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Monday, July 13, 2009

Personality Driven Church.

I know that Pastors play an undeniably important role in the life of any church. Their leadership, or lack thereof, shapes the local church. The focus and style of their teaching set the standard. As such, some churches have become personality driven churches, making the most of the presence of the pastor. In these churches, most people go to hear the preacher. It's a let down when he/she not preaching that week.

I don't have a problem with John David Wright becoming the pastor of the church his father (Timothy Wright ) started 20 years ago. But I do question why now? What happen to God calling pastors? When God calls us to do something , it means we're called to a higher level of accountability. Jesus said "Unto whom much is given, of him shall much be required." In every article that I have read; it never stated Mr. Wright was qualify or rather he had any training to be the pastor of the church. Is that not important any more? I believe he was pick because of who his father was. In a musical ceremony, the Grace Tabernacle Christian Center Church of God in Christ officially welcomed Wright, 30, into the role of pastor. How can you welcome some one into the role of pastor? I just don't get it! The young man was the minster of music. David Wright said that, after the crash, his father chose him to become the next pastor of the small Crown Heights church. Has the church became more like a business where you pass it on to your children? All I am saying is when God gives you a word of direction it's often followed by a season of preparation. I see this trend taking place in many of our churches. If not the children then it's the wives who are taking over.