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Pat Robertson Has Died At 93.

Pat Robertson, the right-wing televangelist and former Republican presidential candidate who espoused racist, sexist, misogynistic, homophobic, AIDSphobic, xenophobic, and Islamophobic bigotry on air for decades, has died.

I Admire A PARENT That Loves Their Off Spring Unconditionally, No Matter What The Universe Believe.

 Magic Johnson honoring his son EJ on his 31st birthday with an inspiring message of love and authenticity, has got a lot of folks in their feeling.  I congratulate him on loving and embracing his child without condition. You can love & respect someone without approving their lifestyle/choices.     

Prophetess Tiphani Montgomery Gives Warning To The Body of Christ: The Rise of False Prophets😒😒

In a recent video titled “A Warning to the Body of Christ: The Rise of False Prophets,” Prophetess Tiphani Montgomery addressed her critics and shared her concerns about the infiltration of false prophets within the Christian community. I felt this WARNING ⚠️ so strong!!! Ask God for the spirit of discernment in this season. There has been a rise of false prophets! False preaching! False news! Just A LOT of people trying to teach you about God who doesn’t know him themselves 🤦🏾‍♀️ be very wise in this hour!  We must get real about our faith y’all! Either we in or we out! Either we believe in the one & only true God or we don’t! Either we pray and seek God for ourselves or you gonna fall for every lie the people tell us.   Prophetess Montgomery expressed her indifference towards those who dislike her or label her as a false prophet.   

Franklin Co. Sheriff’s Office Employee Charged After Molesting His Own Child On A Cruise😒

What do yall think? are churches becoming sanction-safe places for pedophiles? Justin Sigmon leaked video footage showing him assaulting his 9-year-old niece. The FBI arrested Justin Sigmon who was a captain at the Sheriff’s Department for allegedly sexually abusing his 9-year-old on a Carnival cruise while she sat on his lap. (It was caught on video.)Major Justin Sigmon (Virginia Sheriff's Department) molested his 9yr old niece on a cruise ship during a family trip. It was filmed by a passenger and by the ship's cameras. He was arrested by the FBI, held with no bail, and his resignation has been accepted. Now a GoFundMe has raised over $8,000 for him. The affidavit which you are encouraged to read is at this link.  But Drag queens lip-syncing to I’m Every Woman in Front of a bridal party drunk off Mimosas is the problem…🥴🙄The family started a GoFundMe and pleaded for help, sighting legal assistance. The @gofundme has been recently taken down.

Why I Believe Saddleback Church Should Be Reinstated to the SBC👀

While the battle over women as church leaders play out daily on social media and newly created websites, the true showdown will come June 13-14 when thousands of messengers from local churches gather in New Orleans for the SBC annual meeting.  This gathered body represents the primary governance of the denomination. It is there that Law’s proposed amendment will be debated and that Warren’s appeal to reinstate Saddleback will be heard. If Rick Warren’s calculations are correct that over 300 SBC churches have women pastors or staff pastors, then to vote out only Saddleback creates an integrity issue. To be fair, equal treatment, the SBC has to disfellowship all 300+ churches and I guess Rick Warren has calculated the odds that Saddleback will most likely be reinstated.  

The Fail Charge and Attack Against The Word WOKE🤣🤣

 This is exactly what woke means to me, we can all argue the meaning of a word, but the actions of being kind, compassionate, and humble should not have to be taught to an adult.