Lyrical Theology Don't Waste Your Life!

Rap is not foreign to me,neither is the Word of God which is a two-edged razor sharp sword which cuts deep into the soul and heart of the sinner, and the redeemed...I have never embraced Holy- Hip- Hop because I have always put it in the same category as secular Hip- Hop and I was wrong for doing that. I repent of it and will not do it again in the future... without knowledge we fail to grow.

“Not being ashamed of the Gospel,” means more than verbally proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ; it means acknowledging and yielding to the power of the Gospel in every area of your life. When we accept Christ as our personal Lord and Savior, He frees us from our sin, so we may glorify God, and proclaim the Gospel with every aspect of our lives. We essentially lay our lives (self) down to serve and glorify God in thought, word and deeds... Lecrae and Desiring God Ministry have joined together to form a kinda of partnership than I never thought I would see.

I like the teaching of John Piper I see were he has linked up with rap music .it's one of the most beautiful picture of diversity I have ever seen...I am asking my self can I (The Black Church) handle the idea that when we worship God in heaven on that day that rap music may very well be a part of the worship service? Lecrae and others are calling this new rap music lyrical theology... What a beautiful picture to actually use music to communicate the gospel to a generation that is not hearing it through the same ol’ preferred style for me that would be hymns and contemporary music.

The “Don’t Waste Your Life” tour, presented by Reach Records and Desiring God Ministries, is making stops in major cities across the country over the next couple of months, challenging the younger generation to live passionately for Jesus Christ...The main message: shun seeking worldly joy and instead live lives dedicated to Christ.


  1. Kanye West said it best "They say you can rap anything except about Jesus. That includes murder, sex, guns, lies and video tape. But if I rap about God my record won't get played?"

    As a believer and an avid hip-hop fan, LaCrea is a shining example that yes one can have skills on the mic and have faith. Too bad that both mainstream hip-hop listeners & many in the gospel music community ignore such artist.

    Mainstream hip-hop does little more than promote ignorance, materialism and misogyny. And unfortunately, many underground artists (and I have to consider LaCrea underground) don't get alot of airplay. Guys like LaCrea, Flame, Grits, LA Symphony could not only bring in young people to the Word, they could probably add some life to the anemic secular music industry.

    The gospel and contemporary christian music community place christian rap artists in some sort of 'ghetto' -- claiming its somehow 'devil music'. (Irony, since there was a time where Black gospel music and CCM was discounted as sacrilege as well.) Too bad, because a great MC who is a believer can reach people TD Jakes nor Steven Curtis Chapman could hope to approach.

    But a lot of these guys do it to themselves. As a life long hip-hop fan, most 'gospel rap' artist suck by hip-hop standards. And believe it it or not, its not because they're talking about Christ. Hip-hop artists talk about God all the time. Plenty of rappers talk about their 5 percent faith or Sunni Muslim faith. Some rap about how they feel God has abandoned (Great Biggie Smalls song, "Another Day Another Struggle"). Kurtis Blow and MC Run, pioneers and elder statesmen of hip-hop, are ordained ministers.

    The problem is that too many Christian hip-hop artists are so concerned with showing they're Holy Ghost filled that they forget that they are musicians. Bad production and boring, uncreative lyrics. Dope beat, dope rhymes, that's all hip-hop really is.

    But guys like LaCrea deserve more credit and airplay. "I'm praying for you" really touched my spirit when I first heard it and I plan to purchase the album soon.

  2. @Jackie thanks for your comment.

    @LACoincidental thanks for your comment and I am guilty of speaking negative of Holy-Hip-Hop by lumping it with secular Hip-Hop.That was the wrong thing to do.

    LaCrea has really open my eyes and has cause me to view Holy-Hip-Hop from another angle.

    "But guys like LaCrea deserve more credit and airplay". I agree 100% with that statement.


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