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‘Slave Bible’ Converted Slaves To Christianity By Omitting Parts That Could Lead To Uprising!!

Online congregation, I really don't know how I'm feeling about this information. Now I'm no bible scholar, but doesn't the last page of the bible say something like "if anyone twists or removes parts of this text may they be stricken with the plagues and retributions described herein?" That's what I thought! Anyhow, on display now at the Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C., is a special exhibit centered on a rare Bible from the 1800s that were used by British missionaries to convert and educate slaves. What's notable about this Bible is not just its rarity, but its content, or rather the lack of content. It excludes any portion of text that might inspire rebellion or liberation.

Is It Truly Possible To Marry Someone Of A Different Faith If Both Are Actively Part Of Their Faith??

Online congregation so Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra got married two weeks ago they had two weddings, respecting each other's religious beliefs with neither one of them changing their religion. Some online critics are saying that this is absolutely beautiful but for me, it brings up a question that I’ve heard come up often. Is it truly possible to marry someone of a different faith if both people are actively part of their faith? Most automatically folks say yes but then the question comes up, “well which faith do you raise the kids in?” Nowadays a lot of people don’t care about raising their kids in a particular faith and will allow them to choose their own path, we see this happening every day.

Why Aren't Pastor John Gray Talking About The Young Single Mother Who Was "Alleged" Manhandled By White Security At His Church?

Good morning online congregation, I believe we all have been bamboozled by the fake John Gray news story. In my humble opinion Pastor, John Gray has done an excellent job in preventing us from giving our full attention to the young lady Melissa Willis who was a member of his church, who was allegedly handcuffed and taken out of his church a couple of Sunday's ago.  This past Monday night on the Larry Reid Live program,  I listen to the young lady interview in which she told in details of what happened to her by "Relentless Church" white security. I've been watching the foolishness unfold all week surrounding the $200,000 car Pastor Gray bought for his beautiful wife Aventer.

Could It Have Been The Fear Of Being Exposed, The Reason A Pastor Shot And Killed A Transgender Woman😡😡

Good morning online congregation, a string of transgender murders in the country is on the rise. A Michigan pastor was arrested last week for allegedly shooting and killing a transgender woman, according to Fox 2 Detroit. Kelly Stough was found dead on a Detroit street on Friday and a pastor, Albert Weathers, is charged with the crime, according to the Wayne County prosecutor’s office. Weathers has been charged with first-degree murder and is being held on $1 million bonds, the outlet reports. Pastor Albert Weathers called the cops to report a robbery and to claim he shot someone in self-defense, but prosecutors claim that they have evidence that Stough was killed because she was a transgender woman. The fact that the pastor was in a neighborhood known for gay and transgender prostitutes tells me all I need to know. He was seeking out a trans woman and then got upset and killed her because he was afraid how he'd be viewed if it ever came out.

According To Outside Source,Bishop Noel Jones Has Taken A Dig At The Black Church Community.

Good morning online congregation according to an outside source (The Christian Post) California megachurch pastor Bishop Noel Jones has taken a dig at the black church for not fulfilling its role in the community. Bishop Jones, claims that the black church isn’t doing enough to assist with the progress of the black community.
“We still have self-doubt, we still are killing each other at an alarming rate and it’s happening right in our communities. The prostitution, the drugs — all of the things that are negative are happening right around the church. It’s right down the street from us,” he said. “How do we address it? We stop looking to the government and we stop looking to everybody else to take care of us as if we are still slaves and we take the opportunity that is in front of us.”

Praying For Pastor and Singer Donnie McClurkin!!

