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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Will You Kill Me?

I think that women should have the right to do what they want with their bodies. If they want to have an abortion that should be their right, not the state or government. But don't use abortion as a means of birth control. When I was younger I had a friend that had a couple of abortions I went with her once to a abortion clinic in Atlanta Ga and that was in the 70's. To me she was using that as a means of birth control. What I know now I would not have even went along with her. When is it alright to have an abortion? That is a hard question to answer.

Ya'll know that I like Keshia Cole reality show. I do think her sister had an abortion which is her right. But a report that I read said that more and more young black women are having abortion I don't know if that is the case or not. But we as a race of people has never done this before. We have always value life and had the idea that God would see us through any and every thing. What happen in the last couple of years that has effect/affect our way of thinking?

Have we became so none caring that life no longer mean anything to us? What about that day when we all must stand before that Great Judgement Seat Of Christ? That will be our counting up day. Yell I know that God will for give us for any and every sin that we have done if only we ask. But I know God can not be mock.

While others have contemplated the impact of a woman seeing the image of her unborn child as an individual matter, we need to look at the broader cultural and legal meaning of this technology. Ultrasound has exposed the life in the womb to those of us who didn't want to see what abortion kills. The fetus is squirming, and so are we.
The image of the unborn child revealed the basic horror of abortion. This is the killing of a child.

Pro-lifers are often caricatured as stupid creationists who just want to put women back in their place. Science and free inquiry are supposed to help them get over their "love affair with the fetus." But science hasn't cooperated. Partial Birth Abortion procedure was understood by Congress to be particularly abhorrent because the baby is partially visible (and undeniably human) during the procedure. The more traditional methods of abortion dismember the baby in the womb, completely out of sight. But,with several states considering laws that would require a woman seeking an abortion to see an ultrasound image of her baby.

Critics complain that these bills seek to "bias," "coerce," and "guilt-trip" women. Come on. Women aren't too weak to face the truth. If you don't want to look at the video, you don't have to. But you should look at it, and so should the guy who got you pregnant, because the decision you're about to make is as grave as it gets. What do you think about Abortions, should government be telling women what to do with their bodies?