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Farm Animals May Soon Get New Features Through Gene Editing!!!

"New features"? I understand selective breeding to reinforce the desired trait. Farmers have been doing it for centuries.  But "new features" doesn't sound like a desirable thing. A company wants to alter farm animals in the lab with gene editing. It says its goal is to ease animal suffering.  Cows that can withstand hotter temperatures. Cows born without pesky horns. Pigs that never reach puberty. The company wants to alter the animals by adding and subtracting genetic traits in a lab. Thoughts???

This Should Be The Testimonies For All Churches That Hold Up The Banner Of Christ!!

Open the church doors wide and be careful who you throw out. Throwing folks out of the church because you don't like their lifestyle or the way they dress should be frown upon.

Message From Donald Lawrence: I Will Continue The Legacy of Edwin and Walter Hawkins.

Donald Lawrence has accepted the mantle to continue the work and legacy of Edwin and Walter Hawkins through Music & Arts. This is amazing news and I'm here for it. Donald Lawrence couldn't be a more worthy, qualified, gifted and talented leader to take the helm of this vision.

Are The Jehovah's Witnesses A Cult???

I watch this for the first time last night, I was floored. Why would anyone want to be Jehovah's Witness? I never understood it. If one should do some online research they will be quite surprised at what they will find, in terms of this group. The Witnesses make many claims in their attempt to convert folks to their faith. They profess to have the only true Christian church, to be the only true representatives of God, to have the only correct biblical teaching, and to be the only true announcers of Jehovah's coming kingdom.

Former Scientologist Leah Remini has started the third season of her docu-series on the Church of Scientology on A&E. On Monday night's episode of SCIENTOLOGY AND THE AFTERMATH, Leah Remini for the very first time meets with former members of a different organization—the Jehovah's Witnesses. In the 2- hour special episode, a panel of contributors open up and shared their personal stories of growing up in this secretive organization. There were …

Come On Pastor Jonn Gray A Wife Is Not A Covering!!

I’m sorry Pastor John Gray and I mean no disrespect to you at all but sometimes I think you love to hear yourself talk in (rambling) parables. Using trickery words is becoming your go-to game. I guess you are going with what sells. I saw this and screamed in horror cause I never heard no man say I've let my wife grow into me or anything like that.  Yesterday Pastor John Gray joined the ladies on Sister Circle Live and made some outlandish claims. Like him saying that his wife has experienced more pain “birthing him” than she has their two children?? Everything about this conversation confused me and gives me worry. A wife is not a covering for the husband, the husband is the covering, that's according to the WORD.  According to the WORD she's a helpmate and has the ability to make intercession on your behalf, have insight into things you may not be able to see or comprehend be of assistance in helping you fulfill your God-ordained purpose, but a covering I think not. Anot…

Thanks To Overseer Deitrick Haddon, Christians Now Have Baby Making Music!??!?!?

On Sunday, November 11, 2018, Overseer Deitrick Haddon officially launch Hill City Church  Houston. He spoke a prophetic word over the house in Houston. Also in an earlier part of the week, He introduces the Christian world to his next music project, which has stirred up a lot of online buzz.  Remember this is the same man who said you can have sex out of wedlock.  Some say this is not appropriate for a Pastor to be singing, plus it has nothing in the world to do with Christmas. In my opinion, all Overseer Deitrick Haddon is doing just expressing his lust through music.

Check out the clip below:

Church Announcement:Church of God in Christ (COGIC) Holy Convocation To Return To Memphis, Tennessee In 2021๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ

Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr., the General Board, and the General Assembly, the legislative body of the Church of God in Christ (COGIC) have all voted to return the Holy Convocation to the City of Memphis, Tennessee in 2021. The convention has been held for the last nine years in St. Louis, Missouri. The Holy Convocation will be held in Memphis through 2023. Presiding Bishop Blake, says “the Church of God in Christ since 2010 has held our largest convention, the Holy Convocation in St. Louis, MO and today we voted to move the convention in 2021-2023 to the city of Memphis, TN. Bishop Blake also states, “The City of Memphis has special significance in the spiritual and cultural life of COGIC and we are pleased to return to the place of our origin.” The Holy Convocation will be held in St. Louis through 2020.

Is This Pastor In Order, Or Out Of Order?

