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Under Cover Black Man Is Gone!


It's Hard To Trust God When You're In A Storm.

Have you every wonder why sometimes God calms the storms of life?....And other times He lets the storm rage and calms us.... Either way, He sustains us and brings us through.... We always have a choice: either we give the burden to God or we try to carry it ourselves...How does God provide for us? One day at a time!.... Remember the Israelites in the wilderness? Each day God fed them by sending manna from heaven.... Notice how it worked.... The number of people in your family determined the amount of manna you received, no more and no less.... And God would only allow you to collect enough for each day; if you tried to hoard more, it rotted.... Getting the idea? So trust God for today and leave tomorrow in His hands.... “Give your burdens to the Lord, and he will take care of you.”

Word For You Today.

What Are Your Easter Traditions?

Growing up church was always the center of Easter celebration.... Getting dressed up in our pretty dresses was the  best  part of it.... My brothers would get new shirts and ties....My sisters and I would get those  colorful chiffon  dresses ( pink, blue, yellow and green) We would color eggs on Saturday night for the Easter egg hunt on Sunday after dinner....On Sunday morning the whole family would attend service together....After service and dinner we would  gather at my grandmother's for the "Easter Egg  Hunt"....Today  its church, dinner and a nap... So what are your Easter Traditions?

Palm Sunday Is Hope!

Palm Sunday is an observance that recalls Jesus arrival into Jerusalem at the beginning of what would be the last week of his life....This Sunday in most churches Christians around the world will celebrate that observance...The gospel reveals that Jesus arrives in Jerusalem riding humbly on a colt.... The crowd  and His disciples line the road with cloaks and branches from trees...They  greet him with  palm branches waving, and shouting' Hosanna"! ...Immediately following this great time of celebration in the ministry of Jesus, he begins his journey to the cross.

A major theological theme of Palm Sunday is hope. The entry of Jesus into the holy city of Jerusalem on Palm Sunday is the witness that God will not leave creation to continue in the status quo of power arrangements that rob persons of what the Divine intended, whether those power arrangements have Roman origin or Jewish origin or other origins. For African Americans who have often suffered from the power arrangemen…

Putting A Halt To The Prosperity Gospel, Good Luck!

The Health and Wealth Gospel is a name given to a teaching in Christianity which emphasizes healing and prosperity.... It is not an organized movement or a unique doctrine, but a name applied to groups and people with similar teachings....There's a group of black pastors  looking to put a stop to the Health and Wealth Gospel....Pastor Lance Lewis  of Christ Liberation Fellowship (PCA) in Philadelphia.... Says the health and wealth gospel is as much a threat to the black church as theological liberalism was to the early church   of the 20th century.
"For the balance of the 20th century the mainstream historic black church while not reformed certainly held to the main tenets of orthodox faith," he said in a letter to leaders in the Presbyterian Church in America. "However towards the end of the last century the prosperity gospel (which in its various forms had always lurked near the fringe of the black church) moved closer and closer to becoming the central theology b…

Taffi Dollar Reaching Strippers & Prostitutes!

It seems that Sister Taffi Dollar of World Changers Church International...Is going into the enemy camp to  help rescue young women...Ms. Dollar who Co-pastor alongside her husband, Dr. Creflo Dollar...Have  founded  a new ministry that reaches  out to women involved in the adult entertainment and sex trade industries....Ms. Dollar says  "Prestige Ministry," was given to her by God....Ms. Dollar also stated that  she was not sure if she heard Him clearly...But now she knows she did...Take a look at the video.
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The Young Prophet.

