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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Somethings Are Just Common Sense.

On last Friday the Supreme Court rule on a school district case in which a 13 year old girl was strip-searched by school officials looking for contraband ibuprofen. The school has a zero-tolerance policy on all medication, whether over-the-counter or prescription, without prior written permission. The girl was stripped after another student was caught with a 400 milligram ibuprofen tablet and accused her of being the source. Now the 9th Circuit ruled in favor of the student, noting that:
Common sense informs us that directing a 13-year-old girl to remove her clothes, partially revealing her breasts and pelvic area, for allegedly possessing ibuprofen ... was excessively intrusive.

With the help of the American Civil Liberties Union, the young lady and her family sued, and a federal appeals court in San Francisco, California, ruled against the school.

The court said the school went too far in its effort to create a drug- and crime-free classroom. “The overzealous of school administrators in efforts to protect students has the tragic impact of traumatizing those they claim to serve. And all this to find prescription-strength ibuprofen.”

Imagine that, school officials demonstrating a lack of common sense when drugs are involved. I don't get the "zero tolerance" thing or how it works.What do they cover? "What is" Zero Tolerance?" Some cities have signs posted before entering the city limits stating that they are "Zero Tolerance."

This case is a perfect example of why Zero-Tolerance is a foolish concept especially for Schools. How you going to strip-searching a 13 year old girl, mine you, not for a gun, not for a knife, not for heroin, but for the 1 Advil Extra Strength Caplet. In the U.S. we now have schools where teachers are afraid to give a crying student a hug, for fear of a sexual harassment claim, but the school can force them to strip to their underwear and reveal their privates to be sure they don't have aspirin.

Ibuprofen, for crying out loud.