Yall I was reading the comments under this video and it was said that this Pastor asked the young man to dress according to his gender whenever he comes into the church house,  this was done in a private conversation prior, and he continued to dress in women attire..and then this happened...I really don't like how this was done but, if I was told I was not welcomed to come as I am, I would not come at all.   Questions did the pastor just "Lose a Soul!?!?" Did the pastor handle this in the appropriate way!?!? Or was this "Out of Order" NO DISRESPECT TO ANYONE!!! Let me know what y'all think.

Pastor Still Keeps Job, After Coming Out As Atheist!!!

This is insanity if she does not believe in God, what business does she have pastoring a Christian church that does? First, it’s Christian witches. Now we have atheist pulpit pastors? A Toronto United Church minister that identifies as an atheist will remain ordained and continue to minister in her Toronto congregation after a three and a half year battle.
 “Pastor ordained in 1993 and had served as minister of West Hill United Church since 1997, has been upfront about her atheism and non-belief in the Bible for years.” 
What message are we sending to believers and the world? God help us. Nothing against this person but I fail to see how the Church can have a pastor over one of their churches and leave an example of God to them when they preach they don’t believe the Bible or His existence?  That's why many don't take churches seriously these days and why many of them dishonor  God. What kind of a 'church' is that, which would let an atheist 'pastor' their chu…

About That Larry Reid Intreview With 7000 Clubs Bishop Earl Carter!!

Larry Reid was allegedlyBAN from all COGIC event(s) he said because of that ban it has piqued his interest. He said that he has questions about the night (in the post below) and about the COGIC in general. He said that you don’t want to miss tonight’s show when he will interview the 7000 clubs, Bishop Earl Carter, this should be interesting.

This Is Awesome News, The Biopic Of The Clark Sisters!!

The announcement was just made at Convocation.  One of the favorite female gospel groups of all times. "You Brought the Sunshine" The biopic of The Clark Sisters will be on Lifetime TV Channel!

Dr. E. Dewey Smith Appoints New Pastor For House Of Hope Macon GA.

Dr.E Dewey Smith Senior Pastor of the House of Hope Atlanta and Macon GA has appointed a new Pastor for the House of Hope Macon GA. Pastor JC Howard is a Morehouse College and Princeton University Graduate.  He will begin his new assignment in a few weeks.

Can The Marriage Bed Be Defiled???

What Y'all think, can the marriage bed be defiled?  Or, does anything and everything go so long as husband and wife are in agreement with their sexual activities? Well, it looks like there's an online disagreement brewing between these two pastors concerning the question. It looks like the Senior Pastor of Ex-Ministries G Craige Lewis think that the marriage bed cannot be defiled while Pastor Gary Price and his camp of Omega Ministries, seems to think differently. Check out the conversation below:

Many Pastors See Bump In 2018 Giving But Black Pastors More Likely To Report Decline!!

While some 42 percent of pastors, in general, are reporting a bump in giving to their churches over 2017, an equal amount of African American pastors say giving has gone down for them over the same period, a new survey from Lifeway Research says.

Looking For Ancient African Religion? Try Christianity!

Very very interesting writing by Pastor Ernest Cleo Grant II.  It's not a new thing but it's a growing thing because of the failure of the Church to properly confront racism and White Supremacy, and of others refusing to listen; which has helped to make Black People more vulnerable to certain things. Even though more young black people are leaving organized religious institutions, that doesn’t mean they are not spiritual.
Steadily, it seems like when blacks move away from the Christian church, they tend to move towards less organized spiritual practices based on traditional African spirituality. There have been no knocks on the door, no pamphlets, no billboards, no late-night hotlines, no viral video campaigns. And yet, an unnamed spiritual movement reimagining African tradition and nature-centered spirituality have been growing among young black Americans.

Megachurch Pastor Ed Young Stated That We As Democrats Are Godless!!!

Online congregation Megachurch Pastor Dr. Ed Young Senior, called Democrats "some kind of religion that is basically godless" during a Tuesday night election watch party impromptu speech.   Here is one of the biggest churches in Houston. This is what churches have started to represent, hatred. And they call the Democrats godless for caring for others. People like Ed Young are the godless one for being in the church for the money alone. I'm really disappointed with Young. He cast a wide brush and " painted " ALL Democrats one color. Thanks for revealing your TRUE heart Dr. Young. "Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks". Matthew 12:34. He basically said if you are not with the fool in the Whitehouse then you are against God. Now I’m sure his congregation is mixed of Democrats, Republicans, and Liberals how dare him.