Online congregation let us keep Pastor Donnie McClurkin in our prayers, according to his social media page he was in a serious accident at 12:50am this morning...passed out while driving on the highway. Totaled the car...hospitalized, going through a myriad of tests..... But he's alive!!! He lost consciousness driving...but two human angels followed his swerving car with their emergency blinkers onto stop traffic they drove behind him until his car crashed into the middle concrete island. He remembers none of it except those two angels pulling him out of the passenger's side of the crumbled TOTALED car..airbags deployed...crushed metal and Fiberglas!! He's ALIVE!!!! Somewhat mangled, stitches on left thumb, sprained wrist, hurt knee, but he's still here! God and two angels saved his life! He owes them... He's still here by the grace of God!

Will Chance The Rapper Sabbatical Experience Be Similar To Kirk Franklin Sabbatical Experience😂😂??

Good morning online congregation I got a question, does head knowledge of the Bible before a foundation is established on Bible teaching, take one away from the faith? Chance the Rapper announced yesterday that he’s leaving the country for a sabbatical to “learn the Word of God,” admitting that while he was raised in a Christian home, he’s mostly “unfamiliar” with the Bible and intends to read "five or more" of its books.

Some of the online conversations surround this topic are that what Chance is planning on doing is how most Atheists are made, others are pointing out that Kirk Franklin sabbatical a couple of years ago is what caused him to give up religion. I think I understand what people are saying. I think it's a good thing he decided to do so. It took me a while before I opened my eyes, mostly because of fear and trusting it all to the pastors.  I also know for me back in the day and being new in the faith I didn’t start questioning things until I started studying…

Did Pastor H.B. Charles Dishonor The Poor???

Online congregation I've always struggled when it came to stuff like this, churches' selling tickets to church events that are held on the church property. Granted I live in Jacksonville FL, this is an extreme poverty-stricken area of the city were Pastor Charles church is located. What yall think?(You can read the post here)  

New Birth Missionary Baptist Church Holds ‘Getting To Know You’ – An Intimate Encounter Designed For You To Get To Know Dr. Jamal Bryant THIS Wednesday!

Good morning online congregation, as of Sunday, December 9,2018, Dr. Jamal H. Bryant, the controversial former pastor of Empowerment Temple in Baltimore, Maryland is now officially charged with leading New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia, Georgia. (You Can Read That Post Here) Anyhow, young gifted Christian writer Candice Benbow wrote an interesting post stating that she doesn't know anybody who has been able to reinvent themselves in Black Church culture/space as much as Jamal Bryant. I totally agree with her argument, after viewing the above flyer and considering that this pastor who has been known for saying stuff that many pastors dare not say in a sermon. But I'm kind of surprised that Sister Circle Host Rashan Ali, is hosting this especially since she's expressed her questioning Christianity earlier this year in the below clip. What yall think?
Credit Source Here:

Church Announcement: 2019 NYE Celebration Featuring Kirk Franklin, JJ Hairston & Others!

Good morning online congregation, celebrate the new year with City of Praise Family Ministries. They will be praising in the New Year with special guests Kirk Franklin, Janay Peebles, PLUS LIVE Recording with JJ Hairston & Youthful Praise with Host Cheryl Jackson from Praise 104.1. Bishop Joel Peebles will be sharing a prophetic word for 2019! PLUS Giveaways, Gift Cards, Bill Pay, Free Groceries, Toys and Much More!

All Hell Break Out When Pastor John Gray Gift His Wife With A Lamborghini For Their 8th Wedding Anniversary!!

Online congregation here we go again, Pastor John Gray beautiful wife Aventer is standing behind her husband after he received backlash for gifting her with an SUV Lamborghini for their 8th wedding anniversary and vow renewal and people are outraged. I’m 50 shades of confused! In my humble opinion, he didn't use the tithe money to do this, I don't understand what the problem is? Offset gifts his wife Cardi B with a Lamborghini SUV and everyone is screaming yes and goals. Let that man buy his wife whatever he want. Anyhow it's being alleged online (not my comment) "that Pastor John took a $1M loan out against the church which means the parishioners are paying the note." I’m guessing that could have something to do with the anger that's being spurred against him and his wife. Can we say petty! 

