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Obama Is Wrong!

Why did Obama disown Rev. Wright? Because White America told him too. When Rev. Wright said that Louis Farrakhan was a great man and that Black America listen to him when he spoke. I knew from that comment white america wanted him gone. The way it look to me he should have keep his focus on his campaign he did not have to answer the media. Now they want to know why he stayed so long in Trinity United Church of Christ. How will he answer that question. Will he say that Michell won't let him leave or he was never present when he spoke. It's nothing wrong with Pastor Wright teaching. I would love to have sit under some great teaching like that. Rev. Wright made a statement about one day giving an account unto God for this life and I agree that his calling was not to assure Obama became the first Black President his call was to tell people about Christ. He's old enough to know about the evils in America. America is a hateful country that strives on hate. They…

I Was Trick By The Enemy.

I don't understand why she would be posing in Vanity FairMagazine nudeany way. What message was she trying to send to young girls any way.
Miley Cyrus, the 15-year-old churchgoing television sensation, yesterday apologized to her millions of teen fans for posing nearly nude in Vanity Fair magazine. At 15 should she been taking nude photos anyway? Were was her parents when she made this move? Don't you look at the photos before they are published? I ask those questions because I have seen those girls screaming when she comes out on stage. This Hollywood thing has cause many of people to fall from grace. They have been marketing her as a Christian girl. You can't live in both worlds, you have to make a choice.
The teenager, who plays Hannah Montana in an American teen soap opera of the same name, made by Disney, said that she thought that the photo-shoot led by the photographer Annie Leibovitz was supposed to be “artsy not skanky”. This is the same photographer who c…

Do We Need Another Debate!

The question is should Obama debate Hillary again? My answer is No, because he has been in 21 debates with her. I believe she wants this debate because she is out of money and want free air time. Am I missing something? Do we need another debate? What's your take on this?

Do We Have To Change To See God's Blessing?

I ask that question when I heard of gospel singer Dwayne Woods and his testimony of how God healed him of HIV about 2 years ago and my initial thought was disbelief. The reason for the disbelief is that if you're going to continue in the same life style why would you think God would offer healing to unclean living? It's not everyday that you hear of someone who tested positive come out and tell you that through prayer and faith the virus had been completely wiped out of their system. Mr. Woods also did not denounce that his lifestyle is in conflict with God's word. I am not questioning his salvation because who can say what's in a man's heart other than the creator of that man.

We have to change in order to receive God's blessing for our life. We don't want to repent of wrong but, we still want God blessing. Faith with out works is dead, so is works without faith. If we are to follow Christ we must change. Too me Mr. Woods is saying that God wi…

Stupid Move Obama!!!!

The Fox News Channel announced Thursday that Obama the Democratic presidential candidate would appear on its Sunday morning public affairs show this weekend. This shit just pissed me off. Why in the Hell would Obama do such a stupid thing. Why bother with folks that don't and won't vote for you base on your race. Those are the most racist people in the world. Will someone please tell me why this man want to please these "Red Necks?"

This Is Not Funny!

Charles Knipp is a white man who performs racially offensive material in drag and blackface. He describes his character Shirley Q. Liquor as an "inarticulate black welfare mother with 19 children." While in blackface as Liquor, Knipp speaks in Ebonics and makes comments like "axe your mamma how she durrin" and misuses words like "ignunt." If you want more information about this man and his hate toward black women check out Jasmyne Cannick. Knipp's white character, a woman named Betty Butterfield describes Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as a "colored preacher" during a video segment on the Lutheran Church.I have a problem with Mr. Knipp doing this but I don't have a problem with Tyler Perry doing it. The reason is Tyler is a black man playing a role as his aunt, cousin or sister. These could be women he grew up around and have real love for. So I don't see it the same way.

Prom Night Has Change.

Is a guideline needed for students on how to dress for a prom? I was listening to a show the other day that stated that if student was not properly dress when they arrived at the prom they would not be allow in. Is this not going to far? Boys Formal Dress: Formal prom attire is a tuxedo or dress suit, including a tie, bow tie, a turtle neck, a shirt, which may include a vest or cummerbund. Shirts are to be worn at all times. Dress shoes must be worn while in any public building. Tennis shoes and athletic shoes are unacceptable. Girls' Dress: Dresses may be strapless or include spaghetti straps. Bare or open backs are acceptable. However, bare abdomens or bare midriffs are not permitted. Foot apparel must be worn at all times. Undergarments should not be visible. See-through apparel and dresses with slits that are above the mid-thigh are not permitted. Garments that are tight or low-cut are also unacceptable. Arrival: Students must arrive for Prom Night by 7:20 PM. Stude…

Smarter Than A 5th Grader.

