupings is supposed to stop at the door of the real  Church.  None of that stuff matters to Jesus. I know the world has its "power elite" and its "insiders and outsiders."But that should not be in the church. Folks  need to come…

The Church Offers to Pay Erykah Badu Fine!!!

Have you ever wondered  where  your tithes and offerings go when you put them  into the collection plate?  I am one of the many people who never question the uses of the  tithe once it leave my hand. That's because I see it at work in the church and the community. But that attitude and way of thinking  would change  if I were  a member of this church body. I would have to  think seriously  about my giving.  I believe  giving is part of the worship experience and  I don't mind giving. But by the same token it would be  hard  for me to sow  seeds  into the ground of bad stewardship. For me the action of Pastor Jamal Bryant early this month  is a prime example of bad stewardship. There's nothing wrong with Jamal Bryant  using his own personal  money to help  Ms. Badu.  But to use the church tithes is so wrong.

 Pastor Jamal Bryant from the Empowerment Temple in Baltimore, MD.  Offered to pay Erykah’s Badu $500 fine via twitter.  It look  like Ms. Badu  released a video for her…


The temptation to drink and drive ,to have premarital sex, attend wild parties, hanging out with bad friends or even cheat can be overwhelming, particularly if the stakes are high enough."
Ever wonder why Jesus sent His disciples out in twos instead of solo? Because flanked with the right person we have support, encouragement and—protection. Protection from what? Ourselves! If you’re serious about walking in victory, accountability is a step you must be willing to take. So, who are you accountable to?

To overcome temptation has to be cause we love God. How many know that sin hurts God? We're all tempted but the Lord has promised that we can be over comers. "Temptation" is what my Sunday School lesson is dealing with this morning. I am trying to get the class to understand that there's consequences for following temptation.

A common reason Christians easily fall into temptation is the reasoning,Everybody'sdoing it, "  so it must be okay." That's…

Highway To A Husband!

This sister Julia Yarbrough, 44, was a successful television anchor and reporter for over 20 years  in Miami, Fl.  But, she decided to scrap all of that, quit her job and hit the open road on a quest to find her man.

 Ask  how long is this process going to take, she  don’t know, but she’s willing to give it some time and she’s not restricting herself to black men.  Now the BFF and her are blogging about their dating experiences.  Harapetian was a reporter in Detroit who was laid off.  She figures she can have a good time and get a man while she looks for a job. Site here!
Question: Is this the answer?

Do Each Generation See God Differently?

Nearly every African American knows how important "The Black Church"  is to our community.  Back in the day most black pastors would not even  entertain the idea of using the church for a "PAID" concert. But today's mega church pastors  have thrown that rule out. In yesterday post  I mention  the  over pricing of  gospel concerts in the black community. But what about the church sanctuary  being the venue for gospel  concerts? If you notice in the flier I have posted.  The price of the concert  is reasonable and affordable.

 Question:   Do each generation see God and the things of God differently that the generation before them? If so why?

Fleecing The Poor.

With unemployment in the black community at an  all time  high,  why do   people continue to fleece the christian community with over price  shows? Now  I understand that every thing has gone up in price. I believe  it cost a pretty penny to put a show on like this. The rate of the unemployed black person is up also. The one  who's most likely to support these kinda of shows are unemployed and they live in the Black community.My daughter makes good  money but I can't see her  spending  this kinda of money on a show. I love Lee William and The Mighty Clouds of Joy I grew up listening to them. But this is  too much.Date: Sunday, May 09, 2010
Time: 6:00 PM
Venue: James L. Knight Center in Miami, FL “A Tribute To Mothers”
Kirk Franklin
Lee Williams & Spiritual QC`s
Vickie Winans
James Fortune & Fiya
$64.50 & $54.50 In Advance
$67.50 & $57.50 Day Of Show
Ticketmaster: 1-800-745-3000
Ticket Prices: $67.50 & $57.50

The Gay Jesus!