Was Facebook Wrong To Ban Pulpit & Pen Publisher For Calling Bruce Jenner A Man?

Online congregation some are arguing that this man JD Hall a publisher at Pulpit & Pen does not deserve a platform because he's toxic to the Christain community.  I’m not a big fan of JD Hall, I do agree on he is one of the most toxic figures in the internet Reformed community, but I also do believe Facebook was wrong in the action that they took against him here. With that being said, and by the same token, I do wonder why they didn't ban him after calling African-American Christian poet and rapper Jackie Hill Perry   “militant” and “butch,” the latter being a dig at her since she’s a former lesbian.

Alleged Disturbance At Relentless Church.

Good morning online congregation, it's now being alledge by Larry Reid Live that Melissa Willis is a young woman who's claming that she was handcuffed and abused by security at Relentless Church, this past Sunday. Relentless Church is headed by Pastor John Gray. She's claming that in front of thousands of on looker this past Sunday after offering giveaway. She said that the disturbance was brushed off as Pastor Gray urged the congregants to “not be distracted” over the mic🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️.

Larry Reid said "Y’all know I love baby-Jakes but I’ve heard her story, seen pictures of this lady’s bruises, and saw paperwork corroborating her story. I may need to have her call in to tell us the details. Whatchall think?"

Get Out Of Here, Wheaton White College Students, Claim Black Pro-Life Speaker Caused Them to Feel 'Unsafe'!??!?!?

Online congregation I promise, you can't make this stuff up.  Wheaton College students are claiming that an African American pro-life activist made them feel “unsafe” and “unheard” while he spoke about abortion and racial justice during a campus forum. Wheaton College Republicans asked Ryan Bomberger to speak at “Black Lives Matter, In and Outside the Womb,” an event held on campus. Bomberger accepted the invitation and delivered a 50-minute presentation in which he discussed the impact abortions have on the black community. "Planned Parenthood was birthed in eugenic racism. They've never severed that timeline. They never severed that connection. How do you sever from your past if every year you give out the Margaret Sanger award? You don't give out rewards for people you don't hold in high regard," he stated.

I disagree, there is no evidence that Planned Parenthood was 'birthed in eugenic racism'. Although Margaret Sanger did subscribe to the deb…

R&B Singer Tries To Call Out The Legendary Gospel Artist Pastor John P. Kee Over Stolen Song?!??!?!

Online congregation apparently the Legendary Gospel Artist Pastor John P. Kee is still beefing with a R&B smart mouth former youtuber who has sampled his music without giving him credit. I don't believe in music theft, folks like John P. Kee have been in the  music game for a long time, he worked to hard for his craft for someone to come along and just take it. 

 A former Youtuber by the name of Queen Naija calls Rev. John P. Kee 'fake church folk' after he points out the similarities between his 2012 hit Gospel single Life and Favor and her break-out single Karma.. ( You Can Read About It Here).

The controversy has been bubbling under for months and came to a head this week after she finally addressed the claims. Some are saying he's not being "Christianly" others are saying he's well within his right. What y'all say?  When is it appropriate to "turn the other cheek" vs "turn over the tables?"  In my opinion she STOLE John P. …

Evangelist and Gospel Artist Jekalyn Carr To Launch New Cosmetic Line!

Good morning online congregation, if the secular community can enter the cosmetic game, then why can't the gospel community?  Evangelist and Gospel artist Jekalyn Carr has announced that she will soon launch a new cosmetic line called, “Jekalyn” All Things Cosmetics.

Dr.Jamal Bryant The Man Who Fell From Grace?!?!?!?

Good morning online congregation, Dr. Jamal Bryant’s fall from grace began with an extramarital affair that tore up his congregation and destroyed his marriage. Dr. Bryant talks to V103 Atlanta about his "fall from grace" as he prepares to lead the flock of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church.