What's So Wrong With Dr. Creflo Dollar Offering A $19 Per Month Online Bible Study Subscription ?!?!?!!?

Good morning online congregation, I don't think this is a bad idea. Dr.Creflo Dollar, the senior pastor of the Mega Church World Changers Church International, has come under fire once again this time for offering a $19 per month online Bible study subscription that he says will help people make withdrawals from God’s metaphorical bank account. The announcement was made Via Video “So many of us are living our lives with unmet needs, although God has already freely given us access to his heavenly accounts to make those withdrawals,” he continued.
Now in my humble opinion which is not the most popular one, whether or not anyone agrees with his teachings or not, I am wondering what the problem is with the concept of paying for a class? I'm used to making an offering at Bible Study, so I don't see this as any different.  Now I don't get it, would folks pay for a Christian book or tape? Would folks pay for a class at bible school? So, I'm guessing the problem folks onl…

Did Bishop Patrick Wooden Come For An Ordained Elder?

Online congregation according to Larry Reid, speculations are swirling about Bishop Patrick Wooden’s sermon that echoes Earl Carter’s from 4 years ago that introduced us to Andrew Cardwell’s “I like women”. In this clip it’s alleged that he was referencing some ordained elder in the COGIC. What do you guys think?

Get Out Of Here, Bishop Victor Couzens Compares Himself To King David!!

Good morning online congregation, oh my God, Bishop Victor Couzens is at it again. This man is something else. In the latest clip uploaded to social media, Bishop Couzens is trying to justify sleeping with two women at the same time and lying to both of them. What this guy forgot to add to the story is that God judged the sin of David and it cost him two that was a child and the other a grown man who betrayed him...this pastor is going to be judged as well ....the bible says that judgment starts in the household of faith! Stop trying to JUSTIFY SIN!! Folk always try to justify their sins that found them out, especially from the pulpit. The difference between him and David is David did not try to make his wrong right.

Prophet Brian Carn Has Issued This Prophecy!??!?!?

Online congregation, on yesterday Prophet Brain Carn tweeted the above controversial tweet to his followers, which for some didn't go over to well.


Dr. Creflo Dollar Said That God Want Us To Prosper Financially? Is There Scripture To Support This?

Good morning online congregation, some folks are calling Dr. Dollar latest tweet an unbiblical view of Christianity. And that Jesus never promised us wealth and health. Prosperity is referring to our sick and dying souls that is why Christ died for us. Jesus promised that in this world we will have tribulations and trials. (JOHN 16:33) "Follow me and pick up your cross". (Matthew 16:24)"You will be hated for the world hated me first".(John 15:18) "Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth" this is just a natural greetings of John to the church. This is not a teaching or a doctrine. Some say that Dr. Dollar is a false prophet sent from hell to deceive gullible people that are seeking after a "get rich quick scheme". A con-man always has to gain the confidence of his victims in order to deceive them. 

What are your thoughts, do you agree with Dr. Dollar?

Pastor E. Dewey Smith Encourging His Congregation To Get Out To Vote.

Online congregation thanks to Pastor E. Dewey Smith for a powerful and encouraging message. In the clip below Pastor Smith is encouraging the members to get out and vote. There are no excuses use your voice and cast your vote. Pastor Smith said this election is too critical for us not to participate in the process. It has cost us too much.

Millions Of Gospel Fans Know Richard Smallwood's Music. But Not His Struggles.

Good morning online congregation, Richard Smallwood is a bona fide Gospel music legend and I appreciate this level of vulnerability coming from him.  I've loved his music since childhood. It has carried me through some difficult times. Real music ministers to the soul and lasts throughout generations. This is an old write up, but a beautiful one. I'm encouraged by the healing he experienced.

In the late 1990s, Richard Smallwood found himself having difficulty getting out of bed. He wouldn’t bathe. Wouldn’t shave. Couldn’t write music. He’d be alone, sobbing, not wanting to leave his house. He thought about ways to kill himself. “I had no desire to live,” he says. “I was consumed with suicide most of the day.” In 2002, he was finally diagnosed with clinical depression. “I had no idea. I just thought I was unhappy a lot,” he says. “It was debilitating. I knew Jesus probably longer than some folks have, and I suffered. It’s an illness, like cancer, or diabetes. You can’t just sa…

Why Did Will and Jada Smith For Years Deny Being Apart Of Scientology???

