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It Hurts So Bad To Leave.

This is the letter the Obama's sent to Trinity Unity Church Of Christ. It a painful thing when you have to leave your church family and start over. My husband and I are in a new place and a new church and it's hard adjusting to a new family. When you grow with a church it's something special. My prayers are with them and I understand why he did what he did.
Dear Rev. Moss:We are writing to make official our decision to end our membership at Trinity.We make this decision with sadness. Trinity was where I found Christ, where we were married and where our children were baptized. We have many friends among the 8,000 congregants who attend there and we are proud of the extraordinary good works the church continues to perform throughout the community to help the hungry, the homeless and people in need of medical care. We also have come to appreciate your ministry and both think you have been, and will be, a wonderful pastor for years to come.But as you know, our relation…