Black Kansas City Family Shocked After Mother’s Last Will Leaves Everything To White Pastor????

Online congregation this is just awful but I'm sure this happens more often than we realize, but he's a predator and there's no telling how many other congregants he is in the process of doing this with. I feel so bad for their family, someone they've trusted doing them like this. This pastor got this woman to sign everything over to him.

Rev. Jasper Williams Jr, The Church Is The Key To Saving The African American Community In The 21st Century.

Online congregation Rev. Jaspher Williams Jr, is calling all pastors, preachers, and leaders to join him March 13-15, 2019 in Lithonia (Atlanta), GA for their AACTS Annual Conference!

Byron Cage 30 Years of Music Celebration Concert!!

Online congregation Stellar Award winner Byron Cage is celebrating 30 years in music ministry this month and he’s doing it in a big way. Bryon will be having a celebratory concert featuring some of his industry friends. Music ministers will be ministering a mixture of their own songs as well as some of Cage’s greatest hits. Guest singers include Maranda Curtis, Ricky Dillard, Vashawn Mitchell, Jonathan Nelson, Earnest Pugh, Bishop William Murphy, Isaac Caree, Dottie Peoples, Sunday Best finalist Clifton Ross, Darlene McCoy, Keith Williams, Veda Whisnant, Sha Simpson and lots more!!!

Jesus Take The Wheel, It's Being Alleged That Bishop Michael Turpin Is Beating 1st Lady Janelka Turpin!!

Good morning online congergation, domestic violence in the church or any abuse for that mattermust be exposed. I do beleive adultery can cause one to be mentally unstable. It looks like Bishop Michael E. Turpin, senior pastor of Harvest Church International in Jamaica, New York, is back in the news once again. If yall  remeber I posted about this couple in October, 2018( you can read about it here)the bishop was claiming his wife, Janelka, committed adultery with one of his armor bearers after she allegedly had him arrested and briefly sent to a mental hospital. Videos was posted yesterday showing Bishop Turpin, who also serves on the executive board of the Pilgrim Assemblies International Inc. allegedly causing bodly harm to his wife by going upside her head with a dumbbell.

Nepotism In The Church, Should Bishop Eddie Long Son Edward Automatically Been Made Senior Pastor??

Online congregation nepotism in the Church? "the New Testament advocates no such practice in church leadership." "At the very least, the practice of nepotism gives the appearance to outsiders that the pastor is using unfair hiring practices and building a family kingdom at the church’s expense. If a pastor’s family member is truly qualified for a staff position, they should be able to find similar work at a different church." Do you agree?

Anyhow last night on the Larry Reid live program the subject of "NEPOTISM" came up when discussing how Bishop Eddie Long’s biological son Edward was one of the 138 applicants that were rejected for the Senior Pastor position at New Birth......where Pastor Jamal Bryant will mount the pulpit this coming Sunday, December 9, 2018, as senior pastor. So the question was asked if young Edward Long should work along with the new Senior Pastor Jamal Bryant in carrying out the vision of his late father Bishop Eddie Long? Are sho…

Steven Furtick: Prejudice Is Not Just a Race or Class Issue—It's a Sin Issue, Do You Agree??

Online congregation intolerance and prejudice is an issue in our society. Some who strongly denounce it seems to reflect the opposite in their actions and words. Others openly endorse it and enlist others to join them. So here lies the question. If prejudice is so prevalent in our culture, is the practice of prejudice wrong? What're your thoughts?

Is It Black Men Responsible To End Sexism In The Black Church?

