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Sister You Ain't Rich.

I believe that being rich is an illusion; that many people you think of as rich are really up to their eyeballs in debt and are one crisis away from disaster. I also think there is a difference between being rich and displaying your wealth for the world to see.

This is how I explain rich. Once you earn enough to meet your needs, when you are at the point where you can afford choices and luxuries you can choose to live within your means and be rich or outside your means and constantly worry about/be controlled by money. The crucial part is being able to meet your needs. Some people worth is measured by the items they own those items are important by pop culture and similarly shallow minded people. I got some working friends who for the life of me think that they are rich. PLEASE! If you out right own your home you are on your way to being rich but if you got fifty eleven credit cards in your wallet, sister you ain't rich.

5th Sunday ( Youth Day Celebration ) Prayer

Father, I come boldly before Your throne of grace, lifting up the youth of our nation. Your Word says that You are a present help in times of trouble. So as we face troubled times with this troubled generation, I call upon You for Your help and deliverance for them.

Your Word says that the heart of man is in Your hands, and You are able to turn and change the heart of man according to Your purpose and Your Will. So Father, even though some have given up on the youth of this generation, I choose to trust and confess Your Word that there is nothing too hard for You to do. I confess that You are well able to take away their stony hearts and give them hearts that are tender receptive and open to the Spirit and the ways of God.  By Kenneth Scott

Great prayer book for prayer warriors!

Thanks Jeremiah Wright.

I want to thank you Dr. Jeremiah Wright for being a mentor to another great man. A man who one day will be our next president. I want to thank you for all your hard work for our sisters and brothers in Chicago and Africa. We the people of Black America know that you don't have a hateful bone in your body. We the people know were this attack is coming from. Thank you for helping us to see that there's hope for us. I have listen to your sermons on many of Sunday morning before, attending my own church. Thank you for being a well read man who turnaround and poured it back into your church. We know that you did not say g--d--m America. We have heard the entire sermon and understand were you was coming from.

Commander In Chief. ( Hell NO! )

I am a supporter of Obama an I believe he can win the whole thing.
Republican candidate John McCain in my opinion is too old for the job. He shows signs of maybe "senile". From watching and listening to him speak he is not a commander in chief. He is weak on the economy he say he is open to a variety of solutions to ease problems in the housing markets. I don't know what that mean but I guess it's in his head. I see his run as a continual run of the Bush years. And who care if Nancy Reagan endorsed him thats proof he is outdated. Remember the Reagan years senile at it's worst.
If not for Obama this would be another boring presidential race. He has cause the next generation to get involve McCain nor Hillary has sparked that must excitement. Another example of Obama is ready for the next generation he has raised more money by internet than either candidate.
In my opinion the future is more important than the past which we can't change. I believe Ob…

Do You See What I See?

Vogue magazine cover featuring LeBron James and model Gisele Bundchen is causing quite a disturbance around the internet. The photograph is by Annie Liebovitz. Mrs. Liebovitz did the cover that Jennifer Hudson was on an some people questioned that cover.

LeBron is a muscular and handsome black man, while Gisele is a frail looking white woman. LeBron is being compared to a King Kong ape ready to pounce on the poor little maiden in distress on the cover. I made a comment on The Field - Negrosite that I didn't see a problem but, when you see the poster and cover together you have too ask that question. LeBron has made a statement that he has no problem with the picture. I don't know if he has seen it side by side or not.

It's true we see things differently in America weather it be race or anything else. Some people see this as racist and some don't. After seeing the side by side shot my question is it a coincidence that the cover looks like the poster? Maybe Mr…

My Jesus.

