Enough With All This Christian Apparel!

From Saturday's Birmingham News Religion section: Seeing through Christian lenses: Calera brothers lost their jobs in October but their faith burns so bright they had to sell sunglasses.
"God gave him a vision, he said. That vision was Christians wearing sunglasses. Ones that say "I love Jesus" on the sides and "John 3:16" on the
lens, and have a cross above the bridge of the nose."
"He thinks that people will want to share their faith while reducing their exposure to ultraviolet rays."
"When you wear these shades, you're saying you love Jesus."
"Those sunglasses are going to glorify Jesus Christ our Lord and savior"..."We love him, we're proud of him. We want to say, This is who I am. Be proud to glorify Jesus and wear them in faith." Christianity is something to be lived out, we are called to live for Jesus, not to wear His name on our sunglasses or our t-shirts. Enough with all this "Christian apparel."


  1. This is a mess. Why do we have so much disrepsect for the scriptures that we will plaster it all over any convenient item? In my area you can buy "Testamints". These are individually wrapped mints with a scripture on the wrapping. SHEESH! I wish we would quit this mess and just "study the Word to show ourselves approved unto GOD a workman who does not need to be ashamed; aptly able to handle the Word of Truth." I find this type thing embarassing and sacriligious.

  2. Saint James -- AMEN!! This is cheap and silly! Amazing, most 'Christians' can't be bother to volunteer in their community, mentor a child or read their Bible. But, we'll we're cheapy gaudy 'christian' apparel thinking this is how we reach the masses.

  3. I like Christian apparel! I buy it. I wear it. I give it away. We are in a spiritual war. I see to many young people wearing t-shirts that glorify everything that is evil. They were shirts with some of the most weird messages even to church, to choir practice, everywhere. And nobody says anything about it. Everywhere there I see the new "in" image, the Grim Reaper and skull and crossbones. It is everywhere! Should we as Christians just stand by and say nothing and do nothing about that?

    I will say this much. You won't find me buying as much Christian apparel this year as I did last year. Why? It isn't in the stores anymore. Last year, some of the big discount stores practically gave it away. I bought t-shirts for $2.00 and $3.00each. All of my voter registration volunteers wore them. We wanted everyone to know we were campaigning for Jesus. Not this year. Those "Son" glasses were only $1.00 a pair at the Christian book store. I gave them away as gifts last year. Not this year.

    There is going to come a time, I believe when we will want our apparel to speak for us. I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is the power of God unto salvation. Lord knows the nakedness on the rap videos is speaking loudly and clearly enough! The tats on the ball players is speaking, too!

    Me? I'm going to put on my t-shirt that says, "Jesus Saves" and keep on steppin'.

  4. You cannot fight a spiritual war with T-shirts, mugs, glassess, Jesus Pins and gospel glasses. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principlaities and powers, against rulers of darkeness, spiritual wickedness in high places.."

    "The weapons of our warfare are not carnal (fleshly; which would include the idea of apparel making a spiritual difference) but they are mighty to the pulling down of strongholds..."
    With all due respect JSM it aint gon' be no T-shirt that fights a cultural or spiritual war. If I can't speak about Jesus in days to come Christian gagdetry and apparel won't be allowed either. TRUST and believe.

  5. The gentleman said.

    "When you wear these shades, you're saying you love Jesus."

    So when a foul mouth rapper wears a cross around his neck, while women dance around shaking their tails as he calls them everything BUT women.

    Are they saying they love Jesus as well?

    I am not against wearing clothing with Bible verses or a picture of crosses on them.
    However, I think when you come before God and are judged, I dont think that the amount of Christian clothing you wear is going to get you in. God will be judging your heart and your actions, NOT your shades.

  6. Saint James,

    You'd be surprised at what God can do with just a little bit of faith. And what the devil means for evil, God can use, and will use for good. That includes t-shirts, mugs, "Son" glasses, and the like.

    I wear my t-shirts and everything else that I have that lifts up Jesus, in faith. It is the faith that quenches all the fiery darts of the enemy.

    Today, my t-shirt says, "God The Father: Creator of Heaven and Earth." I grew up without a father. God has been my father and daddy. So, I have the t-shirt on today out of my relationship with Him. The t-shirt became a point of discussion as I taught spiritual gifts class today to new members.

    When I have worn this particular t-shirt in the past, I have had young men, the kind that usually don't come to church often, ask me where I got it, or comment that they liked it.

    Yes, there are many people whose hearts aren't right wearing Christian apparel. But, there are many who, like myself, would not have been caught dead in it at one time in their lives who are now willing to wear it regardless of what anyone has to say. Only God could have changed my heart like that.

    Getting rid of the Christian apparel because some people merchandise it and others wear it for wrong motives is not the answer.

    When I think about how far He's bought me, and where I could be right now where it not for His grace and mercy on my life, when I think about His love for me in giving His only son to die for my sins, when I think about Jesus giving His life for me, a sinner, putting on a t-shirt every day the rest of my life is the least I can do for that....the least!

  7. I would not at all be suprised by what a little faith can do. The t-shirts you have chosen to wear are a more modern version of the gospel tract with a merchandizing effort behind it. I did not say GOD couldn't use the "gadget", heck, (oops!), He uses me and Balaam's ass so of course he can use a T-shirt. My point is that the vast majority of this "mess", as I view it is simply to make money. It demeans the sacredness of God's name and is a mony making effort.
    When I think of all He has done for me throughout my life; sparng me from death 3 separate times(!) it makes me want to live a more consecrated life of service. For me that does not include Christian gadgetry.
    I saw a minister of the gospel wearing Jesus glasses. The lenses were strategically placed in the "e" and the first "s" of the word. I was embarrassed for her.

    I also lament the use of the cross as mere jewelry for adornment; just my thing I guess.

  8. I have another point: You don't show your love for Christ by wearing religious apparel or accessories (I will not use the term Christian apparel). We show our love for Christ in the things that we do; how we behave. People with fish on their bumpers who run red lights, disregard traffic laws do nothing to enhance the reputation of the Kingdom of GOD.

    Let me tell you this story about me. I am a pastor. I along with my son was traveling by car to the local whole Foods Market on a Sunday afternoon. This was a special service so I had on my clerical garb; collar, black suit, cross placed in pocket. It was a very hot summer day. The windows were open and I was in a hurry.
    I was behind a woman who was having a very hard time navigating her car into the driveway of the parking lot. She took far too long and didn't know what she was doing. I, in frustration exclaimed in a loud voice; within ear shot of quite a few, "WHAT IS SHE AN IDIOT? c'mon Lady!"
    My son turned to look at me and calmly said: "Well.... praise the LORD, pastor." Immediately I was stricken with the contradiction between my garb and my actions. Though needless to say, I was duly embarrassed and eventually repentant. It is not in what we wear but in who we are. Clothing does not really identify you as godly person.

    The Pharisees wore their elaborate philacteries and yet Jesus identified them as "Whitewashed tombs, vipers, hypocrites and children of the devil. Selah


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