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Friday, June 11, 2010

The Bible As A Self-Help Book!

I meet a young man Monday who let me know  he was a Christian but didn't care for  the Bible...He said he prefer reading other people  books...I ask him like who:Jamal Bryant, T.D.Jake's and Eddie Long...I thought about that!! You know what you can’t walk through a Christian bookstore without seeing these books along with the Bible...It's seems like the Bible have been  made into self help book.....You got  Biblical steps to weight loss, overcoming addictions, steps to business success  etc...There's Biblical  advice books for marriage, dating etc....I ask the young man  wasn't he missing the point of the Bible?Jesus is the  whole focus of the Bible....It's through Jesus that we are able to do all things....I told him that  the main story of the Bible is Jesus.... The purpose of its thousands of words is to point us to God’s final Word: JESUS CHRIST!  It's not that the Bible doesn’t have a lot of great information about living a fulfilled life.... It’s useful, Timothy says, for teaching, correcting and training in righteousness (2 Timothy 3:16). I tired to explain to the young man that the Bible is a self-help...And other books don't have nothing on it...But  you  can't  jump into a passage, yank out a principle about  what every you think you're dealing with...Then try to apply it to that  situation the Bible was not meant to be used in  that way. 
Question: What  would be your reaction  to a young Christian  who made a statement like that?