What Does Love Mean To You?

It's true, the greatest gift given to us is love. It's the purpose for living and the reason we were made. We were made to move in God's love and spread it to the world so that everyone may see His love through us. Down through time the idea of love have turn into a human instinct and simplified into a mental response designed to continue the human species. This turns the concept of love into something of a physical nature rather than a gift from God.

We as humans, have tried to cut, and trim love to fit our own way of thinking. But trimming love is essentially the same as trying to trim God himself, which can't be done. It's a never-failing always-giving gift that seems to be almost ignored. I can tell you from personal experience that love can be ignored out of sheer human pride, a pride that often stems from a false love that we've allowed the world to create for us. When we let the world create love for us it becomes something reserved for only a select few that we have chosen worthy of our love. Everyone else seems to be a blemish or nuisance in our lives that we shun in order to maintain an idea of superiority in the world. But when we swallow our pride and allow our love to reach those we would otherwise ignore, we can finally see not only the love of God stemming throughout the world, but we can see our true purpose as children of God. Romans 8:38-39

We have a love that will never leave us and never change. Unlike humans, God is the same everyday and so is His love. The only way I know to truly thank Him is to give all of our life and love to Him and show everyone we can that some love. In my eyes, love is a gift and a reason. It's a gift that will never run out and a reason to live every day to its fullest.

So, what does love mean to you?


  1. Beautiful post. I agree, Love is the greatets gift from God. For me love, is to appreciate, to be grateful, to reach out, to embrace, to give.



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