Online congregationthis is an interesting episode. I didn't know they were secretly beefing and I need to read up on Scientology to really understand what they are talking about because I'm totally lost. Y'all this is one of the many reasons I love America. The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution says that everyone in the United States has the right to practice his or her own religion, or no religion at all. It's been rumored for years that Will and Jada Smith were apart of Scientologist.

Anyhow, after years of not speaking, Jada Pinkett Smith and Leah Remini meet at the Table to discuss their very public dispute over Leah’s accusations that Jada and Will Smith are Scientologists. It has long been rumored that Jada and husband Will Smith are or were at one point linked to the Church of Scientology, the religion made famous by Tom Cruise and one that Leah practiced for decades until she left it in 2013. In 2017, the latter actress told The Daily Beast that Jada ha…

Why Is The Pastor Name On The Church Member's Bank Account??

Good morning online congregation, I found the below clip on my timeline this morning and I got questions. A woman walked into the church house and exposes the pastor as being a thief stealing $21,000 from her dead mother bank account. First, why was the pastor name on the church member's account in the first place? Second, if his name is on the account how in the world can he be accused of stealing the money? Third, is it ethically ok for the pastor to be on church members accounts? Fourth, why wasn't the daughter name on the account? Fifth, what caused the mother to put her "pastor" on her bank account? Sixth, how long had he been on her account?

Stop It, Donald Trump Is Not Jesus Christ In The Flesh?!?!?!

Online congregation it's on and popping this Sunday morning, this message board implies that Donald Trump is Jesus Christ which has not set well with a lot of Christians. The folks who put this mess up seriously need to repent and take this mess down. It’s blasphemy, heresy, pure unadulterated idolatry. Those who put this up and support this have sold their soul, individually and collectively, to this devil of power, greed, and racism. The Gospel doesn’t need to be made ‘great again’ as the Gospel has always been great" It's great on its own, always has been and always will be.  Donald Trump is not "the Word made flesh." Jesus Christ is. We do not need to "make the gospel great again.
Source Here:

Jesus Take The Wheel: Apostle David E. Taylor Ex-wife Tabitha Taylor Has Exposed His Fake Kingdom.

Online congregation what a total fraud and scumbag. I've always believed this dude to be a fraud that preys on people of faith to increase his own financial gain. Lord have mercy when I first got this in my Messenger I was livid and ready to dig up all the dirt I could on the Devil's Apostle - Mr. David E Taylor.  Fortunately, I didn't have to dig too deep, a LOT of people already have (search Google: Apostle David E Taylor), everyone from atheists to the military to secular and Christian journalists. This man is a fraud. And not very good at it either.

Yall I never thought I'd see the day when a son would threaten to do this to his own mother. And using Scripture to back it up? Horrifying. Here’s a link for all of you to watch. He's allegedly using his own son in trying to shut his ex-wife up.  His ex-wife Tabitha Taylor has just exposed him for what he is, a con-artist. I'm surprised, greatly astonished and flabbergasted by what she had to say in her live v…

Is Something Wrong With The Church?

Good morning online congregation, have yall noticed that online there's a bunch of ideas swirling around about what the church is and what's wrong with the church? In my opinion, the church's mission has not changed. Our job as Christians is and always will be to represent Christ in the earth as salt and light. We are supposed to be disciplining believers so that they can feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit the jails/prisons and take care of widows and orphans. The anointing in us is to heal all that are oppressed of the devil. This is what we are going to be judged for. Not how big OUR churches were or how much money we made and didn't give away. Anyhow Prophet Brian Carn has made a post today teasing his followers with the following:
What do we have “all wrong”??? I'll tell you TONIGHT ‪at 9pm Eastern‬ (‪8pm Central‬) on Facebook LIVE, Periscope or Twitter @prophetcarn! Don't miss these prophetic updates and this powerful, life changing teaching. I'…

Death of Pastor Bishop Dennis Leonard, Heritage Christian Center Colorado๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜ž

Online congregation according the following Facebook post by his church, Heritage Christian Center, Pastor Dennis is no longer with us.

Dr. E.Dewey Smith Preaching On Black Jesus!!