If You're Christian how do you see the risen Christ? If you're of Africa descent how do you see Him? For people of any ethnicity to find it easier to relate to Jesus the man if he is more to their culture and their lives then why can't we? One lesson of the Gospels, is that Jesus shares our joys and sufferings. I would think that it might be difficult for people who had been oppressed for years, either as slaves, disenfranchised to accept icons that so closely resemble their oppressors. You have to experience Jesus to know Him. If you are sick He is your healer the same if you fatherless He become your Father.
Jesus the man was a Jew, living in a Jewish land, with Jewish family and friends, practicing a Jewish religion. That being said, the African-American faith traditions have done a much better job of remembering this than the Caucasian-American church has done. Being the slaves and the oppressed of the dominant American culture for so long helped them ident…

I Pledge.....

The Pledge of Allegiance is a promise or oath of allegiance to the United States and to its national flag. It is commonly recited in unison at public events, and especially in public school classrooms, where the Pledge is often a morning ritual. We did this in school every morning and thought nothing of it:
"I pledge allegiance to the Flag, of the United States of America, and to the Republic, for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

Should be rendered by standing at attention facing the flag with the right hand over the heart.
People have been saying that the Senator from Illinois was not saluting the flag so he is un-patriotic. If you don't salute the flag does it make you un-patriotic?


So, with over 4,000 kill in Iraq and this crazy man to answer with" SO" when the reporter ask him about it. So, Were is his morals? So, it might not matter to him but, what about all the families that have lost love ones over there? So, my sister daughter is over there fighting for this foolishness. So, for Dick Cheney being the dick head he is to response with"So" Iam not liking that at all. So, I will be glad when his time is up. So, How do you feel about what Vic President Cheney said?


Chelsea Clinton was campaigning for her mom when a student ask her a question about Monica Lewinsky it took her by surprise. The student ask whether or not her mother's credibility had been hurt during the Monica Lewinsky scandal Chelsea response were None Of Your Business. I think it was a legitimate question that needs an legitimate answer. If her mom claim she is ready on day one because of her experience and credibility . Was Chelsea Clinton out of order? Did she handle the question right?

Love At Frist Sight.

I have another question is there a thing as love at first sight. I have a friend who says she has meet Mr. Right. She told me it was love at first sight. I believe you can have lust at first sight but I really don't know about love. I think you can learn to love someone if it's not there at the time you meet them. I know you can grow together in love but love at first sight is something different. What do you think? Can You Have Love At First Sight?

Boys Too Men.

In our culture too often boys are reared and taught by women who want boys' behavior to be like girls. But boys were never, ever created to sit still. I notice something in church yesterday that there was not that many boys. We got to turn this trend around if the church is too survive. Church is a great place to learn discipline and how to sit still. Love is taught there as well.

Most boys don't put a suit on unless it state issued. I know just because they go to church don't mean they want get into trouble. My son is an example of that. I would love to see more males serving and working in the church. I really think that a lot can be taught and learned there. I know that I made mention of this a couple of months ago but my heart is heavy for our young men.

Submit and Obey.

I have a question do you find it hard to submit to God or a Spouse?
First we need to submit to God, which is the only way we can truly obey Him. That I can see and do. I find that the husband is to submit to Christ as Christ did to God. And the wife should follow his example and submit to her husband.

It's hard to submit to someone that's not holding up their end of the bargain. I don't have a problem submitting to a loving leadership. When a husband loves his wife as Christ loves the church no problem. I know that it is not a one time thing it is a continual attitude of our minds. Submission is a two way street.

Submission is a position of honor and completeness. When a wife is loved as Christ loves the church, submission is not difficult. Me and some ladies was debating this thing about submit and Obey. I don't have a problem doing either one to a man that is following Christ. I did not ask could you love and ungodly man but Would you submit to and Un god…

"Prayerful"( Monday) Prayer For Our Youth!

Father, I come boldly before Your throne of grace lifting up the youth of our nation. Your Word says that You that are a very present help in times of trouble. So as we face troubled times with this troubled generation, I call upon You for help and deliverance for them. Your word says that the heart of man is in Your hands and You are able to turn and change the heart of man according to Your purpose and Your will. So Father, even though some have given up on the youth of this generation, I choose to trust and confess Your Word that there is nothing too hard for You to do. I confess that You are well able to take away their stony hearts, and give them hearts that are tender, receptive and open to the Spirit and the ways of God In Jesus Name We Pray Amen Amen Amen.


