Bishop Thomas Weeks Video Tapes Wedding Invitation.

Bishop Thomas Weeks and Christina Glenn are set to wed in October and has released a video clip invitation. It seems the Bishop is planning an exclusive, private 5 star wedding for the Prophetess which is set for October 17, 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia. Show Off!


  1. It is my opinion, that this lady by the name of Christian Glenn looks like a prostitute. She claims to be a prophetess but she is NOT. How else can you explain the fact that she is marrying Weeks? I pitty the fools who follow these two wolves.

  2. can you kindly in the name of decency remove the comment above from your blog. how can someone call another mans daughter whom he probably dont know a prostitute? this is unbelievable and for all i know this fellow went to church today and feel he/she is doing juanita bynum a favour. what a sick mind.

  3. why are you so negative when you are saved people you need to be ashamed of yourselves the word of God says we should not judge you need to do an
    introspection on yourselves because you are the ones that need help

  4. Remember saints, God is the vindicator. He sees all, knows all, and in his own time, he will work everything out according to his will. In the mean time, let us remember, we have been warned by God himself, "in the last days, men will be marrying and giving in marriage". So, look up our redemption is drawing nigh unto us- the body of TRUE believers in Christ Jesus.

  5. Can't this brother move on with his life without people thinking negatively about him?
    As long as he has put the past behind himself and as long as he has learned a good lesson from the former marriage I dont see any reason why he should not move on with his life no matter who he gets married to.
    I just pray that this one works out.

  6. Bishop Weeks should not marry Prophetess Glenn because Juanita Bynum is who, God or what?
    It is only frustrated idiots who are mad about Weeks moving on. Has anyone of you haters ever lived with Bynum to know who she really is before ya'll pass judgment? To be candid some women are not to be married but to have sex with and run because their attitude and behavior is from the kingdom of darkness where they belong.

  7. a true man of god not suppose to marry more than once unless his wife dies. read your bible and you will see what both of them are doing is wrong

  8. a man of god not suppose to marry more than once it is a wrong in gods eyes you can only do that when your spouse is dead.

  9. "He that is without fault, cast the first stone"! God is the ultimate judge

  10. Forgive me for sounding judgmental--but I am very disappointed to see the derogatory comments posted on this blog about two saints. As I understand it, Bishop Weeks was divorced--he did not seek the divorce --the other party did. What do you think a man his age is going to do for the rest of his life? God is not crazy. This man --who is just in his forties I understand-- needs a wife. End of story--God promised to supply our "needs" according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Or would you prefer for the man to commit fornication yet remain unmarried under the guise of holiness? You know full well this man will not be able to remain celibate for the rest of his life. Come on now!


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