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Bring Me My Big Black Belt!

A 7-year-old boy in Weber County, Utahlead police on a car chase last Sunday morning. Police responded to reports of a “child driving recklessly” and indicated that the boy ran a stop sign before his apprehension. The officers tried unsuccessfully to stop the child, who reached speeds of about 40 mph, before he stopped in a driveway and ran into his house.Under questioning by his father, the kid admitted he didn’t want to go to church. Growing up I did not have an option. The times are changing.

The Rev.Ike!

Before Joel Osteen and Creflo Dollar,there were Frederick J. Eikerenkoetter II. He was the flamboyant minister better known as the Reverend Ike. Who was one of the first to preached the blessings of material prosperity to a large congregation in New York and to television and radio audiences nationwide.

Rev Ike was the TV preacher we remember from the Seventies, a Jackie Wilson look alike, and his money message certainly set the stage for the real crooks who'd follow. The good Rev. died this week after suffering a stroke two years ago. I am surprised he was only 74. His church is asking for donationsin his memory. And the entire Rev. Ike pitch went like this:

“The love of money is not the root of all evil,
It is the lack of money.
Have you ever seen a rich man
down in the street mugging someone?
You can talk all you want
about the pie in the sky
and the sweet bye and bye,
but what about the good ol' now and now!”
"RIP Rev.Ike"

What Nas Can Expect For His Well Spent Money.

The judge has finally ruled and Kelis is going home with a new baby boy and $44,000/month — that is $528,000 per year. First, this post is not about if Kelis deserve that amount of money nor should Nas have to pay her that kinda of money. This is more about what Nas can expect for his well spent money. Now a couple of months ago the government calculated the cost of raising a child from birth to 18 and came up with $160,140 for a middle-income family. I thought that quote was a sticker shock! Those numbers doesn't even touch college tuition. Now some people might think the best financial advice is don't have children if you want to be/or "rich." Actually, it is just the opposite. I decided to look at what Nas will be getting for his money especially if the ruling stands:* Naming rights. First, middle, and last! * Glimpses of God every day. * More love than his heart can hold. * Butterfly kisses and Velcro hugs. * A hand to hold which is usually covered with je…

How The Faith Of African-Americans Has Changed.

In a survey by the Barna Group, African Americans are markedly more religious when it comes to attending church, participating in a small group, praying and reading the Bible.
Please! I mean really, what do people who do these surveys expect? I do believe we are a people of faith. It doesn't matter if we voted for Obama or not. I mention Obama because when you goggle this particular article in the comment sections there's a lot of references to Obama. I don't understand it, how is it every time the "Black Community" is mention Obama name will appear. HELLO! The black community existed way before Obama appeared on the scene.
Any way, We as a people of believes do see ourselves as people of faith. Yes ! We do.We might not cling to our Bible and Guns like others but we still cling....We have a way of clinging to what we believe in very strongly: The Bible is totally accurate in all of the principles it teaches 66% (Black) 46% (White)
I have a perso…

I Will Not Vote For Obama Again!

Let me say this, I didn't say anything about the Skip Gates case because I didn't have any thing to say . But when I ran across this little number here, I must say something. Now I have an issues with her statement and the tone she used while making the statement. Too me just as she is supporting her friend and colleague, the police officer whom she believes would never lie or wrong anyone. To me that's exactly what Barack Obama was doing in supporting his friend and former colleague whom he apparently believes would not lie or deliberately try to hurt someone, so what's her issue? Now she won't vote for Obama again because he called a friend "stupid". So I am guessing she had no problem up until them. I have some issues with the president at this point and it's not because he spoke out for a friend. I am mad because he walked it back.

Should the President have gotten involved? Yes! Should he have used the word stupidly? I don't th…

Is Gospel Music A Ministry Or A Business?

It feels like it’s been a slow couple of years for Gospel music. I can’t say whether that’s because the music has’t been great or if it’s because I just haven’t been terribly excited about it. It’s possibly both.

Now me and my circle of friends are simply not excited about gospel music like we once were. We're not talking about the new releases, and we're definitely not talking about the new artists. For me I have heard only two albums this year I believe are worth buying: Power of One and Don't Waste Your Life. Everything else is a selective iTunes download. Once upon a time gospel music and the black church use to fit together like a hand in a glove but not any more.