I was flipping channels this morning and ran across  Prophet Manasseh Jordan  on BET’s Morning Inspiration...I am watching  and thinking this young man  reminds me of someone....Then it hit me Benny Hinn! After during a little  research come to find out Benny Hinn is his teacher and Hinn  also had  prophesied young Manasseh birth.     "Master Prophet Bernard Jordan" is his father...Much of what Bernard Jordan teaches came from the late Rev. Ike.... Prior to his death....Now  Rev. Ike was heavily involved in the name it and claim it, prosperity, positive thinking, the “GOD-IN-YOU,”and  faith healing..... Young Manasseh Jordan  was once affectionately referred to as the “Young Prophet” by peers and folks in the  congregations....But now he's best known as "Prophet Manasseh Jordan"Who   began his  ministry at the age of eight and he carries with him the power of hope, healing and restoration...Which   is bestowed upon the lives of those he touches....Prophet Manas…

Buck Dancing On The Communion Table!

According to the New World Dictionary, to commemorate means “to preserve or honor the memory of.” As Christians, when we observe the Lord’s Supper we commemorate Christ; we remember and honor His name and His sacrifice for sin. The supper is a remembering of a specific event in the life of Christ. We preserve the memory of Christ and honor his name by remembering and reflecting upon what the bread and the fruit of the vine signify... Every time we observe the Lord’s Supper we do so in remembrance of Him.

What’s Your Favorite Easter Hymn Or Song?

Church services around America  will soon be filled with songs about the cross and the resurrection...Which mean Easter is fast approaching.... This is one of my favorite times of the year for worship...I especially love it  when my church  dust off its hymnals to sing classics like: "The Nail Scarred Hand," "At The Cross," "Must Jesus Bear The Cross Alone?"He Lives" and The  Old Rugged Cross...What's your favorite Easter hymn or song?

What Does It Mean To Say That The Black Church Is Dead?

What does  it mean to breathe new life into being  black and Christian?I ask those question because of Eddie Glaude’s recent “Huffington Post” piece that pronounced the death of the black church...The article have provoked a heated debated with plenty of  comments...Through research I found out that Mr. Glaude was once part of the  “State of the Black Union” featuring Tavis Smiley....And if not mistaken he was part of the panel that discuss the church on C-SPAN....I don't think he mention anything about the Black Church being dead....Personal I see  this  as nothing but fodder to be use  against the black church  and its people for their support of our president....This  attack against the black church  started with the  nomination  of the president and it has not let up....The Religion Dispatches has an  update article  with a response from Eddie  Glaude...I am just  wondering when will the Cathoic Church die?...Its funny  how people want the church to do everything except for  …

How Do You Teach A Child To Pray?

If you’re a young  parent, how do you pray with your young children?

As a parent  how do  you approach the task of teaching a toddler to speak to his or her Creator?

When do  you introduce the act of prayer into your child’s life?

When you started praying with your child, did they understand?

What do your child pray about?  source:
I found those questions to be some what  interesting....Most times  children are excluded from prayer... They are prayed for, over, and around.... The meals they eat are blessed for them...By watching and listening  they learn....So how do you teach a child to pray?

Senior Pastor Take HIV/AIDS Test During Sunday Worship Service.

The senior pastor of historic Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta took an HIV/AIDS test during Sunday's worship service.

The Rev. Raphael Warnock said silence, shame and stigma are keeping people from being tested, and that the faith community must work to change that.

Warnock took the test as part of the National Week of Prayer for Healing of AIDS.

He stepped away from the pulpit, sat down and took a rapid oral fluid test.

Twenty minutes later, he announced that the results were negative, according to WXIA-TV.

"Amen," he said.

Warnock challenged other clergy to follow his lead, and after the service Ebenezer provided free and confidential tests to church members, the station reported.

Heaven Is My Home!

Paul says, “We are citizens of heaven.” And Peter speaks of “an inheritance that can never perish, spoil or fade—kept in heaven for us” (1Pe 1:4 NIV).As Christians  we're on a temporary visa and we should never forget it....Every decisions and actions we make  should be weigh from the idea of heaven....Not  our immediate comfort!  We need to get rid of the idea that “thoughts of heaven are only the pleasantries of the aging.” This life is the short story; heaven is the unending one.... Tummy tucks, face lifts, liposuction, fame, fortune and personal pyramids notwithstanding, your earthly suit isn’t going to last forever.... Before we shed it, be sure we have fulfilled our God-given assignment and that we'll hear the words: “Well done, good and faithful servant” (Mt 25:21 NIV). It’s the only commendation that matters. One second after we arrived in God’s presence, what are we  going to wish we had  done? That should be the driving force of our life!

source: Word for today!

