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Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Man That Find A Wife Find A Good Thing.

Steve Harvey’s book ‘Act like a lady, Think like a man’ has received a lot of attention from women everywhere and has been on the top of the NY Times Bestseller List for the last 4 weeks straight. The book is meant to empower women on how men think so that they will make better choices and understand why men do the things they do.

Now I ran across something I thought was very interesting on Field Negro, blog showcasing a woman who self-published a book of the very same name with very similar content, that she wrote and put copyright protection on in 2003.

I think Steve Harvey is a funny man, an ok comedian, and I have listened to pieces of his morning radio show while riding in the car. But to me as for someone to give relationship advice, I don't think so.

In "keeping it real" as Steve says, I do not think he is an ideal candidate for relationship advice. I am not interested in any relationship advice from any woman or man who has jumped from marriage to marriage. His marriage/relationship record is not so great. If I am in a loving, committed marriage, and if I need advice, I would look for someone who is also in a long-lasting, committed marriage. I said all that to say the book don't match the walk. So, if the content was stolen from someone else’s ideas, then the original author should be recognized for it. Celebs often take the ideas of other people and use their fame to sell them — but I really hope that’s not the case here. Big Mama used to say… “Whatever you do in the dark shall come to light”.Also the Bible says the man that find a wife find a good thing not the other way around.