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Some Harvard Students Protested Ex-Gay Testimony Of Jackie Hill-Perry!

Reader, Hip-hop artist and spoken word poet Jackie Hill-Perry recently came under fire for a speech she made at Emerson Hall at the Harvard College campus. I'm in awe at the courage, power and the strength  Jackie displayed while trying to speak at Harvard University this past weekend. (You Can READ It Here)

Just a little highlight on what happened.

David E. Taylor Is At It Again, This Time He Has Trump's Spiritual Adviser Paula White Joining Him!!

Saints let us be wise and discerning when folks are lying to us and we know they are lying. False prophet David E. Taylor keeps having these crusades talking about his face-to-face encounters with Jesus and taking trips to heaven yet folks still believing it's real. Why are folks so gullible?  The word says "let no man deceive you.

Anyhow David E. Taylor posted the above flyer and the following comment on his social media page:

I want to personally invite you to the NEW, greatly anticipated and monumental 2018 MEGA Conference Crusade Against Cancer (July 27 - August 4)! God has put it on my heart to make this year’s crusade more convenient for His people.He told me to schedule sixteen conferences all in one MEGA Conference. I want you and your family to join me for 8 Days of Glory! If you are only able to attend for a portion of the time, make sure that it is for the Crusade Against Cancer (August 1-4, 2018)! Bring every person you know that has cancer, is bound to a wheelcha…

Benny Hinn: The Church Will Come Out of Hiding When Billy Graham Dies!

Reader according to some prophets with the passing of Billy Graham a powerful seed has been planted and a great evangelistic mantle release not to just one man but to a generation. This is a season where the reaper will overtake the plowman. The harvest is white and ready, are we?

Sleep Well Billy Graham Your Race Is Finished.

Reader as news of the death of Billy Graham spreads, there'll undoubtedly be those who will ascribe to him a place in heaven because of his 'good works'. But good works isn't why Graham is in heaven. He's in heaven because he believed in Jesus. It's how anyone gets to heaven (Rom. 10:9)Ninety nine year old Billy Graham was a Warrior for Jesus Christ. He lead hundreds of thousands if not millions to Jesus.  SLEEP WELL BILLY GRAHAM you're race is finished. Now your soul will live forever.

“Someday you will read or hear that Billy Graham is dead. Don’t you believe a word of it. I shall be more alive than I am now. I will just have changed my address. I will have gone into the presence of God.”

According To Pastor Gino Jennings, If You Wear Rings, Bracelets or Lipstick Your're A 'HOE'!!

Reader this is interesting. I understand the message he is trying to express... just don't agree with how he expressed it. If you wear rings or bracelets or lipstick you're a 'HOE' that's according to Gino Jennings. I thought he was going to go into the biblical explanation of jewelry, makeup and prostitution but nah. He’s just slut shame all women.  Like ok... there’s plenty of old scriptures that would explain his theory. This is degrading & demeaning to women.

Rae Carruth Apologizes For Death Of Pregnant Girlfriend, Seeks Custody Of 18-year-old Son!

Did anyone read this article?......I am floored. Former Carolina Panthers wide receiver Rae Carruth, who has spent the past 17 years in a North Carolina prison for conspiracy to murder his pregnant girlfriend, opened up for the first time in a handwritten letter to the victim's mother.

First you try to kill the child and his mother, now you want to be a born again Christian and raise the child you wanted dead. I hope the Grandmother stands her grounds, after having raised her grandson all his life, to be the young man he is, despite his disabilities at the hands of hired killers by his "father", and refuses to allow this person to come and take over. I would go to the highest of courts to make sure that this would not happen. Get you a very good lawyer Ms. Adams and don't let your grandson out of your sight.

Ohio Pastor, Family Accused Of Robbing Sunday School Teacher!

Reader a Ohio pastor, his wife, and teenage daughter are all accused of attacking and robbing a Sunday school teacher at church. Pastor Anthony Morris is accused of threatening the teacher with a gun after she was attacked by his wife and daughter.
(You Can READ The Rest Here)

Oprah Winfrey Ruffles 45’s Feathers With ’60 Minutes’ Special!

Reader Oprah Winfrey’s sit-down with Michigan voters Sunday, Feb. 18 did not sit well with Donald Trump.  Trump blasted media mogul Oprah Winfrey on Twitter on Sunday night over a segment on CBS’s 60 Minutes program and again said he hoped she would face him as an opponent in the 2020 presidential race.

The former talk show host revisited 14 partisan voters after talking with them last fall. As seven of them voted for Donald Trump, Winfrey spoke with them again to get their opinion on his first year in office. Winfrey asked the group about their feelings on Trump’s tax plans and if they believe he actually made the remark about “shithole countries.”

(You Can Read The Rest Here)

The Rev Stennett Kirby, 64, Smoked The Highly-addictive Class A Drug And Snorted Cocaine In Shocking Scenes At His Church-owned Home.

Reader the Church of England Vicar caught smoking crack, snorting cocaine and discussing Porn Short Details:

Church of England has been dragged into a new scandal, following 64-year-old Rev Stennett Kirby, Vicar of West Ham Parish Church in Stratford, being captured in a video smoking crack, snorting cocaine and discussing prostitutes and pornography with a friend at his church-owned home.   

