Are The Owners Of Christian Bookstores Responsible To Their Fellow-Christians, The Church, and Ultimately God, For The Products They sell?

 Now  I found that question at a blog I was visiting early  today....The question caused  me to ponder what was being ask.. ..If a bookstore owner is a Christian and his book store is a Christian bookstore.... Shouldn't  Christian books be the only books  sold there? What about books by teachers/preachers who teach a prosperity gospel? According to scripture they are teaching another gospel..... Why do  they have space  in a Christian bookstore? What about those teachers/preachers who don't believe in the Trinity? Or those who don't believe in  hell? Do they deserve space in a Christian book store? What about New Age books? I don't  believe  Christian Bookstore’s owner should be helping  spread false teachings....By selling books by big name heretics and false teachers under the umbrella of Christianity...So the question are store owners responsible for what they sell in their stores?  Will that store owner  be held accountable, by God, for what is sold in the book store just as each preacher will be held accountable for what he teaches or preaches? If an owner don't want to be held responsible why sell under the guise of a Christian bookstore? I am just asking!


  1. Some people go into business and open up a store. Others go into ministry, and open up s store. With Donnie McClurkin's help I predict that Steve Harvey's self help books will be sold in religious book stores.

    Of utmost importance is that individuals continue to study to show themselves approved unto God and be careful not to grieve the Spirit. Listen to Him and let him guide you to all truth.


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