Fasting To Death?

Where does the Bible say that we should fast ourselves into poor physical health/death? I don't believe there's  a chapter  nor verse for that one...A Polk County woman has died after a long religious fast....The Polk County Sheriff's Office is investigating the death of Evelyn Boyd.... She died in her home last week....Boyd's family told authorities it wasn't her first time fasting.... She fasted four times last year for a total of more than 100 days....It's true the Bible speaks of fasting,but it also speaks of prayer along with fasting...Boyd's husband who's also the bishop of Higher Praise Full Gospel Pentecostal Ministries,  calls his wife deeply religious....He told the local  newspaper that  his wife  locked herself in a bedroom with just her Bible, a notepad, and some water....She didn't come out even to use the restroom...He respected her privacy, but on or around her 21st day of fasting, he checked on her and she was dead....It's impo…

Shaping Young Lives!

Mother Teresa said the most difficult cases she dealt with in Calcutta were those who’d lost their appetite entirely, or were so sickly they couldn’t feed themselves or digest food...As Christians  we’ll die spiritually if we don’t feed ourselves on God’s Word each day! Jeremiah said, “Your words were found, and I ate them, and Your word was to me the joy and rejoicing of my heart.”This past  Sunday was the beginning of a new thing for me....I became a young adult Sunday School teacher....Now, i am some what  a very shy person....For me to stand and teach in front of a  large number of people  is total new and different for me...I love working in the church but I like the behind the scenes kinda  thing...I am also a ( usher ) door keeper in my church...Any way the   first four lessons will deal with the Bible....The  lesson on Sunday  explain how the Word of God is: UNIQUE, POWERFUL and RELIABLE....I wanted the  class to understand that the Bible provides truth to those who will READ…

Message To All Young Parents!

The Bible says parents are like archers and children are like arrows. Parent, as an archer it’s your job to: (1) Protect them in the quiver (home). After the assassination of her husband, Jacqueline Kennedy was asked if she planned to run for political office. “No,” she replied, “my major effort must be devoted to my children. If they turn out badly, nothing I could do in the public eye would have any meaning.” Our children are growing up in a generation where they can get drugs, buy weapons, meet a predator, engage in virtual sex, and do it all under your own roof via computer. That should alarm you! You say, “I figured it out; they will too.” No, “A child left to himself brings shame to his [parents]…Correct your son, and…he will give delight to your soul” (Pr 29:15–17 NKJV). But be careful. If your children view you as judgmental and joyless they’ll avoid you, then later explode like a time bomb. Build a home in which they can ask questions openly, get answers and form lifelong val…

Are You A Praying Person?

Some people pray in the morning instead of before bed.... some people  pray only when they're moved to. Some people pray only in a place of worship....Are you a praying person? If so, do it make a difference whether you kneel by the bed or simply close your eyes or hold your partner's hand while you pray? Does it make a difference whether it's morning or night? Does it make a difference whether it's a memorized prayer or not? Do you pray some nights, but not others? Did you pray as a kid but not now?

There's a new survey that ask participants  about activities done every night or almost every night....It seems
 African-Americans were most likely to pray or do another religious activity (71%), compared to 45% of Hispanics, 32% of Whites and 18% of Asians....Now I don't believe habits of prayer has anything  to do with race..... It has more  to do with religious culture and the environment you was raised in.... The idea that Asians don't prayer before they g…

Are The Owners Of Christian Bookstores Responsible To Their Fellow-Christians, The Church, and Ultimately God, For The Products They sell?