This is a great show because it can be watched in two ways: First, you can watch it with kids. That was the key to "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" and it works here as well. The kids love it, especially if the adults don't know the answer (it doesn't matter whether it's the adults on the screen or at home).

Second, this show is sufficiently predictable that, without kids around, you can watch it in ten minutes or less on TIVO. Do you think you're smarter than a 5th grader?

Faith Is Not Magic.

The fastest growing segment of professing Christianity today is the Word-Faith Movement, also known as the Positive Confession or simply "Faith" movement. Its growth is at least partially due to the massive amounts of money the leaders are able to extract from the faithful. This influx of cash allows for huge buildings and extensive ministries, and more importantly, wide exposure on television, which translates into numerical growth. Not only do many Word-Faith preachers broadcast their services and campaigns, but Word-Faith adherents, Paul and Jan Crouch, own the largest Christian-based television network in the world. The Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), founded by the Crouches, with an estimated net worth of approximately $600 million dollars, is capable of televising the Faith message (as well as many other …

The Price Of Greed.

What happen to the housing market? Was it greed or was people tricked into believing a lie? Did they not know that their income determine how much house they could afford?
I wonder if they understand that adjustable rate mortgage could go up if the stock market changed? I wonder did these poor people know the difference between ARM mortgages and conventional mortgages? Never get a home loan with out a down payment. How can public official help the mortgage crisis? I can't see no court in the land overturning a sign contract. I fault the people for not doing their home work and the loan officer for selling people something that they could not afford. What do you think? should people be bail out of this housing mess?

The Ant.

Did you know that an ant can carry a load over 25 times their weight? Some can lift even up to 50 times their weight!
"Go to the ant, you lazybones; consider its ways, and be wise. Without having any chief or officer or ruler, it prepares its food in summer, and gathers its sustenance in harvest."(Proverbs 6:6) I see an ant as a busy-body--a creature who stays on the move for a purpose. The worker ants are all females! Male ants only mate with the queens and die shortly after! The worker (female) ants have to hold it down for the colony--building the nest, taking care of the young, fighting predators, and storing food. God use small things to show us we can do great things.

The Great Melting Pot.

The Great Melting Pot. Hell! who are we fooling? I learn long ago that somethings don't melt. Somethings get heated up and burn up. It is indisputable that the idea of people of different nationalities, races and ethnicities working together in harmony is a great idea.
I wrote this because I am at a new job the people there are something else. White and Mexican. Ana is the Mexican and she is very helpful. She don't mine giving me advice about the job. Carol is the White woman who been on the job for 15 years and she don't want me asking her any questions. Mine you Ana only been there 1 year. I don't feel like I am part of the melting pot of America because there is always something there too remind me that I am not.

Marriage Should Please God.

Do most Christians have even the slightest understanding of this:
Dearly beloved, we are gathered here in the sight of God and in the face of this congregation, to join together this man and this woman in Holy Matrimony; which is an honorable state, instituted by God. How many times have we heard this being spoken at wedding? Maybe that's why so many people make their own vows because they don't want to follow God written word about marriage. According to the Bible, marriage is not only designed by the Creator as an arena for human happiness and the continuation of the human race--it is also the arena of God's glory, where the delights and disciplines of marriage point to the purpose for which human beings were made.Marriage is about our happiness, our holiness, and our wholeness--but it is supremely about the glory of God. When marriage is entered into rightly, when marriage vows are kept with purity, when all the goods of marriage are enjoyed in their proper place--God is…

Womb For Rent Is This Moral?

Should women rent their wombs out for cash? An article in Newsweek ask that question. The report explains that surrogacy is not a completely new development, citing historical sources. But the issue in the article is the growing commerce in surrogate motherhood, a reality the reporters acknowledge is "an act of love, but also a financial transaction." Indeed, surrogates now prefer to be known as "gestational carriers" -- a term that carefully avoids the more emotional (and natural) word, mother. The typical payment for a "gestational carrier" in the United States is $20,000 to $25,000. Surrogates carry babies (most now not their own biological child) for married couples, unmarried couples, gay and lesbian couples, and single adults of all walks of life.