Good morning online congregation, I love me some E. Dewey Smith Jr. teaching, I love how he works the Word. Love his style of teaching. When is the last time you saw a picture or painting of Jesus? What did he look like? What kind of hair did he have and how long was it? What was the color of his skin? For too many centuries Christianity has held tightly to the Euro-Jesus. The white-skinned, blonde haired, blues eyes Jesus. Where Christianity has spread throughout the world, racism has all too often followed closely behind. Few ethnic groups can claim foul from this cultural aftershock more than our black brethren. Check out Dr. Smith teaching on Black Jesus.

Why Is Yolanda Adams, Bishop Hezekiah Walker, Isreal Houghton and Bishop Noel Jones Supporting This Non-Christian Event??

Good morning online congregation, I wonder just how much these "Christian" celebrities are getting paid? Many "Christian" celebrities are available to hire these days. It is just a question of how much it will cost. Jesus was not mercenary in this way. Jesus was clear that doing the right thing will not make you rich, rather it will cost you something. In this case, the actions of these individuals speak louder than words.  Isreal Houghton will join Hezekiah Walker, Yolanda Adams, and Bishop Noel Jones as self-proclaimed Christian performers/speakers at an event which Moon's followers hope will help establish her as a mainstream religious figure. She and her followers claim that Jesus failed in his mission by being crucified. In the modern era, her husband was the fulfillment of the Messianic promises and she is the daughter of God and only through she and her husband — True Parents — is there hope for a reunion with God.

The video is below the break:

Paula White: Allegations of Trump Being Racist Come From 'Pit of Hell'!!

Online congregation where in the heck have Paula White been?  Hiding under a rock? Most New Yorkers and many Americans have known Donald Trump's racism for decades through his real estate policies, his hateful treatment of the Central Park 5, his blatant lies about Barack Obama's birthright and absolute refusal to apologize following a conveniently half-hearted renunciation of it just before Election Day, 2018, his divisive and insulting language against poor "sh...hole" countries of color, and on and on.

Donald Trump's Long History Of Racism

Pakistan Acquits Christian Woman Facing Death for Blasphemy!!

Online congregation, Pakistan’s top court on today Wednesday, October 31, acquitted a Christian woman who was sentenced to death under the country’s controversial blasphemy law, a landmark ruling that sparked protests by hard-line Islamists and raised fears of violence.

According to reports this Christian lady drew water and offers it to her fellow farm workers and two women refuse to drink it because the cup was touched by a non-Muslim. The Christian lady was later reported to authorities and she was arrested for blasphemy which carries a sentence of death. She was held in jail for 8 years while she appealed her case.

The Pakistani high court finally acquitted her of the charges after it was upheld by lower courts. She is now free, but the 47-year-old mother of three lost 8 years for simply drawing water to offer to her co-workers. 8 years that she didn’t know if she would be freed or put to death.

Was Megachurch Pastor Victor Couzens Contemplating Suicide?!?!

Online congregation it's being reported that ALLEGED Megachurch Pastor Victor Couzens had posted over the weekend to social media a suicide note but as of now has taken it down. The dethroned bishop has been accused of sleeping with men and women and using the churches money to send women to college, luxurious trips, cars, etc. Someone said that we Christians need to have standards higher than the world. And if Mr. Couzens had a job in Corporate America he would be fired without a 2nd question besides pack your stuff we wish you the best but you are no longer fit to lead nobody not even yourself.

Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine Accepted Jesus Christ As His Savior and Bishop Lamor M. Whitehead As His Bishop!

Good morning online congregation, it doesn’t matter who you are, what you did, how messed up you think you are, you can be saved. GOD'S hand of mercy and love and salvation isn’t short from you. With that being said I don't have a problem with what this bishop is doing everybody should do what they can. But my problem is I hate when pastors/preachers/teachers are in a rush to put a new convert out there, give time for him to build his faith and see if he truly meant what he said. Even the apostle Paul went away for a while before he started ministry. It's called discipleship! We can't be in a rush to get past that stage. According to Matthew 3:8, if we are soundly saved, we will have evidence of repentance. Zacchaeus said, “Behold, Lord, I give half my goods to the poor; and if I have wronged anyone, I will pay back fourfold” (Luke 19:8).

Last week, a judge in New York said that controversial rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine would not go to jail for charges stemming from sexual …

Is Tyler Perry Bout To Kill Off Madea?!?!?!?

