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Monday, August 24, 2009

New Artist Laura Izibor!

This young lady was named an Artist to Watch by Rolling Stone Magazine and selected as a “Next” artist by VIBE magazine. Atlantic Recording Artist Laura Izibor, is the Ireland born singer of the Billboard hit “From My Heart to Yours.”I am not into alot of secular music but I love this album. Especially these two cuts "mmm, and from my heart to yours"

Question: Is there anything wrong with listening to secular music if you're a Christian?

I have always wrestled with the old problem of secular versus Christian music. It's hard for me to avoid all secular music do to the fact that I work in an environment were secular music is played all day.When music is done with excellence and beauty I struggle to reject it, unless what is advocated is clearly sinful and offensive.
I know Christians who would never listen to secular music who would watched Sex and the City and R-rated movies.