Earlier this month, the 'gay Jesus play'  made headlines when a theater student at Tarleton State University in Stephenville, Texas, chose to direct a version of the play  as a class project. The student's play was to be staged on the school  campus. But that show was canceled at the last minute, after  criticism from clergy members and others.
The 'gay Jesus' play may be hitting the stage in North Texas after all. A  large Dallas church whose  primarily ministry  is  directed toward gay and lesbian Christians. Has announced that it will host a Los Angeles production of Corpus Christi, a play by Tony Award-winner Terrence McNally.The play is about a 20th-century Christ-like figure (called Joshua) who is gay. In one scene, Joshua kisses Judas at the senior prom at "Pontius Pilate High School." In another, he performs a wedding ceremony for two of his disciples, who are also gay. WOW! article here

Favor Ain't Fair!

I believe Bishop Jake's is the first person I heard use the term "Favor Ain't Fair" Today's devotional is talking about the favor of God . Remember how the Bible stated  that Esther had favor with the king? And how the king was attracted to Esther more than to any of the other women, and she won his favor. I think Esther life is one we could study if we want to enjoy God’s favor. At lest it's worth  looking at anyway.

First  Esther  took the time necessary to prepare herself. Before the  girl’s turn came to go in to King  she had  complete twelve months of beauty treatment (See Est 2:12). There are no shortcuts. The price of success is study, preparation and discipline. Those who pay that price aren’t lucky, they’re rewarded! 

Second Esther  sought to please only one man—the king! No doubt Esther turned a lot of heads, but she sought the approval of only one. Why do you want to be blessed? To please God? Or yourself? Or others? The higher God takes you the mo…

Obama Orders Hospitals To Grant Same-Sex Couples Visitation Rights.

If I were dying in a hospital bed, I would want a loved one to comfort me and hold my hand. It  doesn't matter whom. To me what the president did is just  common sense, and there's no reason why anyone should be opposed to this. This puts the power with the patient- where it should be.
President Obama  signed a memorandum requiring hospitals to allow gays and lesbians to have non-family visitors and to grant their partners medical power of attorney.On Yesterday The president ordered the Department of Health and Human Services to prohibit discrimination in hospital visitation. The memo is scheduled to be made public this morning, according to an administration official and another source familiar with the White House decision.
An official said the new rule will affect any hospital that receives Medicare or Medicaid funding.

Waiting On The Lord Will Pay Off After While.

Have you every heard these saying: I am waiting patiently for God to act?Let go and let God” and “God will provide”?  Were did the idea that true faith means always waiting?
Especially  in tough times .Are there situations when acting in faith means taking a bold step forward? I believe so! I was reading a blog post were the author made some awesome  points. He noted that the Bible presents two modes of faith to follow, depending on the situation.

When we’re facing a situation that’s completely outside of our control, we should exercise what he calls “Level One” faith—waiting patiently for God to move. But when a situation presents an open door or an appropriate opportunity to act, then we should exercise Level Two faith which is to  Move. Scripture teaches… that we are called to exercise two different levels of faith at various times as Christians. At one level we are to be inactive and wait patiently for the Lord to move. Here faith involves believing that Christ will bring about a…

Are You A Organ Donor?

Do you no that African Americans as a whole donate their organs  less often than people of many other races?  For many people it’s a simple choice. one that makes perfect sense. But for many others, the idea of donating their organs, even when they’ve passed on, seems downright foolish and some believe it might even put their very lives in jeopardy. Dr. Tamorie Smith is a neprhologist, treating patients with kidney disease. she says African Americans as a whole donate their organs a lot less often than people of many other races. She says mistrust of the health care system and fear of the unknown are the major reasons. She goes on to say that some even worry they would be denied life saving treatment and allowed to die, so that their organs might go to someone waiting on a list. With diseases like hypertension, and obesity so prevalent among African Americans and on the rise there has been an explosion in recent years of african-american-organ-donation-myths. With diseases like hypertens…

Why Do The Nation Of Islam Have Such A Strong Presence In Jails And Prisons?