What we have now is a music industry that seems to have lost its way somehow, along with The Black Church. The music industry are putting out albums they hope will appeal to a increasingly disinterested audience. I was thinking if gospel music want to be around a little longer, maybe it shou…

What Does It Mean To Take Up Your Cross?

We Christian have this idea of equating our cross with things like:friends who put knives in our back, parents who are just to strict, children who can't stay out of trouble or sick love ones. One author writes: “We think God passes out crosses like a warden handing shovels to a chain gang. No one wants one. Each one gets one…
[But] the cross means much more. It’s God’s tool of redemption…proof of His love. To take up the cross…is to take up Christ’s burden for…people. Did you here that world! "PEOPLE"” Jesus said, “The load I give you to carry is light” (Mt 11:30). So people mean "ALL PEOPLE"(Black,White, Gay,Straight,Saved, Unsaved ...) The cross we’re called to bear won’t break our back, it will awaken and develop in us areas of strength which are lying dormant or being used for less worthy purposes. When we recognize this we ’ll stop praying for a lighter cross and ask God for a stronger back. When Paul began praying this way, God said, “My grace is su…

Has The New Church Model Impacted The Traditional Black Church?

I believe the biggest threat to the black church today is the role the church plays in our lives. While growing up, the black church was the center of our community and our lives. My street was a ghost town on Sundays. Everybody from saint to sinner was in church. It was one of those unspoken rules: Sunday, that’s where you went. The church was our after-school program. The church was our social services agency. The church was our extended family. We didn’t need a schedule of events in order to be there. Often times, we’d simply drop in if we were passing by. We worked together. We struggled together. We shared together.

I have always wonder has the new church model impacted the traditional black church? Meaning new model—with comfortable auditoriums (often with stadium seating), theatrical lights, refreshments in the lobby, rigidly-timed and well-rehearsed worship services—has this moved the church-going experience from an interactive one to a passive one? Has going to churc…

Women Pastors.

I got into a debate yesterday about women serving as pastors or preachers. Now this has always been one of those highly debated issues. While this may seem like a men vs. women issue I don't believe it to be.Now I believe everybody has their God-ordained place in the family of God and we should praise God for what He has given us to do within that holy place and not trespass on another responsibility.
Are women call to pastor churches? Are women call to teach the word of God? Are women call to preach the word of God? I mean from the pulpit? Now this is 3 different questions therefore, there will be 3 different answers.

Now the Word of God has been clear on this matter for centuries.
It is only due to the spirit of control in these last days that this has begun to rise again among some. We are not to be misled like Eve who fell for the serpent's lies (Gen. 3:13, 1 Tim. 2:14). We should not let the plain and simple Scriptures be twisted to our own self-destruction (2 Cor. 11…

Racism And The Church!

We must acknowledge that racism and prejudice exist among Christians before we can rid ourselves of its stench. By posting this article I am acknowledge that racism and prejudice exist. Now, Jimmy Carter, was a part of The Southern Baptist for over 60 years . During that time he had no problem praying in a “White-only” church even while he was President. Most people are aware that Southern Baptists are known for their Biblical belief concerning certain things . Like I've stated he's the same Carter, whose Christian conscience never bothered him during his presidency for supporting and praying with a group of racist Christians, who would not allow Black Christians to join with them on Sunday morning worship. But now he has become a vocal voice for women’s rights. I believe in honesty; When Mr. Carter was in power he should have spoke up over the treatment of blacks back then. I am for civil rights for everyone, regardless of sexual orientation or gender iden…

A Megachurch Have Teachers And Leaders While A Church Have Pastors.

Has any one notice that God is the One who appoints people to the type of work they are to do, not men? There is then an anointing given to each one for that work. The problem is that men sometimes give each other a title for which they have little or no anointing. It is not up to men to “see” what position they should hold in the church. It is by the calling of God and that alone. Men appointed Saul as king, while God anointed David. This is part of the problem that the church is facing in these last days.

I don't believe it appears anywhere in the Bible that a pastor should preach all the sermons, or that someone who stands in the pulpit, have been called to teach. Neither do having a degree from a seminary or being appointed by men necessarily mean someone is qualified to preach, teach, counsel, or pastor the Body of Christ.There's a new survey out were most megachurch pastors don't see themselves as pastors. I guess not considering God had already establish who…

Fans Or Admirers?