(You Can Read About It Here)

Why Is Kim Burrell Not Been Allowed To Move On???

Reader the following comment really sums this up for me, but before we get to the comment here's what happen. Pastor/Preacher/Gospel Singer Kim Burrell was scheduled to speak at a state legislative minority caucus weekend church service today in Albany. But the appearance by Pastor Kim was abruptly canceled Thursday after the Daily News began making calls about it, sources said. Pastor Kim made headlines in 2017 after a sermon she done denouncing homosexuality hit the internet. 

Facebook Comment:
This is my gripe with LBGT community, anybody who states they believe that homosexuality is a sin is automatically labeled a homophobe. Kim Burrell has a right to state her opinion, which many other people share. Tasha Cobb is widely popular. In her song Break Every Chain, she says to come out of homosexuality. TD Jakes has said being gay is a sin. People had a right to their opinion and not be labeled a homophobe. Totally unrelated but people like Ellen and Andy Cohen sit on their high hor…

Lying Fake Kappa Alpha Psi Mark Burns, Just Announced That He’s Running For The US Congress In South Carolina. 🤢

Reader laugh of the day. That idiot, Mark Burns is running for a Congressional seat in South Carolina. Remember he’s the prosperity gospel evangelist who glommed onto Trump during the 2016 election and was exposed for lying about his education and military service, leading to his memorable walkout of a CNN interview. Recently, the idiot gained notice for his off-the-rails TV segments in which he defended accused pedophile Roy Moore and the president’s “shithole countries” remarks.

Family of Korryn Gaines Awarded $37 Million Two Years After She Was Gunned Down by Baltimore Police!

Y'all we can all agree money won't replace a life taken unjustly or justly. I wish Korryn Gaines son nothing but the best, and I hope he gets this money that's due him and grows up to make his Mom proud. The family of the woman who was shot and killed by Baltimore police officers has been awarded $37 Million bucks in a civil suit.

(You Can Read About It Here)

Why Is 'Black Panther' Selling Out? Activists, Churches, Schools Buy Thousands Of Tickets!

Reader Pastor Otis Moss 3rd, discusses in an interview the impact, imaging and importance of this movie and how it is inspiring the next generation. 

Church Announcement!

Reader CALLING ALL MINISTRY LEADERS!! **BALANCE RETREAT** is coming your way. Get balance with Bishop Rudolph Mckissick, Bishop Marvin Sapp, Bishop William Murphy, Pastor Jamal Bryant and Pastor Antonio Matthews. This will be a Time of Caesar's Palace! What happens in Vegas, WILL NOT stay in Vegas, because you're gonna come back Refreshed, Recharged, and Refocused!

Big Ups To Rapper Kendrick Lamar!!

Reader an amazing young man for the Millennium. The future looks bright. GOD BLESS HIM. I'm also loving the unity and the love that's coming from this movie....

Every Black Church Got Those Martin Luther King Fans, It’s Time To Add Two More!!!

Reader a long time ago, the church fan was a big part of the black church construct. Most of the black church fans would have a picture of MLK, Jr. ,Mahalia Jackson or a beautiful black family on the front. On the back you could find advertising for the community funeral home.

Here We Go Again: Former Pastor Accused Of Stealing $200K In Social Security Funds!

Y'all I've heard it all, a former St. Tammany Parish church pastor was indicted by a federal grand jury Thursday (Feb. 15), accused of theft of more than $200,000 in Social Security funds. If convicted, Otho Schilling, 58, of Mount Hermon, faces a maximum of 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000, U.S. Attorney Duane A. Evans reported. While he was pastor of a church in Bush between 2005 and 2016, Schilling required the church to pay his personal expenses, such as health care and car insurance premiums, car payments and a personal land note in lieu of the church paying him a direct salary, according to the indictment.

During that time, Schilling was receiving Retirement, Survivors and Disability Insurance from the Social Security Administration in the amount of $1,728 a month, according to a news release from the U.S. Attorney's Office. He is accused of concealing both his earnings and employment from the Social Security Administration.

(You Can Read The Rest Her…

MegaChurch Pastor Detained After Gun Parts, Piles Of Cash Found On Private Jet.

Reader this pastor once boasted of having a private army that could topple the Philippine Military. He is also known for sending death threats to his followers who would attempt to leave his cult.

Appolo Quiboloy The head of a mega-church in the Philippines was detained at Honolulu's airport after federal agents found $350,000 in cash on the private plane he was on. But before it departed, Customs and Border Enforcement agents boarded it. And, court documents say, they found tens of thousands of dollars in cash — all in $100 bills neatly folded and stuffed inside socks in a suitcase. Also found on the plane, parts to assemble military-style rifles, according to sources.

(You Can Read It Here)

Lord Have Mercy On Our Nation.

Reader Parkland High School tragedy breaks my heart and my spirit. Prayers go out to the families, students, staff, the community, law enforcement. Lord, please heal our land!!

This Is Heartbreaking And Making Me Mad At The Same Time... 😢😢😢😢

Reader this, not the Gospel. This little girl preaching "Be A Funnel.This is disturbing. God is not in this. I'm sorry, but He has not authorized this. The theology is false. The spirit is wrong. I love to see children who truly love and worship the Lord, but this is children following false teaching. Those that taught them will be held accountable.