Online congregation 2019 makes 20 years Tyler Perry been playing Madea and now he ain't playing her no more. Everybody finna be sad, Tyler Perry told Bevy Smith yesterday on her Sirius XM radio show “Bevelations” that it's time to kill off the character Madea. Tyler Perry says he’s finally retiring the character for good in his upcoming “Tyler Perry’s a Madea Family Funeral.”

Most White Evangelicals Say Immigration, Increasing Racial Diversity, Harms America!?!??!?!?

Online congregation white evangelicals seem to think that increasing racial diversity harms America? Some white evangelicals were polled about attitudes toward immigration policy a couple of months ago, and they largely supported anti-immigrant policies that reflect Trump’s broader attitude to the issue. White evangelicals remain the religious group closest to majority support for a wider prohibition on bringing refugees to the United States: Forty-four percent say they would support such a ban, according to the Public Religion Research Institute poll."

Deduct Tithes Straight From Workers’ Salaries, Archbishop Begs Govt!

Good morning online congregation, the Archbishop of Kampala, Cyprian Kizito Lwanga, has suggested that the government of Uganda deduct tithe from workers’ salaries. Speaking during a mass, the Catholic Archbishop said many Christians don’t tithe and this affects church projects, reports Citizen Kenya. “Whenever we ask for tithe, everyone gives only what they have at that time. But the Bible says a tenth of whatever you earn belongs to the church,” said Archbishop Lwanga. “Give me your support as I front this proposal because it is good for us. Aren’t you tired of putting money in the baskets all the time?” “I was told Germans make agreements with their government to deduct monthly tithe from their salaries and forward it to the church and this money they use to build and renovate their churches... "

House Of Hope Atlanta, Pastor E. Dewey Smith,Will Join Sister Cirlce Live Today!!

Online congregation you can send in your relationship questions that you need a spiritual perspective on, Pastor E. Dewey Smith of House of Hope Atlanta will join Sister Circle Live Monday with the answers you need. House of Hope - ATL E. Dewey Smith. Thanks, Melissa Jordan for the tip.

The Comeback Of Gospel Great Bebe Winans!

Good morning online congregation did you know Bebe Winans' HE PROMISED ME is his first No. 1 since he went solo?  Bebe Winans worked with sister CeCe in the group BeBe and CeCe Winans and the duo were dominant in the gospel genre especially in the 80s and 90s. Their last project was in 2009 with CLOSE TO YOU which topped the chart for 10 weeks!

Christians With Gay and Pregnant Children Don't Put Your Children Out In The Street!

Online congregation this pastor says don't put your kids out in the streets for being gay or getting pregnant and not being married. He says love your kids regardless of their decisions and choices because we've all done things we are not proud of.  He also says in the clip that he attended a church once where a pastor celebrated kicking her daughter out and the church applauded.

Why Didn't Trump's Spiritual Adviser Paula White Not Declare Healing For Her Own Body??

Online congregation I saw the above tweet on my timeline and shook my head......what gets me with these so call name it and claim it preachers, is that they don't apply the same logic when it comes to them, that they freely express to their pew sitters. When Paula White, Trump's head spiritual advisor is preaching against a Jezebel spirit it is nothing more then a coverup for the spirit she is of. She allegedly took over a ministry from a pastor she was in an alleged adulteress affair with after he died. Anyhow, it was reported via social media last week that Trump spiritual advisor was hospitalized October 21st. So, instead of checking into the hospital herself why didn't  Paula White declare "I'm healed" over her own body? No, sadly she can “declare” everything except “her own healing" into existence . . .” ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ˜ฃThe above tweet was three days after she was hospitalized, it was for one of her followers.

Dr Matthew L Stevenson III, The Well Media Group, Up For Best Gospel Album Of The Year.

Online congregation, its been a busy year in the Gospel market for lots of Billboard #1 records, but its GRAMMY voting time. With that being said, I would like to congratulate Dr.Matthew L. Stevenson lll., and All Nation Worship Group for their Grammy nod for best Gospel album of the year.

Bishop Jakes On Preaching!

Good morning online congregation, I found this interesting, Bishop Jakes said that he get asked a lot how he prepare messages and how he decide what to speak on for Sunday. His response is what he tell the young pastors under him, I don't study to preach. I study to live and it is out of my living I preach.   It's not about how many poetic points one can string together to get a rise out of an audience. That's a performers job. What we are tasked to do as pastors is become like Christ. A living depiction of the Love of God. Then we will be able to minister in a way that draws men to God and not to ourselves.