Believing in life after death empowers humanity's most powerful emotion, hope. Happy Easter!

Easter and The Old Black Church.

Growing up in The Old Black Church by way of Frist Missionary Baptist. Some of my fondest memories of Easter Sunday was about the clothes. It didn't matter how poor you were on Easter morning you had new clothes. I remember my sisters and I getting the same dress only in different colors.

I once dress my son in that sailor look you know with the short pants and white shoes he was too little to say anything about it. Now I look back at it and go what was you thinking. I would dress my daughter in Yellow mostly because it was something about that color and put the can can slip underneath to make it stand out. In The Old Black Church the parade of new outfits on Easter Sunday included rows and rows of beautiful black women in fancily hats.
In The Old Black Church Easter was as much a fashion show as anything else. We knew that Easter signify the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. I love the memories of The OldBlack Church and would not exchange them for all the tea i…

Atlanta The Black Mecca.

Have Atlanta become the Black Mecca? I am looking from a different perspective. Is it that people see it as a better chance for this America Dream? I just move down here to Jacksonville Fl. and I here people talking about going to Atlanta Ga. I got kin folks in Atlanta they always talking about it's something to do all the time.

Isn't that true in all major cities? Maybe that is the place to start a new life. What about the employment in Atlanta? That should be the first question ask before even thinking about moving. You here a lot new graduates saying ATL here I come. You can find all your big name churches there even if they don't preach the gospel. If you are looking for that prosperity gospel, touch your neighbor and God want you rich gospel you can find it all.

I have visit Atlanta many of times and what I love about it is to see Black America running so much of the city. My family reunion will be held there this year. I don't like the church that the …

White House and Pastor Wright.

I like the fact that someone has put up a blog to answer some of does question.
Pastor Wright was invited to the White House TWICE! This man is a true patriot and a powerful minister of the gospel.

The recent coverage of Rev. Jeremiah Wright has often cast him as a marginal, almost fringe figure, but Trinity Church is a major Chicago institution, and Wright has long been a prominent pastor on the American scene. A blog has been set up to offers some here
photograph of Wright and President Clinton, which it says was taken on Sept. 11, 1998 — the date of a White House gathering for religious leaders.Hillary Clinton, according to her recently released schedule for the day, was present at the gathering. Al Gore also appears in the picture."In the course of his two terms in office, Bill Clinton met with, corresponded with and took pictures with literally tens of thousands of people," Clinton spokesman Jay Carson told Politico.That's where Clinton reportedly told the assembl…

Know It All.

How do you become an expert on every thing? Take Fox News for example. They claim to be experts on every thing even The Old Black Church. you can see them arguing about the church and have never been inside of one . How you going to talk about this particular thing when you truly don't know any thing about it. They had a black preacher on the show that knew how the church is ran and they were arguing with him about The Black Church. When I see people like this I wonder do they see how silly it is to argue against the truth. I know you can become and expert if you study a certain thing long enough but you don't become one over night. Do you know people that know every thing?

Our Sins Will Find Us Out.

David Paterson, who became the governor of New York Monday after Eliot Spitzer resigned amid a prostitution scandal, may have broken state campaign finance laws when he used campaign cash to pay for a hotel room for a woman with whom he was having an affair, the New York Daily News reported Thursday. My question is should he have taken that oath knowing he had a past? I knew something was up for him and his wife to make a statement about having an affair. It's being reported that he help this chick get a good job making big bucks. She has reported said that she is a single mother and needs her job. Our sins will find us out. I don't see you prospering on other people pain. I am not judging but come on you just saw what happen to Eliot and you come along with the same baggage. I am sorry he should not have taken that oath.What do you think should he have taken that oath knowing that he had a questionable past?

That Cross!

Jesus Christ died on a rugged cross for our salvation. We do not worship that cross; we worship Christ, who is alive. Yet among all the emblems of the world, the cross is admired with awe and wonder.