Good morning online congregation this is an interesting read, in my opinion, black women sustain the vast majority of Black churches with their uncompensated, unappreciated and unacknowledged efforts. Why would Black male clergy change this? Because it's morally right? I don't think so, just like the Catholic Church "The Black Church" is not some monolithic homogenous entity.Men only pulpits depend upon which denomination (and subgroups within said denominations) still plays by that old playbook. I have come across people who have this view that women are not qualified to preach. It's kinda sad because you just never know what Word from God you are missing out on just because a woman has been called to preach. So we should be careful about lumping all together. Even within the COGIC (Church of God in Christ) Pentecostal denomination can be found Black women in the pulpit leading congregations. It all depends. I agree Black women should have access to the pulpit …

Forever 1st Lady Gizelle Bryant (ex wife of Pastor Jamal Bryant) Speaks At Empowerment Temple!

Online congregation Pastor Jamal Bryant looked so uncomfortable with his ex-wife giving him some good compliments during yesterday morning service. Real Housewives of Potomac star Gizelle Bryant the ex wife of Pastor Jamal Bryant came to church service yesterday and was given the mic to say her goodbyes to the Empowerment Temple pastor. What do you think of what she said?

Megachurch Pastor AR Bernard Is Putting The Building Funds Money To Work.

Online congregation Pastor AR Bernard's Brooklyn megachurch is going to build a $1.2 billion housing community to address gentrification in New York City. The  40,000-member Christian Cultural Center is planning to build a $1.2 billion affordable housing development project on its 10.5-acre campus in Brooklyn, pastor A.R. Bernard said Thursday. Speaking to Christian leaders from over 45 countries at the 100 Cities Summit hosted by Movement Day at the Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C., Bernard told the crowd that the Christian Cultural Center will partner with various government and private entities to build a community of 2,100 mixed-income housing units. The community, which Bernard expects to be finished within the next seven to 10 years, will also include an education center, retail space, and a performing arts center. “We are a 50/50 partner with the developer — not land that [the church] sold or gave up,” Bernard explained. “In New York, it is not just land but air rig…

Is There Statute-of-Limitation When It Comes To Child Molestation Within The Pentecostal Church??

Good morning online congregation, a statue of limitations is essentially a time limit on when charges can be filed against a person for a crime. This time limit exists because evidence, including the recollection of witnesses and the parties involved, deteriorates over time. The statute of limitations varies. But one crime that has a long statute of limitations is child molestation, the law allows prosecution of child molestation for a long period of time.

 This is a developing story, I stand in full support of the young man testimony in the below video and others who has been affected by (You Can Read About Him Here) this pastors sexual abuse allegation, which has become all too common in our day and time. According to the young man in the video clip this crime has happened in his family by a cousin. It happened within a church organization and it has been going on for the last 30 years. The overseer of the organization died last month, hopeful this alleged child molester will be br…

Does The Christian Community Need A College Of Prophets?

Online congregation it seems like the black Christian church community are divided on the idea of a College Of Propets from within the black church community. I'm posting it here to see what you all think. The interesting roundtable think tank discussion took place this past week in Atlanta Ga with some Apostolic and Prophetic voices (check the flyer), from different spheres and streams of influence, background, experiences, mantles, mindsets and mandates concerning the state of Prophetics in this dispensation of time🤔. Anyway, on last night Larry Reid Live did a live stream disccusing with his listeners what happened and just what these men of God are attempting to accomplished with a "College Of Prophets." I want to know what you all think of the idea?

Popular Christian Music Artist Lauren Daigle: ‘I Can’t Say One Way or the Other’ If Homosexuality Is Sin, ‘I’m Not God’!

Online congregation popular contemporary Christian music (CCM) artist Lauren Daigle has pissed off some in the Christian community when she said this past week that she can’t say whether or not homosexuality is a sin because there are people that she loves that are homosexual and she is not God.
She noted that people should read the Bible to find out for themselves, and let her know what they learn. In my opinion, when you make a statement like this regarding whether or not homosexuality is a sin : “Read the Bible and find out for yourself. And when you find out, let me know because I’m learning too,” then it is very telling where she stands on the Word of God.

