Today Prayer!

I bless you and praise your holy name for you alone are worthy. With out you, the heavens would not light up and the earth would be cold. Father I thank you just because you are. I thank you for being my hedge of protection because I would be lost without you.

Father I ask you to help me submit to your will. You are in everything. While I am being shaped, help me to hold out until I am shape to your plan. Help me to hold on when I am faced with struggles during the shaping. I honor you Lord, for your faithfulness. I bless you Lord for your covenant with me and being Lord of my life. I pray Father, as I continue in this walk of faith you would bless my family, friends, and each and every person I am connected too. Even bless the visitors on this website.

I glorify you for being the creator and sovereign… able to handle all and slow to anger. I thank you each and everyday for not turning your back on me while I made mistakes, for you are forgiving and loving above all.
Continue to strengthen me as I grow in You. I pray that those who do not know your love would be introduced to your presence, will, and way. I pray that as they learn more about you the desire to be with you will be overwhelming and it will draw them closer to you.
I thank you and bless your holy name for what you have done, for what you are going to do, and for what is to come. Amen!