The only cure for procrastination is action. Go beyond wishing, dreaming and get busy making it happen. Yes, it's going to be a little uncomfortable, it's going to involve effort, it's going to require commitment, and you're going to run into difficult challenges. So ask yourself -- do you intend to make it happen or would you rather put it off again and again so that it never gets done? Procrastination is one of the hardest thing for me to deal


1. God uses problems to DIRECT you.

2. God uses problems to INSPECT you.

3. God uses problems to CORRECT you.

4. God uses problems to PROTECT you.

5. God uses problems to PERFECT you.

Starter Market.

The New York Timesreports that even the youngest of girls are being targeted as consumers of cosmetics and beauty treatments. The elementary set is showing up in trendy salons for pedicures and manicures. Growing up I used to play with make up but not like todays little girls do. My mom did not do make up she only had lipstick and a eye pencil.

Todays cosmetic company and retailers are aiming at 6-to 9-year-olds come-on this is madness. These girls is not even out of elementary school. Marketers refer to 6-to 9-year olds as a "starter market." Television shows like "America's Next Top Model" have become a fascination and aspiration for many young girls. Isn't it our place to teach our children that beauty come from the inside? Why would parents encourage the sexaulization of their young daughters? True beauty is a matter of godly character not of external appearance. We are setting these young girls up for disaster in more than one form.

Palm Sunday Celebration.

In my old church we would celebrate Palm Sunday by laying palm leaves up and down each isle. Palm Sunday celebrations is the Triumphal Entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem. It's the week before His death and resurrection,some churches call it The Passion Sunday. Passion Sunday marks the beginning of Holy Week, which concludes on Easter Sunday.

The Bible reveals that when Jesus entered Jerusalem the crowds greeted him with waving palm branches and by covering His Path with palm branches. Immediately following this great time of celebration in the ministry of Jesus He begins His journey to the Cross. Do your church celebrate Palm Sunday? Happy Palm Sunday!

A Much Different Love , The Black Church.

when it comes to religion we see thing total different than others do. You can't speak about a God you don't know. In the early African American Church we had no concern for denominational politics or creeds. We black folks shaped our own religion base on our experience which included all aspect of black life.

African American Churches today have over 15 million people ,which mostly belonging to historically black congregations. The African American Church is a powerful voice in the black community. Jeremiah Wright is a prime example of that preacher. He has enough clout to bring attention to his community in a positive way. He come from that old school of thought and that is what he preach.

We don't expect Jeremiah Wright to preach about a lily white life that don't exist for a black man. Most of our pastors on Sunday morning preach about the injustice and racism in this America. People that read my blog knows that I have a heart for The Old Black Church. To …

Class Action Law Suit Against Randy And Paula White.

The statement below is from a message board were the people are discussion what is going on at Paula and Randy White church. These people are talking about getting a class action law suit against the whites. It look like it is picking up steam. Out of all my years on this earth I have never heard of suing a church for your money and tithes back . Do you think that they have a case?

For those of us who have put in a lot of time and money at WWIC, is there any interest in forming a class action suit to get a return on your investment? If the church is indeed selling, why shouldn’t those of us who have invested our hard earned dollars receive a return on our money? Why should Randy and Paula reap the harvest when it’s we the people who have paid for everything? After all, hasn’t Randy said in the past that we’ll get a return on our money (i.e. by investing in this ministry)? I want my money. Is there anyone else? What do you think? Do they have grounds to do this?

Pastor Wright A Truth Fighter.

Obama have sit under the teaching of Pastor Wright for over 20 years it should have given him a different look at this America we live in. And I believe it has. Pastor Wright have personal experiences he can speak of being a black man in America. He has been preaching this same message for over 20 years, so were has White America been? Now all of a sudden he is a racist and preaching hate. Why?

White America can't stand the truth. How you going to stand in your pulpits on Sunday morning and not never preach about the ills of America nor let your pew sitter know that racism is a sin. How in the Hell can y'all try and tell this man he is preaching hate. How I know your pastors don't preach against racism and call it sin because of all the hate in the world but on Sunday morning you up in there getting that feel good message.