Do you want fans or admirers? Are you more interested in what people think of what you do? Or who you are? I was out of town Friday when I heard about the death of Walter Cronkite. While watching the news coverage of his death this week, I started thinking of how I would like to be remember when my time comes to return to the Father. Some people say it don't matter but to me it does.

I also think how Michael Jackson had "fans," and maybe Walter Cronkite had "admirers." Don't takes this in the wrong way, people loved Michale's music and what he did on the stage. His personal life however, left much to be desired. Now Walter Cronkite on the other hand wasn't terribly spectacular, but he was brilliant at his job, and it literally impacted an entire nation. On a personally level , Cronkite was married for nearly sixty-five years to Mary Elizabeth 'Betsy' Maxwell Cronkite. They were married on March 30, 1940, and remained together until he…

Is There A Place In The Worship Service For Technologies Like Twitter?

Until recently, the idea of pulling out your cell phone in church was the height of trashy behavior. But now, some pastors all over the country are encouraging their members to Twitter during the service, sending out "tweets" of notes, ideas, and principles from the message to their many followers.First off let me say this; if your pastor is so boring you have to multi-task on your phone to keep from losing it during a service, you might want to consider finding a church where you personal can get fed. I believe this is another way for Satan to stop the message from going forth. Satan no's that preaching is one of the most powerful tool there is for reaching souls for Christ. Satan has watch man long enough to no just what to use to pull us away and stop us from receiving from something as simple as preaching.
Now the Holy Spirit does not interrupt itself when speaking to people. If the Spirit is speaking to you through the pastor then you should be listening and…

Does God Agree with Our Idea of Prosperity?

It's interesting that the debate about what we call the "Prosperity Gospel" continues. I'm not surprised because anything that sounds like hope is a tough thing to walk away from - whether it's true or not. I have some mixed feelings because I understand that preachers of the past rightly wanted people to understand that God is a good God which is rightly so. But it's harder today for us to understand that vibe from back in the day.

Back then, most people believed more in a "God with a stick and a Big Black Belt" than any real sense of grace. Some has written very eloquently about the toxic church they grew up in and the harsh view of God they were taught. Many churches of the time were very dead places. But in those dead places we believe more in the God of the Bible that we do today.

But today, on the other extreme, it's really gotten out of control. The Old Testament prophet Isaiah said, "For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neith…

Has Our Worship Become A Performance?

I've had some interesting discussions lately about the difference between worship and performance. I have visited a number of churches with both a "traditional" service and a "contemporary" service - which made for an interesting comparison between services. Honestly, I enjoy both. Having grown up in a traditional old baptist church in the deep South, I know every hymn in the book and love a good traditional worship service. But I'm also a worship music fan and love me some worship music also. But I noticed one interesting thing. In a traditional service, everyone knows the hymns and sings along. But in most contemporary services, I'm finding very few people in the congregation participate.What I'm finding in more and more contemporary churches - the worship aspect of the service has become a performance. Excellent music and musicians to be sure, but the audience isn't participating at all. Rather than being invited into the wors…

Was Martin Luther King, Jr A Republican?

There’s no proof in the world that Dr. King was a Republican or expressed any political affiliation with the Republican or Democratic Party. Now if the claim were that King was Conservative I would have to agree with that statement. There seems to be a preacher in Houston claiming Dr. Martin Luther King was a Republican. He even put up a billboard to tell the world of this revelation. Now, Steve Klein, a senior researcher at The King Center dismissed the “King-was-a-Republican” rumor when the GOP ran radio campaign ads in 2006 targeted at Black listeners. “I think it’s highly inaccurate to say he was a Republican because there’s really no evidence,” Klein said. Would not Black Republicans have better luck trying to find a few live Black folks who would rather be part of the Republican party? What about Condoleeza Rice or Colin Powell? I really enjoy hearing these two speak; especially Colin Powell he is a great speaker. So, why keep trying to hold up a dead Black Icon…

The Jehovah's Witnesses Now Have A Congregation's Do-Not-Call list.