Come-on Lauren, stop the ducking and weaving. “Homosexuality IS a sin”. Not only is you inferring that you hasn’t read your own Bible already “to find it out”, but it’s also crystal clear that with all the ducking and weaving you doing and the whole “I am not God”, that your fear of offending others is greater than your stance…

When Is A Church Truly A Church?

Online congregation church service to stop deportation, this is a beautiful and tragic thing. Beautiful that they are doing that of course. Tragic that the particulars are such that they have to do that in order to be able to continue to provide asylum. A church isn’t a church only during worship. Or, alternatively, there are other forms of worship that churches engage in besides what happens in the sanctuary. Much of the work takes place in the day today mundane tasks of, Bible studies, book discussion group, prayer circles, dealing with fixing up buildings, Reaching out to people in the community who are needing help, visiting people in their homes and hospitals, feeding the hungry, fundraising, and so much more.

The Psychological Effects of the Prosperity Gospel!

Online congregation, this is interesting,  the University of Toronto wanted to explore the effect the prosperity gospel has on people’s outlook on life and their consequent actions. Researchers employed popular preacher Joel Osteen’s messages for their social experiment. Their conclusion: The prosperity gospel makes people optimistic, happy and even a little irresponsible with money. The prosperity gospel “sort of primes people to want to part with their money by making them excited and optimistic,” psychology professor and co-author of the study Geoff MacDonald says. The researchers felt there was a lack of information on the prosperity gospel, which is “unlike many of the dominant religions that tend to be studied by psychologists,” according to the study’s lead author Nick Hobson. As a press release on the results of the study describes it, prosperity gospel messaging leads people into “thinking God wants you to be wealthy, prosperous and donate money to the church.”

Dr. Jamal Bryant “The Grand Finale”!

Online congregation the AME Church leaders are saying that they were in the dark about Dr. Bryant’s quick decision to take the job at New Birth; hopeful they will be included in Tuesday Grand Finale, which is a city wide celebration, celebrating the elevation of Dr. Bryant in the service of God. Like many in his congregation at Empowerment Temple Bishop James Levert Davis, who leads the Second District of The African Methodist Episcopal Church which oversees Dr. Bryant church, knew nothing about his decision to resign from his church until just days ago. Ain't that something! (You Can Read About It Here) 

George H.W. Bush Has Died!

Good morning online congregation, "Former President George Herbert Walker Bush, who navigated the United States through the end of the Cold War and a realignment of American relations with the Middle East, died Friday. He was 94."

I personally didn't agree with everything Bush Sr. did or believed in. I'm more of a Democrat than a Republican.  But I always had tremendous respect for Bush Sr. Bush was a bomber pilot during the second world war. Got shot down over the Pacific while on a bombing mission against the Japanese. He survived and avoided capture. Always respected him for that. Rest in peace and Godspeed.

Why Does A COGIC Bishop Regrets Remarks Made By Frances Kelley At 111th Holy Convocation?

Good morning online congregation, the debate goes on, should the church stand behind its own truth? I wasn't going to say anything about this incident, but since I've received a couple of emails asking me for my opinion.
"God can’t use no men trying to be women, we call ‘em faggots,”  Evangelist Frances Kelley of Memphis' Pentecostal Temple COGIC says instructing a man in a moment of prayer at the denomination’s recent holy convocation in St Louis.  In my humble opinion, this is not the first time a “gay slur” has been mentioned in church and it sure heck most likely will not be the last, (it should be). What I do not agree with alone with the uses of the gay slur is saying something then taking it back when outside pressure is applied. If you say it, stand behind it, and quit being wishy-washy and quit scaring people away from seeking God. We must "OPENLY declare [our] faith." We can't be wishy-washy, acting one way around one group and a completely di…

Have You Ever Witness A Pastor Doing This??