So never call a man that will tell the truth a racist. How y'all going to regulate what Pastor Wright say? Is it because your own Pastors…

A Fall From Grace.

Another embarrassed wife standing beside her husband at a press conference. If YOU discovered your husband was paying for kinky sex with a $5000 hooker would you really be SUPPORTIVE? I don't know , It would be a hard thing to do. But, what another person take in a marriage I might not take and vis-versa. I feel pity for Mrs. Spitzer because you can see the pain in her face. We as women can be our worst enemy. What the governor did was wrong on all levels. I don't believe his wife deserve that kind of pain. This marriage thing is not an easy thing to do. You have to stay prayed up and stay focus at all times. Sin will find you out and Satan knows what that one things is that will destroy us. Don't throw stones if you live in a glass house. It takes more for Silda Spitzer to stay than it does for her to walk. It looks like she is willing to stand by her husband. My prayers are with her as she go through.

Oprah And The New Age Movement.

What happen to my beloved Oprah Winfrey? She has lost her way. She keep saying that she is a Christian but that cannot be true. Christianity means following the teaching of Christ. It's no gray area. Just because she has billions don't mean she can buy her way into the kingdom.

That New Age stuff has pull her off course. Oprah said on a clip that she grew up in a Baptist Church, and the pastor said God was a jealous God. She stated that she could not see God as being jealous. Well Oprah He is. No God before Him. You might not call it jealous but He do. Since He is the maker of us I think He has the rights to label it any way He wants. Oprah Winfrey has conquered television and magazines. Now she’s topping digital-media charts with the most popular podcast on iTunes and a series of webcasts drawing hundreds of thousands of online viewers. Why would she destroy every thing she has work so hard for by her denial of Christ?
The big online audiences stem from the Oprah’s Boo…

White Women Think It's All About Them.

Former Democratic vice presidential candidate Geraldine Ferraro's assertion that Sen. Obama is poised to become her party's nominee because he is black drew criticism Monday from the Illinois Senator's campaign.

That is one of the stupidest thing to date that has been said about Obama. I really thought that he's not black enough was bad but this mess takes the cake. I find it offensive to say the less. "If Obama was a white man, he would not be in this position," she said at a post-speech Q&A session, according the Torrance Daily Breeze. "And if he was a woman of any color he would not be in this position. He happens to be very lucky to be who he is. And the country is caught up in the concept."

What concept is she talking about? This is a black man in America who has to answer about his color when white men nor white woman have to do the same. Why do white woman think now is the time to stand up to their husbands and bosses? Why have they …

Christian Football.

Quarterback Sneak - Church members quietly leaving during the invitation.
Draw Play - What many children do with the bulletin during worship.
Half-time - The period between Sunday School and worship when many choose to leave.

Benchwarmer - Those who do not sing, pray, work, or apparently do anything but sit.
Backfield-in-Motion - Making a trip to the back (restroom or water fountain) during the service.
Staying in the Pocket - What happens to a lot of money that should be given to the Lord's work.

Two-minute Warning - The point at which you realize the sermon is almost over and begin to gather up your children and belongings.
Instant Replay - The preacher loses his notes and falls back on last week's illustrations.
Sudden Death - What happens to the attention span of the congregation if the preacher goes "overtime.
Trap - You're called on to pray and are asleep.

End Run - Getting out of church quick, without speaking to any guest or fellow member.
Flex Defence - The ability to a…

Could This Be The Fool The BIble Talks About?

I ask that question because
I was listening to the Warren Valentine show today and they were discussion this fool. This man has got some issues. First he started out talking about Creflo Dollar and Joyce Myers now he has moved his attack to Obama. I watch this fool on You Tube for about a year now. We all know that he has some problems so why would Rush and Fox news even give this nut a platform? One thing he helps their cause. Go and read some of the comment people have left under his clips. He is to old to be so stupid. Watch the clip and leave a comment. How can he represent Christ with all that hate. It seems to me that he has a personal dislike for the Senator from Chicago.