Now  I found that question at a blog I was visiting early  today....The question caused  me to ponder what was being ask.. ..If a bookstore owner is a Christian and his book store is a Christian bookstore.... Shouldn't  Christian books be the only books  sold there? What about books by teachers/preachers who teach a prosperity gospel? According to scripture they are teaching another gospel..... Why do  they have space  in a Christian bookstore? What about those teachers/preachers who don't believe in the Trinity? Or those who don't believe in  hell? Do they deserve space in a Christian book store? What about New Age books? I don't  believe  Christian Bookstore’s owner should be helping  spread false teachings....By selling books by big name heretics and false teachers under the umbrella of Christianity...So the question are store owners responsible for what they sell in their stores?  Will that store owner  be held accountable, by God, for what is sold in the book sto…

Marriage Is A God Idea!

I believe there's  a lot to learn from this story...Question: How would you react if your spouse said: “I don’t love you anymore. I’m not sure I ever did. I’m moving out. The kids will understand. They’ll want me to be happy.”This is an absolutely wonderful testimonial of a marriage being tested....This woman   chose the more difficult path and was rewarded for it.... She gave her husband the opportunity to realize that what he had was far better  than what he was leaving for....I know that our first reaction to hurt is to  hurt back... But an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth might not always be the answer... I am not saying all marriages can stand under  this kinda of test....Cause I don't know if mind can....I'v  been with my husband for over 21 yrs...But what I am saying it's good to see God's idea still works.

Male Investment Plan!

Three historic black denominational churches AME, AME Zion and CME....Unveiled on Wednesday a new national plan aimed at keeping  young black  males out of prison and in school and church....Their plan is  to address the plight of African American males.... The program, called The Male Investment Plan was presented to the entire body assembled in the Carolina Coliseum for the Great Gathering.... In unveiling the Male Investment Plan, Bishop Warren Brown, AME Zion Chair of Bishops told the attendees “We are going to leave this place united and committed, and I know it’s going to be a success because all of you here are going to do your part to make it work.”The plan is designed for African American males ages 5 to 25.It will  also address the needs of the African American community and specifically the impact of the economy, education, health and wellness and spiritual enrichment For more information, visit

When The Church Become "The World's Largest Strip Club"!

Would you attend a church that advertised itself as a "strip club"? Church by the Gladesdid just that last year.... Wow! There are just no words to describe this foolishness...And I have a hard time believing this "sermon" series title...Are people  really so naive as to not understand what's going on? How can you  bring in the unsaved crowds,  with bait-and-switch and lies? Try "honesty." Without Christ HELL is were you will spend eternity....Check out the church  what we believe page, no scriptures.

Secular Artists And The Church.

What do you think about secular artists performing secular songs  inside  the church sanctuary?Well some Christians are outraged that Empowerment Temple Pastor Jamal Bryant did just that....It seems he invited R&B Singer Chrisette Michele to sing at his church AND she sang her number one hit..... which is a secular song.

Benny Hinn Wife Starts Her Own Ministry!

I notice that Suzanne Hinn has her own ministry ( and how different does she look!)...From all reports she's  the one wanting out....According to the report  the couple have  been together for some 30 years....To me a divorce after 30 years of marriage is a big deal.....As a beleiver I am very saddened by this news...God hates divorce!( Malachi 2:16) According to pastor Benny the divorce proceedings took him by  by surprise....The reason for the divorce is irreconcilable differences....Some of Pastor Benny  followers believe that the “devil made her do it” in order to try to separate his church....Others believe that Benny put his ministry before his wife.... I am not trying to judge Suzanne Hinn, nor Pastor Benny but Suzanne Hinn looks like a new person...Any way if our marriage is doing great, we need to Praise God! If not we need to  pay attention.....We are living in the last days and everyone should be on gaurd!

A Charge To Keep!

Hymns have always been a staple of "The Old Black Church"... Back in the day you didn't come into a black church without hearing  "A charge to keep" ....In the clip below  the hymn has been  up-graded for a younger generation....I love it!