Online congregation, what yall think? some are saying that this great act of giving by Pastor John Gray and Relentless Church family should have been done in a private setting, away for the cameras. I disagree, maybe the world need to see the church in a different light.  In my opinion, the members should be able to get more than enough help from the church instead of the government. The church is a multi-billion dollar industry, if they get rid of some of the overhead then maybe, just maybe they can do more, they should be the first point of contact when their members are in need.  Good job Pastor John Gray and Relentless Church.
  Here's the backdrop to the post, during this past Sunday morning, worship service Pastor John Gray called people in need to the altar and they got money from the baskets, that was provided. I think it was actually a good thing, Pastor John Gray and the Relentless Church family did, I don't see it being a problem by doing it before the cameras. Bel…

Apostle Nate Holcomb Transition From Life Unto Eternity Where Time No Longer Exist.

Good morning online congregation, my heartfelt condolences goes out to Bishop Nate Holcomb family, friends and church family. I was privileged to have heard him preach a number of times at the church that I was once a member of.   The founder and longtime pastor of the Christian House of Prayer in Killeen, died Tuesday, according to the church and members of the congregation. He was 66 years old. On its Facebook page Tuesday evening, the church posted a photo of Holcomb with a statement on his passing. “Our Beloved Apostle, Bishop and Pastor Nate Holcomb received his promotion this afternoon and is now in the presence of the Lord,” the post read.

(You Can Read It Here )

Would You Support A Pastor Who Beat and Abused His Wife?

Online congregation tragically, studies reveal that spousal abuse is just as common within Christian churches as anywhere else. This means that about 25 percent of Christian homes witness abuse of some kind. These so-called men of the cloth, with anger issues, need to sit down and get some psychological help. Some of them need to be in jail.  This is alleged Pastor Ryan J. Fontenot beating his wife 4 days after she got out of the hospital. Sadly, this is not new to the church community.  We cover everything up in the church and our community. The only difference is that we can now capture it with technology. My heart breaks for this young mother.  Abused women are in a very dark place and feel alone, especially when kids are involved.  In my opinion, he shouldn't be pastoring anyone's church. This young lady and her kids are in danger.

Ever Been Asked These Questions?

Good morning online congregation, I found the following on my timeline and thought that it would be good to post them here to see what you all think: if living righteously does not exempt me from the same pain and suffering that the ungodly experience then what is the point of trying to obey God? Why do bad things happen to Good people... if God is a good God?


Now We Tear Gassing Migrant Children!??!?!?

Good morning online congregation, so this is 45's version of America? As one coming from the deep south, move over George Wallace and Bull Connor. We now have a sitting U.S. President who is willing to inflict more evil on innocent children than you two. It takes a special kind of soldier who is willing to tear gas small children in diapers in the name of defending America. Sadly, 45's hatred of migrants of color is out of control. He has morphed into a despicable third-world dictator. This photo above shows how a "Christian" nation filled with the descendants of European immigrants treats the "least of these." This is not who we are as a nation. This is who we have become under 45. Where are our Christian leaders? Why are they silent? When will they ever stand up for the human rights of children? Oh, I did forget for a second, they do stand up as long as they stay in the womb.

What Tom-foolery Is This? The Church Is On It's Last Leg!

Can A Man Really Be Tried For The Sins Of His Father? Hillsong Church Founder Under Police Investigation!

Online congregation good morning! I don't know if any of you reading this post have been following the Brian Houston/Hillsong case out of Sydney Australia,(You Can Read About It Here) but I have. Can a man really be tried for the sins of his father? This is apparently the case in Australia where the founder of the Hillsong Church is being investigated for allegedly not informing the authorities about sex crimes committed by his father. It seems that the case has been reopened against Brian Houston, Hillsong Australia’s founder for hiding his father’s, a known child molester, "pedophilia crimes."
 It's so hard to understand how such evil can be done to children. Parents got to protect their children, and stop trusting everyone to their care just because they say "Jesus." Today many church buildings, sadly are pedophilia haven as so many remain quiet. Kids should feel safe, care and love, but if we as a church are not doing, what the Lord has called us to do…

You Can Now Record With Bishop Marvin Sapp For A Small Fee!

