A Well Meaning Person!

All I going to say about this sister, is you don’t just pop up from nowhere to talk to the POTUS unannounced... Either Security will get you or they will be fired on the spot!...This would have been an insult if Ms.Lee would had managed to get any closer...Now Ms. Lee said that she is a Catholic priestess “with St. Juliana’s in Fullerton,” and that there are 60 other Catholic priestesses worldwide...Well that's not what Father Paul Gins of St. Juliana’s said....The father says that Lee is a member of the parish and a “well-meaning person,” but that “she does not represent the church. We do not recognize women priests, and haven’t for 2,000 years.”Lee said that her duties as a minister involve consecrating the host, and ministering to the disabled and elderly in convalescent homes...The way I see it Ms.Lee is a black woman who is fighting again the civil rights of other people there's no other way to put it...I might not agree with the term same sex marriage but I support the rights for everyone to have the same civil rights.


  1. Seems like every day, somebody new goes nuts. People are snapping. And it's scary.

  2. She is cool.. and this about snapping? it was always here but now we have bigger ears and eyes..

  3. This woman is a sick puppy. She is obsessed. I hope this incident will lead to her getting some help.

    There are more folks snapping because people have loss the ability to deal with stress. Everything is so fast and we are in constant 24/7 contact with everything and everybody. There is no down time to regroup or put things in perspective. Also so many are thrust suddenly into finacial ruin and it's not being done humanely. It's like, get your stuff and leave. Twenty years on a job used to mean security and now no one is safe. Everyone is scared that they are next. This economic crisis has far reaching effects.

  4. @Undercover Black Man thanks for your comment and I agree it's getting scary by the day.

    @Vlad thanks for your comment I haven't thought of it in terms of "snapped."

    @Jackie thanks for your comment and I can agree with your statement "This economic crisis has far reaching effects." I am proof of that.

  5. She is cool.. and this about snapping? it was always here but now we have bigger ears and eyes..


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