Bishop Paul S. Morton Official Statement On Bishop Victor Couzens!!

Online congregation Bishop Paul Morton, said as pastors, if we are going to preach the gospel then we must practice the gospel. Bishop Morton has issued the above statement concerning Bishop Victor Couzens immoral behavior. I applaud and commend Bishop Paul Morton for speaking to his spiritual son concerning this matter. It's good to know that we still have men of standard among us. Men that stand for righteousness and will not tolerate such behaviors. Thank you . Source Here: 

Will Bishop Paul Morton Sit Dr.Victor Couzens Down For A Season???

Online congregation it look like Andrea Garrison has gotten the attention of Bishop Paul Morton, concerning the immoral behavior of one of his bishops. Some folks was saying she's acting as if the bishop committed a crime. Frist off ain't nobody saying he committed a crime, but what he did was immoral! He's a Bishop so he is held to a higher standard! Dating different women is exactly what a single man should do! However, having these women quit jobs, not renew rental leases, and prepare for a move that he had no intentions on them making is where the problem lies. I'm glad Bishop Morton is going to handle this problem.

Benny Hinn Sued for Nearly 3 Million in Defaulted Loans!!

Good morning online congregation it look like Benny Hinn, has fallen on hard times( You Can Read About It Here ).  Benny Hinn Ministries is being sued by Mail America Communications, Inc. for the amount of $2,993,221.74 in unpaid loans, interest, and late fees which it borrowed in the original amount of over 5.6 million. According to the lawsuit, Hinn began defaulting on his loan obligations in June of 2012 leading to a series of forbearance agreements. In July of 2018, Hinn defaulted once again on the forbearance agreement with Mail America Communications, Inc. Hinn then promised to make a lump sum payment of $260 thousand, which he also failed to pay, causing Mail America Communications to file a lawsuit for damages due to “Breach of Contract” in the amount of $2,993,221.74.

Lord Have Mercy, Pope Francis Fires Memphis Bishop After Vatican Investigation!??!?!?

Good morning online congregation, it's being reported that Pope Francis has effectively fired the Roman Catholic bishop of Memphis (You Can Read About It Here). The unusual move came after he reportedly refused to resign following a church investigation of the Tennessee diocese mismanagement. The Vatican announced Wednesday (Oct. 24) that Pope Francis has effectively fired Bishop Martin Holley, Roman Catholic bishop of Memphis. The action by the Vatican is another indication that the Vatican under Francis is moving, albeit fitfully, to hold bishops more accountable, and not only on issues related to sexual abuse. The Vatican’s one-line statement on Holley’s resignation said only that Holley has been “removed from pastoral governance.”

Memphis Pastor And Wife Arrested, Accused Of Stealing $50K From 77-Year-Old Church Member!!

Online congregation here we go again, some of these pastors are off the chains. A Memphis pastor and his wife are being accused of taking advantage of a 77-year-old woman in their church, racking up nearly $50,000 on her credit card. The family called FOX13, claiming the pastor broke his promise to pay off the credit card debt. Frederick Smith, 49, was arrested in connection with the alleged scam he and his wife committed against Clevie Williams.

( You Can Read It Here )

Do You Agree With Minister Louis Farrakhan That R.Kelly Need To Be Cleansed????

Online congregation in the bible David said, "Cleanse me from the faults that I don't know about, others don't know about, that I've hidden from myself, that I didn't even know were sin." Minister Louis Farrakhan said in a message last Sunday that he had a four-hour talk with R. Kelly. And said that a man like R. Kelly can’t write songs like that and not have God all up in him, but he’s got to be cleansed. Who among us really knows how much we sin? Who is really aware of how vile we are? Who even knows all the sins he has committed or are in the process of committing? Who knows how defiled we are by our flesh? One commenter said that when we see our brothers and sisters on a downward spiral, we should reach out to them instead of judging them. R. Kelly will be held accountable for anything he's done wrong as we will to.   Do you agree?

Should Only COGIC Preachers,Pastors,Teachers, Be Keynote Speakers At Convocation?!?!

Good morning online congregation, I don't know if the lineup of speakers for the 2018 Holy Convocation of the Church Of God In Christ has been announced yet or not. While checking my Facebook notification last night I ran across the following post from Bishop Talbert Swan.