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With The Black Father Out of the Household, Tim Scott Suggests Welfare Is Harder to 'Survive' For Black Families Than Slavery Was🤷‍♀️

According to Edith Olmsted , a lot of deplorable things were said during the Republican debate on Wednesday night, but this comment from Republican candidate Tim Scott may take the cake. During the debate, Scott argued that welfare assistance was harder than slavery for Black Americans. “Black families survived slavery!” he exclaimed. “We survived poll taxes and literacy tests.” “We survived discrimination being woven into the laws of our country,” he added, in a line that for a moment sounded like he might actually be acknowledging systemic racism. “What was hard to survive was Johnson’s Great Society, where they decided to put money– where they decided to take the Black father out of the household to get a check in the mail.” Johnson’s Great Society, launched in 1964, was one of the most significant federal social welfare programs in U.S. history. It greatly expanded welfare policy by writing Medicare and Medicaid into U.S. law, increasing Social Security benefits, and general

Should a Pastor's Sin be Private?

This is an interesting question, should a pastor's sins be private? Johnny Hunt from the Southern Baptist Convention, is attempting to sue for defamation because he claims his reputation has been sullied by others making his sins public. The difficulty for him and others in similar spots is that they must prove that the allegations are 1. not true and 2. that lies were purposefully told to harm them. That is an uphill battle for anyone who actually committed the sin or crime in question, is a public figure like a pastor who preaches against such sins, and when people is raising the issue to protect a group of other people. Source Here:

Jesus Take The Wheel!

Awful news: Ex-NFL player, Sergio Brown, and his elderly mother both went missing from Maywood, Illinois on Friday and during the search, his mother's body was discovered, via CBSNews Brown played for the Patriots, Colts, Jaguars, and Bills during his career and authorities are urging anyone with information about Brown’s whereabouts to come forward and call the Maywood Police Department’s anonymous tip line at (708) 450-1787.

Can Yoga Be Christianized?

Ms. Ann, please talk to me about Holy Yoga. I know yoga's origins but a friend of mine teaches Holy Yoga. Is this possible?  I'm sorry but Yoga cannot be made "holy" as it is a practice that uses certain positions and flows to worship their gods which scripture says are demons (the term "yoga" means to yoke with Brahman), the poses are meant to align your chakras and to eventually reach "moksha" which is universal freedom/nirvana. I recommend reading up first on what yoga is and then you can easily see that it cannot be "Christianized". What do y'all think?

Iyanla Vanzant Is An Ordained Minister, Just Not A Minister Of The Gospel Of Jesus.

In the pictures below Iyanla Vanzant is a Yoruba High Priestess who is commissioning someone in an Apostolic Affirmation Service…..the Christian community is saying this is WICKED and that a witch should never be ordained an apostle elder prophet or any other office in the kingdom of God, because she WORKS FOR SATAN. What y'all think?

Is Fear Holding You Back?

Happy Monday, are you missing awe-inspiring deeds, favor, victory, or promotion, because of fear? “I’m not sure. This giant is so big.” If you will arise, you’ll discover the glory of God is on you. His favor will cause doors to open. You’ll defeat giants that are much bigger, and accomplish dreams that seem impossible. What you have may be less than what you’re up against, but the anointing on your slingshot will bring down giants. It will defy the odds. You’re not just a warrior. You’re a mighty warrior. You’re not just called to do exploits, but mighty exploits. Not just deeds, but some awe-inspiring deeds~Joel Osteen