Online congregation I saw this on my timeline, tell me what yall think is this is a good idea or a good hustle? Bishop Marvin Sapp says that he has always considered himself a conduit and a springboard for those who have a gift but no opportunity. So he and his team came up with an idea that you the fans can record with Bishop Marvin Sapp for a small registration fee of $250.00 with there being only 300 spots available, with 100 singers per day. With a special guest panel of judges.

The contest winner will receive:
1 song recording with the 11 time grammy nominated Marvin Sapp (as a duet)
The song will be place on ITUNES
3 Months of radio promotion/marketing.

Is this a good idea or a good hustle??

John Chau's Family Says They "forgive those reportedly responsible for his death."

Online congregation, what you all thoughts about this? As you may have heard, John Chau, a U.S. missionary, was killed while attempting to evangelize the Sentinelese people. My heart goes out to his family. I truly respect people that stand firm in their beliefs regardless of the dangers they face. But in reality, he should have listened to the warnings and reasoning why he shouldn't have gone there. This might not be the right or the correct thing to say, but him going to this isolated tribe’s land illegally and getting several locals arrested for it in the process is part of what’s wrong with Christianity, today in my opinion.  I call it the ‘arrogance of one's  faith.’ He wasn’t just trying to share Jesus with those people, instead, it seems as though he had a God complex - thinking he was invincible and above the law.

Why The Double Standard, Apostle Ron and Hope Carpenter Passed The Baton To John and Aventer Gray The Christian Community Was All For It..

Online congregation, I'm going to say this and then, I'm leaving it alone. I'm really surprised at the number of hateful comments I've read in the last day of so about the decision made by Pastor Jamal Bryant to leave Empowerment Temple in Baltimore, MD, and head to New Birth Atlanta GA.  Mind you, most of the backlash I read has come from the black Christian community. One of the many questions is who leaves a church ministry they founded? 🙄

 I'm surprised like everyone else that Pastor Bryant would leave a church he founded and grew to such magnitude and leave the city of Baltimore because he REALLY loves that city. But if not mistaken, Apostle Ron Carpenter and wife Hope did the exact same thing but with very little pushback at all. WHY? I've argued in many online forums that it's a double standard happening here. Anyhow, I love the comment posted below from Pastor Mark Moore:

Pastor Jamal Bryant, Just Gave One Of The Greatest Exit Speeches,Thankful For Empowerment Temple And Grateful For New Birth!!

Online congregation, yesterday Pastor Jamal Bryant took to his social media page with one of the greatest exit speech I've ever heard. He poured out his heart before the world....let's continue to pray for Pastor Bryant, The Empowerment Temple Church, and the New Birth Family.

Tasha Cobbs Leonard Is Using Her Platform To Address Depression!!

Good morning online congregation Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I sometimes wonder if this is one of the reasons why so many Gospel artists are dealing with depression, is it that they are trying to serve two masters Jesus and money?  God is a jealous God and He will not accept compromise.

Bishop T.D. Jakes Will Eulogize Kim Porter In An EXTRAVAGANT Homegoing Service!!!

Online congregation, first off my sincere, heartfelt, wholehearted, and profound prayers go out to Kim Porter's family and friends, on her unexpected death.  Y'all, I have questions about online sources ( You Can Read About It Here) that are reporting that Bishop T.D. Jakes will be conducting an EXTRAVAGANT FUNERAL SERVICES for Kim Porter? What exactly does one mean by an extravagant funeral service?   Does this mean that they're planning something so outraged that it will have Kim's name trending on social media for days?   The world says live lavishly, go out extravagantly. For someone like Diddy who's rich and powerful, this would be the last and final opportunity to flaunt immense wealth, for a loved one. There has always been a sort of unspoken rule when discussing death, it should always be done in a respectful and mature way.