"Is gluttony a sin?"

What do you think, should gluttony be address from the pulpit on Sunday morning like every other sin? Gluttony is too crave food to the point that it kills us which is a sad thing.
  1. Gluttony: a person who eats and drinks excessively or voraciously.
  2. a person with a remarkably great desire or capacity for something:
  3. a gluttony for work; a gluttony for punishment.
What I found so shocking is who are at a particularly high risk are black American women. Now I know There are legitimate medical reasons for being overweight: thyroid problems, medication side effects, etc. But face it: most of us are overweight because we simply eat too much food and exercise too little.

Emotional eating is an idol; we use food to self-medicate and feel better before we think to go to God with our concerns. I've heard pastors who preach vehemently against homosexuality and abortion, but who have never uttered a single world against gluttony, which is actually one of the seven deadly sins. Why are we ignoring this serious issue?

I figure it's easy to rail against sins committed mostly by those outside the church. Most churches don't have a significant numbers of gay people in the congregation, and so it's easy for us to pass judgment on them because they're "those other people." However, most churches do have a lot of overweight members; but for a pastor to challenge them would alienate people, thus shrinking tithes.

Question:Why is gluttony more accepted or at least tolerated over other sins?


  1. Yes, gluttony is a sin. And I say this as one who is currently overweight.

    Many pastors don't address it because they have this problem themselves.

  2. Yeah, I was going to say the same as the above poster... "They dont address the issue because they have a problem themselves".

    I think they could save many lives if they would preach it AND lead by example.

  3. @Terry @ Breathing Grace thanks for your comment and I agree.

    @livin2luv thanks for your comment. Lead by example I like that.

    Question? Can a pastor weight become a stumbling block for others?

  4. The church has our list of sins we tolerate and sins we do not. Smoking is a no no. Being morbidly obese is okay. I have seen people go to an early grave because of obesity and yet it is not aggressively addressed by the church. I have struggled with my weight since I was in my late 20'as. It is a hard won battle.

    Evny, Greed, Hatred, etc. are all very low on the pulpit agenda these days. More than a century ago these topics were routine for sermons. I think that as these sins became more common in the hearts of the people; icluding preachers, the sins of others became the focus.
    HOw about a good message on Lust? Lust isn't always sexual. It is uncontroled desire. Lust of money is the chief sin of many church leaders today.

  5. I'm back... Yes, lust of food and yeilding to that temptation can be deadly over a period of time! I am overweight myself, maybe not to the point of wobbling, but I am overweight and can stand to lose it. I am working on getting into another diet and exercise plan for another life-style change. May, 2008 I gave up the majority of sugar in my diet, no I wasn't dianosed with sugar diabetes but I knew that sugar was acting as a strong hold in my life so I had to do something about it so that it wouldn't become a life long issue! and do you know what?...I've learned that if you don't eat it, you won't crave it! Just that simple, I thank God for that! I do still eat some sugar, like raisins in my cereal or "no sugar added" ice cream but I don't crave it over and over and it tastes like it has sugar in it.(Iknow raisins do) I have to ask my daughter sometimes if it tastes sugar-free to her sometimes. (And she says yes)I am also working this technique with other things that I can't seem to shake such as fast food (Going on fasts for a month at a time from fast food)You'll be amazed at the things you learn to do without and say "no" to, that you really didn't need it after all.(And can actually do without indefinately!) But getting back to the gluttony, we don't talk about it much in the church, but I think we should. I can't say just because a person is fat is because they eat too much...that person could have a gland problem or other issues with their metabolism.(that's why I say pray, because we don't know..., but God does!) :^)

  6. Yeah, I was going to say the same as the above poster... "They dont address the issue because they have a problem themselves".

    I think they could save many lives if they would preach it AND lead by example.


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