The New York Times reported March 10, 2008 that women in India were resorting to "reproductive outsourcing" as a means of escaping poverty. The very idea of "reproductive outsourcing"…

Hotel Lorraine.

The Lorraine became an integral part of the Civil Rights Movement. It is now the home of the National Civil Rights Museum. Here are some famous people that stayed at the Lorraine: Louis Armstrong, Sarah Vaughan, and Nat Cole.

In March 1968, the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King visited Memphis to support the city’s striking garbage collectors. He checked into the Lorraine, and led a march that, despite his policy of non-violence. turned violent. A second march was then planned.
Dr. King was assassinated at the Lorraine on the night of April 4 as he stood on the balcony outside room 306, on the motel’s second floor.

Communion Sunday (Let us break bread together )

Thank You Father for the Bread of Life!!

1st Sunday (Communion) Responsive Readings

As we come to the Lord's table, let us come with a spirit of humility and penitence.
Compassionate God, have mercy on us we pray.
Let us examine ourselves: out thoughts, our actions, our motives, and our attitudes toward others.
O Holy God, have mercy and forgive us our shortcomings.
Help us to remember our responsibility to our families and our neighbors, our stewardship to you and the work you have given to our hands.
O Living God, we stand in need of your grace, strength, and mercy.
As we eat the bread, which represents your body, which is the True and Living Bread, open our eyes to recognize the intimacy that you yearn to share with us.
O Loving God, teach us to love you above all else.
As we drink the cup, which represents Christ's blood shed for us, we thank you for the new covenant. "Love ye one another," which is written on our hearts. Let us rejoice because our names are written in heaven.
Tender Father and Mother, may your great sacrifice of redeeming love renew us …

1st Sunday (Communion) Last Supper, Lord Supper.

This post is for people who are not familiar with the tradition of The Old Black Church. Communion is, more often than not, served on the first Sunday of each month. Many black churches have a special service exclusively for this purpose, often at night, since the communion celebration is known as The Lord's Supper. Communion is only served by ordained ministers and deacons. Anyone else handling the communion will defile it and the wafers and juice will need be discarded. Most black congregants will not accept communion served to them by anyone but an ordained minister or an ordained deacon. That this practice has absolutely no scriptural basis (that's how we do it). The thought that the communion will be defiled by non-ordained personnel (including “associates”) is a…

Pain of America.

Have you ever had a picture in your head that you can't get out? This is the picture thats in mine. When ever I see this picture it bring back the pain that our people went through in New Orleans. It's sad to think that America don't know that its two America's.
How do you see this picture?

Big Girls Don't Cry!

Sister Hillary Clinton you and your husband needs to stop all this bickering about Obama can't win. Accept the fact that the people that know you best or supporting him now what do that say about ya'll? Once again Obama brings something to this race that has been missing for a long time. Young people are talking about coming out and voting. When has a candidate sparked that much fire? So get over it Obama can win and I believe he will win so put your Big Girl Panties On and accepted it.

Dread Loc!

Will some one explain this to me. It's shocking to see white America with this hair style. I saw a young man with his hair like this I had to do a double take. I know he said to him self what is she looking at but, I was taken by surprise. I have heard black people with dreads say to get out of them you have to cut all your hair off. I am trying to figure it out about white America embracing this style. I have seen women and men with it. Don't get me wrong it's nothing wrong with the style if it fit you. How do they keep it clean? It look like it's a hard style to keep fresh.

Pride - vs - Racism.

Will we one day appreciate/ tolerate another's differences or culture without thinking our race to be superior to all others? I found a article on the net the other day talking about pride and hate. So I decide to rant about it.
We all have pride, in our families, in our traditions, but when we blindly support someone within our race that we KNOW in our heart did the wrong thing just because their skin is the same color as ours. I don't call that pride to me it's hate. It's comforting to us humans to support those that we feel are in the same boat as we are, when the truth is we are all humans. Some good, some bad, some crazy, some unloved, just looking for a place to fit in. Why do we support wrong in any color?


Were did our children get this language from? We were in the mall Saturday and some young people were talking and using these words. What happen to respect for other people? I don't care to here this kind of talk but I don't have the right to approach someone else about their use of it. I am very caution about saying anything to young people because you just don't know. They were very loud with their use of these words. I don't believe they were aim at any one in particular. Why must our young folks talk so ugly every where they go?