Same Sex Marriage.

I will tell you that I don't believe in gay marriage, but I do think that people who are gay and lesbian should be treated with dignity and respect and that the state should not discriminate against them. So, I believe in civil unions that allow a same-sex couple to visit each other in a hospital or transfer property to each other. I don't think it should be called marriage, but I think that it is a legal right that they should have that is recognized by the state.

This is Obama stand on same sex marriage do you agree or disagree with this statement? I will have to say that I agree 100% with his stand on this. We all know what makes a marriage a man and woman. How do you see the statement that the future president made? Do you agree or disagree?

Boys and ADHD.

How many know a boy who can't sit still? can't play quietly? loses things? Does not seem to listen? Has difficulty paying attention? Is fidgety? Honestly, do you know any 6 to 12-year-old children who do not fit this description?
The number of boys -- diagnosed with ADHD has skyrocketed in recent years. While some boys may well have some kind of genuine problem, the vast majority appear to be diagnosed as, well . . . boys.

I am not a medical professional of any sort. I am a mother of a boy and I know very well that every boy I have ever known would fit the categories described in this advertisement. At one time I had thoughts of putting my son on medication but change my mind about it. I don't know if it would have made a difference or not.

May be this is some of the problems we are facing with our young men today. Maybe that is why the prison system is filling up with our young men. We don't know what the long term effect/affect of this medication will be. I might …

The Clay Upon The Wheel!

I am that clay today that sets upon His Wheel
To be molded with the Potters Hands
His vessel to Reveal

There seems so many chunks in me
That The Master must toss away
And Press me back upon the wheel
A more pliable piece of clay

It sometimes hurts when on this wheel
The things He makes of me
A vessel that sometimes cracks
One he may repair again, or leave for all to see

You see I'm not made perfect yet
But willing I choose to stay
Upon this wheel for him to mold
Allowing Him to create from this lump of clay. How many can testify to being on that potter wheel and knowing that it is a painful place to be?

Written by: Sherry Glaze

Obama stay on your knees.

What Satan fears most
Is a man on his knees;
Not vast marching armies
With great weaponry.
Are the man in the White House.

He knows he can stand
Against the power of men;
To engage us in battle
Is mere sport to him.

But a man on his knees
With his head bowed in prayer
Is something quite different
To the prince of the air.
Obama stay on your knees
that how you will defeat a
devil like Hillary.

For when he sees us in prayer
To our God most high,
He knows we have seen
Through his devilish lies.

That's why Satan fears most
A man on his knees;
And we'll keep him trembling
If our prayers never cease.

The Great Rebate!

What are your plans for your rebate? I have no idea what to do with all that money. I guess I could pay Uncle Sam with it Ops! I for got I am one of the many people that will not receive one. You know if you are on Uncle Sam's pay list you should not be looking for a cent. It's my fault that I find my self in a pay back mode. Bad decision making not having enough money taken out when I was working. I want make that mistake again. What do you think about the rebate? Do you see it as a bad idea Yes/No? Will it do what it was design to do? Do you think it will help jump start the economy?

2ND Sunday (Woman Day)Celebration!

Welcome to our 1st annual women day, the colors are purple and white.
The speaker is our very own 1st lady. The theme is "Who can find a SuperWoman! [Proverbs 31]. You know the woman that can do every thing but the right thing. Who think that she can raised a male child without his father. The one that makes the bacon take it home and fry it in a pan. The one that don't need help in any kind of way. The one who can tell GOD a thing of two. The one that finds herself at the end of the day by her self. The dinner will be served in the fellowship hall after service by the deaconees [when ever that will be]. This is just a test to see who can remember growing up with this type of women day celebration. I don't know why most of the churches had purple and white. I attended one last year that had Gold and Green. Now that was a change from tradition. Do you remember your woman day celebration? Do you remember the theme?