Jehovah’s Witnesses interpret the Bible literally and believe the world will soon end, leaving the Earth intact and only believers alive for eternity. For many outside the faith, they are known more generally as people who don’t accept blood transfusions, don’t serve in the military and show up at the door — well-dressed, carrying a Bible and ready to proselytize.

The Jehovah's Witnesses now have a congregation's do-not-call list for those who ask not to be approached and those who are hostile to Witnesses are put on the list. I don't believe I am hostile to Jehovah's Witnesses when they come to my door I just don't open it. Neither do I open it for the other sects who canvass the neighborhood on bicycles.
For Witnesses, preaching is seen as coming at an especially critical time because they believe signs point to a nearing of the end of time, conference leaders said. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the economic crisis are indications that the world is entering…

Who Can Measure Our Walk With Christ?

No one! It's impossible to measure how religious someone is but we human beings love to try. We just love measuring stuff! So from the beginning of time since we can't measure other people hearts or their commitment to God, we begin using outside benchmarks. We decided that you weren't a real Christian if you danced, smoked cigarettes, drank alcohol or got tattoos.

While growing up in a "Black Baptist and Pentecostal Church" during my early years. We had many families in our church who actually believe going to the movies would send you to straight to hell, especially if Jesus returned while you were in a theater. I really believe that's why we have many Christian schools with dress codes, curfews, and required rules - all in an effort to measure how much religion one has . Even now, some Christian organizations are prepared to fight to the death to keep certain hair styles , baggy jeans, or certain kinda of music outside their doors.Do…

“ Women Who Intimidate.”

1 Peter 3:4 instructs women to have a “gentle and quiet spirit,” but our spirits do not always reflect this kind of calm and peace in Christ. Instead, we want to control things and do them our way, in the same way that Eve did in the garden. We manipulate, we scheme, and we can become out right ugly when we don’t get what we want. Any person would find this kind of behavior to be intimidating. Women No Women!
I do not think the label of “intimidating” always reflects the truth, nor is it always a negative label. I whole-heart agree that women can be bitter and angry and drive people away with their fitful spirits, but this is not the only reason women are intimidating. women can also be intimidating because they are smart, and because they are successful, or even because they are spiritually solid. Now I've been to blogs were the blog administrator will make comments like "people want leave comments because they are intimidated by us smart women."No! it could be bec…

Personality Driven Church.

I know that Pastors play an undeniably important role in the life of any church. Their leadership, or lack thereof, shapes the local church. The focus and style of their teaching set the standard. As such, some churches have become personality driven churches, making the most of the presence of the pastor. In these churches, most people go to hear the preacher. It's a let down when he/she not preaching that week.
I don't have a problem with John David Wright becoming the pastor of the church his father (Timothy Wright ) started 20 years ago. But I do question why now? What happen to God calling pastors? When God calls us to do something , it means we're called to a higher level of accountability. Jesus said "Unto whom much is given, of him shall much be required." In every article that I have read; it never stated Mr. Wright was qualify or rather he had any training to be the pastor of the church. Is that not important any more? I believe he was pick bec…

"Is gluttony a sin?"

What do you think, should gluttony be address from the pulpit on Sunday morning like every other sin? Gluttony is too crave food to the point that it kills us which is a sad thing.
Gluttony: a person who eats and drinks excessively or voraciously.a person with a remarkably great desire or capacity for something:a gluttony for work; a gluttony for punishment.
What I found so shocking is who are at a particularly high risk are black American women. Now I know There are legitimate medical reasons for being overweight: thyroid problems, medication side effects, etc. But face it: most of us are overweight because we simply eat too much food and exercise too little.

Emotional eating is an idol; we use food to self-medicate and feel better before we think to go to God with our concerns. I've heard pastors who preach vehemently against homosexuality and abortion, but who have never uttered a single world against gluttony, which is actually one of the seven deadly sins. Why are we ign…

TV Evangelist Paula White To Take Over Ex-Husband's Tampa Church.

She's back! Paula White will take the pulpit at Tampa’s megachurch Without Walls International today. Ex-husband Randy White resigned last week. Randy White says he quit over serious health concerns and this Sunday’s services will be used to honor him. Paula White has been away from Without Walls for more than two years, following the couple's divorced. The congregation has rocked by the death of Randy White's daughter from brain cancer and the hint of financial scandal. The couple is part of a federal inquiry into the church finances. Source Here!

