Is Cheating Less Forgivable When You Have Kids?

US Weekly is reporting that reality-TV-dad-of-eight Jon Gosselin has been caught with another woman.. Jon, who stars on the reality show Jon and Kate Plus 8 denies the accusation... Whether it's true or not the cheating rumors have me wondering...Is infidelity worse when there are kids involved?In my heart I feel that when parents cheat, they're also cheating on their kids, and if the relationship eventually breaks up, so does the family... Then again, maybe cheating is just a bad idea no matter what your family situation is so my Question:
  1. Is cheating less forgivable when you have kids?
  2. Do cheating betray both spouse and kids or just the spouse?
  3. Is cheating between spouse and not the kids?


  1. Not when you have kids... just when you are on TV.

    That jackleg fool.

  2. I don't watch the show but I was reading on several blogs that folks were cheering him on because they were saying that Kate was a b@# who talk down to him..I don't know if there is any truth to the rumor but I have less respect for people who cheat that anything else barring harm to children and old people.


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