Solo is by Mrs Sandi Patty! We shall behold Him!!

The Will Of God Will Never Take You....

Where the grace of God cannot keep you,
Where the arms of God cannot support you,
Where the riches of God cannot supply your needs,
Where the power cannot endow you.Where the Spirit of God cannot work through you,
Where the wisdom of God cannot teach you,
Where the army of God cannot protect you,
Where the hands of God cannot mold you. Where the love of God cannot enfold you,
Where the mercies of God cannot sustain you,
Where the peace of God cannot calm your fears,
Where the authority of God cannot overrule for you.Where the comfort of God cannot dry your tears,
Where the Word of God cannot feed you,
Where the miracles of God cannot be done for you,
Where the omnipresence of God cannot find you.
Everything happens for a purpose.
We may not see the wisdom of it all now.
But trust and believe in the Lord that everything is for the best.Anon.

Only In America!

1. Only in America......can a pizza get to your house faster than an ambulance.

2. Only in America......are there handicap parking places in front of a skating rink.

3. Only in drugstores make the sick walk all the way to the back of the store to get their prescriptions while healthy people can buy cigarettes at the front.

4. Only in people order double cheeseburgers, large fries, and a diet coke.

5. Only in banks leave both doors open and then chain the pens to the counters.

6. Only in we leave cars worth thousands of dollars in the driveway and put our useless junk in the garage.

7. Only in we use answering machines to screen calls and then have call waiting so we won't miss a call from someone we didn't want to talk to in the first place.

8. Only in we buy hot dogs in packages of ten and buns in packages of eight.

9. Only in we use the word 'politics' to describe …

The Great Physician.

The next time you feel like GOD can't use you, just remember...

Noah was a drunk

Abraham was too old

Isaac was a daydreamer

Jacob was a liar

Leah was ugly

Joseph was abused

Moses had a stuttering problem

Gideon was afraid

Samson had long hair and was a womanizer

Rahab was a prostitute

Jeremiah and Timothy were too young

David had an affair and was a murderer

Elijah was suicidal

Isaiah preached naked

Jonah ran from God

Naomi was a widow

Job went bankrupt

Peter denied Christ

The Disciples fell asleep while praying

Martha worried about everything

The Samaritan woman was divorced, more than once

Zaccheus was too small

Paul was too religious

Timothy had an ulcer... AND

Lazarus was dead!

Now! No more excuses!

God can use you to your full potential.

Besides you aren't the message, you are just the messenger.

And one more thing... share this with a friend or two...

In the Circle of God's love, God's waiting to use your full potential.

Big Give!

Did any one see this show? I thought that this show was amazing. What would you do with a lump of cash? I don't know right away but I know I could think of something. The show ask how would you change a stranger life in your community? Who would that stranger be and why? Let's open this up for discussion. Comments are welcome.

Which One Matter Constituency Or Loyalty?

Rep Tubbs-Jones is the ultimate status quo politician. She has so much vested in the old way, she had better stick with Hillary. This is not about character this is about what she can gain. We are not talking about her loyalty to Ms Clinton it's about her constituency. They are the ones that put her in office. What about what they want? Just because she wants to kiss Hillary butt don't mean the people she suppose represent want to do the same. She was on Rev. Al today talking that yang ,yang. She made the choice to support Hillary for president long before Sen Obama even declared his candidacies. So what! What about the people in your district? Her support is based on Hillary stand on the issues that good but what about the people? I believe it more of a personal thing. What your takes on Ms. Tubbs not doing the right thing as far as the people are concern? Is it about her are the people?

Do Your Prayer Reach God?

Prayer is as old as man, as universal as religion, and as instinctive as breathing. It is practiced in some form by all men of all faiths. Prayers springs from the heart with a need greater than man's ability to encounter. Prayer is man's acknowledgment of a being higher than himself. There are two kinds of prayers: The prayer that does not reach God and the prayer that does reach God. My question is do you know which one you are praying ? Can you tell when God has heard your prayer?