In a recorded telephone message sent out to church members, she extended a special invitation to church members to bring their friends and family members.Can some one say MONEY!!

Jim Brown Criticizes Tiger Woods’ Social Activism!

Football Hall of fame Jim Brown blasts both Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods for their lack of social activism in an interview that is to appear on HBO’s “Real Sports."

Now I believe Jim Brown is right on principle. When you have the opportunity to say something…not to force someone’s hand, but a platform from which people have to listen to you, you use it. Most people sees Tiger Woods as a black man. I can't remember any one ever asking Tiger Woods to be anything other than himself. But to just pretend the black part doesn’t exist is sickening. He makes sabbaticals to Thailand, but you never see him doing anything to connect, forget help, to his African-American roots.
Of Woods, Brown said, “This cat is a mamajama; he is a killer. He’ll run over you, he’ll kick your ass. But as an individual for social change, or any of that kind of —-? Terrible. Terrible.”Brown criticized Woods in January of 2008 for not speaking out against the Golf Channel’s Kelly Tilghman after she used …

McNair Fans Pissed it Was Closed Casket!

Now I’m not exactly an expert in the field of mortuary science, but I’m guessing that four bullets shot at a person from close range, including two in the head, doesn’t make it very easy to make the body presentable.
I’ve never been one of those who will just stop an hold up the funeral line by looking in a casket trying to spot the damages. Once someone’s gone, that’s it for me — I really don’t want to remember them lying in a casket, completely lifeless. Once upon a time long ago you could have paid me all the money in the world and I wouldn't go to a funeral. And if I went you could bet I would not be looking in a casket. I would walk by the casket going as fast as I could all the time making sure I didn't knock other funeral goers down heading for my seat. But I guess like most things, I’m in the minority on this one. Now take for instance your typical Titans or general NFL fan. I’m not sure exactly what they thought they were going to see by visiting S…

7th Grader Sues School To Wear Pro-Life T-Shirt.

The mother of a California seventh-grader forced to remove her pro-life T-shirt is suing school administrators, claiming that her daughter's First Amendment rights were violated.

Do you think it's okay for kids to be billboards for causes that they may or may not understand, pro-life or otherwise, in school? Do school officials have the right to demand that such clothing be removed? Article Here!

MIchael Jackson And The Number 7.

Throughout the Bible, numbers are used consistently and repetitively with strong emphasis on the number seven.The frequent use of seven is obvious even to an occasional reader of the Scriptures.

Seven is in the Bible more than any other number. The number seven in the Bible is associated with “completeness.” Other numbers seem to have symbolic meanings as well. If you're in to Numbers , you'll probably enjoy — and perhaps even find deep meaning in, or not. TMZ's has a list of coincidences involving Michael Jackson and the number seven: Jackson signed his will on 7/7/02 Jackson’s memorial service was on 7/7/09, which is exactly 7 years after his will was signed Jackson has 7 letters in his first and last name Jackson is the 7th of nine children Jackson was born in 1958 — 19 + 58 = 77 Jackson died on the 25th — 2 + 5 = 7 Jackson’s biggest hits, “Black and White” and “Billy Jean,” were each No. 1 for 7 …

Rev. Al Sharpton Is Not A Racist.

There's a lot of chatter on the net about The Rev.Al Sharpton being called a racist. In which I 100% total disagree with. The statement Rev. Al made at the memorial services for MJ was point on. And when you listen to the interview he had with Dr. Dyson on that same day then you can understand were he was coming from and why he made such a bold statement.

Rev. Al Sharpton, sits down with Dr. Dyson to discuss his memories of the King of Pop. “Michael Jackson made culture accept a person of color, way before Tiger Woods, way before Oprah Winfrey, way before Barack Obama. Michael did with music what they later did in sports and in politics, and in television. And no controversy will erase the historic impact,“ Sharpton said. A commemorative postage stamp is being sought out by Rev. Sharpton in honor of the late Michael Jackson.
Rev. Sharpton and Dr. Dyson also discuss the rise and fall of Michael’s career and life time of trials and tribulations.“I hope Michael will get th…