The Internet Causes Bad Behavior.

I found my self on this site and could not believe the content. Talking about bold! If you are a parent who don't no how to talk to your teen about sex and other issues maybe this sites for you. I don't no I thought it was too deep for me. Check it out and tell me what you think. Any way, I found this article about teens and behavior.

A new study out claims that one single sources is the cause of nearly all bad behaviors among young people. Care to guess what that is? If you said "the media" you're right. Am I surprise? No! The study said that teenagers' smoking, drinking, pregnancy, obesity, poor academic achievement, violence, and other troubles overwhelmingly derive from television, movies, video games, music, and internet use. A 2008 study declaring violent Internet sites the most important media factor promoting teen violence concluded that television, music, movies, and video games really aren't big deals. They don't no what forms of media most corrupt youth, but they agree that "media are increasingly pervasive in the lives of children and adolescents" and "newer forms of media seem to be especially concerning. The media that I blame most would be the internet. Especially You Tube and My Space. (article here....)


  1. Wow. I'm 40 years old and the content of that site make me cringe. I'm all for knowledge for anyone to help them make better choices but that a bit much expecially if someone has just turned 13. Teen sare exposed to waaay too much these days and too soon.


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