Hear our prayer, O Lord
Hear our Prayer, O Lord
incline Thine ear to us And
grant us Thy peace Amen,
Amen Amen

IRS Investigating Obama Church.

The IRS is investigating the United Church of Christ due to a speech Obama gave at their national convention last year after he became a candidate for president. Obama belongs to the 1.2 million-member Protestant group through his Chicago congregation headed by Jeremiah Wright. The Washington Post reports that according to a copy of an IRS letter that the church received Monday, the IRS is launching the inquiry “because reasonable belief exists that the United Church of Christ has engaged in political activities that could jeopardize its tax-exempt status.” Under federal law, churches are barred from becoming directly or indirectly involved in campaigns of political candidates. UCC has denied any wrongdoing. The hunt is on Obama needs to look out. Could this be a witch hunt? Could We see more of this in the future? Why did this come up now?

ATM's In The Church.

According to an article in Time Magazine this is becoming a common practices in alot of our Mega Churches. I don't agree with it because what I have purpose in my heart to give I should have it ready when I arrive. I am also aware that people are using less checks and more plastic.

This is too worldly for me. It's nothing Biblical wrong with it and it might grow on me. Beginning with gifts given in 2007, the IRS will demand documentation for charitable contributions under $250. Once, all one needed was a dairy entry to vouch for such donations. Specially designed ATMs at church will help document such spur of the moment cash gifts as well as planned giving.
Also as a result of the new IRS rule, credit card donations and tithing are likely to increase too because such electronic fund transfers leave a paper trail. Automatic checking account withdrawals are used by some churches, and more recently, ATM-like kiosks are now available in many church corridors and lobbies, where p…

A Call To Worship.

We were made for worship and to worship in His presence. How about this from the book of Jeremiah.
“This is the word that came to Jeremiah from the LORD: "Stand at the gate of the LORD's house and there proclaim this message: "Hear the word of the LORD, all you people of Judah who come through these gates to worship the LORD. This is what the LORD Almighty, the God of Israel, says: Reform your ways and your actions, and I will let you live in this place. Do not trust in deceptive words and say, "This is the temple of the LORD, the temple of the LORD, the temple of the LORD!" If you really change your ways and your actions and deal with each other justly, if you do not oppress the alien, the fatherless or the widow and do not shed innocent blood in this place, and if you do not follow other gods to your own harm, then I will let you live in this place, in the land I gave your forefathers for ever and ever.” Jeremiah 7:1-7 (NIV)

The Lack Of Blackmen In Church.

One of the single greatest tragedy facing black America is the lack of men in church. While 75 percent of the mosque is male, 75 percent of the black church is female. The author of Adam Where Are You? Says why most black men don't go to Church It wasn't always so. In earlier generations, black men were much more involved in the church, and their religious faith bolstered their commitment to families and neighborhoods. The most effective way to reduce black crime, and to strengthen black families, may be to return African-American men to their spiritual roots.
I've gone to church for almost 30 years. Every Sunday there are more women than men. Not only do women attend more faithfully, they comprise most of the volunteer corps and the non-ordained church staff.
The target audience of todays church is a middle-aged to elderly woman. Why? Because she's got the two things the church needs money and time.
Without the superhuman commitment of these women the ministry mach…

How Important Is Looks?

How important is it that your Man of God look nice? Would you personal purchase clothes for him to look good? Can you receive better from some one that is well dress, oppose to some one that is not? I ask that because if image is everything then well dress would be important. If you are telling me about a God that can provide all my needs plus some and you are not showing it I might have a problem receiving that. I think how a person dress is a sign of wealth too. Even back in the old church pastors dressed nice. I know that dress has nothing to do with the word of God but a well dress person might hold your attention longer. Some pastors prefer robes to suits.

The word don't change weather in a suit and tie or a robe. If it don't matter then why all the talk about how some men of God dress? Mr. Jamal Bryant is the one that's alway comes up on discussion's boards. He is picked apart for his look more than for his doctrine ,Why?