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Friday, April 17, 2009

President Obama Won't Charge CIA Employees For Torture

Individual CIA employees who carried out waterboarding (aka simulated drowning) will not be prosecuted for torture. The Obama administration announced the decision yesterday, while also releasing four "torture" memos from top legal officials in the Bush administration.Many people are upset by President Obama's decision. Since waterboarding is widely considered to be torture, they think the perpetrators should be brought to justice. By releasing the memos, Obama hopes to at least get the facts out there, so the same thing will not happen again. He said: "This is a time for reflection not retribution"....I think that this president is very mature in his thinking and his leadership... I think the decision he made was fair and I know that there are those on the right and left who disagree with it...I believe if the Right was in power they would not hesitate to place politics before reasoning because that's how they operate ...This is a very mature thinking guy...President Obama could easily have gone the other way. Questions:

  1. Would you like to see the individuals who actually tortured suspects put in jail?

  2. Do you think the President made the right call?

  3. Do you think they were just following orders?

  4. Do it matter what they were told, if they broke the law?

  5. Do you think we should prosecute the people who signed off on it?