My son is claiming  you can be both a Christian and a part of The Nation of Islam at the same time.... His thinking is the idea  Christians are following and submitting to God, and the word Islam means submission....He claims since both are submitting to God, then they  are essentially doing the same thing....Hold on wait a minute!!! First off, I  recognize the great and wonderful  work  the nation of Islam do within the black community... But by the same token I don't embrace nor do I support some of  there teaching...Meaning any path to God with out  Christ I am not buying...With that being said  I really  believe some one is encouraging and trying to recruit my son into the Nation of Islam... while he's in prison...Many  of you who frequent my blog on a regular are aware that my only son is during time in a prison in Alabama...I can tell from  his letters and writing  that  he's being some what  influence in his thinking  differently...He's now questioning who Jesu…

“Barefoot Sunday”

This Easter, when many churchgoers sport new suits and dresses, pastors across the country will be preaching shoeless...Thousands of pastors from across the country will be preaching shoeless Easter Sunday in a campaign to raise awareness about global poverty...Some 5,000 pastors are expected to go barefoot on Easter Sunday to raise awareness about global poverty and help provide shoes for the 300 million people worldwide who lack them.

Bishop Paul S. Morton, head of the Full Gospel Baptist Church, will be preaching shoeless on Easter, and he expects 2,500 affiliated pastors to join him in supporting the campaign. Other participants include: Stephen J. Thurston, president of the National Baptist Convention of America; Bishop James Ingram, presiding prelate of the 10th Episcopal District of the African Methodist Episcopal Church; Michigan pastor J. Drew Sheard, a bishop-elect in the Church of God in Christ; and the Rev. Raphael Warnock, pastor of King’s former congregation, Ebenezer Ba…

Easter Is Proof Of God's Love For Humanity.

Resurrection Sunday, also known as Easter Sunday, is the most sacred day for Christians...Each year on this most holy day, we celebrate that Jesus gave his life as the supreme sign of love on behalf of all humanity, and we also rejoice that death did not have the final say over the life, lessons, and legacy of Jesus...Christians must move beyond that empty tomb that marked the very first Easter morning by affirming and believing that Jesus lives in the hearts of his faithful followers and, in turn, we have life everlasting in him... God loves us! Easter is nothing less than proof of God’s love for humanity.... It marks the continual process of God reaching out to us in order to be part of our lives....The promise that is fulfilled by Jesus on that first Resurrection Sunday—that God will be with us always—empowers us to endure the worst and best of times. Because this bittersweet tension of life is all the more intense for African American Christians, Easter has always had a particular…

Members Locked Out Of Church On Easter

Church Members Say Reason Is Dispute Over Pastor, Financial Books.During one of the holiest weeks on the calendar, members of the St. Johns Baptist Church downtown Jacksonville Fl said they aren't being allowed into their home away from home because they've been locked out.
Members said a church dispute has turned into an empty house of worship, which means they'll be forced to hold their Easter service outside.  Story here!

Church To Give Away Cars & TVs At Easter Services.

One of the largest churches  in Corpus Christi Texas is giving away flat-screen televisions, skateboards, Fender guitars, furniture and 15 cars -- yes, cars -- at its Easter services Sunday.
And even those who don't win big will walk away with something. The church has gathered donations for 15,000 gift bags, each with about $300 worth of free goods and services.
"We're going to give some stuff away and say, 'Imagine how great heaven is going to be if you feel that excited about a car,"' lead Pastor Bil Cornelius said. "It's completely free -- all you have to do is receive him.
The pastor  hopes the prizes will help the church  lure people who don't normally go to church or those who have lapsed in their faith.
"A lot of people won't come to Easter services because they think, Well, I haven't been good,"' Cornelius said. "Well, that's not free. That's not what it's about. You don't have to be good' t…

Holy Saturday!

Holy Saturday is the day Jesus rested in the tomb... It is traditionally a day of quiet meditation as Christians contemplate the darkness of a world without a future and without hope apart from God and his grace...we no that in the Old Testament tabernacle there were different items of furniture such as the table of showbread representing our need for fellowship the lamp stand representing our need for light and understanding, etc...But there were no chairs. Why? The priest's work was never finished!... He couldn't sit down...But after Jesus cried "It is finished" He returned to heaven and sat down at the right hand of His Father-the work of redemption was complete!.. The Greek words for "It is finished" literally mean "paid in full!" Christ death covers our every sin from the cradle to the grave. And for us to offer our filthy works as partial payment is a slap in Gods face...We can't add to a finished work! We no that weeping may endure for …

God Is Not A Christian, Jew, Muslim, or Hindu.

This is the bold title of Bishop Carlton Pearson new book ...Which was  inspired by Archbishop Desmond Tutu's striking words, "God is not a Christian." Bishop Carlton Pearson the one-time protégé of Oral Roberts...  Have hit the book  stores with a new controversy book entitle "GOD IS NOT A CHRISTIAN, NOR A JEW, MUSLIM, HINDU…: God Dwells with Us, in Us, Around Us, as Us" Pearson who once was  a dynamic and popular preacher ordained by the Church of God in Christ is no stranger to controversy....A couple of years ago Pearson said some  things that shock the black church.... He publicly stated there is no such thing as hell, and he embraced homosexual men and women.... Pearson fell out of favor with a lot of Christians when he openly advocated a universalism approach to salvation...From reading some of the reviews of the book... It looks like the bishop  take  it to the next  level in the book...He  completely distance  himself from his Pentecostal roots and …

Good Friday!

Good Friday is the day that Christians all over the world observe and honor the crucifixion and death of Jesus.... this day represents the suffering of Jesus which is represented in all four of the Gospels.... this suffering also represented the week prior to the crucifixion of Jesus called the Passion of Christ.... This passion, meaning suffering, is an extreme time of pain in the life of Jesus.
Good Friday falls on the last Friday before Easter... It 's a day to show humility and reverence....many Christians observe this as a day of prayer and fasting...Crosses and chairs may be draped in black.... During Holy week, you will often see a cross either inside a church or outside draped in black or purple cloth.... The service of worship is traditionally offered between noon and 3:00 p.m., the time that coincides with the hours that Jesus hung on the cross... Good Friday is not a holiday but a religious observance,most Christian have to work and are only available to attend an even…

Should Convicted Felons Have Voting Rights?

I believe after prisoners  have served their sentence and paid their debt to society they should be allow to vote... Why do we continue to punish them? There are some  states that  prohibit convicted felons from voting...My home state of  Alabama Is one of those states...Even after they have served their full sentence they still cannot vote...Now I  agree if convicted  of a felony  you lose your  voting rights...But once you have done your time why can't a person vote?

By denying convicted felons the right to vote, even after they have served their full term is wrong...We are  saying  to them there's  no forgiveness...It's like  punishment without grace or hope...The practice of denying voting rights  is rooted in racism...Our history shows that depriving convicted felons of their voting privileges was & is aimed at preventing black Americans from voting.... And even today, blacks make up  a large percentage of those who have been disenfranchised due to felony convictio…

Maundy Thursday!

Today is “Maundy Thursday which is the story of Jesus washing the disciples’ feet on the eve of Passover and tomorrow is Good Friday followed by Black Saturday and then Easter Sunday.”The name "Maundy Thursday" is derived from Jesus "mandate" to love one another as he loves us... I remember growing up in a church were feet washing was part of the Holy Week Celebration... it is a powerful testimony to us all who are call to serve... in which we find love for others.... feet washing has been a significant act throughout the old black had some churches that wash feet before communion and some who did not... growing up I would ask why are they doing I understand what is behind this practice of feet washing... it help us understand Jesus thinking.... it's not robbery to take the feet of the disciples who would take the Gospel into the world...the idea of living out personal victory with our feet is very powerful...for example...we can wa…